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Re: What is a good nature sound recording?

Subject: Re: What is a good nature sound recording?
From: "Klas Strandberg" klasstrandberg
Date: Fri Nov 2, 2012 5:52 pm ((PDT))
Hi David!

Your track:
It brings me back to the very early days with the first experiments
trying to get stereo with a parabola, when a mono MD21 was in focus,
mixed with a kind of xy stereo by two electrets pointing sideways.
Is it a quiz? Do you know what was wrong?

But do we agree that something is wrong with it? Or would you say
that it is a matter of opinions?

With the purpose of making true demos of the SSM's, I would leave the
whining from the grain mill and the hiss from the stream, as well as
low frequency blasts.
If I could, I would remove my own breath, belly sounds or sounds from
the tripod however, without telling.
On Soundcloud I have told if my recordings have been EQ'ed or not.

I will certainly add more tracks later, where the stereo is shuffled
and manipulated in different ways, but then I will say so.

"With the purpose of making true demos of the SSM."
Other people have other purposes with their work.
That is totally okay with me.


  At 22:28 2012-11-02, you wrote:
> > if you have a recording that you really want to share with people,
> > as a good example of what you think is "a good nature sound
> > recording "
>- what would you do?
>1/ Add it on SoundCloud as it is, - as you hear it -or
>2/ postproduce it, so that it fits better to PC loudspeakers and
>kitchen radios?
>Taking 2/ first, no - I would not pre-distort it. I assume that anyone
>interested enough would be listening on a reasonalble stereo setup or
>good headphones.
>1/ If it is too long, and often has blasts of wind or boring sections,
>I edit it to present a good sound excerpt. That's simple
>post-production. I use a bass roll-off as standard, and often adjust
>this in post production so that the piece sounds as I would have heard
>it. If I do an edit within a recording I usually note this in the
>However there are two processes I do not usually declare: De-hissing,
>and an occasional whine from a grainmill about a mile away. The hiss
>is usually from a stream in the woods and contribtes nothing to the
>widlife sounds, so I use my judgement to reduce this using Audacity
>and always doing a before/after comparison to see if it affects the
>wanted sounds. If it does, the hiss stays in. The whine is at a
>precise frequency and I've got a fine notch filter which reduces its
>effect, again making an "artistic" before/after judgement on the
>wildlife sounds.
>If all the above sounds like "manipulation", that started with the
>choice, placement and aiming of mics, recording level, and decinding
>when to push the record button.
>I've got weeks of rubbish recordings, but the ones that go  out are
>those which, to my mind, represent the wildlife in this area. It is
>the end result which matters.
>BTW I've just put a stereo file on Soundcloud asking what is wrong
>with it:
>David Brinicombe
>North Devon, UK
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>sound is worth a thousand pictures." R. Murray Schafer via Bernie Krause.
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