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Simultaneous recording with two digital recorders?

Subject: Simultaneous recording with two digital recorders?
From: "Geoff Sample" orphean2001
Date: Sat Jun 9, 2012 11:04 am ((PDT))
Hi Tony

I followed the quiet thread but it left me somewhere in the aether. But thi=
s is interesting. I=92ve worked a lot on recording the sound of the sea on =
the coast here in Northumberland over the last 20 years, and for me the ide=
a that you NEED multiple input is a myth. No offence to Chris or Bernie.

If you want to create something beyond nature, fine - multiple input points=
 can give you the raw material for heading off. Or if your objective is a m=
ulti-channel installation, a mic array makes sense, whether to several reco=
rders or a multi-track, though it leads you into other time/distance issues=

But we listen with two ears from a single point; so it makes sense if one w=
ants to record the nature of a place, as heard, to record from a single poi=
nt, whether static or in motion through time. And personally, for me this w=
orks better because of rhythm. From a single point you get the rhythm of wa=
ve and water flow: not just the major rhythm of the waves breaking, but als=
o the undertow of sussuration on sand or shingle as the waves=92 fall-out r=
ecedes. Once you start  mixing it from different perspectives, you mush it =
up. Even if well synced up, the fine detail gets mushed. And I think the ex=
ample on Michael Gallagher=92s blog showed that. Rhythm was obscured.

So from this point of view, the craft is a matter of listening and choosing=
 the point where you feel the balance of distance and foreground feels good=
. And I think this is where the art of soundscape recording resides. Perspe=
ctive - sorry for the visual metaphor.

OK. Back to work.
All the best, Geoff.

Geoff Sample

On 8 Jun 2012, at 22:32,  wrote:

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> 3a. Simultaneous recording with two digital recorders?
>    Posted by: "soundings23"  soundings23
>    Date: Fri Jun 8, 2012 7:35 am ((PDT))
> Hi All ... I currently use an Edirol R-09 for my recordings. But I've jus=
t picked up cheap secondhand Sony PCM M10.
> I read that if you're recording soundcapes such as waves on a beach multi=
ple recording points are recommended. (
> Has anyone had experience of recording on two independant digital recoder=
s, using say a handclap to provide a sync point, then mixing/layering them =
together later.
> Does this work?
> Will they stay in sync?
> Any recomendations on positioning in general?
> I could of course just go and experiment ... but its nice to perpare!
> cheers
> T

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