Noisy Miners v Indian Mynas

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Subject: Noisy Miners v Indian Mynas
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Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 15:56:35 +1100
My understanding is that people can also undo the wrong that they did.  If understorey is re-established the Miners will move on and the small birds that were terrorised by the Noisy Miner will re-establish.  


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I hate to tell you Geoffrey but Kangaroos (or if you like Macropods) are not just Australian – they also occur in PNG and Indonesia – whereas Noisy, Yellow-throated and Bell Miners are Australian. There are also Miners, a totally different family, in South America.


I don’t think you would have that great difficulty in getting people to dislike a native species to the point where people would quite happily have it culled – think Pacific (Eastern) Koel!!


My big concern with what is happening with Noisy Miners is that people are missing the point, or more correctly IGNORING the main point, and that is the reason why they have become what they are. The same applies to people who have taken a dislike to Pied Currawongs and what they do. We, HOMO SAPIENS, are the reason they have become what they are. The Noisy Miners were not the ones who cut down the trees and shrubs, or in the case of the Pied Currawong, planted lovely berry-bearing exotic species and lovely native gardens to attract birds. People need to put their brains into gear and THINK.





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My initial send was rejected under the 200kb rule.  Surprising for such a modest offering.  Must be a lot of pixels in the old C of A.  They knew how to make ’em in  those days


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I think the _expression_ ‘more bang for the buck’ was used , the suggestion being that there is a limit to the resources that can be marshalled in such a  cause, and hence it is reasonable to set (or reset) priorities.  The other view, as Bruce indicates, is that it might not be possible to motivate community based  culling against a native species, which is, after all, as Australian as the kangaroo. Perhaps.  Would Van Helsing have chosen another target if there were no vampires about?  As with so many things (not to mention the war), it is the simplicity of the case against the Common Myna that is its great strength.  The slightly greater complexity of the argument against the N Miner is a reason that Miner Rage might be some distance off yet.





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Subject: Re: [canberrabirds] Noisy Miners v Indian Mynas


I find the whole argument of Noisy Miners vs Common (Indian) Mynas really quite pointless and potentially confusing to a large proportion of the public who have difficulty in distinguishing the species.


Yes, each pose their threats to native species, but why link them or rank them?


Studies have shown that Noisies can have detrimental effects on native bushland by excluding smaller insectivorous native birds, but as a native species, they require a different approach than a community based culling program.


From my own observations, there are parts of Mulligans Flat, Goorooyarroo and Campbell Park Nature Reserves where flocks of Noisies are indirectly leading to degradation (and death) of eucalypts.






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Subject: RE: [canberrabirds] Noisy Miners v Indian Mynas


The item was on ABC TV news tonight.  If you missed it go to ABC I-view and look for ABC ACT TV News.




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I expect Bruce will have picked up on this we go again....!



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Subject: [canberrabirds] Noisy Miners v Indian Mynas


Not helpful to compare the two when they're from different families and just happen to have similar distinctive markings!



Nathanael Coyne


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