Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 22 Sep 2014 09:52:43 +1000
   Birdline New South Wales

   Published sightings for the week ending 21 Sep 2014.

   Sun 21 Sep Shining Bronze-Cuckoo, Brush Bronzewing, Black Bittern,
   Spangled Drongo Deep Creek
   A great morning on the PNHA Deep Creek outing with many birds seen
   including a single Shining Bronze-Cuckoo was seen near the beginning of
   the track whislt a single Black Bittern and Spangled Drongo were seen
   about 500m into the trail near the large stand of Cabbage Tree palms.
   Also an Eastern Rosella inspecting a hollow, a single White Headed
   Pigeon, Brown Cuckoo Dove and a Tawny Frogmouth on a nest.
   Jayden Walsh
   White-throated Gerygone Scheyville National Park - Longneck Lagoon
   Saw/heard at least ten White-throated Gerygones today on the main track
   in and the gas pipe track. Also saw several Fri 12 Sept at Mulgoa Rsv .
   Pic of one of today's birds obtained.
   Michael Rutkowski
   Little Curlew (Subject to submission to NSW ORAC) Stockton Sandspit
   Solitary Little Curlew present this afternoon, easy to compare with the
   many Easter Curlews and the few Whimbrels present. [Moderator's note
   (NH): Sightings of Little Curlews should be submitted to NSW ORAC.
   Please be aware that a pair of Pied Oystercatchers are nesting in the
   lagoon at the sandspit. Please obey the signs that are in place and do
   not disturb these endangered birds that already face a number of
   disturbances at this site.]
   Andrew O'Brien
   Dollarbird Richmond Vale (Lower Hunter Valley)
   Today Dan Williams and I saw our first Dollarbird for the Hunter Valley
   this season at Richmond Vale. Reporting it here as there do not seem to
   be any NSW reports of Dollarbirds thus far. I heard from Simon Gorta
   that he had one at Hawks Nest today too. (My first Dollarbird last year
   was from Shortland on the 21st Sept also). There was also a Pallid
   Cuckoo not far from the Dollarbird site.The Cessnock woodlands are now
   full of White-throated Gerygones and we had a single Leaden Flycatcher
   today as well.
   Mick Roderick and Dan Williams
   Rufous Songlark, Tawny Grassbird, Zebra Finch Richmond Lowlands
   In Onus Lane this afternoon we had 13 Zebra Finches, at least two Tawny
   Grassbirds and one Rufous Songlark (heard calls clearly).
   Akos and Donata Lumnitzer
   Brahminy Kite Lake Munmorah SCA - Snapper Point
   Two immature Brahminy Kites near Snapper Point. Frustratingly had my
   wide angle lens on so only managed a couple of poor ID shots before
   they were gone. The other bird was directly into the sun but I'm quite
   certain it was also an immature bird.
   Rebecca Citroni
   White-throated Gerygone South Coffs Harbour-Toormina
   One White-throated Gerygone heard singing; first returns for the area.
   Peter Higgins
   Glossy Black-Cockatoo 11a Dirigeree Road Nelson Bay NSW
   One adult male Glossy Black-Cockatoo feeding on she-oak in backyard
   bordering water board land/national park.
   Bryony Brownlie
   Sat 20 Sep Latham's Snipe La Perouse [Botany Bay NP]
   Flushed from the edge of a rivulet almost opposite the cottages at the
   12th hole of the golf course [2 p.m]
   Ted Nixon
   Latham's Snipe (2), Little Lorikeet, Brown Goshawk (2), Dusky
   Woodswallow (2) Mt Annan Botanical Gardens
   2 Latham's Snipe at the larger top pond. Little Lorikeet (many)
   including some checking out tree hollows. Pair of Dusky Woodswallows
   also seen and pair of Brown Goshawk circling over the woodland creek
   walk. Plenty of Striated Pardalotes and an echidna there too. Tree
   Martins have returned to nest in the big gum just beyond the first
   entry roundabout. A dozen Satin Bowerbirds (mostly females/imm) feeding
   on figs in the main gardens was also good to see.
   David Vickers
   White-throated Gerygone Valery, Valery Rd
   First White-throated Gerygone for season. Valery is about 10 km inland.
   Michael Cheers
   Varied Sittella, Pacific Baza, Restless Flycatcher, Leaden Flycatcher
   South Grafton Water Reserve (Abattoir TSR)
   4 Varied Sittellas in mixed feeding flock with White-throated Gerygone,
   White-throated Honeyeater, Golden Whistler, Leaden Flycatcher,
   Black-faced Monarch etc. 1 Restless Flycatcher nearby. Adult Pacific
   Baza soaring over canopy then flew up and performed undulating display.
   Greg Clancy, Alan Pilkington
   Australian Koel Hawks Nest
   Australian Koels continue to arrive back at their summer haunts with
   one heard this evening. Not many reports about yet this season.
   Simon Gorta per Ashwin Rudder
   Pacific Baza, Grey Goshawk, Wedge-tailed Eagle Devlin Rd, Castleraegh
   A single Pacific Baza on w bank of river, performing tumbling display
   flight. Also present one Grey Goshawk and pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles.
   At nearby Agnes Banks NR several breeding pairs of Spotted Pardalote
   and several Striated Pardalotes also seen.
   Eric Finley
   Rainbow Bee-eater, White-throated Gerygone, Grey Goshawk, White-bellied
   Cuckoo-shrike Cattai National Park
   Both Rainbow Bee-eaters and White-throated Gerygones have now returned
   to the Hawkesbury. At least one Grey Goshawk seen and a dark morph
   White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike and a pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles seen
   displaying over Cattai NP.
   Edwin Vella and Follow That Bird
   Channel-billed Cuckoo, Little Bronze-Cuckoo, Black-faced Monarch,
   Black-chinned Honeyeater South Grafton Water Reserve (Abattoir TSR)
   Channel-billed Cuckoo and Little Bronze-Cuckoo heard calling, 2
   Black-faced Monarchs observed (observer's first local records of these
   migrants this season), 3+ Black-chinned Honeyeaters heard calling, 1
   Greg Clancy & Alan Pilkington
   Chestnut Teal, Little Eagle Cotton Farm, Ashley
   A Little Eagle was observed above a farm irrigation dam for about 10
   minutes. This is the first sighting at this location and first time we
   have seen this species over water. A single male Chestnut Teal was
   observed among tens of Grey Teal in an irrigation dam. This is also the
   first sighting at this location and a very unusual sighting for this
   area and habitat as it is an artificial dam.
   Curtis Hayne and Ainslee Lines
   Ground Cuckoo-shrike Eulah Creek
   Hadn't seen or heard any for a while, but this morning 3 Ground
   Cuckoo-shrikes landed in short grass on our property, calling all the
   time (no photo taken). In the past I considered myself lucky to see
   them somewhere in the North-West about once a year. Now there have been
   6 or 7 sightings in less than a year, all here on our small property at
   Eulah Creek.
   Michael Dahlem
   Black-fronted Dotterel Glenbrook Lagoon
   I was alerted to this species at the lagoon by Debbie Harris. First
   time I have seen or heard of them there in at least ten years. They
   could easily have been passed over as Masked Lapwing chicks.
   Julie Neumann
   Powerful Owl King Creek, Wauchope
   Heard calling at 4:30am.
   Clive Meadows
   Fri 19 Sep Yellow-billed Spoonbill, Channel-billed Cuckoo Mulgoa
   2 two Yellow-billed Spoonbills were wading in our damn for a few hours
   in the morning. I spotted two Channel Billed Cuckoos in my mulberry
   tree on our property. I see them every year when the mulberries start
   to grow.
   Tanja Van
   Leaden Flycatchers, Rufous Whistler, Glossy Black-Cockatoo,
   White-throated Nightjar Yuraygir National park (near Station Creek)
   Minimum 7 Leaden Flycatchers along 2.5. km of fire trail, along with 2+
   Rufous Whistlers, and group of 5 Glossy Black-Cockatoos. Many
   White-breasted Woodwallows and Rainbow Bee-eaters over heathland with
   many emergent pines and paperbarks. After dark, 2 White-throated
   Nightjars heard (1 seen), and 2 Owlet-nightjars also heard
   Peter Higgins
   Leaden Flycatcher Sawtell
   First return for season here.
   Michael Cheers & Peter Higgins
   Black-faced Monarch, White-breasted Woodswallow, Whiskered Tern Cattai
   One Black-faced Monarch; 4 White-breasted Woodswallows hawking over the
   lake. Also 2 Eastern Shrike-tits, 2 Tawny Grassbirds and one Shining
   Bronze-cuckoo. Whiskered Tern in breeding plumage at nearby Cattai
   Creek ponds, viewed from Harrington Road.
   Nicholas Beswick
   Black-faced Monarch Caniaba, Lismore NSW
   Returning.Observed in euc. woodland with camphor laurel understorey,
   foraging around edge of canopy at middle height on sunlit side,
   regularly emerging from canopy to survey and chase insects.
   paul griffin
   Thu 18 Sep White-throated Nightjar, Eastern Ground Parrot Yuraygir
   National Park (near Brooms Head)
   Single White-throated Nightjar seen over heath, and a number of Eastern
   Ground Parrots heard.
   Peter Higgins
   Square-tailed Kite Sydney Olympic Park--Lake Belvedere
   During a visit to Lake Belvedere, we were very surprised to see a
   single Square-tailed Kite being harassed by an Australian Raven. Took a
   quick shot for id purposes, heavily cropped. The Square-tailed Kite has
   a distinctive right wing, missing some primaries. Never seen this
   species in the area previously.
   Stephen Davey, Shirley Clarke
   Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Latham's Snipe, Common Blackbird Eastlakes golf
   3 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper were seen in the small pond. Only 2 Latham's
   Snipes today. The Common Blackbird was in the same location as last
   week, singing very loudly
   Mark Young
   Pink-eared Duck Badgerys Swamp, Waterview, near Grafton
   3 Pink-eared Ducks loafing in shallows of wetland.
   Greg Clancy, Alan & Wendy Pilkington
   Red-backed Kingfisher Rushforth Road, South Grafton
   Red-backed Kingfisher perched on powerline first observed by Alan then
   viewed and photographed by the three of us. Observer's (GC) 2nd record
   for Clarence Valley in 36 years and only one other Valley record - a
   bird 6 Km E of Grafton in Oct 2002 (Peter Morgan).
   Alan & Wendy Pilkington, Greg Clancy
   Latham's Snipe Putta Bucca Wetlands, Mudgee
   A single Latham's Snipe sighted to the left of the bird hide (one
   closest to the quarry truck) in the small bay area below the seat. A
   pair of Crested Shrike-tits also observed in the trees to the left past
   the quarry truck as we walked into the hide.
   Sue Chatfield
   Magpie Goose, Little Grassbird Narrabri Lake
   Update on the Magpie Goose population at Narrabri Lake - counted about
   90 this morning (the photo shows only part of the mob). Also heard at
   least 3 Little Grassbirds calling from reeds.
   Michael Dahlem
   Scarlet Honeyeater Sydney Olympic Park
   Two male Scarlet Honeyeaters at Little Kronos Hill-vocal and looking
   good on a spring day. Only my second record for SOP. Also 50 Red-necked
   Avocets, 18 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, 1 Little Egret and an adult female
   Brown Goshawk.
   Dion Hobcroft
   Latham's Snipe, Australian Reed Warbler, Little Grassbird, Australasian
   Grebe Warriewood Wetlands
   A single Latham's Snipe was seen in its usual spot. Australian Reed
   Warbler, Little Grassbird and Australasian Grebe all seen in the main
   pond near Shearwater Drive.
   Jayden Walsh
   Wed 17 Sep Freckled Duck, Pink-eared Duck, Australasian Shoveler,
   Little Egret Southgate Creek, N of Grafton
   One Freckled Duck loafing on log in water, one Pink-eared Duck on water
   and pair of Australasian Shovelers on water then loafing on bank. One
   juvenile Little Egret, with yellow-green legs, actively foraging. First
   record this site for Freckled and Pink-eared Ducks.
   Greg Clancy & Russell Jago
   Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo, Red Wattlebird Great Marlow, N of Grafton
   One Horsfield's Cuckoo observed in trees and riverside reeds. One Red
   Wattlebird moving S with other birds (?Australian Figbird). Red
   Wattlebirds are an uncommon winter visitor to the Clarence lowlands.
   Greg Clancy & Russell Jago
   Pallid Cuckoo School Lane, Southgate
   One Pallid Cuckoo on powerline. First local record for season.
   Greg Clancy & Russell Jago
   Black Kite, Gull-billed Tern, Torresian Crow, Cattle Egret Franks
   Creek, Southgate
   90+ Black Kites, 100+ Torresian Crows, 19 Gull-billed Terns and 120+
   Cattle Egrets as well as Australian Magpies and Common Mynas in or over
   paddock being ploughed by two tractors. Largest number of Black Kites
   seen in the Clarence Valley for some months.
   Greg Clancy & Russell Jago
   Tue 16 Sep Australasian Bittern Fivebough Swamp Leeton
   Two and possibly three Australasian Bitterns seen in the reeds out
   towards the hide. Also single Spotted and Spotless and several
   Baillon's Crakes found crossing the track. The swamp has been very dry
   for some time but was receiving 30,000 mega-litres a day of
   environmental flow with many other birds coming in. Two Bitterns were
   also seen on the 18th
   Sue Proust and a the Hastings Birdwatchers campout group
   Spotted Quail-thrush, Gang-gang Cockatoo Medlow Bath, Blue Mountains
   Two very tame Spotted Quail-thrushes were walking at the end of Blue
   Gum Ave (near bushland) at Medlow Bath. They jumped over the gate and
   walked straight to the dog bowl (stealing food from them). A flock of
   12 Gang-gang Cockatoo flew over Blue Gum Ave early morning.
   [Moderator's note (NH): There is a potential need to rewrite the 'diet'
   chapter for this species in HANZAB as it doesn't mention dog food? ;-)]
   Ted Wnorowski
   White-bellied Sea-Eagle Bellawongarah (Berry Mountain)
   An adult White-bellied Sea-Eagle flew over the house yard at 2:35pm
   today being chased by Australian Magpies. First record for our property
   at Bellawongarah. We are on the escarpment 350m ASL west of Berry
   Carla Jackett
   Shining Bronze-Cuckoo, Noisy Pitta, Spectacled Monarch, Rufous Fantail,
   Topknot Pigeon Iluka Nature Reserve
   Adult male New Zealand Shining Bronze-Cuckoo observed, Noisy Pitta
   heard calling (must be close to departing), 1+ adult Spectacled
   Monarch, 1+ adult Rufous Fantail, 30+ Topknot Pigeons over at
   south-west edge of Reserve.
   Greg Clancy
   Lewin's Rail, Little Lorikeet Riverside Park, Riverside Rd, Chipping
   2 Lewin's Rails, both calling ardently. 1 on the edge of the large pond
   has been calling from the exact spot (give or take 15 cm) for the third
   week running. Might be on a nest? The other is in a blackberry clump
   alongside Arthur St. There are still 50 or more Little Lorikeets in the
   riverflat forest, feeding in Euc. teriticornis and Euc. bauriana (a
   flock of 35 plus several pairs and flocks of 4-5). A pair was seen
   copulating in a dead red gum in the river flat forest. This follows
   observations of hollow prospecting here in May and on 2 September.
   HANZAB implies that they do not breed in central coastal NSW, but that
   is probably based on the first Atlas (1977-1981). Scarlet Honeyeater
   fairly common today in flowering eucalypts.
   David James
   Mon 15 Sep Silvereye Coutts Crossing, SW of South Grafton
   Flock of 20+ Silvereyes present, also on September 14, mostly local
   type birds (cornwalli) but at least one Tasmanian type (lateralis).
   Greg Clancy
   possible White-chinned Petrel (Subject to submission to HBOC ORAC) Old
   Bar Beach at 31 58 36S 152 35 08E
   Sea watch from 13.15 to 14.45. Weather conditions were good, the sun
   was behind me, there was a fresh sea breeze and the sea was choppy but
   not rough. At about 14.15, a large (roughly Pied Cormorant-sized)
   petrel flew strongly along the beach, close inshore. This petrel was
   completely black above and below, with no contrasting feet. It had a
   stout all-white tubenose bill. It was flying low over the water with
   steady wingbeats (no gliding or shearing). Also one Gull-billed Tern.
   [Moderator's note (NH): Given the rarity of any Procellaria in the area
   - especially of a healthy one at the beach, I would have preferred a
   more detailed description. The sun was behind the observer. Could
   reflection have exaggerated the white bill? To rule out other
   Procellaria, I would have preferred a more detailed description of the
   bill, including a specific mention of the maxillary unguis. The
   described flight style is very unusual for a Procellaria, especially in
   a fresh sea breeze.White-chinned Petrel is on the review list of HBOC.]
   Nicholas Beswick
   Australian Koel Epping
   Male Australian Koel calling loudly at 5:10 pm from a tree in our
   neighbour's yard. First I have seen/heard this season.
   Jenny Stiles
   Mangrove Gerygone, Glossy Ibis, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Bar-tailed
   Godwit, Fan-tailed Cuckoo Sydney Olympic Park
   3 Mangrove Gerygone singing in the mangroves & casuarina on the
   Riverwalk, just past Woo-la-ra on the way to the river. 1 Glossy Ibis
   at the Northern Water Feature, 3 Fan-tailed Cuckoos seen and 12
   Sharp-tailed Sandpipers and 1 Bar-tailed Godwit at the Waterbird
   Jenny Stiles
   Silvereye (lateralis) Caniaba, Lismore NSW
   On movement south, but with group of around 10 which included at least
   one cornwalli, moving through understorey of eucalypt woodland. In the
   same environment but in the canopy of ironbarks, a White-bellied
   Cuckoo-shrike, male dark morph.
   paul griffin
   Sun 14 Sep Rufous Songlark Royal National Park--Picnic area at top
   A single adult female Rufous Songlark feeding on the ground within the
   picnic area by 5 observers. Photograph by Martin Odino.
   Martin Odino & Max O'Sullivan
   Ground Cuckoo-shrike (4) Back Yamma State Forest
   Never seen the species in the area! Also a healthy number of the local
   specialities like Turquoise Parrot, Superb Parrot, Diamond Firetail and
   a lone Crested Shrike-tit.
   Lorand Szucs
   Sat 13 Sep Australian Koel Sawtell
   Single Australian Koel heard giving call in flight at 07:00 - first
   record here for season. A few calls heard early morning 14 and 16 Sep,
   and louder and more persistent calling heard this morning (17 Sep).
   Peter Higgins
   Australian Spotted Crake, Latham's Snipe, Plum-headed Finch,
   Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo Pucca Bucca Wetlands, Mudgee NSW
   While waiting in the bird hide to see the Citrine Wagtail saw an
   Australian Spotted Crake on the edge of the water and Plum-headed Finch
   were feeding in the low vegetation on the path leading to the hide.
   Also got good views of the Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo. Returned the
   following morning and saw through the fog a single Latham's Snipe. A
   fantastic wetlands area that is in need of greater patronage by the
   birding community. BTW the Citrine Wagtail was not seen.
   Lisa Abra plus other bird watchers
   Glossy Black-Cockatoo Mulgoa
   On property on Fairlight Road in Mulgoa a male Glossy Black-Cockatoo.
   It was by itself and flew from gumtree to gumtree and also frequented
   She Oaks.
   Tanja Van
   Thu 11 Sep White-breasted Woodswallow Angophora Reserve, Bilgola
   One White-breasted Woodswallow was seen Thursday morning, hawking over
   the reserve. A bird I've never seen south of Newcastle before this
   occasion. (Moderator's Note. While Henry may not have seen these birds
   south of Newcastle before, they have certainly been summer migrants to
   the Tuggerah Lakes system since I have been birdwatching there from
   1962 onwards. However it has only been in more recent years that they
   have moved south as summer migrants to the Hawkesbury Marshes and now
   they extend south to the Eurobodalla Coast, Batemans Bay-Bermagui.AKM)
   Henry Coleman
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