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Birdline New South Wales

Published sightings for the week ending 12 Jan 2014.

Sat 11 Jan      Barking Owl Capertee Valley (Genowlan Bridge)
One Barking Owl roosting in River Oak, viewed from Genowlan Bridge
Mark Hocking

        Black Swan, Red-necked Stint, Pacific Golden Plover, Ruddy Turnstone, 
Grey-tailed Tattler Long Reef Aquatic Reserve
While 20 or so at Dee Why Lagoon was not surprising, a single adult Black Swan 
floating 10 to 20 metres offshore on the south side of Long Reef for at least a 
half hour in the heat of the early afternoon was most unusual. The bird seemed 
in good health and not phased by the attention of many onshore. The tide was 
very low and the swan was within 100 metres of good numbers of Red-necked 
Stints (100+), Pacific Golden Plovers (20+), Ruddy Turnstones (20+) and two 
Grey-tailed Tattlers. Also nice to see a pair of local lifesavers give marching 
orders to a group of at least a dozen persons illegally collecting aquatic life 
from the reef.
Cameron Ward

        Australian Painted Snipe Wallsend (near Newcastle)
Made a brief visit to the wetland beside the new Bunnings store at Wallsend 
(off Minmi Rd) seeing 3 Australian Painted Snipe, 2 Latham's Snipe, 3 
Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, 10 Black-fronted Dotterels and a Buff-banded Rail 
feeding out in the open in the heat of the day.
Edwin Vella

        Black Kite Lenaghan
From Lenaghan Drive at least 7 Black Kites with a few Whistling Kites amongst 
Edwin Vella

        Ruff, Eastern Yellow Wagtail Hexham Swamp Nature Reserve
Saw a Ruff amongst the 1,000 plus Sharp-tailed Sandpipers as well as at least 
50 Red-necked Stints, about 30 Marsh Sandpiper and about 5 Red-necked Avocet 
amongst 100 or so Black-winged Stilts. Saw at least one Eastern Yellow Wagtail 
on the track but very flighty! Also of interest were 40 Great Egrets foraging 
Edwin Vella et al

        Pied Cormorant Spring Creek Reservoir, Orange
Pied Cormorant (1) - (Moderator's Note: Pied Cormorants are rarely reported on 
the Orange District reservoirs of the Central Tablelands. AKM)
Neville Schrader (1702)

        Wedge-tailed Eagle, Brown Cuckoo-Dove, Peaceful Dove, Peregrine Falcon 
Coorabakh National Park
Wedge-tailed Eagle, Brown Cuckoo-Dove & Peaceful Dove (4) all sighted in 
farmland on Forest Drive just outside of Coorabakh NP heading towards Hannam 
Vale. the Peregrine Falcon, Yellow-throated Scrubwren (2) & Rufous Fantail were 
seen on Starrs Creek Boardwalk while the Black-faced Monarch was sighted at 
Waitui Falls.
Danny Green

Fri 10 Jan      White-browed Babbler, Brown Treecreeper and Speckled Warbler 
Private property near Gowan, 40kms NW of Bathurst
Very excited to find a small group (probably 6 individuals) of White-browed 
Babblers in a region almost devoid of any babbler species. They seemed to be 
particularly fond of the Blackberry thickets, although native understorey was 
present. The Brown Treecreepers (two adults and a juvenile) were close by, as 
was a pair of Speckled Warblers.
Tiffany Mason

        Australian Hobby Kiama
2 Australian Hobbies hunting insects by a row of pine trees on Terralong Street 
Lorne Johnson

        Painted Honeyeater Billinudgel Nature Reserve
Male Painted Honeyeater feeding in eucalyptus on the northern side of the 
Quarry Track. Deep pink beak, quite black upper parts, throat and belly all 
white and yellow in the wing although I did not see as much yellow in the wing 
as depicted in the illustrations. There were White-cheeked Honeyeaters and a 
Varied Triller in the same trees.
Jan Olley

        Little Eagle, White-throated Needletail Deriah Aboriginal Area
While out in the plains bird numbers are down, Deriah Aboriginal Area was busy 
with all the usual species, and in good numbers. A young Little Eagle (no 
parents in sight) stopped in a Currajong tree in dry woodland and a flock of 
about 50 White-throated Needletails was seen above the woodland, circling in a 
Michael Dahlem

        (Green-headed and Eastern) Yellow Wagtails Hexham Swamp
There are now at least 7 Yellow Wagtails at this site, including the one likely 
taivana bird that was seen on Wed. A second bird this morning with a yellow 
brow was seen and photographed but the identification of that bird is still 
under discussion. I strongly suspect there are more than 7 birds as I 
encountered them often by call while I was watching others and also found them 
off the track in swampy habitat. There are 5 birds in the attached image (these 
birds are very difficult to get close to!), with the taivana bird being the one 
at the rear-middle.
Mick Roderick

Thu 9 Jan       White-throated Needletail, Freckled Duck, Brolga, Swamp 
Harrier, Marsh Sandpiper Gwydir Watercourse Wetlands
4 Rainbow Lorikeets (first for site & area) were observed, there was no 
suitable habitat for them however. A White-throated Needletail was distantly 
observed in flight (first for site & area). The overcast, humid conditions and 
(dry) thunderstorms may have attracted this species. A Silver Gull was heard 
calling (first for site). Although, unusually no Terns were seen throughout the 
day. Little Corellas, Freckled Ducks and Australasian Grebes were observed 
which have not been present in recent months. Other highlights (but recently 
seen here): Hundreds of Glossy Ibis, 2 Wedge-tailed Eagles, 2 White-bellied 
Sea-Eagles, 1 Swamp Harrier, Large flocks of 270+ Brolgas, (all observed in dry 
broadacre wheat stubble field, there were a few dancing), 100+ Masked Lapwings 
(flock of 80 birds amongst Brolgas in dry wheat stubble field), Marsh 
Sandpipers, Latham's Snipes, Budgerigars (in abundance; large flocks), a female 
White-winged Triller (scarce at the moment), Jacky Winters (in abundance, most 
were immatures, lots of juveniles being fed), a pair of Horsfield's Bushlarks 
and several (highly vocal) Tawny & Little Grassbirds. Mistletoebirds were found 
in abundance like last time but were also observed feeding in lignum (in 
wetlands) which we have not seen before. Not a solitary Egret was even seen 
throughout the day.
Curtis Hayne and Ainslee Lines

Thu 9 Jan       Pacific Baza, Eastern Bristlebird Bellawongarah - Private 
Bazas seen and heard for 5 consecutive days since 4/1 on our property. Observed 
parents feeding two immatures on several occasions. Two E. Bristlebirds heard.
Carla Jackett

Wed 8 Jan       (Green-headed) Yellow Wagtail Hexham Swamp
A likely Green-headed (taivana) Yellow Wagtail has arrived at Hexham Swamp, 
joining the 2, maybe 3 other Yellow Wagtails. From the images I have been sent 
the features leaning towards a taivana bird are the obvious yellow brow and 
throat, olive back and nape (the head less so?) and olive-green ear coverts.
John Cockerell per Mick Roderick

        King Quail Ash Island, Hexham
Initially found by Alan Stuart on 06/01, a few of us located King Quails in 
overgrown paspalum and other grasses on Ash Island yesterday. Flight shot of a 
male attached.
Mick and Steve Roderick, Dan, Trevor and Jane Williams

Tue 7 Jan       Sooty Owl Glenbrook, near RAAF base
I was contacted after a friend heard strange calls from her yard and she 
described them as downward screams and then trilling. At first she thought they 
were a Powerful Owl's calls, but after we talked today and I directed her to 
Sooty Owl calls (bomb whistle and trills) she confirmed she heard exactly that 
species at 4am on Tuesday.
Ákos Lumnitzer on behalf of Leonie Nealon

        (Eastern) Yellow Wagtail, Australian Painted Snipe Wallsend, Newcastle 
(wetland near new Bunnings)
A non-breeding Eastern Yellow Wagtail was found by Trevor Williams this 
afternoon at a great little wetland area right next to the new Bunnings complex 
on Minmi Road, Wallsend. This is approximately 4 km from where they are being 
seen on Hexham Swamp. When I joined him I noticed a male Australian Painted 
Snipe which was feeding frantically out in the open, then walked out of view at 
the rear of the swamp. About a minute later a group of 8 more Australian 
Painted Snipes appeared about 10 m closer to the road, all of which walked as a 
group towards us and disappeared into thick veg. Finally 2 more birds revealed 
themselves in another part of the wetland. 11 Australian Painted Snipes all up 
and we all had to leave so there could be more there that weren't apparent to 
us. There are 5 Australian Painted Snipes visible in the image (the birds are 
distant and a scope is recommended) but unfortunately the Eastern Yellow 
Wagtail had just walked out of frame before I took the photo! Also present were 
6 Latham's Snipe, c.15 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers and about that same number of 
Black-fronted Dotterels.
Mick Roderick and Trevor Williams

        Banded Lapwing Cornwallis Road, Windsor
I counted 41 Banded Lapwings on one of the turf farms, a few hundred metres 
beyond the last house heading out of Windsor.
Simon Keizer

        Little Grassbird, Pheasant Coucal Mehi River, Moree East
This morning around 0700, at a small section of the Mehi River on Morton 
Street, opposite the Motel & Services Club (east side of town), 5+ Little 
Grassbirds were heard and seen. First record for this location, and township 
(also unusual, as there wasn't many reeds present). Also a Pheasant Coucal was 
heard calling from dense growth near the riverbank; again, still yet to see 
one. Tree Martins, Scaly-breasted & Musk Lorikeets were also present;
Curtis Hayne

        Fork-tailed Swift, White-throated Needletail Lower Pappinbarra
One Fork-tailed Swift was seen in a group of over 80 White-throated 
Needletails, all heading west at 11:20am.
Ian Kerr

Mon 6 Jan       White-throated Needletail Khancoban
Approximately 1000 White-throated Needletails circling over the surrounding 
hills at sunset. A spectacular sight.
Michael Ramsey

        Collared Sparrowhawk, Freckled Duck, Lewin's Rail, Little Tern 
Eastlakes Golf Course
3 Freckled Ducks, 7 Little Terns, 8 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, 1 Collared 
Sparrowhawk, 1 Baillon's Crake and 2 Lewin's Rail present today. Water level 
dropping and becoming more suitable for attracting waders.
David Mitford

        Black Kites Over Gwydir Highway near Ramornie, west of Grafton
13+ Black Kites & several Whistling Kites
Simon Clayton & 1 other

        Australian Brush-turkey, Rufous Night-Heron, Azure Kingfisher, Sup 
Lyrebird, Lewin's Honeyeater Warriewood Wetlands
Morning walk, warming up too. Includes Irrawong path. Australian Brush-turkey 
(2 ad., 2 juv.), Rufous Night-Heron (1), Azure Kingfisher (likely nesting), 
Superb Lyrebird (1); Lewin's Honeyeater: For a few minutes watched a group 
taking a sand bath, with the male being pretty bossy over the hens, 3 or 4 in 
number. He pretty well kept the "site" to himself, keeping the hens at bay.
Paddy de Klerk

        Fork-tailed Swift & White-throated Needletails The Entrance Channel, 
Tuggerah Lake
During the period 7.20 to 7.50 am a mixed flock of Swifts crossed south over 
The Entrance Channel, from North Entrance to Picnic Point. During that time I 
estimated 250 WTN and 40+ Fork-tailed Swifts went past. When I left the swifts 
were still passing south over the Channel. Other birds present were Welcome 
Swallows and White-breasted Woodswallows.
Alan Morris

Sun 5 Jan       Common Noddy Big Ben Rocks (Nobby's)
Single Common Noddy seen working the wash off Big Ben Rocks (off Nobby's 
Lighthouse, Newcastle) on Sunday afternoon.
Dan, Trevor and Jane Williams per Mick Roderick

        Red-kneed Dotterel Hexham Swamp
160+ Red-kneed Dotterels near Fishery Creek on Hexham Swamp. Possibly the 
highest single count for the Hunter Region. Many birds visible in the attached 
image (taken by Jane Williams).
Dan, Trevor and Jane Williams per Mick Roderick

        Peregrine Falcon Coutts Crossing Village
One adult hunting low over village.
Greg Clancy

        Eastern Osprey Orara River, Coramba
One Osprey circling over River and village
Greg Clancy

Sat 4 Jan       Blue-billed Duck Hunter Wetlands Centre, Newcastle
Male Blue-billed Duck on Water Ribbon Swamp (note [MR], despite searches by 
others I do not think it has been seen since).
Dan, Trevor and Jane Williams per Mick Roderick

        Glossy Black-Cockatoo Carinya Close, East Kurrajong
A pair of Glossy Black-Cockatoos about 6 pm in an unidentified type of gum tree.
andrew sinclair

Fri 3 Jan       Black Honeyeater Willows picnic area, Yanga NP (SE Balranald, S 
of Sturt Hwy)
Limited search of Casuarina woodland with flowering mistletoes revealed approx. 
20 Black Honeyeaters (male, female & imm).
Jim Allen

        Superb Parrots + Hybrid?? Start of Barryrennie Rd. Cowra
Observed about 100 or so Superb Parrots as per other folk, but mixed in with 
the flock was an interesting specimen. The only way we could describe it was to 
liken it to a Superb/King Parrot mix?? About the same length, but more solid in 
the body. Any comments appreciated. See photo, I have others also. {Moderator's 
note (NH & AKM): As both its structure and colour pattern around the head looks 
somewhat intermediate between Superb and Australian King-Parrot, this is 
certainly an option. Interestingly, EUGENE M. McCARTHY (2006) lists a number of 
reports of Superb x King hybrids in his book 'Handbook of Avian Hybrids of the 
World': "Alisterus scapularis [Australian King-Parrot] x Polytelis swainsonii 
[Superb Parrot] CHR. BRO: e New South Wales (Australia). Cayley 1938; Fasey 
1908; Hopkinson 1926, 1942; Page 1914b; Prestwich 1950–1951. Internet: KING."}
John and Sue O'Malley

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