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Published sightings for the week ending 5 Jan 2014.

Sun 5 Jan       Cape Barren Geese Willow Lodge Horse Paddocks in Bungower Rd, 
14 birds counted (not all in photo), this afternoon in the horse paddocks 
(north side of Bungower Rd) - often seen there.
Snez Plunkett

        Black Falcon Glenrowan West
A single bird seen flying and calling early this morning .
Kate Daniel

Sat 4 Jan       Black Falcon, Peregrine Falcon Rowsley Valley
Several raptors seen in a short time mainly around the Rowsley Fire Station. 
Goshawk also heard calling. Overcast, windy. Black Falcon (1) Flew past me, 
coming in directly from south of the fire station. Photos. Peregrine Falcon (1) 
Calling and attacking one of a pair of Whistling Kites near the fire station.
Bernie McRitchie

Sat 4 Jan       Long-toed Stint Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Found Long-toed Stint late in day. Info and photo submitted to hopefully assist 
others: bird feeding on floating vegetation (even rising and falling with 
ripples of water underneath) in corner of Western lagoons, pond 9 nearest the 
pole with solar panel and the "Spit" reserve sign. A very helpful Red-necked 
Stint flew in to give a wonderful comparison (photo). Thanks to Steve, Simon, 
Marg, Richard.
Craig Morley, David Tytherleigh

        Cape Barren Geese South end of McKirdys Road, Tyabb (Paddocks to the 
3 Geese seen in a paddock around 6pm. The area is well known for CBG sightings 
and a large number regularly fly-over to this section of Western Port. More 
commonly seen in horse-paddocks in nearby Bungower Rd, and also now permanent 
residents at Moonlit Sanctuary a bit further up the Tybb-Tooradin Rd. I've not 
seen them in McKirdie Rd before. My camera is not good enough to zoom in that 
Snez Plunkett

        Spotted Harrier Heatherton
Spotted Harrier (1) Great views, harrying low over Henry St quarry. Seen again 
later at Karkarook Park.
Lewis Hiller

Fri 3 Jan       Long-toed Stint Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Long-toed Stint (1) seen on Western lagoons 9. Photo was taken through grass on 
the bank
Richard Arnold

Fri 3 Jan       White-headed Pigeon Lake Bunga, Lakes Entrance
Two males and a female White-headed, active at dusk. (Last reported from this 
site in September 2006). Two Wonga pigeons active at same site at dawn. Other 
unusual sightings at Lake Bunga on 3rd Jan include a pair of Great-crested 
Grebes, Little Eagle and Peregrine Falcon.
Roger Francey

        Broad-billed Sandpiper Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
We spotted the Broad-billed Sandpiper at 11.30am where it was reported 
previously but to our surprise we found an additional 2 birds. The 3 birds were 
all feeding together at the western lagoons pond 5. We had very good views of a 
Long-toed Stint at T.Section lagoons pond 4. Also at the T. Section lagoons was 
a pair of Brolgas and a medium sized young and an additional 2 adults at the Q 
grassland ponds. Baillon's and Spotted Crakes were also still in the reeds at 
T. Section lagoons pond 4. Interesting for the WTP, were 3 White-browed 
Woodswallows at the intersection of Paradise Rd and Point Wilson Rd.
Martin Rowland and Maarten Hulzebosch

        Australian Koel Hawkesburn/Toorak
These birds are still hanging around the city. One was calling this morning not 
far from the Hawksburn Station.
Euan Moore

        Grey Plover, Long-toed Stint Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Grey Plover (1) Seen on spit Long-toed Stint (2) 1 on western lagoons 9 and 1 
on pond 4 of t section
Philip Peel, James Mustafa, Richard Arnold

Thu 2 Jan       Australian Koel Beechworth
One calling near Lake Sambell in morning, also heard yesterday evening 1 Jan.
Richard Loyn

        Song Thrush. Rear garden of large suburban block in Hoppers Crossing 
At 1445 hours, I observed a single Song Thrush in a bird bath in my rear 
garden. In the last week or so, I have observed this or another Song Thrush in 
the moist table drains along the street where I reside.
Peter Gibbons

        Rufous Songlark Tanunda Wetlands, Mill Park
Rufous Songlark (2) Great, close views of two birds, one on south side of main 
lake and one at north-eastern end. Rufous rump and streaked plumage showing 
beautifully. Have never seen them in the area.
Owen Lishmund

        Long-toed Stint Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Still in Pond 9 at Western Lagoon - seen briefly around 3pm in green weed by 
the road, then flew to island in the middle. One Brolga in Western Lagoons.
Dave Torr, Christine Shelley, Hans and Beatta from Sweden

Wed 1 Jan       Broad-billed Sandpiper, Long-toed Stint Western Treatment 
Plant, Werribee
Thanks to Jenny Spry's report (31/12) I got up early. overcast warm windy at 
times Broad-billed Sandpiper (1) Western Lagoon pond 5, at the end of the 
central track (at 12:30 high tide, not present at 8 am) Long-toed Stint (2) 
Western Lagoons pond 9. Also Grey Plover, Pacific Golden Plover Curlew
Angus Hartshorn

Wed 1 Jan       Painted Honeyeater Beechworth
One calling in scattered trees with mistletoe 6 km south of Beechworth town 
(near Fighting Gully Road). There were many here Nov-Dec, fewer in last week of 
Richard Loyn & Debbie Tully

        Cape Barren Goose Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
A pair of Cape Barren Geese at Lake Borrie on the grass just at the small 
bridge/culvert on the way to the bird hide.
Francis Crome

        White-throated Needletail Wilby
First big flock for this summer. Approximately 400 birds over the garden and 
nearby paddocks late morning.
Michael Ramsey

        Broad-billed Sandpiper Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Pair of Cape Barren Geese at Lake Borrie braving the wind and rain on grass at 
narrow bridge/culvert on way to hide. Broad-billed Sandpiper still at Western 
Lagoon near gate 2.
Francis Crome

        Silver Gull Lake Linlithgow
Watched gulls (adults and juvenile) for 10-20 minutes as they were actually 
working together to collect up and eat bugs disturbed off the lakes edge. A 
small group (5-7) would line up in a row (police search line like) then walk 
along the beach snapping bugs as they disturbed them, heads held down in line 
with bod. They covered approximately 500m of beach then flew back to the start 
began again. I have seen individual gulls puddle in surf to disturb prey but 
never as a group working cooperatively. (Moderator's note: published for 
interesting behaviour).
Samantha Greiner

        Red-necked Avocet Jones Bay Wildlife Reserve
400+ Avocets on top end of Jones Bay at southern end of Phillips Lane southeast 
of Bairnsdale.
John Hutchison

        Australian Painted Snipe Nr Horsham
2 snipe flushed at a spot I think is known locally as The Black Waterhole, 
approx 52 km from Horsham on the Wimmera Highway. Reflushed 1 bird & had 
fantastic views of female Painted Snipe as it flew in an arc around us. We 
spent some time looking, but could not relocate it. However the second bird 
flew around us, giving us great views of a male.
Brian Johnston & Beth Carr

        Barking Owl Benalla
Woken at 1:45 this morning by a Barking Owl that called for about 3 minutes 
from small trees outside our property in Killena Avenue. A good start to the 
new year even if I was unable to see it.
Bill Morecraft

Tue 31 Dec      Black-tailed Native-hen Humevale. Whittlesea Golf Course.
Two seen on the edge of the water hazard on the 13th hole.
Christopher Kenneth Cobern

        Malleefowl Ouyen - Patchewollock
Saw 6 Malleefowl in a stubble paddock close to the road.One came up very close 
to the children. I think one was a young bird.
Dianne,Colin Stewart and family.Birdlife Mildura

        Pacific Golden-Plover, Eastern Curlew, Curlew Sandpiper Shallow Inlet 
Marine and Costal Park
Pacific Golden-Plover (3) Seen out on a sandbar at low tide Eastern Curlew (1) 
Seen near the Plovers Curlew Sandpiper A couple amongst the 100s of Stints
Vincent Knowles

        Long-toed Stint, Marsh Sandpiper. Western Treatment Plant, Werribee.
At 1740 hours, I observed a single Long-toed Stint in the centre of the last 
pond (pond 9) of the Western Lagoons area, closest to the Murtcaim Outlet, as 
described by Jenny Spry. The Stint was harassed at times by a Sharp-tailed 
Sandpiper. Also in the pond were three Marsh Sandpipers.
Peter Gibbons.

        Broad-billed Sandpiper, Long-toed Stint Western Treatment Plant, 
There was a Broad-billed Sandpiper in Western Lagoon pond 5, at the end of the 
central track, and the Long-toed Stint was in the farthest corner of pond 9, 
down by the Murtcain Outlet. Viewed from the track there were 6 Grey Plover, 3 
Red Knot, 1 Far Eastern Curlew and 1 Bar-tailed Godwit in the long lagoon 
inside the spit. Pectoral Sandpipers were in Western Lagoon and Borrow Pit.
Jenny Spry

        Further information on Satin Bowerbirds, Darebin Creek Darebin Ck, 
In April 2013 my son purchased the large house 'Avalon' in Rowe St, Alphington. 
The large neglected garden ran down to Darebin Creek and the cycle path.The 
former owners originally kept a mini-zoo there (I recall an Emu sometimes seen 
in the front garden), with Peafowl, andmany aviaries of parrots and other 
birds. I do not know if they ever kept Satin Bowerbirds, but my son's family 
report that in early 2013 there was a bower full of blue plastic on the creek 
flat under a tamarisk bush. Work on the neglected garden included much 
grass-cutting and weed removal, and the bower did not survive goats, a flood, 
and lawn-mowing, though there are still several productive plum, peach, apple 
and pear trees nearby, and much blackberry. It seems quite possible that SBBs 
could maintain themselves as a free breeding population, and be the source of 
birds recently seen in the area. There may well be more observations made if 
observers look out for them along the Yarra and the Creek.
Anthea Fleming

        Emerald Dove 18 Yarralea St, Alphington
Emerald Dove feeding in my backyard at 06:45 today. Flew up to a fence and away 
east when I open the door to take a photo; not re-found. Called for a period. 
Unlike this week's Satin Bowerbird, no evidence of rings or abnormal 
morphology, and seemed as confiding/shy as wild birds. [Thanks Guy. Most likely 
an escapee. If wild, this is an extraordinary record. It will be interesting to 
see if this bird is re-seen, or if any other Emerald Dove turn up in Vic. TD]
Guy Dutson

Mon 30 Dec      Long-toed Stint Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Long-toed Stint (1) Last pond Western Lagoons, thanks to Tim Bawden. The bird 
banding didn't scare them off. Very good look at 1 probably 2 others. Also 
Brown Falcon sitting on a post with a Willie Wagtail sitting on its back!
Angus Hartshorn

Mon 30 Dec      Brown Quail Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
A group of five Brown Quail in arboretum area. I managed to get a picture as 
they stopped under a tree for a short moment
Richard Arnold

Mon 30 Dec      Sanderling, Hooded Plover Killarney Beach
On the beach there were 23 Sanderling busily feeding with the shallow waves, 3 
pairs of adult Hooded Plovers (5 banded with rings), 3 Red-capped Plovers, a 
Pied Oystercatcher presumably nesting as well as an adult pair of Kelp Gulls. 
On the adjoining rocks were a pair of Sooty Oystercatchers, about 20 Red-necked 
Stint, 5 Ruddy Turnstones and 2 groups of Black-faced Cormorants.
Edwin Vella

        Black-tailed Native-Hen Rocky Valley Dam
Surprising at this altitude (1600m), seen crossing road, disappeared into 
alpine snow gum/heath, then re-emerged. Also flushed Latham's Snipe from 
road-side drain on ridge between this site and Pretty Valley Pondage.
Ian Sutherland

        Arctic Jaeger Port Phillip Bay
At least 4 pale morph Arctic Jaegers seen from a boat between St. Kilda Marina 
and Chinaman's Hat. A few roosting Black-faced Cormorants on the structure and 
a pod of about 15 dolphins close by.
Falk Wicker

        Grey Goshawk (White Morph) Croydon
This morning on the way to work (at roughly 8:45am) I saw a white morph Grey 
Goshawk over the Kent Rd/Maroondah Hwy intersection at Croydon, most likely a 
male based on its size.
Tim Nickholds

        Brolga Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
One pair of brolgas were photographed on Western Lagoon this morning. They were 
about 100 metres down the right hand dirt road as you enter the gate and gave 
great views, as they were right next to the to the road. There were so many 
vehicles down there this morning that they must have taken flight as they were 
no where to be seen when I left.
Bernie OKeefe

        Long-toed Stint Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Inspired by Tim Bawden's report yesterday, Hedley Earl and myself headed down 
to Western Lagoons in search of the LTS. After some searching in the northern 
most pond at Western Lagoon, we located one bird feeding on the edge of the 
pond. We were fortunate as not long after, bird banding was about to commence 
on this same pond, which will no doubt stir up many of the birds so I can't 
guarantee it will remain there. The photo clearly shows a small stint with 
yellow legs and a long toe.
Bernie OKeefe and Hedley Earl

Sun 29 Dec      Malleefowl Ouyen Patchewollock Road
2 seen around 8pm, but much harder find than I expected, one was in a harvested 
paddock beyond the ribbon of scrub . Unfortunately I also saw two Foxes 
(hopefully attracted by the more numerous Rabbits which were also present)
David Mitford

        Mallee Emuwren Hattah-Kulkyne National Park
3 seen after hearing their calls at the T-intersection of Nowingi Track & 
Konardin Track around 6 pm.
David Mitford

        Satin Bowerbird Ivanhoe
Following the report of a Satin Bowerbird in Ivanhoe, a female seen well along 
the Yarra between Darebin Creek and Wilson Reserve. Presumed to be an escapee 
as it had a yellow ring and overgrown upper mandible, and was very confiding
Digger Jackson c/o Guy Dutson

        Cicadbird, White-throated Needletail, Australian Raven Mortimer Picnic 
Ground, Bunyip, Vic
About 40 White-throated Needletails were seen moving west above the trees. A 
pair of Cicadabirds were heard calling and one bird was seen in the dry forest 
across the road from the picnic area. A single Australian Raven flew into the 
picnic ground and landed on a dead branch in a gum. It was seen well and the 
call was heard.
Jen Spry & Joy Tansey

        Scaly-breasted Lorikeet Banyule Flats Reserve
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet (2) Along Main Yarra Trail near transmission lines. 
Good views, their calls drew my attention to them.
Owen Lishmund

Sat 28 Dec      Black Falcon and Peregrine Falcon Mildura
Whilst driving through Mildura saw a Black Falcon near Gol Gol recreation area 
(plus 35 Black Kites) and a Peregrine Falcon calling and flying around the tall 
radio tower into middle of town.
David Mitford

Fri 27 Dec      Common Sandpiper (3) Kororoit Creek Nature Reserve, Altona North
3 Common Sandpipers seen together beside the causeway.
Edwin Vella

        Osprey Painkalac Creek estuary, Aireys Inlet
Sorry for late posting. Osprey seen hawking estuary, just behind the sand 
dunes. Great views for 5 minutes at about 10.30am.
Tim Mckellar

Thu 26 Dec      Masked Woodswallow Eynesbury Forest
One Masked Woodswallow in Eynesbury. Another drab looking woodswallow nearby, 
but not close enough for proper scrutiny, possible a female bird. Also about 
100 White-browed Woodswallows everywhere.
Daryl Akers

Wed 25 Dec      Australian Koel Bairnsdale & St Kilda
Sorry, haven't seen the bird; but the distinctive call in the wee-hours of the 
morning is a dead giveaway. Heard the male calling pretty much from 25 through 
29 December in Bairnsdale. Upon returning to Melbourne, heard the male Koel 
again this morning in East St Kilda. Am unable to differentiate though, between 
the Eastern Koel or the Common Koel. Have never heard this bird before in 
either parts of the State.
Linda Bullen

        Australian Koel Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
As recently reported,Koel heard calling briefly in the gardens at about 12pm.
Ben Sinclair

Mon 23 Dec      Latham's Snipe Lilydale Treatment Plant
Latham's Snipe (20 odd), New Holland Honeyeater, Red-browed Finches, Pink-eared 
Ducks, Hardheads, Aus Shovelers European Goldfinches and Cattle Egrets with 
Straw-necked Ibis. Snipe caught on trail cam. All spotted from outside Lilydale 
TP along the old Coldstream train tracks.
Andrew Wallis

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