Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 1 Sep 2014 07:12:46 +1000
   Birdline New South Wales

   Published sightings for the week ending 31 Aug 2014.

   Sun 31 Aug Glossy Black Cockatoo, Peregrine Falcon, Rock Warbler,
   Fuscous Honeyeater Patonga and environs
   Nice views of four Glossy Black Cockatoos in casuarinas half a
   kilometre up the Great North Walk from Patonga. Distant photos
   attached. Further along the track near Warrah Trig and the adjacent
   coastal lookout (which has great views of the Lower Hawkesbury and
   Barrenjoey), we saw a single Rock Warbler (a reliable spot for this
   species) and a single Peregrine Falcon. Also saw four Fuscous
   Honeyaters, the first time I have seen this species in this area,
   probably having walked this track atleast 15 times over the last twenty
   years. Wildflowers and HE's in profusion.
   Cameron Ward, Janette Ward
   Citrine Wagtail Putta Bucca Wetlands, Mudgee
   Seen by lots of people today up to the time we left at about 1 pm.
   Seems to be in worn adult female summer plumage. The very worn wing
   coverts make the double wingbars very narrow, suggesting it migrated
   here before moulting. Interesting plumage features include: dark-spoted
   necklace between the yellow throat and white breast; mirky ear-coverts
   patch; scaly grey mantle and scapulars (dark centres graduating to
   paler edges); grey flanks but yellow thighs. It looks very comfortable
   and settled, but it does like to work a lot of the shoreline, moving
   around regularly. Noted one avid photographer who moved down from the
   banks into the shoreline habitat that the bird sometimes frequents, but
   he moved back when I asked him too. I hope others can be patient and
   put the bird's comfort before their own need to get better photos. I
   think this bird may hang around and moult if it feels comfortable. Sure
   hope so.
   David James, Brigitte Dawson, Ian McAllan and others
   Citrine Wagtail Putta Bucca Wetlands Mudgee
   Wagtail seen by 15+ observers between 8.00 and 8.30 and still showing
   well when we left. Please note there are two hides at the wetlands and
   the wagtail is seen from the one on the quarry track not the one that
   is sign posted.
   Allan Benson, Alan Morris and Mike Kuhl
   Brush Bronzewing Deep Creek Reserve, Narrabeen
   In addition to Henry Coleman's report from yesterday, I saw two Brush
   Bronzewings today and on the 2nd and the 3rd of this month I saw one in
   the same area (near the large bridge and freshwater pond)
   Jayden Walsh
   Square-tailed Kite Warden Head, Ulladulla
   A STK was seen this morning sailing along the escarpment at app 11am.
   There was possibly 2 but I didn't get a good look at the other bird
   which could have been the commoner W B Sea Eagle. This is the first
   sighting for me this season but Mike Jefferis has seen two, on seperate
   occasions, flying along the escarpment at Rennie's Beach last week.
   Bob Rusk
   Kelp Gull, Pacific Golden Plover Long Reef Aquatic Reserve
   2 Kelp Gulls sitting in with a large (200+) mixed roost of Silver Gulls
   and Crested Terns on the SE corner of the reef flat approx 7am. All the
   birds were flushed off the reef flat by some surfers crossing out to
   the end and the 2 Kelp Gulls appeared to head off south. Also one
   Pacific Golden Plover seen on the reef flat, together with 15 Sooty
   Oystercatchers, 6 Ruddy Turnstones and approx 20 Red-necked Stint.
   Tom Wilson
   Sat 30 Aug Citrine Wagtail Putta Bucca Wetlands, Mudgee
   The Citrine Wagtail was seen by a number of observers between 12:15 and
   about 1:45pm, it was flitting quickly between locations, and foraging
   in the muddy edges. I am not aware of it being seen for the following
   hour or so. Many photos much better than mine were taken. Despite the
   warning sign I almost stepped on a brown snake, so tread carefully.
   Christine D
   70 Bar-tailed Godwit, 4 Great Knot, 3 Whimbrel, 1 Grey-tailed Tattler
   Mixed goup of waders observed 'roosting' approx 100m west of Yamba
   Tavern on flats near mangrove on banks of Clarence River. Most of the
   usual wader locations inundated by extremely high tide.
   Darryl and Gary Eggins
   White-headed Petrel, Great-winged Petrel, Buller's Albatross
   Wattamolla.Royal National Park.
   Highlights from a seawatch today from Wattamolla was a White- headed
   Petrel.about 40 Great-winged Petrels.5 Buller's Albatross including 2
   juveniles 1 Wandering type Albatross,2 Fairy Prions and 2 Brown Skuas.
   michael ronan.
   Citrine Wagtail, Plum-headed Finch, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, Little
   Eagle Putta Bucca Wetlands, Mudgee
   Besides the Citrine Wagtail (which showed well up to at least 3:30 pm),
   there were also 3 Plum-headed Finches around the wetland, a pair of
   White-bellied Cuckoo-shrikes (both light and dark-morph birds) and a
   Little Eagle.
   Edwin Vella, Mark Fuller et al
   Citrine Wagtail (Subject to submission to BARC) Putta Bucca Wetlands,
   The Citrine Wagtail was present this morning at 7.30am in front of the
   bird hide.
   Richard Baxter (posted on Birding-Aus)
   Black-necked Stork Ellalong Lagoon, Paxton
   A female Black-necked Stork was seen today on the far side of Ellalong
   Christina Port and participents with Follow that bird
   Little Egret, Great Crested Grebe Penrith Regatta Center
   A Little Egret was hunting on the southernmost edge of the racing lake,
   near the security station end in the company of a breeding Royal
   Spoonbill. About 30 meters beyond, there were two adult Great Crested
   Grebes diving, looking for food. I've never seen the grebes in this
   close and on this very lake. They tend to be on the less people
   inhabited water bodies.
   Akos Lumnitzer
   Brush Bronzewing, Black Bittern Deep Creek Reserve, Narrabeen
   On this cool and rainy day, a Brush Bronzewing was on the pipeline
   track around midday. I haven't seen Brush Bronzewings at Deep Creek for
   years; since the area around the pipeline track was weeded, and I'd
   thought they'd left the area. Good to know there's still at least one
   around. I wonder if others have seen any more recently? Also saw a
   Black Bittern which was nice :) . A nice pair of Azure Kingfishers near
   the dog park, and a vocal female Lyrebird.
   Henry Coleman
   Australian Koel Kingsford, Sydney
   Male Australian Koel calling for a few minutes at about 10.30am. The
   first of the season. Cold, rainy, day.
   Michael Hooper
   Fri 29 Aug Swift Parrot, Black-necked Stork McPherson Rd Swamp,
   A pair of Swift Parrots were disturbed from the only flowering Swamp
   Mahogany at this site located behind the houses, and they flew past in
   front of me. Also present was the immature Black-necked Stork but
   following heavy rain, the wetland is full and the Freckled Ducks would
   appear to have departed,. Tawny Grassbirds and a Black-shouldered Kite
   were the only other significant birds present.
   Alan Morris
   Regent Honeyeater Giants Creek (Upper Hunter Valley)
   At least 4 Regents still present in flowering ironbark (spp.) along
   Giants Creek Road. Many of the smaller HE's seem to have left the site
   and there are not as many Noisy Friars (and no Red Wattlebirds now).
   Still plenty of Fuscous and Spiny-cheeks present however. Also 3
   White-winged Trillers, a family of 4 Hooded Robins and many
   White-browed Babblers.
   Mick Roderick
   Citrine Wagtail (probable) Putta Bucca Wetlands, Mudgee
   We got brief views of the wagtail that was reported yesterday.
   Unfortunately the light was failing but the bird was clearly a
   Motacilla wagtail. We will go back in the morning to try for a better
   Frank Antram with Chris Cott
   Citrine Wagtail Putta Bucca Wetlands, Mudgee
   The Citrine Wagtail found and reported yesterday by Sue Chatfield was
   present at the same location today. I arrived at 0830 but it took about
   15 minutes to get onto the bird. Kurtis and then (a pretty excited)
   John arrived soon after. The best strategy is to position one's self in
   the hide and scan the far shoreline, in particular a section on the
   right-hand side of the shoreline at the base of a fallen dead she-oak
   that is splayed out. The wag favoured this area for foraging for quite
   some time this morning. If the bird is not immediately obvious just
   wait for movement as it can disappear behind rocks and weeds. It also
   occasionally visited the muddy patch closer to the hide, as well as the
   narrow 'levy' of rocky substrate that separates the main body of water
   to the one behind (to the left of its 'favourite' spot). Twice it was
   seen to fly into dead trees, once in response to a Peregrine circling
   high above. There were numerous occasions where we lost sight of the
   bird but it wasn't long before it reappeared, so be patient. I
   understand that it was seen late this afternoon by a local birder and I
   would imagine that there will be plenty of people there over the
   weekend (a scope is advisable for scanning the far shore but you may
   get away without one over the weekend).
   Mick Roderick, Kurtis Lindsay and John Weigel
   Rufous Whistler Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park
   A single male Rufous Whistler was seen at 1:35pm on the Western side of
   the park just north of the Guide Hall.
   Ian Kerr
   Red-rumped Parrot and Glossy Black-Cockatoos (4) Oatlands NSW and
   Tascott NSW
   An interesting day - I saw 2 Red-rumped Parrots feeding at Oatlands NSW
   (photo included - you may need to zoom in to top right as it was taken
   by phone of bird in flight). Later this afternoon - 4 Glossy
   Black-Cockatoos in my garden at Tascott feeding - just departed at
   dusk. I have noticed a regular pattern with the Glossy Black-Cockatoos
   in recent years - they spend a lot of time feeding in the area from
   late August to end October and return to feed in March and April - we
   see them in Summer too but they only pass occasionally and tend not to
   feed for long periods as they do in the aforementioned months.
   Andrew Whitaker
   Baillon's Crake Fivebough Wetlands Leeton
   A single bird clearly seen this morning along with 4 Spotted Crake.
   Spotless Crake were calling in the cumbungi but not showing. This is
   the first Baillon's seen this season - the first last year wasn't
   recorded until 21 September! Also a male Musk Duck was displaying in
   the settling ponds.
   Max O'Sullivan
   Emu Dunheved Golf Course, St Marys
   Good numbers of Olive-backed Orioles and Australasian Figbirds were
   feeding on privet berries, along with small flocks of Silvereyes. An
   Emu was also feeding on the berries and had been present for some time
   judging by the amount of berry-laden scat present. Probably an escapee
   from the captive group on a nearby housing development. I'm not sure
   what the status of these remaining individuals is, a starting point for
   a wild population of Sydney?
   Mark Fuller
   Topknot Pigeon Pelican Flat
   Topknot Pigeons feeding in cabbage palms along Soldiers Road
   bill boyd
   White-headed Pigeon Belmont Central
   White-headed Pigeon feeding in camphor laurels opposite Belmont TAFE in
   old school grounds
   bill boyd
   Pacific Baza Terrys Creek Parklands
   Vimiera Park Also in adjoining residential trees of tall eucalypts
   Vimiera Road & Essex Street. Found regularly here the whole month of
   August this year.
   Irene Timmins
   Thu 28 Aug Citrine Wagtail (Subject to submission to BARC) Putta Bucca
   Wetlands, Mudgee
   A single Citrine Wagtail was sighted this morning walking along the
   shoreline in front of the reed bed near the first bird hide (near the
   truck). It was seen twice and then lost to view. On checking form the
   other side it was not to be seen. A pair of Red-kneed Dotterels had
   been chasing a pair of Black-fronted Dotterels in the same area.
   Pink-eared and Pacific Black Ducks, Grey and Chestnut Teal and
   Australian Shovelers were on the water. [Moderator's note (NH):
   Sightings of Citrine Wagtail should be submitted to BARC. So far only
   three Citrine Wagtails have been accepted by BARC: Botany Bay, NSW,
   1962; Goolwa, SA, 1987; Christmas Island, 2009.]
   Sue Chatfield
   Red-necked Avocet Lake Rd, Tuggerah Lake, Central Coast
   Around 40 Red-necked Avocets end lake rd
   luke ullrich
   Wed 27 Aug Regent Bowerbird Caniaba, Lismore NSW
   Regent Bowerbird an altitudinal nomad, left this week for highland
   forest having arrived in May. Note the yellow eye of the imm. male,
   which differs from the dark (brown) eye of the female.
   paul griffin
   Wandering Albatross and thousands of Fluttering-type Shearwaters North
   Head, Sydney
   One Wandering Albatross, 6 Shy & ~15 Black-browed Albatross plus many
   thousands of Fluttering-type Shearwaters [Moderator's note (NH):
   According to Ivan's description they were likely Fluttering
   Shearwaters. However, due to the current preponderance of Hutton's
   Shearwaters in the area, I was hesitant regarding the identification on
   species level.]
   Ivan Chapman
   White-headed Pigeon Turramurra station
   Two White-headed Pigeons on power lines at north end of station approx
   Tom Wilson
   Mon 25 Aug Pacific Baza Korora
   Adult bird, flew around various trees in garden emerged landed on
   Frangipani with a small green tree frog in its beak. Then using its
   claws held it and consumed it. It hung around for about 30 minutes.
   Rod B-King
   Sun 24 Aug White-headed Pigeon, Brown Cuckoo-dove Epping
   At least 50 White-headed Pigeons flew low overhead at the corner of
   Derby& Somerset St. 8 came down to perch on powerlines and at least 25
   roosted on the corner of Sutherland Rd on the other side of the M2. The
   rest kept flying. Several Brown Cuckoo-doves also feeding in Privet at
   the same site and a further 9 seen at Sutherland Rd.
   Jenny & Rod Stiles
   Noisy Pitta, White-eared Monarch Iluka Nature Reserve
   One Noisy Pitta heard calling during day. This was the only one heard
   in Reserve over three days possibly due to wet weather or possibly
   others had returned to their breeding areas. One White-eared Monarch
   heard calling briefly.
   Greg Clancy
   Swift Parrot St Clair
   Saw 2 Swift Parrots, with several other similar sized birds hiding from
   view, feeding in a gumtree around 2pm. Stayed for well over 30 minutes
   before taking off. One adult and one that looked juvenile in
   Johan Olsson
   Sat 23 Aug Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove Iluka Nature Reserve
   One Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove heard calling briefly during break in rain.
   Greg Clancy
   Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross (BARC submission in prep), White-headed
   Petrel Offshore--Wollongong pelagic
   Highlights of the Saturday pelagic were: 1 Atlantic Yellow-nosed
   Albatross (BARC submission in prep), 2 White-headed Petrels and 15-20
   Pygmy Killer Whales. Attached photos by Duade Paton. A detailed trip
   report will be posted on the SOSSA website soon.
   Nikolas Haass and all on the Sandra K
   Fri 22 Aug Noisy Pitta Bundjalung National Park--Woody Head
   Noisy Pitta heard calling at night, also at night on 23 August. One
   observed flying across Woody Head access road on 25 August.
   Greg Clancy
   Square-tailed Kite Ananngrove NSW
   A single adult Square-tailed Kite hunting by circling along the trees
   along the ridge of Shoplands Road. Almost becoming 'common' here this
   Darryl Smedley
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