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Birdline Victoria

Published sightings for the week ending 12 Jan 2014.

Sun 12 Jan      Forest Kingfisher Jells Park
Appeared to be slightly smaller than the Sacred Kingfisher with deep blue on 
wings and completely white breast. Top of head was deep blue with broad black 
band over the eyes. Large white spot in front of eye diagnostic with white 
collar extending all around back of neck.
Bruce Wedderburn

        Pomarine Jaeger Corio Bay
First photographic evidence that we are aware of of Pomarine jaeger in Corio 
Bay. This bird was very heavy barrelled, broad wings, larger white wing patch 
than Arctic and lacked streamers of the Arctic. Photos show spoon shaped 
central feathers extend beyond tail tip. Every time our boat would drift toward 
the bird it would fly short distances with slow and heavy wingbeats before 
settling on the water. We took many photos and it was obvious that the bird was 
Hedley and Irena Earl

        Freckled Duck Mill Park Lakes
Freckled Duck. A total of ten at the site; a group of six and two pairs located 
Richard Arnold

        Gang-gang cockatoo, Dollarbird, Olive-backed Oriole Seymour River Walk
Pair of Gang-gangs flying over, Dollarbirds in flowering Red Gums, 2 Orioles 
chasing each other through the bush. Walked upriver from New Crossing Place. 33 
species seen, several feeding young.
Val La May

        Broad-billed Sandpiper, Black-tailed Native-hen Western Treatment 
Plant, Werribee
Another stunning morning at the WTP. Western Lagoons teeming with birds 
including the Broad-billed Sandpiper - feeding at the end on the middle track 
in Pond 9 - it's usual reported location. Other birds at the same site included 
8 Little Egrets and 12 Greenshank - higher numbers than normally seen. Also of 
interest were three Black-tailed Native-hens at the Lake Borrie outlet.
Ed Williams

        Scarlet Honeyeater Fairhope (12 km N of Bairnsdale)
Male feeding at mistletoe in large ironbark, ridgetop forest; also heard near 
our house. Also on 11 Jan: Painted Button-quail and Spotted Quail-thrush in 
same area.
Felicity & Chris Healey

        Black Honeyeater Killawarra Forest
Two males seen feeding in flowering mistletoes along North West Lane.
Michael Ramsey

Sat 11 Jan      Wood Sandpiper, Ruff, Broad-billed Sandpiper Western Treatment 
Plant, Werribee
Monster day at Werribee with members of the Victorian Birders Facebook group, 
dipped on the Long-toed Stint but there was great birds around including a Wood 
Sandpiper, seen well around 145WA Lagoon, a Reeve found in the pond just north 
of Borrie outlet and 2 Broad-billed Sandpiper, one at Western Lagoons and one 
at Beach Rd pond, these birds where all photographed by other observers in the 
Tim Nickholds, Phillip Peel, Owen Lishmund, James Mustafa, et all.

Sat 11 Jan      Grey Plover, Pacific Golden-Plover, Wood Sandpiper, Eastern 
Curlew, Ruff, Broad-billed Sandpiper Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Grey Plover (5) On spit Pacific Golden-Plover (13) Flushed fom high tide roost, 
seen 2 at gate 4 on rocks but think same birds Wood Sandpiper (1) Third pond on 
left in restricted area, great views and photos taken, given location by 
another birder (mark) Eastern Curlew (1) Roosting on spit Ruff (1) Seen in pond 
that extends from bird hide towards Borrie outflow, again thanks to mark for 
showing us great photos taken! Broad-billed Sandpiper (2) 1 seen on ping just 
inside gate 4, 1 seen western lagoons in same spot as last weeks reports... 
Great photos of both
Philip Peel, James Mustafa, Owen Lishmund, Andrew Allen, Tim Nickholds and 

        Cape Barren Goose Peninsula Link Freeway
2 Cape Barren Geese seen on farm dam, next to Peninsula Link freeway, 
northbound, approx 3km south of C784. Maybe associated with those seen on 
Bungower Rd earlier in the week.
John Harris - Wildlife Experiences

        Banded Lapwing Wilby
A small group of four seen roosting on a dam wall along Lavis Road in the 
Michael Ramsey

        White-fronted Honeyeater Bacchus Marsh West Golf Course
Birds seen in our small country town garden. White-fronted Honeyeater (1) I 
noticed a different looking honeyeater, drinking from our bird bath. The same 
size as a nearby New Holland HE, but more streaked with a prominent black 
breast. I saw it with binoculars briefly on the back fence and saw the white 
ring around the eye and the odd looking face.
Bernie McRitchie

        Azure Kingfisher Banyule Flats
1 pm at Plenty-Yarra River confluence. Perched on emergent stick in Plenty 
River just above Yarra Trail footbridge. Proceeded to move upstream from perch 
to perch over following 10 minutes. Made one apparently successful fishing 
attempt - returned to perch and made swallowing motions. Sacreds are regular at 
this spot but haven't seen an Azure recently.
Neil Murray

Fri 10 Jan      Powerful Owl Wilson Reserve, Ivanhoe
Saw one parent and juvenile at 8pm on Friday evening in the "usual spot". As 
reported by R. Brockett on 11/09/13, one adult definitely has it's left eye 
clouded over.
Reza Mohammed

        Banded Lapwing Road reservation east of Palmers Road, Williams Landing 
At 18:40, I observed two adult and one juvenile Banded Lapwings on the road 
reservation on the eastern side of Palmers Road, just north of the intersection 
with Williams Landing Boulevard. The area is vacant subdivision land and I 
could see no other Lapwings nearby.
Peter Gibbon.

        Broad-billed and Pectoral Sandpiper, Baillon's and Australian Spotted 
Crake Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
2 Baillon's and 2 Aust Spotted Crake seen at T-section app 5.30 p.m. Also seen 
on the day were Pectoral, Marsh and Broad-billed Sandpiper at Western Lagoons 
and Spit ponds.
Arthur Carew and John Stirling

        Freckled Duck Bendigo: Kennington Reservoir
2 Freckled Duck feeding in front of hide. Also Nankeen Night -Heron on Island.
David McInnes

        Alexandrine Parrot Research
4 birds sighted this morning with at least one being a juvenile. Have not seen 
Alexandrine Parrots here for a couple of years but prior to this they have been 
around Research for over 20 years and have bred on other occasions.
Joy Pagon

Thu 9 Jan       Brush Cuckoo Pound Bend Reserve
Brush Cuckoo - plain with no eyering. Seen along riverside track close to the 
kangaroo paddock and the nursery. First on our Pound Bend list.
John Young

        Australian Koel Camberwell
Walking to work along Burke Rd heard the call, South of the junction. The bird 
called 3 times then flew across Burke Rd.
Jackson Airey

Wed 8 Jan       Pelican Braeside Park
One all-white pelican spotted at the southern end of the main lake. Sorry I 
don't have a proper camera!
Matthew Crawford

        White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Marsh Sandpiper, Black-tailed Native Hen, 
Horsefield's Buslark. Cheetham Wetlands, Point Cook
Observed White-bellied Sea-Eagle (appeared an immature bird) overhead, Marsh 
Sandpiper and Native Hen at Skeleton Creek Ford area and Bushlark in Grassland. 
Some of the 46 species recorded on a morning tour organised by Hobsons Bay and 
Parks Victoria Rangers.
Peter Gibbons, Andrew Webster, Allison Webster - et al

        Freckled Duck Boort 10' Cell
12 Freckled Duck on a wetland northwest of Boort, east of Boort-Quambatook 
Rd/Osborne Rd intersection.
Malcolm Cousland

Tue 7 Jan       Little Raven Yallambie/Viewbank
Variegated Little Raven seen 3 times now (while driving - no photos yet) 
feeding with the resident flock in the mulch of the median strip on Lower 
Plenty Rd between Martins Lane and Yallambie Rd intersections. Whole body is 
mottled dark grey/brown and pale grey/yellowish. First noticed Dec 19, then Jan 
3, both times opposite the 7/11 service station near Martins Lane, then 
yesterday opposite ARPANSA building.
Neil Murray

        Blue-winged Parrot, Spotted Quail-thrush Kinglake National Park
I've observed pairs of Blue-winged parrots several times within the park, most 
recently on lower end of Old Kinglake Rd (Everard Block). I also sighted them 
Mid-December in the Wallaby Crk catchment (no public access). All areas were 
severly burnt in the 2009 fires. Also observed Spotted Quail-thrush at various 
ridge-tops in the Wombelano block - also fire affected.
Phil Rance

        Intermediate Egret Sale Common Nature Conservation Reserve
I think it unusual to see a loose flock of 6 in this area. Sighted from the 
Stephenson St 3rd gate area. Great Egret with them.
Ken Sherring

        Australian Koel Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
Single bird observed briefly and heard calling at approx 8am this morning in 
area of National Herbarium.
Joy Tansey

Mon 6 Jan       Spotless Crake Lilydale Lake
2 Spotless Crakes observed towards dusk while out looking for my bird-a-dat 
bird. One was on the edge of the reedy wetland to left of main lake (the one 
with duck boxes) and the other nearby on the edge of the main lake amongst 
emergent wetland plants.
John Harris - Wildlife Experiences

        Long-toed Stint Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Quick afternoon trip with son Oliver to photograph shorebirds. Spent half an 
hour at Western lagoon - Pond 9 - success in locating Long-toed Stint in Spit 
sign/solar panel corner where previously recorded. Great views as it fed 
alongside RNS, Sharpies, Curlew Sands and Black-fronted Dotterel. Brolga (2) 
Standing and walking in front of the car along the track btw ponds at Western 
lagoons Long-toed Stint (1) Caspian Tern (1) With metal band on right leg - 
unable to read band number despite scoping at close range. Australian Hobby (1) 
In fields adjacent to Pond 9 dive-bombing something down in the grass 
repeatedly. Zebra Finch Around Pond 9 - Western lagoons - population appears to 
be spreading about the plant
Paul Rose

        Spotted Harrier Myrtleford
Spotted Harrier (1) Eating road kill rabbit at side of road
Linda Hayes

        Osprey Thirteenth Beach, Barwon Heads
Flying West along the coastline, Barwon Heads-Torquay Road @ 11:15am. (Nice 
report Andrew. Possibly a bird from Point Napean. TD.)
Andrew Allen

Sun 5 Jan       White-throated Needletail Reef Hills State Park
had a chance to get out here while visiting Mum. Sorry its a bit delayed 
getting in, no computer, so I'm at the library. Love the birds around here! 
White-throated Needletail (6) at least 6 running with a storm cloud going South
Adam Fry

        Cicadabird McGees Rd, Wombat Forrest
A single male Cicadabird was seen and heard calling loudly between 0900 and 
1130. Also seen were Satin Flycatcher, Rufous Fantail and Crested Shrike-tit
Jen Spry & Joy Tansey

        Little Egret Tankerton jetty, French Island
Little Egret feeding on mudflats. There have been a number of sightings of 1-2 
birds on the west coast of the island and at Stony Point since November. Also 
68 Crested Terns feeding, which is larger than usual flock for inside Western 
Chris Chandler

        Osprey Bonnie Doon, Eildon Reservoir.
Flying from Bridge at Bonnie Doon approx 50 m from shore following shore line 
towards Peppin Point Caravan Park at 1 pm today. Seems a long way from the sea 
or is this a common sighting?.
Barney Enders

        Black Kite St Leonards (Geelong)
First alerted by a raucous (more so than normal) group of Rainbow Lorikeets, I 
looked up as it slowly made its way over my home. A first for my air space. 
Sighting time, 1520hrs
Peter Bright

Sat 4 Jan       Australian Koel Mount Eliza
Heard calling distantly from Ranelagh Drive at about 6:30pm.
Ben Sinclair

Fri 3 Jan       Freckled Duck Swan Lake, Phillip Island
Five Frecked Duck seen at Swan Lake, Phillip Island on the afternoon of Friday 
the 3rd of January. Sitting on the bank together with a couple of Hardhead just 
opposite the northern bird hide.
John Boyce

        Glossy Ibis Fishers Wetland, Newhaven
Two Glossy Ibis seen at Fishers wetland, Newhaven on Friday the 3rd around 
lunch time.
John Boyce

        Pink-eared Duck, Latham's Snipe & Red-kneed Dotterel Macleod Morass, 
Bairnsdale, Victoria
Several Pink-eared Duck were observed in one the treatment lagoons of the 
Sewerage Works section. Also single Latham's Snipe and several Red-kneed 
Dotterel were observed in a slashed reed section of the lagoon running parallel 
to Saleyards Road.
Ivan Traverso

        American golden plover -- possible? Cheetham Wetlands (Altona Meadows)
Twenty eight birds -- 27 of which were clearly Pacific Golden Plovers.
Bob Winters, Greg Hunt, Frank Mitchell and Parks Vic rangers

Sat 21 Dec      White headed pigeon Mallacoota - Township (Karbethong road)
This white headed pigeon appeared on the bird feeder at the holiday home we 
were staying at in Mallacoota. It managed to push the Wonga pigeon out of the 
way to enjoy the seed on the tray. I noted that there have been several other 
sightings reported in your files at around the same time at a similar location, 
so maybe the same bird enjoying the free seed on offer during the tourist 
season? This is the first time that we have seen this species in this area so I 
thought it worthwhile reporting it for your statistics. kind regards, jje
Jennifer Elizabeth Jones-Ellis

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