Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 15 Sep 2014 08:30:04 +1000
   Birdline New South Wales

   Published sightings for the week ending 14 Sep 2014.

   Mon 15 Sep Australian Koel Bellevue Hill (Sydney)
   1 Australian Koel calling from 4 am onwards.
   Chris Gladwin
   Sun 14 Sep Whiskered Tern Pejar Dam, Crookwell (Goulburn)
   10 Whiskered Terns (and 20 Great-crested Grebes)
   Chris Gladwin
   Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater End of Geoffrey Road Chittaway Point
   A Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater who was bathing in a puddle was flushed into
   the nearby Casuarina trees by my arrival. It was observed for a few
   minutes but was too difficult to photograph.
   Steve Merrett
   Regent Honeyeater Widden Valley, Upper Hunter Valley
   Pair of Regent Honeyeaters busy nest building and feeding on mistletoe
   in the river oaks along the river. Also large numbers of Rainbow
   Bee-eaters in the valley now.
   michael ronan.
   Plumed Whistling-Duck, Australian Shelduck Bungendore Meadow Dam
   13 Plumed Whistling-Duck and 14 Australian Shelduck. Over the past 6
   years Plumed Whistling-Ducks have become regular in this area, but not
   until mid/late October. Thus an unusually early return.
   Martin Butterfield
   Topknot Pigeon, Eastern Osprey, Pacific Baza Lane Cove National
   Park--Sugarloaf Point
   30+ Topknot Pigeons were resting on a gumtree, flushed by a
   White-throated Treecreeper call nearby, interestingly. Also a single
   Pacific Baza soaring high and calling. Resident Eastern Osprey around
   the river chased by Masked (Black-shouldered) Lapwings.
   Fatih Sam
   White-eared Monarch, Little Bronze-Cuckoo, Varied Triller Chambigne
   Creek TSR, Old Glen Innes Rd, via Grafton
   Unusal sighting (for this location) of single White-eared Monarch
   feeding in tops of wattles beside creek. Varied Triller in same
   location along with Olive-backed Oriole and many Australian Figbirds
   feeding on native Fig fruit. Many Scarlet and Brown Honeyeaters. Also
   good looks at a Little Bronze-Cuckoo in drier vegetation near road/TSR
   Darryl and Gary Eggins
   Bar-shouldered Dove, Striated Heron, Channel-billed Cuckoo Warriewood
   A single Bar-shouldered Dove was seen in clear view from about 10 m
   away and heard calling at about 8:45 am this morning. A Striated Heron
   was seen very briefly flying off through the wetlands. A Channel-billed
   Cuckoo was also heard this morning and 2 days ago.
   Jayden Walsh
   Sat 13 Sep Pacific Baza, White-headed Pigeon Kurrajong area
   One Pacific Baza in garden Grey Gums where this species formerly nested
   was my first local sighting in several years. Remarkably, another bird
   (different, worn secondaries) seen about an hour later in Kurrajong
   village about 3 km away. Also seen White-headed Pigeon, displaying
   Yellow-throated Scrubwren, nesting Common Bronzewing, and large numbers
   of southwards migrating Yellow-faced Honeyeaters with smaller numbers
   of White-naped Honeyeaters.
   Eric Finley
   Little Lorikeet Cambridge Gardens
   Approximately 6 Little Lorikeets feeding among Rainbow Lorikeets and a
   few Scaly-breasted Lorikeets in the large Mugga Ironbark on my street
   Akos Lumnitzer
   Pacific Baza Kooringal Avenue, Thornleigh
   Noisy Miner alarm calls alerted me to 4 Pacific Bazas circling overhead
   (in shallow circles as per Pizzey and Knight). One peeled off and
   plunged down, and almost immediately the other 3 did likewise, with all
   4 tumbling into large trees on all four sides of where I stood. Amazing
   to watch and first time I have seen more than 2 Bazas at any one time.
   I found one Baza four houses along from ours in an angophora feeding on
   a Noisy Miner, but could not locate the other 3.
   Cameron Ward
   Black-shouldered Kite breeding pair Pughs Lagoon Richmond NSW
   2 Black-shouldered Kites, breeding pair. One called from a large stick
   nest at the top of a nearby pine tree. One fed the other. One broke of
   a twig from a gumtree and took it to the nest. Several Willie Wagtails
   calling in picnic area & a Restless Flycatcher.
   Adrian O'Hara
   Sacred Kingfisher Woodfield Avenue Bundeena NSW
   Heard this morning, first for me for this season of this returning
   Deryk Engel
   Fri 12 Sep Plum-headed Finch, breeding Blue-billed Ducks Gum Swamp
   Very surprised to see 50 plus Plumheads at the swamp this afternoon.
   I've never recorded them at this site before. A pair of Bluebilled
   Ducks had three very small chicks, and Freckled Ducks were still very
   abundant. Sea Eagle was on nest and White-breasted Woodswallows were
   Warren Chad
   Regent Honeyeaters Private property Scrubby Rush Road, Cowra
   2 individuals seen feeding about 5.00pm in a red flowering gum with Red
   Wattlebirds, Little Friarbirds, White-plumed Honeyeaters - has been
   seen previously by the property owner
   Frances Smith -Hastings Birdwatchers
   Latham's Snipe, Comb-crested Jacana, Little Egret Kings Creek Road
   Swamp, Wauchope
   Saw my first Latham's Snipe for the season, when it flushed from the
   edge of this wetland. Also present was a Jacana, and a Little Egret, an
   uncommon visitor to this swamp. For once, there were no Whistling Ducks
   of either species.
   Alan Morris
   Striated Heron Warriewood Wetlands
   Immature in full view at main boardwalk around 1 pm
   Carl Weber
   Striated Heron, Nankeen Night Heron, Scaly-breasted Lorikeet Deep Water
   Park Milperra
   two separate adult Striated Herons, both along the river, one with
   green feet and one with bright orange feet. Single adult Night Heron on
   the island in the first pond on Maxwell Ave. Still hundreds of Musk
   Lorikeets feeding mostly on flowers of Blue Box and Forest Red Gum. One
   partially leucistic bird had yellow and green scaly upperprats.
   Probably more than 20 pairs of Scaly-breasted Lorikeets nesting. A pair
   of Australian King Parrots. !0 species of honeyeaters on the eucalypt
   blossum, including White-cheeked and Scarlet Honeyeater. (Moderator's
   Note; Bright orange/red legs and feet in Striated Herons is a sign that
   they are breeding. AKM)
   David James
   Swift Parrot Deep Water Park Milperra
   12 Swift Parrots this morning about 8 am. At least 5 adults and at
   least 2 immatures. Contra HANZAB, the immatures were obvious with
   reduced brightness and sharpness of red face, no red in vent. One had
   missing central tail feathers. Feeding on blossom of Blue Box
   Euc.bauriana and Forest Red Gum E. teriticornis along both sides of
   Maxwell Ave in front of the Paint Ball car park.
   David James
   Thu 11 Sep Pacific Baza pair Greggs rd/Redbank rd Kurrajong NSW
   2 Pacific Bazas passed through canopy along Redbank creek, paused
   momentarily to copulate. 1 bird broke of small gum twig and ate fresh
   leaves (possibly lerps on leaf surface?)
   Adrian O'Hara
   Rainbow Bee-eater, Rufous Whistler, Olive-backed Oriole Koolumbung Ck
   Reserve Port Macquarie
   When I visited this reserve at 930 hrs, Rainbow Bee-eaters were flying
   over heading south, in small numbers, I estimated 12 birds. Rufous
   Whistlers (saw 3) and Olive-backed Orioles were in full song as were
   Golden Whistlers.
   Alan Morris
   Leaden Flycatcher, Shining Bronze-Cuckoo, Rainbow Bee-eater Red Cliff,
   Yuraygir National Park
   Adult pair of Leaden Flycatchers, two Shining Bronze-Cuckoos, one adult
   male New Zealand race (very green head and nape, some purple brown
   patches, other either adult female New Zealand race or male or female
   Australian race (see photo). Rainbow Bee-eaters calling overhead.
   Greg Clancy & Russell Jago
   Leaden Flycatcher, Forest Kingfisher, Coastal Emu, Rainbow Bee-eater
   Brooms Head Road, Taloumbi
   Female plumaged flycatcher in paperbarks and Forest Red Gums, Adult
   male Forest Kingfisher on powerline, 3 Coastal Emus, 2 foraging in old
   soya bean paddock, heard Rainbow Bee-eaters overhead.
   Greg Clancy & Russell Jago
   Square-tailed Kite Kellyville
   1 Square-tailed Kite seen circling low over vegetation near the corner
   of Balmoral Road and Old Windsor Road.
   Carl Corden
   Noisy Pitta Ourimbah
   Noisy Pitta heard from my front door in adjacent property (Forest of
   Tranquility) - the first visit I am aware of for several years.
   Moderator's Note: A Noisy Pitta was observed at the Forest of
   Tranquility on 1/7/2014 by Colin Bradshaw and the observation was
   published on Birdline NSW. AKM)
   John Weigel
   Peregrine Falcon Penrith CBD
   One adult on the wing at 13:15 much to the displeasure of the city
   slicker bird population around Henry and High Streets.
   Akos and Donata Lumnitzer
   Painted Honeyeater Yarrie Lake
   At least 3 Painted Honeyeaters heard (1 visual ID; no photo) calling
   this morning from casuarinas with flowering mistletoes in them at the
   creek feeding Yarrie Lake near Wee Waa. Large numbers of other
   nectar-eating species competing with them - mostly Brown, White-plumed,
   Spiny-cheeked Honeyeaters and Little Friarbirds, but also many
   Mistletoebirds. Painted Honeyeater calls were recorded ("further
   information" link).
   Michael Dahlem
   Common Blackbird, Latham's Snipe Eastlakes golf course
   Single bird Common Blackbird and 7 Latham's Snipe this morning.
   Mark Young
   Wed 10 Sep Eastern Osprey Penrhyn Estuary, Botany Bay
   One Eastern Osprey flew in and landed on the edge of Estuary at about
   11 am. We were at the viewing platform.
   Allan Richards & Max O'Sullivan
   Wedge-tailed Eagle Castlereagh
   Female and first-year seen along Castlereagh Road again at 15:50 and
   until 17:00. It is also of note, that last week we observed the same
   two birds on at least four afternoons in the same area, including my
   report on September 1.
   Akos Lumnitzer and Peter Phelan
   Paradise Riflebird Beechwood - private property
   A male Paradise Riflebird seen calling from the top emergent gums along
   Morton's Creek. Further calls in the area to late morning
   Peter West & Sue Proust
   Square-tailed Kite, Sacred Kingfisher Ingleside, Sydney Northern
   An immature Square-tailed Kite is quite unusual for this area - the
   first I have seen here in five years. The Sacred Kingfisher was my
   first Sydney record of the spring and, with no others so far reported
   on Birdline, may be an early arrival?
   Roger McGovern
   Glossy Black-Cockatoo, Sacred Kingfisher, Leaden Flycatcher Coutts
   Crossing, SW of South Grafton
   Went to bushland near Coutts Crossing Cemetery early this morning to
   photograph the Glossy Black-Cockatoo family that I had seen late
   yesterday. They were feeding in a small Black She-oak adjacent to
   Armidale Road. The juvenile was heavily marked with yellow and had
   yellow on the red barred panels indicating that it was a female.
   Another trio, this time with a juvenile male was found feeding on Black
   She-oak 'cones' while at least two other birds, apparently adults
   joined the first trio, so a total of 8+ birds. Heard Sacred Kingfisher,
   first for season at this site and observed an adult male Leaden
   Flycatcher after hearing one late yesterday.
   Greg Clancy & Warren Thompson
   Tue 9 Sep Black Kite Duranbah, Tweed Valley
   8 birds over road kill on Pacific Highway.
   Rob Morrow
   Eastern Koel Maryville (suburban Newcastle)
   Single bird heard in the early morning.
   Tom Clarke per Mick Roderick
   Regent Honeyeater, Rockwarbler, Rainbow Bee-eater Giants Creek (Upper
   Whilst most of the ironbark blossom is tailing off, I found a single
   Regent HE 'braving conditions', with several aggressive Noisy Friars,
   in a pair of (planted) Mugga Ironbarks 600m south of where I'd
   previously found Regents earlier. I was granted access to the property
   so explored the area and to my complete surprise I found 2 further
   separate Regents on the ridge in habitat I'd never have expected them
   in (shrubby Grey Gum with Stypandra/Acacia understorey - no blossom
   anywhere). There was a pair of Rockwarbler on the edge of the ridge
   too, in fairly marginal habitat. Some early Rainbow Bee-eaters (for the
   Hunter Valley) were along Giants Creek.
   Mick Roderick
   Glossy Black-Cockatoo, Leaden Flycatcher Coutts Crossing SW of Grafton
   Adult pair of Glossy Black-Cockatoos with begging juvenile feeding on
   'cones' in Black She-oaks in bushland at edge of village, flew to
   Spotted Gum to roost together at dusk. One Leaden Flycatcher heard
   calling on dusk. First record this season at this site.
   Greg Clancy
   Gang-gang Cockatoo North Epping
   This is my first sighting of Gang-gang Cockatoos in my suburb for many,
   many years.
   Frances Rein
   Australian Brush-turkey Pacific Hwy, Gore Hill
   Walking along the highway this afternoon, I spotted an Australian
   Brush-turkey ahead of me, just opposite the ABC tower. It then
   proceeded to walk down an entry way to a block of units. On reaching
   the front door which was closed, it flew up onto a window sill and in
   the window into a unit.
   Judy Clark
   Little Corella 147 Levenstrath Rd. Levenstrath, nr Grafton
   Flock of 250-300 Little Corella flying fairly high and direct in a
   westerly direction.
   Warren Thompson
   Red-necked Avocet, Caspian Tern Tuggerah Bay Saltmarsh, Tuggerah
   There were 58 Red-necked Avocet at the saltmarsh today. First reported
   by Luke Ullrich on 28/8/14, they have been coming and going since.
   Other birds present included 2 Little Egrets, 8 Caspian Terns, Black
   Swans etc.. Avocets are rare birds in the Tuggerah Lakes system. To
   access this site, you enter from the end of Lake Road, Tuggerah, and
   walk down the firetrail, which was once the road to Tuggerah Point,
   where early visitors to The Entrance caught a ferry, after having
   alighted from the train at Tuggerah Stn.
   Alan Morris
   Shy-type Albatross, Great-winged-type Petrel Brown's Mountain, 20nm
   East of Sydney
   Two immature Shy-type Albatross and a single Great-winged-type Petrel
   noted whilst fishing at Brown's Mountain off Sydney. [Moderator's note
   (NH): According to geolocator data most (but not all) Shy-type
   Albatross of NSW and QLD are White-capped Albatross (Th. c. steadi).
   Also, it is currently not entirely clear, which of the two taxa of
   Great-winged Petrel are predominant. Grey-faced Petrel (P. m. gouldi)
   is certainly the predominant taxon in summer, but the winter/spring
   situation is unclear.]
   Darryl Smedley
   Mon 8 Sep Black-chinned Honeyeater, Little Lorikeet 8 Mile Lane &
   Avenue Rd Glenugie Nr Grafton
   There is profuse flowering of Forest Red Gum which is attracting many
   lorikeets and honeyeaters. At least 3 Black-chinned Honeyeaters were
   seen and birds were calling in several places so there may have been
   others around. Four species of Lorikeet were present but the majority
   perhaps 100+ were Little Lorikeets. Also feeding were, Scarlet,
   Fuscous, White-throated, Blue-faced and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters plus,
   Noisy Friarbirds. The light was poor and there were light showers so
   other species could easily have been missed.
   Peter West and Sue Proust
   Eastern Common Terns, Curlew Sandpiper, Ruddy Turnstones Soldiers
   Point, Norah Head
   I could see some small terns with black bills on the Island off
   Soldiers Pt, and assumed that they would be White-fronted Terns. Being
   low tide, I went out to check as it was possible to get onto the
   island. I was surprised to find that there were 78 Eastern Common Terns
   roosting there, which is an early date. At least 12 of the Common Terns
   were still in breeding plumage, the rest were both immatures/juveniles,
   or were in the process of changing into non-breeding plumage, also all
   appeared to have red legs. Also present were 9 Ruddy Turnstone (up from
   the usual winter number of 3-4), and a single Curlew Sandpiper, also a
   first return to the Central Coast.
   Alan Morris
   Citrine Wagtail (Subject to submission to BARC) Putta Bucca Wetlands,
   Citrine Wagtail still present during visit this afternoon at 4pm. We
   enjoyed good views for the whole time we were there, still in reported
   location. [Moderator's note (NH): Sightings of Citrine Wagtail should
   be submitted to BARC. So far only three Citrine Wagtails have been
   accepted by BARC: Botany Bay, NSW, 1962; Goolwa, SA, 1987; Christmas
   Island, 2009. It would be great if we could get a complete
   documentation of the Putta Bucca bird]
   Paul & Phillip Shelley
   Hooded Robin, Jacky Winter, Speckled Warbler Bullio, Southern Highlands
   It was great to see a variety of woodland species on private property
   in the north-western part of the Wingecarribee Shire. Other species
   included Brown Treecreeper, Crested Shrike-tit, Varied Sitella and a
   couple of Emus.
   Martin Filipczyk
   Superb Parrot Mangerton, Wollongong
   2 adult Superb Parrots in trees in my backyard in Mangerton,
   Wollongong. (Moderator's Note: Most likely these birds are aviary
   escapees. AKM).
   John Maughan
   Swift Parrot, Striated Heron, Long-billed Corella Deepwater Park,
   Four Swift Parrots in flowering Box near Blue Gum Farm. Also a pair of
   Striated Heron showing nesting behaviour. Also a pair of Long-billed
   Corella - not uncommon but a first for myself at this site.
   Greg McLachlan, Debbie Andrew
   Sun 7 Sep Channel-billed Cuckoo North Epping
   This is a very early sighting for my suburb - they, and the koels,
   usually arrive on or around the October long weekend. (Moderator's
   note: This is the 10th report of the arrival of the Channel-billed
   Cuckoos, mostly to the Sydney and Central Coast Region. From now only
   special sightings at unusual locations and or large numbers will be
   published. AKM)
   Frances Rein
   White-winged Chough Quakers Hill
   Driving along the Quakers Hill Parkway I saw two White-winged Choughs
   in a tree in a park just north of the Quakers Hill railway station.
   Darryl Smedley
   Apostlebird Great Western Highway, Minchinbury
   Saw a single Apostlebird on the median strip at 7:15am whilst stopped
   at the traffic lights. [Moderator's note (NH): AKM tells me that this
   is a known site for the feral Apostlebirds that escaped from
   Featherdale Farm 20-30 years ago.]
   L. Morgan
   Swift Parrot Capertee Valley--Genowlan Bridge
   Great views of 7 Swift Parrots seen by all on BMBO outing to Capertee
   Valley. They were in eucalypts on the north-east side of the bridge,
   gleaning leaves presumably for lerps, only 10m from observers and at
   eye level.
   Mark Ley and 14 members of Blue Mountains Bird Observers.
   Noisy Pitta, Spangled Drongo Irrawong Reserve
   Excellent views of foraging Noisy Pitta. Also Spangled Drongo.
   Nicholas Beswick
   Channel-billed Cuckoo Bicentennial Park (Glebe)
   1 bird heard at around 10am, seems to be consistent date-wise with
   other other reports of them arriving in Sydney. First for Glebe that I
   know of, for the year.
   Simon Gorta
   Sat 6 Sep Spectacled Monarch Sawtell
   At least 2 Spectacled Monarchs in forest on southern side of headland;
   first returns for season. Many Scarlet Honeyeaters and Silvereyes
   around at present (two subspecies of Silvereye). Also observed four
   Grey Fantails, at least one of which appeared to have much less white
   on uppertail.
   Peter Higgins
   Brush Cuckoo Weston, Hunter Valley
   Heard calling around 6am. Usually passes through early Oct.. Early
   Steve Roderick
   Square-tailed Kite, correct e-mail address and correct name Cattai
   "While photographing water birds two Square-tailed Kites flew over and
   I had them identified on a birding photography website from my pictures
   . They are reported to have been seen before." [Moderator's note (NH):
   This post came without a valid e-mail address, with no observer name
   and no photo attached. As this happens frequently, I'd like to address
   this issue here and now: While photos are certainly not mandatory
   (however often very useful as in this case), the name of the observer
   and an e-mail address are. Please always make sure that your e-mail
   address is correct so that we can reach you for queries. Thanks!]
   Nikolas Haass (moderator)
   white phase Southern Giant-petrel, White-headed Petrel, Buller's
   Albatross Royal National Park--Wattamolla
   Seen my first white phase Southern Giant-petrel for this year which
   hung around off Wattamolla for most of the day. Also 1 White-headed
   Petrel and 2 Buller's Albatross.
   michael ronan.
   Fri 5 Sep Citrine Wagtail (Subject to submission to BARC) Putta Bucca
   Wetlands, Mudgee
   I have just published a video on youtube of the Citrine Wagtail at
   Putta Bucca wetlands, which I made on the morning of Sep 5:
   Bruce Roubin (per Birding-Aus)
   Thu 4 Sep Freckled Duck, White-breasted Woodswallow McPherson Rd Swamp,
   The Freckled Ducks had not been seen for the past few weeks, possibly
   because of all the rain the Central Coast has been receiving, but two
   were back today. Also present was a pair of White-breasted
   Woodswallows, first return report for the Central Coast, usually they
   turn up the last week of August.
   Alan Morris & Allan Benson
   Wed 3 Sep Spotted Harrier Lake Windamere
   Spotted Harrier at the southern end of Lake Windamere.
   Graham Blackwell & Alec Gillespie
   Mon 1 Sep Rainbow Bee-eater Sawtell
   Heard in flight at two separate locations over suburb, apparently
   moving southwards. First records for season in Sawtell (but note
   reports a few kilometres north, Sawtell-Coffs Harbour, 21 Aug).
   Michael Cheers & Peter Higgins
   Sun 31 Aug White-breasted Woodswallow, Olive-backed Oriole Sawtell
   White-breasted Woodswallows heard in flight over Sawtell (AM), moving
   south; later, seen flying south over Toormina shopping centre (26 birds
   in small groups, largest of nine birds, 16:50-17:00). Olive-backed
   Oriole heard calling from early morning, and heard persistently each
   day since (>1 week later). First returns noted for season (although
   note report of Oriole here 15 June).
   Peter Higgins
   Sat 30 Aug White-headed Petrel, Great-winged-type Petrel, Buller's
   Albatross Wattamolla.Royal National Park.
   Highlights from a seawatch today from Wattamolla was a White-headed
   Petrel. About 40 Great-winged-type Petrels, 3 adult Buller's Albatross,
   1 Wandering-type Albatross, 2 Fairy Prions and 2 Brown Skuas.
   michael ronan.
   Sun 24 Aug Wandering Albatross Offshore--Wollongong pelagic
   Highlights of the Sunday SOSSA pelagic were approx. 20 Wandering-type
   Albatross (13 of which were exulans). Again not a single Cape Petrel
   and also no Giant-petrels on either trip. The photograph of the
   Buller's Albatross was taken by Mick Roderick. For a detailed trip
   report and further pictures see here on the SOSSA website:
   Nikolas Haass and all on the Sandra K
   Sat 23 Aug Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross (BARC submission in prep),
   White-headed Petrel Offshore--Wollongong pelagic
   Highlights of the Saturday pelagic were: 1 Atlantic Yellow-nosed
   Albatross (BARC submission in prep), 2 White-headed Petrels and 15-20
   Pygmy Killer Whales. Attached photos by Duade Paton. For a detailed
   trip report and further pictures see here on the SOSSA website:
   Nikolas Haass and all on the Sandra K
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