Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 10 Nov 2014 08:37:38 +1000
   Birdline New South Wales

   Published sightings for the week ending 9 Nov 2014.

   Sun 9 Nov South Island Pied Oystercatcher, Australian Shelduck, Cattle
   Egret, Dollarbird, Pectoral Sandpiper Lord Howe Island
   During Ian Hutton's Bird Week on Lord Howe Island, several noteworthy
   observations were made , including Australian Shelduck (3-8/11),
   Pectoral Sandpiper (4-8/11) and 6 Cattle Egrets (6/11, most in full
   breeding plumage) at Moseley Park Swamp by the Airport, Dollarbird
   (4-5/11) at Ned's Beach, and - the highlight - a South Island Pied
   Oystercatcher at the Airport and surrounding areas (6-7/11).
   Denise and Chris Kane, Catherine Johnson, Ian Hutton, Hans Wohlmuth and
   various others.
   Red-necked Avocet, Wood Sandpiper Bushell's Lagoon
   At Bushell's Lagoon, there was a Wood Sandpiper with 43 Sharpies, 8
   Red-kneed and 4 Black-fronted Dotterels, 2 Red-necked Avocets, another
   29 Pink-eared Duck, an adult White-bellied Sea-eagle, a Peregrine
   Falcon, Tawny Grassbird etc.
   Edwin Vella
   Marsh Sandpiper, Little Egret, Freckled Duck Pitt Town Lagoon
   At Pitt Town Lagoon this morning I had a Marsh Sandpiper with about 7
   Sharpies, c25 Red-kneed and 2 Black-fronted Dotterel, 5 Freckled and
   c80 Pink-eared Ducks and a Little Egret.
   Edwin Vella
   Black Kite Casino
   Black Kite circling beside road about 10 kilometers east of Casino this
   michael ronan
   Square-tailed Kite Eurobodalla National Park--Beachcomber Holiday Park
   Pair at nest approx 30 metres up a Spotted Gum (E. maculata). Very
   solidly built nest of sticks, perhaps a little under a metre across.
   One bird remained in nest and other visited periodically. Saw this
   adult very well and in detail. Noted that its dark primaries extended
   beyond the tail when bird perched, that it had a whitish face, forehead
   and chin, a dark tip to the bill, yellow iris, pale legs and feet,
   rufous underside and pale translucent bullseyes in underwing in flight.
   Have rather poor photos. Link below to Eremaea eBird list may not open
   but full list is a available on that site
   Kim and Geoff Larmour
   Magpie Goose Mehi River, Moree
   Over the last couple of weeks Magpie Geese have returned back to their
   usual wide spot, on the Mehi River, north side of the township (near
   the main street/CBD). They have not been seen since the last weekend of
   August. Yesterday about c. 25 Magpie Geese were found, now today a
   total of 80 Magpie Geese all together resting on a flat. This is the
   largest number I have ever seen here and unusual for the township.
   Curtis Hayne and Michael Dahlem
   Black Bittern Mullet Creek Warriewood
   A single Black Bittern was seen well this morning at Mullet Creek near
   the 'weir'. Also of interest was 2 Dollarbirds seen hawking for insects
   along the creek and about 4 Magpie Lark nests. The Black Bittern has
   been present here for well over 2 weeks.
   Jayden Walsh
   White throated Needletail Bobbin Head Rd, North Turramurra
   Flock of 25-30 birds seen approx 7:45am. Low down and circling -
   feeding on something. Birds were calling as well. First Sydney sighting
   for me this season.
   Tom Wilson
   Sat 8 Nov Australian Shelduck Lord Howe Island
   A single Australian Shelduck shuttling from airstrip swamp to sit in
   The Lagoon, approx 50m offshore. A local told me that this is the first
   Shelduck since 1985. In searching (unsuccessfully) for reported SIPO, a
   range of waders were found, including 20+ Whimbrels and 6 Bar-tailed
   Godwits. Also on this day Jack Shick reported a Black Petrel approx 4nm
   John Weigel
   Brown Falcon, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper Riverstone
   Around noon, I went for a quick looks at Riverstone and can confirm
   that there are 2 young in the Brown Falcons nest with their parents
   seen hanging around nearby as well as a Pallid Cuckoo. Also seen were 9
   Sharp-tailed Sandpipers with 5 Black-fronted Dotterels on a dam, 2
   Shining Bronze-cuckoos, a male Leaden Flycatcher, Sacred Kingfisher,
   White-winged Triller, Crested Shrike-tits, Olive-backed Orioles, Golden
   and Rufous Whistlers, Varied Sitellas, Crested Shrike-tit etc. Not bad
   for an hour visit!
   Edwin Vella
   Blue-faced Honeyeater, Apostlebird Nurragingy Reserve
   Yesterday morning, I joined Mark for the What Bird is That Workshop in
   Nurragingy Reserve run in conjunction with the Blacktown Council and
   CBOC. We all enjoyed a good few hours with a family group of Blue-faced
   Honeyeaters with young, Scarlet Honeyeaters, Apostlebird and a group of
   White-winged Choughs, Australasian Figbirds , Crested Shrike-tit and
   what looked like a Square-tailed Kite flying away from us.
   Edwin Vella, Mark Fuller et al
   Forest Kingfisher, White-eared Monarch, Varied Triller Huonbrook,
   Highlights from this morning was a Forest Kingfisher sitting on power
   lines. A pair of Varied Trillers building a nest also a pair of
   White-eared Monarchs and there was 4 Spangled Drongo nests within 100
   metres of each other.
   michael ronan
   White-breasted Woodswallow Gosling Creek Reserve, Orange
   Two birds hawking for insects along with eight Dollarbirds.
   Neville Schrader
   Little Egret Spring Creek Reservoir, Orange
   Single bird in breeding plumage, scarce at Orange..
   Neville Schrader
   Little Bronze-Cuckoo, Satin Bowerbird, Spangled Drongo Coutts Crossing
   Heard Little Bronze-Cuckoo and Spangled Drongo in our backyard. Drongos
   are rare at this site this time of year because they are usually
   breeding in wetter forests but an immature has been hanging around.
   Adult male Bowerbird bathing at bird bath and dish near our back door.
   Greg Clancy
   White-throated Needletail Caniaba, Lismore NSW
   Sighted most mornings this week flying east, sometimes returning west
   shortly after. 15 early in the week, 4 later when it was overcast and
   50 today with the return of clear skies.
   paul griffin
   Black-tailed Native-hen Spring Creek Reservoir, Orange - private dam at
   W end
   1 Black-tailed Native-hen along with at least 5 Latham's Snipe feeding
   on open mud flats on quickly drying dam. Able to be seen from road.
   Rosemary Stapleton
   Fri 7 Nov Common Cicadabird, Painted Button-quail, Varied Sittella,
   Chambigne Nature Reserve/State Conservation Area (restricted access)
   Cicadabird heard calling (also on on Nov 4-6) at various sites, female
   Button-quail flushed from near creek line, 5+ Sittellas feeding in
   mixed flock with Grey Fantail, Rufous Whistler, female Leaden
   Flycatcher, Red-backed Fairy-wrens etc.
   Greg Clancy & Russell Jago
   Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo Bundanoon township
   One bird calling behind the sewage works this afternoon. Species no.
   173 for town. I'm surprised it's taken me four years to add this to my
   Bundanoon list.
   Lorne Johnson
   White-throated Needletails Telegraph Point
   50 seen on a Hastings Birdwatchers outing, on private property, 1.5km
   SW of town.
   Ian Kerr
   Red-backed Kingfisher, White-backed Swallow, Little Eagle Eulah Creek
   Still keeping an eye on the pair of Red-backed Kingfishers near the
   Bullawa Creek bridge (photo) and trying to find their nest tunnel (so
   far without success), this morning I have confirmed 4 active Rainbow
   Bee-eater nests in the area. In total there are about 10 bird species
   nesting along a 200 m section of the dry creek bed. Today there were 4
   White-backed Swallows (inset on left), which are not showing any signs
   of breeding activity. As a bonus, today a Little Eagle passed over
   (second inset, upper right).
   Michael Dahlem
   Thu 6 Nov Collared Sparrowhawk, Brush Cuckoo, Musk Lorikeet Chambigne
   Nature Reserve & State Conservation Area (restricted access)
   Adult female Sparrowhawk sitting on nest in Coastal Blackbutt
   Eucalyptus pilularis (also observed on Nov 7), Brush Cuckoo heard
   calling at two sites on Nov 6 (also at different site on Nov 5), 11
   Lorikeets observed at one site and 5 at another.
   Greg Clancy & Russell Jago
   White-throated Nightjar, Australian Owlet-nightjar, White-throated
   Needletail, Little Bronze-Cuckoo Chambigne Nature Reserve, W of Coutts
   White-throated Nightjars heard calling at two sites, also observed at
   separate site on Nov 3 (one seen one heard), 2 heard at fourth site on
   Nov 4 (all records at night), Owlet-nightjar heard calling during the
   day (also on Nov 3) and heard at night at four other sites. 50+
   Needletails flying ahead of storm clouds. Two Bronze-Cuckoos heard
   calling (one heard calling same site on Nov 7).
   Greg Clancy & Russell Jago
   Pectoral Sandpiper Shoalhaven Heads
   Couldn't find either the Grey Plover or Sanderlings that were reported
   on 3/11/14 (Reported at Shoalhaven Heads side of Comerong Island NR). I
   did however find one Pectoral Sandpiper with the Godwits and lone Red
   Knot after sunset on a rising tide. The bird could not be relocated
   this morning (7/11/14)
   Lachlan Hall
   South Island Pied Oystercatcher Lord Howe Island
   Single found during Lord Howe Island Bird Week (no specific site
   Ian Hutton (per Facebook)
   White-throated Needletail Lower Pappinbarra
   3 heading west at 7:20am then 5 minutes later 3 heading east, possibly
   the same 3.
   Ian Kerr
   Little Eagle, Freckled Duck and Pink-eared Duck Tuggerah Waste Water
   Treatment Plant
   Visiting family on the central coast and checked out this location
   previously posted last week. Besides the 40 plus Red-necked Avocet and
   Sharp-tailed Sandpiper resident, additional interesting birds included
   Curlew Sandpiper, Latham's Snipe, Black-winged Stilts, 2 Freckled Ducks
   and 6 Pink-eared Ducks, with a late fly over from a Little Eagle.
   Pete Knock
   Superb Parrot Bretts State Forest, Coleambally
   Passing through Colleambally early afternoon I stopped briefly and
   found about 15 Superb Parrots in small groups, resting in cypress pines
   and feeding on acacia seeds. Probably plenty more present. Some young
   birds amongst adults.
   David James
   Superb Fruit-Dove, Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove, White-eared Monarch
   Nightcap National Park
   Excellent numbers of pigeons at Rocky Creek Dam today. 10+ Superb
   Fruit-Doves (seen 3 males and 2 females and heard at least 5 more),
   about 30 Rose-crowned Fruit-Doves and up to 40 Wompoo Fruit-Doves. 2
   White-eared Monarchs near the entrance. Emerald Doves and Wonga Pigeons
   were also there in good numbers.
   michael ronan
   Noisy Pitta Ourimbah
   Plenty of bird activity around my residence this morning after
   yesterday's storm, yielding sightings of a Noisy Pitta, calling from
   10m high branch (!), Eastern Koel, Cicadabird and Black-faced Monarch.
   Nice to be home for a short spell.
   John Weigel
   Wed 5 Nov White-browed Woodswallow Hunter Economic Zone (south of
   Abermain, near Cessnock)
   The White-browed Woodswallows that we first saw in HEZ on the 26th Oct
   (along with some Masked) have remained and are nesting. The attached
   image shows a male standing alongside a nest that a female had been
   sitting on just prior to the photo being taken. Although hard to count,
   there would have been about 30-40 birds in the area (which I didn't
   explore extensively). There could easily have been Maskeds present but
   I wasn't able to confirm this. Both species have bred in HEZ in recent
   years and is the only place that White-broweds have been confirmed
   breeding in the Lower Hunter and is the only place that Maskeds have
   been confirmed breeding anywhere in the Hunter Region.
   Mick Roderick
   Glossy Ibis Eurobodalla National Park at 36 15 48S 150 08 41E
   Single Glossy Ibis seen throughout the day at the lagoon within the
   Holiday Park. We note that this species is not commonly reported for
   the south coast. Have photos
   Kim and Geoff Larmour
   Barred Cuckoo-Shrike, Wompoo Fruit-Dove, White-eared Monarch Mebbin
   National Park
   Only 1 Barred Cuckoo-Shrike at Mebbin National Park, Murwillumbah. Also
   10 Wompoo Fruit-Doves, 3 White-eared Monarchs and 1 big Tiger Snake
   beside a fallen log which I almost walked on.
   michael ronan.
   Southern Boobook, Australian Hobby Gwyneville, Wollongong
   One bird heard at 9pm. Also, an Australian Hobby seen at 7pm.
   Lorne Johnson
   Pacific Baza Forest Way, Belrose, Sydney
   Single Pacific Baza in trees alongside busy road at 7.00am this
   Kevin Stone
   Tue 4 Nov White-winged Triller, Sacred Kingfisher, Weebill,
   Double-barred Finch, Peaceful Dove Private land between Chambigne
   Nature Reserve and Chambigne State Conservation Area (limited access)
   Adult male Triller observed in flight and perched in tree, Sacred
   Kingfisher, Finch and Dove observed in flight and Weebill heard
   Greg Clancy & Russell Jago
   Forest Kingfisher, Shining Bronze-Cuckoo, Nankeen Night Heron, Glossy
   Black-Cockatoo Chambigne Nature Reserve, W of Coutts Crossing
   (restricted access)
   Kingfisher observed at ridge site (single bird observed at second site
   on Nov 3), Bronze-Cuckoo heard calling, Night Heron heard calling at
   night, adult pair of Glossies feeding in Black She-oak along creek
   Greg Clancy & Russell Jago
   Australian Brush-turkey Farnells Rd, Katoomba
   An acquaintance sent me a phone pic she took of a bird in her Katoomba
   garden this morning - thinking it was a "Bush Turkey". Couldn't believe
   it - yes - an Australian Brush-turkey. Her place is about 1.5 km from
   the recent fires. Apparently, only the 2nd reporting in Katoomba (will
   try checking up with the Blue Mts Bird Observers when that first report
   was). Will keep an eye out in my travels.
   pic sent to John French -
   White-throated Nightjar, Powerful Owl, Musk Duck Wollemi National
   Park--Dunns Swamp
   White-throated Nightjar seen on road near the Ganguddy campground about
   8pm on the 3rd November, and was also heard calling early in the
   morning, along with a distant Powerful Owl (and many Southern
   Boobooks). Also Musk Duck displaying and calling.
   Marc Anderson
   Hooded Robin, Black-chinned Honeyeater, Painted Buttonquail, Crested
   Shrike-Tit Capertee Valley--Genowlan Bridge
   Plenty of bird activity along the Capertee River this morning, with
   many species calling/singing including 2 x Hooded Robin, at least 2 x
   Black-chinned Honeyeater, 1 x Painted Buttonquail & a Crested Shrike
   Tit. No Regent Honeyeaters seen or heard.
   Marc Anderson
   Common Cicadabird, Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo, Australian Hobby,
   Mangrove Gerygone Sydney Olympic Park
   Single Common Cicadabird heard calling very clearly from inside
   Newington NR. Heard while walking the path along the western side of
   Woo-la-ra. Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo very vocal at the Waterbird
   Refuge. Australian Hobby in flight over Narrawang. Also Mangrove
   Gerygone (vocal at several sites, including the Brickpit), Leaden
   Flycatcher (Wentworth Common), Red-kneed Dotterel (Brickpit) and Brown
   Quail whistled in to within a metre of where I was standing at
   Wentworth Common. A good spring morning with 75 sp. recorded.
   Max Breckenridge
   Southern Whiteface Corner of Ophir Road & Cashens Lane, west of
   Stopped here on the way to work this morning to ID a bird on the fence
   (White-winged Triller) then noticed a Southern Whiteface on the fence
   opposite. Only detected the one bird, but rather pressed for
   time...also Buff-rumped Thornbills, Grey Fantails, Australian Raven and
   Grey Butcherbird.
   Tiffany Mason
   Mon 3 Nov Beach Stone-curlew, Grey Plover, Little Tern, Sanderling
   Comerong Island Nature Reserve
   A single Beach Stone-curlew was roosting on the beach near a breakwater
   wall (opposite Crookshaven Head boat ramp). Good selection of waders on
   the beach and mudflats on the Shoalhaven Head site including: Little
   Tern (2), Pacific Golden Plover (103), Bar-tailed Godwit (156), Grey
   Plover (1 - nice black armpit showed during flight), Eastern Curlew
   (21), Red-necked Stilt (26), Whimbrel (3), Red Knot (2), Ruddy
   Turnstone (3), Sanderling (2), Red-capped Plover (27), Australian Pied
   Oystercatcher (6 + 2 very small chicks). In the swamps and ponds just 1
   km for the Ferry : Black-fronted Dotterel (2), Marsh Sandpiper (1),
   Sharp-tailed Sandpiper (16), and 4 very cheeky Buff-banded Rail
   (running in open at the edge of swamp vegetation). [Moderator's Note:
   Visitors to the site failed to relocate any of the highlighted species
   today, 6/11. JB]
   Ted Wnorowski
   Pectoral Sandpiper, Marsh Sandpiper, Sanderling, Lesser Sand Plover,
   Little Tern Lake Wollumboola
   Fantastic waders, very easy to observe, mostly Sharp-tailed Sandpipers
   (236 - scattered in small flocks around lake edges) and Red-necked
   Stints (62). Other waders: Lesser Sand Plover (1 in nearly perfect
   breeding plumage), Sanderling (3), Marsh Sandpiper (1 - south east part
   of the lake), Red Knot (1), Ruddy Turnstone (1), Pectoral Sandpiper
   (1), Pacific Golden Plover (1), Red-capped Plover (3), Red-necked
   Avocet (38 - southern part), Grey-tailed Tattler (3). Little Tern (38).
   [Moderator's Note: Visitors to the site failed to relocate any of the
   highlighted species today, 6/11. JB]
   Ted Wnorowski
   Australian Shelduck Coomaditchy Lagoon Reserve
   Heard new bird call & looked to the south side of the lagoon to see 4
   Australian Shelducks. 1 male & 3 females.
   Paul Lynch
   Chestnut-rumped Heathwren, Rockwarbler, Crested Shrike-tit, Variegated
   Fairywren, Hooded Robins Capertee Valley--#8 on C. Valley Bird Trail
   brochure (Coorongooba campsite area of Wollemi NP)
   1 Chestnut-rumped Heathwren 1.7 km into Coorongooba campsite area of
   Wollemi NP on river bank. Emerged from undergrowth and sang heartily on
   low exposed branches at eye level about 6 m away for 1.5 minutes. All
   key features of ID readily observed and song was "territorial song" as
   per Pizzey and Knight e-guide repeated many times. Then sank back into
   undergrowth. Pair Variegated Fairywrens and 1 Rockwarbler on entrance
   to above NP (cattle grid). 1 Crested Shrike-tit at campground. Many
   Hooded Robin pairs drier areas of valley. ebird list when home tomorrow
   to laptop.
   Rob Reed
   Olive Whistler Barrington Tops National Park--Devil's Hole Campground
   2 x Olive Whistlers singing near the Devil's Hole campground
   Marc Anderson
   Wedge-tailed Eagles Moonan Brook (-31.914644, 151.313353)
   Wonderful encounter with at least 11 x Wedge-tailed Eagles which had
   evidently been feasting on a carcass. I first flushed three from behind
   a rise as I drove past, then others appeared soaring overhead, while
   still more were perched in the distance on a few dead trees.
   Marc Anderson
   Glossy Black-Cockatoo Foxglove Oval, Mt Colah
   Three female Glossy Black-Cockatoos were observed drinking from a
   drainage pond in a small bushland strip between Foxglove Oval and
   Lancelot Street (southern end). They seemed tame, and were undeterred
   by my presence. There is a reasonable amount of Allocasuarina spp. in
   this suburb, although it is an interesting sighting for a relatively
   urban area of Mt Colah. (No photo available).
   Tom Hickman
   Pale-vented Bush-hen Avery's Creek (Private Property), Glenreagh
   A single Pale-vented Bush-hen heard calling last night from reed bed
   along the creek of our property. Has started calling intermittently
   evenings and early mornings over the weekend. Mostly the single note
   repetitive piping call. I have now recorded this calling / breeding
   activity at this site for the last 3 years. Very difficult to get a
   photo opportunity.
   Pete Knock
   White-throated Nightjar Deriah Aboriginal Area (restricted access)
   Using playback around sunset tonight, I attracted one nightjar that
   came to check me out on the "Brush Turkey Trail". It stayed air-borne,
   so no photo. The absence of white underwing spots indicates that this
   was a White-throated Nightjar (which is the call I had played). Later a
   few distant calls were heard from a gully where I had previously
   recorded White-throated Nightjar calls.
   Michael Dahlem
   Sun 2 Nov Plum-headed Finch, Painted Honeyeater, White-browed
   Woodswallow Capertee Valley--Genowlan Bridge
   Family group of Plum-headed Finches feeding in blackberries (2 ad, 3
   juv), also Painted Honeyeater calling, a pair of dark phase Little
   Cuckoo-shrikes, a Restless Flycatcher, and about 40 White-browed
   Woodswallows. A Striped Honeyeater at the junction from the main road
   to Genowlan Road.
   Chris Gladwin
   Glossy Black-Cockatoo, Black-chinned Honeyeater, Hooded Robin, Diamond
   Firetail Capertee Valley--#2 on Capertee Valley Bird Trail brochure
   1 male Glossy Black-Cockatoo feeding on north side of road in small
   roadside casuarinas between #2 and #3 birders signposts, as well as 2
   Black-chinned Honeyeaters, 3 Diamond Firetails and an immature Hooded
   Robin. What an impressive and most welcome job has been done with the
   new signposts throughout the valley.
   Chris Gladwin
   Tawny Frogmouth Ewen Park, Cooks River, inner west Sydney
   Pair of Tawny Frogmouth with 2 young. Another pair reported nearby on
   the Cooks River at the Boat Harbour also with 2 young. And a pair with
   young in Addison Rd Marrickville (via Damon Bassett). Interesting
   apparent local increase of this elsewhere common species. There was
   only one record prior to 2007 in over 60 years of surveys by Neil
   Rankin, Arnold McGill et al. of the apparently suitable habitat of
   nearby Wolli Creek (several records 2007 on).
   Andrew Taylor
   Sat 1 Nov Red-necked Avocet, Freckled Duck Pitt Town Lagoon
   2 Red-necked Avocet, 4 Freckled Duck, also 20+ Pink-eared Duck and 20+
   Chestnut-breasted Mannikins
   Chris Chafer
   Fri 31 Oct Brolga, Australian Painted Snipe Gwydir Wetlands--'Bunnor'
   Whilst on the Gwydir Wetlands Tour, at least 150 Brolgas were observed
   in wheatfields (photo shows 47 birds). A single male Australian Painted
   Snipe was also observed. The property is opened to the public until 30
   November 2014.
   Curtis Hayne
   Pacific Baza Epping
   One Pacific Baza calling loudly as it flew over my place this morning.
   Never heard or seen by me before in the urban area of Epping.
   Brian Downer
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