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Re: Hello all!

Subject: Re: Hello all!
From: "brucethehoon" brucethehoon
Date: Mon Jun 29, 2009 1:00 pm ((PDT))
Thank you so much for your reply. The number of private email replies I got 
rather overwhelmed me and as such I didn't get back to the group in my usual 
speedy manner.

To update, I have purchased the PCM-D50, realizing that I really don't care how 
much this costs, but ruggedness is a factor.

That said, as requested below, my first and most important use will be to 
record one hour or more of waves / surf at a california beach with 30mph winds 
gusting to 50mph.  

I will have the unit on a sand compatible tripod (legs buried) and would like 
to record the EXPERIENCE of being there. While not necessarily suggesting a 
binaural setup, I would like to play it back later and be fairly able to close 
my eyes and be there again.

If I was able to pack the whole setup (excluding tripod) into an average sized 
backback, that would be "portable" for me.  

Spending ANOTHER $300-500 on microphones seems reasonable to me.  I can 
appreciate that it might seem absurd to drop so much in advance, but I would 
rather take the risk of spending too much money than take the risk of getting a 
lower quality recording during a once in a lifetime trip.

I am using Shure E5C's as my listening method, so I suppose anything they can't 
play, I don't care about, when it comes to quality :)

--- In  Rob Danielson <> wrote:
> At 2:55 AM +0000 6/17/09, brucethehoon wrote:
> >...what my options are for high quality audio recording... if I will 
> >need an external microphone for it... I'm expecting to pay around 
> >$600 for a reasonable setup....
> Hi Bruce--
> I'd suggest figuring-out your micing preference first. Recorder 
> choice will have a lot less bearing on quality, especially with a 
> $600 total budget.
> If by "high quality" would you like to be able to acquire wide, 
> stereo imaging of events like distant animal sounds in quiet, 
> natural, locations, room conversations and other delicate sounds 
> without a considerable amount of mic self-noise (which sounds like an 
> obscuring hiss)? If so, the internal mics of any recorder is not 
> going to help much in reaching these goals. If you want to mostly 
> record dictation, close-mic'd voice and robust sources like music, 
> you can use the internal mics with much less of a quality "hit." (The 
> stereo imaging is usually better when you mic the sources very close 
> with built-in mic arrays). A rule of thumb is, if you typically need 
> to turn up the record gain above 3/4's on the recorder's scale to get 
> sufficient record levels for subjects, your sound files will show a 
> significant reduction in noise by using mics with low self-noise. 
> Self-noise ratings are usually supplied by mic manufacturers. A 
> rating of 16dB(A) or lower is a popular reference point  where better 
> noise performance starts. Here's a chart that can be useful: 
> For reference, the built-in mics in the hand-held recorders seem to 
> be on the order of 22dB(A) self-noise or greater.
> Before we recordists suggest some mics to consider, can you tell us 
> about your mic mounting preferences? For example, are you interested 
> in a mic rig that is "low-profile"-- that you can wear on your body 
> or hold in your hands very easily? Would you be willing to use a 
> larger set of mics that are easier to accommodate on a small stand? 
> Do you _mostly_ want to be able to record "on the run" or do you want 
> document acoustic "spaces" and contained events over time?
> >My experience in audio is minimal but as a software developer I 
> >think I might have a bit of an edge at least in understanding the 
> >technology,
> That's great. What kind of software developing?
> Rob D.
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