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Re: Hello and a Sony PCM D100 question

Subject: Re: Hello and a Sony PCM D100 question
From: madl74
Date: Thu Jun 19, 2014 6:54 pm ((PDT))
>    The D100 features two analog to digital converters. When SN100 mode is=
 used BOTH converters are active recording the same signal (and incoherent =
noise) and in theory this increases the signal to noise of the recorder.  I=
 do not have any information on how Sony does this in practice but assume t=
he SN100 "mode" means an increase in signal to noise at the expense of loos=
ing the limiter function.


I've had a look at the Sony pages and this is not clear. What it seems to
indicate is that you record as usual to 16 bits, but if you turn off the
limiter it adds another two bits at the upper end instead. A 100dB S/N woul=
need at least a 18 bit digital stream with no dither in the lower bits or 2=
bits with dither. If they add two bits at the upper end, they would have to=

lose two at the lower end to remain a 16 bit stream. Something doesn't

However, has anyone on this list ever found a wildlife location with an
object-to-background noise anywhere near 100dB?

>  When SN100 mode is active, the limiter is de-activated. If you try to en=
able the limiter, it will warn its not enabled when SN100 mode is active. I=
t will NOT turn on the limiter even if you select it to be on, e.g 150ms. (=
Daft logic that) - so make sure you disable the SN100 if you plan on using =
the limiter...

The only times I've over-recorded on my cheap Tascams has been with thunder=

which caused the limiter to "pump" which I find extremely annoying. Thunder=

needs to clip to sound realistic. A limiter inevitably produces a hole afte=
every peak and it sounds horrible. Being able to turn off the limiter is a=

big bonus for me.

>  The DSD mode has *NO limiter*

Wonderful, but please someone explain why DSD is better, giving examples
where PCM digitising has become audible. It uses more recording space than=

PCM at 96kHz and 24 bit and that is studio quality, not reality. I regard
this as a Sony gimmick, but presumably it makes someone happy.

Now I've looked at the specs in the manual. Noise is only given for optical=

line inputs, nothing given for analogue. No mention of mic input noise. We=

already know the mic input is a toy 3.5mm jack. Sorry Sony, I'm sticking to=

my toy Tascams until I can afford a proper semi-pro recorder.

David Brinicombe

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