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Re: An interactive Google map of LIVE Wild Soundscape feeds all over

Subject: Re: An interactive Google map of LIVE Wild Soundscape feeds all over
From: bobjoebonobobob
Date: Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:38 pm ((PDT))
In fact, sound IS light. =0D
 Usually, where we find light (as in, man-made light) we also find people h=
ighways and machines etc. so that would be a good place to start executing =
this attack.=0D
 When we examine it at the quantum physics level, we see how sound is nothi=
ng more than an energy force oscillating in waves at various frequencies, j=
ust like light does.=0D
 The idea here is to focus on incremental momentum, concerning how where an=
d why this interactive Wild Soundscapes Google map would be implemented; an=
d like in any great invasion, slowly expand our horizons to designated targ=
ets where the noisiest places are located, such as cities, etc. and specifi=
c places within those areas. Eventually establishing anthrophony zones and =
natural ones, so neither be completely obliterated. =0D
 Enforcing natural soundscape zones legally or using Law would also add to =
the responsibilities of groups such as neighborhood watch, etc. and could p=
otentially be a source of income - via fines; creating jobs. Or something l=
ike that.  =0D
 Send out emails, post to Facebook or Tweet out the info to engage people t=
o go to Hempton's and Krause's websites for listening and learning about na=
ture and sound. Organize public concerts of soundscapes and have a Q&A sess=
ion afterwards to address the environmental impact of anthrophony in these =
soundscapes. This is a very critical role that anyone interested in improvi=
ng the relationship of their community with nature can take up. =0D
 I plan to do this more and more - if by no other means, simply as a volunt=
eer, or even a hobby. =0D
 And good, well designed, clear and simple FLYERS placed regularly at strat=
egic locations, venues etc. is also a very underestimated way to effectivel=
y inform the public, and it is a great way to feel active in this regard an=
d with the community.=0D
 A live feed could be accessed by anyone at any time, via the internet, muc=
h like live video cameras monitoring endangered species can be accessed, an=
d recordings could be compiled annually in local databases/hard drives, lik=
ely housed in municipal buildings or the like. In doing so, we would then h=
ave sonic data, easily displayed on screen or even paper to prove our point=
, and the professionals to back it up:=0D
  "At such and such a time there is too much noise (surpassing an agreed up=
on decibel meter) from such and such activities (say, logging) in this area=
, within the audible range of these specific habitats & animals (I usually =
go with SONGBIRDS - even the meanest people I know seem to have a cosmologi=
cal reverence for these sensitive musical creatures) - just look at the aud=
ible graphics compared to last year=E2=80=A6 hence we need improved logging=
 methods, better machinery etc." =0D
 That way, we can improve the soundscape by incrementally lowering the desi=
red decibel goal of anthrophony each year until it is ZERO.=0D
 The fact remains - this must be accomplished. Laws concerning vehicle-gene=
rated noises must be enforced; an entire change in how we view transportati=
on and machinery, or hear these, rather is looking forward. It is literally=
 bound to happen. No one in their right mind would choose to live in a nois=
y stressed-out world. We can argue that such an interactive Wild Soundscape=
s Google map will create jobs - for professional nature sound recording eng=
ineers and others. We have many valid points in the debate - for example, w=
hat boxed-in teacher indoors all day long with those horrid fluorescence tu=
be light bulbs and sterile reverberating concrete white walls would not be =
passionate about taking the kids outside more to learn about the natural wo=
rld? Electrical machinery... etc. =0D
 I will most certainly not stand around to watch all the work that leaders =
such as Krause and Hempton et al. have accomplished go unnoticed. So watch =
out!  =0D
 Curtis Mullin=0D

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