Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 16 Sep 2013 10:27:04 +1000

Birdline New South Wales

Published sightings for the week ending 15 Sep 2013.

Mon 16 Sep Channel-billed Cuckoo Bundanoon
A single CBC heard today at 7:15am. I mention this because it's the earliest arrival I've had for CBCs in Bundanoon; this arrival date is five weeks earlier than 2010, 2011 and 2012. Make of this what you will.
Lorne Johnson

Sun 15 Sep Bell Miner, White-winged Triller, Nankeen Night-Heron Nurragingy Reserve
A group of Bell Miners (6) appeared at Nurragingy Reserve ( first my sighting for this site). Other intersting species: White-winged Triller (1 male), Olive-backed Oriole (2 constantly calling), Nankeen Night-Heron (3 roosting near the kookaburra picnic site), Rose Robin, Australian Hobby.
Ted Wnorowski

Black Falcon Coolgardie Rd. east 1' Cell
Good views of bird in worn plumage soaring above Pacific Highway.
Hans Wohlmuth

Sat 14 Sep Glossy Black-Cockatoo, Wonga Pigeon, et al Pearl Beach (Central Coast)
4 Glossy Black-Cockatoos seen flying over head at 3pm (quite early to see them flying around), Wonga Pigeon seen at the end of Amethyst Street (first time I have seen a Wonga Pigeon at Pearl Beach). Other birds seen included Fan-tailed Cuckoo (also calling at 8pm at night), Satin Bowerbirds and Figbirds eating Blueberry Ash berries. Eastern Whipbird and busy Brush-turkeys (nice big mound at the end of Amethyst Street). Later in the evening there were 5 Southern Boobooks calling.
Charles Hunter

Superb Parrot, Black Falcon Euanoreenya, 5 km NE Wagga Wagga (road to Gundagai)
A pair of Superb Parrot was feeding near the road 5 km north of Wagga Wagga. Black Falcon was roosting on the power line 500 m north of parrots.
Ted Wnorowski

Red-capped Plover (6), Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, White-winged Triller, Buff-banded Rail Riverstone (approx. 10km NW of Blacktown CBD)
Some good finds during an hour or so visit to Riverstone during yesterday morning including 6 Red-capped Plover with a lone Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Buff-banded Rail and Spotless Crakes, a returning White-winged Triller, a pair of Whistling Kites and a Yellow-billed Spoonbill.
Edwin Vella and Tony Dawe

Sooty Terns Nambucca Heads (100 NM offshore)
7 Sooty Terns seen flying North whilst coming back from New Caledonia on a cruise ship. Two Wandering Albatross, Providence and Grey-faced Petrels also seen. Record shot of 6 of the Terns attached. Also of note was a beaked whale which I have not been able to identify yet.
David Mitford

White-bellied Storm Petrel (subject to submission to NSW ORAC) and Wandering Albatross South West Rocks (100 NM offshore)
Coming back from Noumea on a cruise ship, I had been watching a couple of Wandering Albatross following the ship, when I noticed two Fregetta Storm Petrels in the wake. They followed us for about 15 minutes, during which I was able to note, both had white bellies and neither at any time showed any foot projection beyond the tail. Also a dozen or so Grey-faced Petrels. [Moderator's note (NH): Sightings of White-bellied Storm Petrel should be submitted to NSW ORAC.]
David Mitford

Black Falcon Moss Vale
I was absolutely stoked to see a Black Falcon fly over the show ground at 4:15pm today. The only BF I've seen in the Southern Highlands.
Lorne Johnson

Topknot Pigeon, Brown Goshawk Rozelle
31 birds seen flying over rozelle from behind the old silos at around . They were quite high up heading north-west at speed in a loose flock. 1 Brown Goshawk also seen on the old power station.
Simon Gorta

White-winged Triller, White-browed Woodswallow, Red-necked Avocet Farm Properties 10-20km North West of Moree (south of/and Ashley)
Very windy day while birding on cotton farms between Moree and Ashley. 2 separate male White- winged Trillers were observed, 1st for season. Large flocks of White-browed Woodswallows were also observed. 2nd Rufous Songlark for season, 11 Gull-billed & 1 Caspian Tern, several Sacred Kingfishers were observed and heard calling. A White-throated Gerygone HC, Channel-billed Cuckoo & Tawny Grassbird HC, 50 Plum-headed Finches were observed. 3 Olive-backed Orioles HC. An Emu was seen defending its two chicks when a huge Wedge-tailed Eagle swooped over taking and harrassing in a fallow field. A lone Red-necked Avocet was seen.
Curtis Hayne and Ainslee Lines

Salvin's Albatross,Buller's Albatross Sydney Pelagic
Highlights of a Sydney pelagic foreshortened by strong winds and heavy seas were a Salvin's Albatross (a submission will be made to NSW ORAC) and two Buller's Albatross. A total of seven albatross species were recorded and huge numbers (>1000) of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters was the biggest aggregation seen off Sydney for quite a while.
Roger Mcgovern, David James, Steve Anyon-Smith and all on the MV Halicat

Nankeen Night-Herons illawarra yacht club, warrawong
5 Nankeen Night-Herons behind the yacht club near the boat ramp. The birds appear to be feeding on the small fish attracted to the lakes edge by the lighting on the back of the yacht club. I work night shift in the Lake Illawarra area and usually see 1 bird on the jetty when I patrol the area. I have never seen 5 at this location.
Michael Crosland

Painted Honeyeater Eulah Creek
Heard already on 12 September, but did not want to post then because of lack of confirmation. Now my wife has also heard the characteristic call of a Painted Honeyeater at Eulah Creek, 20 km east of Narrabri. Open farm country (paddocks, remnant tree population; NO casuarinas, little mistletoe), wrong type of habitat, but there are lots of flowering eucalypts at this time, plus grevilleas and bottlebrushes in the gardens. First time ever I have heard Painted Honyeaters here in the 7 years we live here. They are usually found 50 km farther west, in brigalow and casuarinas. Tried hard, but no visual ID, no photo both times.
Michael Dahlem

Thu 12 Sep Common Greenshank Metromix Wetland, Kurnell
Common Greenshank (1)

Collared Sparrowhawk Concord High School
1 Collared Sparrowhawk, presumably a male due to minute size, flew over at around 1pm whilst I was lining a soccer match. Reasonably long square tail, clear 'elbows', small head and size all seen well to confirm ID. Appeared to be carrying a small bird in its talons but I couldn't identify it.
Simon Gorta

Channel-billed Cuckoo Moree North
The first Channel-billed Cuckoos for the season have arrived. Probably the first for inland NSW. Several birds were heard calling before several small flocks of birds were observed, circling in flight around the Mehi River. There must of been 6-7 Channel-billed Cuckoos in total. They were only present for about 15 minutes before disappearing further down the river, they'll be back as this the most reliable area in town to find the birds. As they were only observed in the distance, and being behind trees, an unclear shot was only taken (see photo). [Moderator's note (NH): Channel-billed Cuckoos have been recorded in the Sydney area since 29th August this season and this coincides with usual arrival timing; however, they tend to appear later inland making this the 2nd record for the season, the 1st was near Boggabri on 9/9]
Curtis Hayne

Wed 11 Sep Beautiful Firetail Royal National Park (Lady Carrington Drive)
Northern half of Lady Carrington, from Audley. Beautiful Firetail (1) Nesting. Observed collecting nesting material (what looked like Rosella / King Parrot feathers), then flew up to a finch-type nest overhanging Lady Carrington Drive. Had to do a double-take as I had assumed it was a Red-brow at first and didn't expect to see this species at this site, let alone nesting. (Eremaea records show only one previous record here, from October last year).
Rob Child

Wed 11 Sep Freckled Duck, Latham's Snipe & Nankeen Night-Heron Emerald Downs Golf Course, Port Macquarie
On the large lake that can be accessed from Topaz Close, at Emerald Downs GC, a group of 18 Freckled Ducks were counted roosting on a bank. They could only be seen if you are at the eastern end of this lake. Also present was a Latham"s Snipe and a Nankeen Night-Heron. Both a Brown Cuckoo-Dove and a Sacred Kingfisher could be heard calling in nearby trees.
Alan Morris

Budgerigar Orange Road, Manildra at 33 11 06S 148 35 57E
12-15 Budgerigars at 2:45pm on outskirts of village, just over the railway line near the Grain Depot on Cudal road. (My previous records in the area were a flock of about 150+ in the 2004 drought at Brymedura and earlier about 10 at my place at Pinecliffe).
Bruce Tinsey

Cotton Pygmy-Goose (subject to submission to NSW ORAC) Lake Harrison, Geneva-[Kyogle]
Male Cotton Pygmy-Goose still here at northern end of the lake. I have seen this bird 4 times out of 7 visits since it was first reported 27 August. 1 Latham's Snipe also. [Moderator's note: Another confirmation of the long-staying male Cotton Pygmy-Goose at this site. Only the fifth in NSW since 2007 according to Birdline NSW. Sightings of Cotton Pygmy-Geese should be submitted to NSW ORAC.]
Rob Elvish

Freckled Duck/Spotted Harrier Pitt Town Ferry Road Lagoon Wilberforce
at least 38 Freckled Duck 1 Spotted Harrier
K Brandwood/CBOC outing

White-necked Heron Rosebank et al.
Saw frequent White-necked Herons on recent trip down Pacific Highway to Port Macquarie. One has also adopted our garden and here it is doing unusual party tricks? [Moderator's note (NH): This sunning behaviour is quite common in Ardea - interestingly I have not seen it in other genera within the family Ardeidae]
Phil Murray

Bassian Thrush Irrawong Reserve
Bassian Thrush (2) two seen on the rock ledge above the small waterfall. Also seen close to the boardwalk near the small waterfall
Natalie Wood

White-necked Heron, Channel-billed Cuckoo Galaringi Reserve, Carlingford
White-necked Heron (1) Photographed. Right in the centre of the reserve near the pond. My second record for this site, but still seems a surprising bird to find in a small reserve in suburban Carlingford. Channel-billed Cuckoo (1) Flying rapidly around, pursued by Cockatoos, calling. My first record for the season. [Moderator's note (NH): Channel-billed Cuckoos have been recorded in Sydney since 29th August this season and this coincides with usual arrival timing; further - not published - sightings were on 7th September, Bundeena (Deryk Engel) and 7th September, Pennant Hills (Cameron Galle)]
Jenny Stiles

Jacky-winter, White-necked Heron, Fan-tailed Cuckoo and Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo Bargo River Conservation Reserve
A windy afternoon at the Bargo River Conservation Reserve near Telopea Rd, Hilltop. Total of 22 species. Surprised to see a pair of Jacky-winters. Not often seen in the Highlands. Also 2 White-necked Herons , 1 Fan-tailed Cuckoo and 1 Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo.
Peter Dewey and Terry Dunlea

Bell Miner Lane Cove National Park
3+ Bell Miners feeding near the river at the end of Max Allen Drive. I have never seen Bell Miners around here, they possibly flew away from the fire in West.
Fatih Sam

Spotted Harrier Riverside Park, Riverside Rd, Chipping Norton
Single adult Spotted Harrier over the wetland, chased by an Australian Magpie and an Australian Raven.
David James

Spangled Drongo, White-cheeked Honeyeater, Leaden Flycatcher & Spectacled Monarch Gibraltar Reserve, 69km west of Grafton
Single Spangled Drongo seen, didn't call, first for season. Leaden Flycatcher & Spectacled Monarch arrived last week. Many more Scarlet Honeyeaters than usual with local flowering, and single White-cheeked Honeyeater unusual here.
Simon Clayton & 2 others

Tue 10 Sep Black Kite Sydney Olympic Park (Nature Reserve)
Three Black Kites, they were visible over the reserve for about 45 minutes.
Geoff Hutchinson, Judy Harrington

Little Eagle Sydney Olympic Park (Nature Reserve)
On Tuesday 10th Sep. Sydney Olympic Park Nature Reserve a Little Eagle was sighted in a tree sleeping with a full crop. Sometime earlier it was flushed from the ground feeding on a Bluetongue Lizard. There were photos taken. The Little Eagle has been confirmed by Stephen Debus, Akos and others, even though the two photos of the eagle were very bad quality.
Geoff Hutchinson, Judy Harrington

Noisy Pitta Stafford Farm Track, Kembla Heights
One bird heard calling next to fire trail
Terrill Nordstrom

Black Kites Berrima Rd, Moss Vale
Another sighting of Black Kites east of their usual range to add to the many sightings further north. Two were seen high over the council depot on Berrima Rd battling the strong winds.
Martin Filipczyk

Black Kite Vale of Ah Reserve, Milperra
Finally the Black Kite invasion reaches my patch
David James

Black Kite Newington Armory, Parramatta River, Sydney
Two Black Kites soaring over the Newington Armory site. Plenty of open space here, but I was surprised to see this species so far within Sydney's urban area.
Alistair Poore

Whiskered Tern, Latham's Snipe, Freckled Duck Eastlakes Golf Course
Four Whiskered Terns seeing flying over the main lake, flying in the strong westerlies (40km/h gusting 70). Perhaps brought to the coast by the winds. Incidentally never seen the jumbos fly over so low down! Also seen were three Latham's Snipe, the and the same Freckled Duck as previous visits.
Ashwin Rudder

Forest Kingfisher, Leaden Flycatcher, Red-backed Fairywren Gills Creek, South Kempsey
Pair of Forest Kingfishers displaying next to nest hole and first returning Leaden Flycatcher for the year. Red-backed Fairywrens also present.
Tim Morris

Wonga Pigeon, Green Catbird, Australian Logrunner(x2) Budderoo NP (Minnamurra Rainforest Centre)
Wonga Pigeon (1) Heard. Green Catbird (1). Australian Logrunner (2) Both male and female seen close to each other.

Black Kite Levenstrath Rd., Levenstrath nr Grafton.
10.30am. 8 plus sitting on posts, on the ground and flying over recently burnt pasture land. Previously reported from this site.
Warren Thompson

Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo Armidale Rd.South Grafton.
10am. 60+ opposite saleyards.
Warren Thompson

Australian Hobby Culloden Rd, Macquarie Park (Macquarie Uni Swimming pool)
Single bird passed through very fast at tree top height and then circled back over trees to west of pool complex for 2 minutes; then drifted off west towards Marsfield/Epping. Seen approx 8am
Tom Wilson

Mon 9 Sep Channel-billed Cuckoo 45 km south-east of Narrabri 2390
The first Channel-billed Cuckoo of the season was heard calling Early this morning, they are regular seasonal visitors to this private property.
Roselyn Druce

Rufous Fantail Border Loop Lookout, Border Ranges National Park
One bird flying across opening in forest near lookout platform. Observers' first record for season.
Greg & Val Clancy

Spotted Harrier 2-3 km N of Kyogle
Single bird, probable adult, but mostly silhouette due to backdrop of low sun, foraging over paddock
Greg & Val Clancy

Australian Spotted Crake, Red-kneed Dotterel, Latham's Snipe Anambah (North west of Maitland)
Small drying wetlands along Anambah Road. Australian Spotted Crake (1) Red-kneed Dotterel (4) Latham's Snipe (1) 3 birds the day before
Grant Brosie

Pacific Baza Woodlands Estate Reserve, Thornton
Pacific Baza (2) Display flight observed. Only my second sighting within the Maitland LGA
Grant Brosie

Bell Miner Warriewood Wetland
One, posibly two Bell Miners, calling high in eucalypt, about 120 m E of Garden St, adjacent to Mullet Creek, with Noisy Miners. [Moderator's note (NH): At least two were there yesterday, 08 Sep 2013 recorded by Graeme Stevens and others (birding-aus), as well as Derek Stokes and others (see Eremaea NSW list 195546). Comment by Graeme Stevens: 'A common enough bird around Sydney to be sure, but my first record for Warriewood in 36 Atlas surveys. We all hope they are passing through!']
Carl Weber

Pectoral Sandpiper, Swamp Harrier, Red-kneed Dotterel Dairy Swamp, Central Coast Wetlands, Tuggerah
The Pectoral Sandpiper was relocated again today at the Dairy Swamp. Other birds seen there and nearby included 8 Black-winged Stilts, 7 Red-kneed Dotterels and 4 Black-fronted Dotterels, Elsewhere on the Reserve were 2 Rufous Whistlers and 4 Olive-backed Orioles calling, a Swamp Harrier flew over and 4 White-breasted Woodswallows were present. (This Reserve is not opened to the public, access only available on designated activity days, see Birding NSW Newsletter for details).
Alan Morris & Steve Merrett

Square-tailed Kite Glenrock Parade, Tascott, NSW
I saw a Square-tailed Kite swoop into a tree and take an existing Noisy Miner nest. Suddenly, many other birds including Noisy Miners, an Australian Magpie and others set on the Square-tailed Kite. The raptor dropped the nest to the road. I went to investigate to find two dead juvenile Noisy Miners - see photo attached. The Square-tailed Kite was chased away and returned and circled the area about 5 minutes later before being chased away again. Needless to say, with all the noise, the Glossy Black-Cockatoos spotted earlier were nowhere to be seen when I returned to the house.
Andrew Whitaker

Sun 8 Sep Varied Triller Disused quarry track - New Entrance Rd, South West Rocks
1 h walk with one other observer. Varied Triller (1). Morcombe's indicates this is the far end of its range. Some photos taken and can be viewed here: (Moderator;s note: Morecombe's distribution map is incorrect. The known and regular southern limit for Varied Trillers in NSW is at Forster in the rainforests around Cape Hawke.AKM)
Pete Taylor

Rufous Fantail, Crested Shrike-tit, Spectacled Monarch Harrington rainforest
A walk through the rainforest produced a pair of Rufous Fantails, a male Crested Shrike-tit and a Spectacled Monarch.
Clive Meadows & Louise Earnshaw

Chestnut-rumped Heathwren Voyager Point Wetlands
I was surprised to find a pair of heathwrens calling and chasing each other, alongside the 'wetlands' trail at Voyager Point Wetlands (Liverpool LGA).
David James

Sat 7 Sep Dollarbird Adelaide St Oval,Tumbi Umbi
Single bird observed hawking insects. [Moderator's note (NH): First for the season, but within expected arrival dates]
Stephen Clark

Square-tailed Kite, Glossy Black-Cockatoo Muogamarra Nature Reserve
Square-tailed Kite (1) Flying over the ridge toward the berowra side then a low flyover at the old jetty site. Glossy Black-Cockatoo (2) along the old pacific Highway just north of Cowan station. White-faced Heron (1); Sulphur-crested Cockatoo (2); Little Wattlebird (6); New Holland Honeyeater (8).
Richard Hardiman

Glossy Black-Cockatoos Tascott, NSW
On Saturday, 4 Glossy Black-Cockatoos visited the she-oaks that border the garden, yesterday 2 returned and this morning (Monday) 2 have returned again. Their attention seems to be focussed on one tree and they have been here from dawn to dusk both days so far. Unfortunately, there are hardly any cones left on the she-oak so I fear it could be the last day I see them for a while. See photo attached.
Andrew Whitaker

Tue 27 Aug Cotton Pygmy-Goose (subject to confirmation by NSW ORAC) Lake Harrison, Kyogle
One Cotton Pygmy-Goose on lake. [Moderator's note (NH): This is a great record (only the fifth in NSW since 2007 according to Birdline NSW, and is subject to confirmation by NSW ORAC). The bird on the photograph, however, appears to be a male Cotton Pygmy-Goose, not a female as first reported.]
Richard & Margaret Alcorn

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