Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 30 Sep 2013 06:55:48 +1000

Birdline New South Wales

Published sightings for the week ending 29 Sep 2013.

Sun 29 Sep Tawny Grassbird, Spotless Crakes, Zebra Finches The Ponds (approx. 6 km north of Blacktown CBD)
At The Ponds this morning had a very vocal Tawny Grassbird (only my second for the Blacktown LGA), a number of Spotless Crakes, a group of Weebills as well as some Zebra (5), Double-barred and Red-browed Finches. Flocks of Yellow-faced Honeyeaters still passing through and passing briefly in the casuarinas along the creek.
Edwin Vella

Square-tailed Kite Shoalhaven Heads
1 Square-tailed Kite observed hunting in coastal scrub. The Shoalhaven river mouth is still open and most of the foraging areas previously used by migratory waders are underwater. Access to Comerong Island is not available from the north side.
Martin & Penny Potter

Ruddy Turnstone (juvenile), Curlew Sandpiper Bicentennial Park, Homebush Bay
Waterbird refuge. Water level: medium-low. Weather: fine. Ruddy Turnstone (1) Juvenile at the Waterbird refuge, with some Sharp-tailed Sandpipers. Seems to be the first record on Eremaea for this site. Identified with the help of Feathers & Photos forum. Curlew Sandpiper (1) Waterbird refuge, with some Sharp-taileds. No Eremaea records at this site before October.
Rob Child

Black-tailed Native hen Long Reef Golf Course
Single bird seen up on the bank on the south-west corner of the big pond on the golf course. Australasian Pipits doing display flights. Tide was in, and could see lots of small waders roosting on the rock platform. Could pick out Turnstones and Tattlers but could not ID many others.
Tom Wilson

Sat 28 Sep Yellow-billed and Royal Spoonbill, White-necked Heron The Driftway, Richmond
Interesting mixed wader flock in the drying swamp here included at least 2 Yellow-billed and 6 Royal Spoonbill and a White-necked Heron. Large numbers of Eastern Grey Kangaroos which seem to have increased dramatically on the UWS campus lands here in the past year.
Eric Finley

Australian Owlet-Nightjar, White-throated Gerygone, Collared Sparrowhawk, Sacred Kingfisher Kurrajong Hills
Calling Australian Owlet-Nightjar my first local record in 15 years. Strong migrant return this week including several pairs of Sacred Kingfisher and White-throated Gerygone, and Channel-billed Cuckoo. Pair of Collared Sparrowhawks in display flight along Little Wheeney Creek.Other good birds inc Musk Lorikeet, Mistletoebird, Gray Goshawk, Olive-tailed Thrush. Also Black Wallaby and Lace Monitor
Eric Finley

Black-tailed Native-hen, Freckled Duck, Yellow-billed Spoonbill McPherson Rd Swamp, Gavenlock Rd Tuggerah
Throughout the day at the McPherson rd Swamp, 40 Freckled Duck were still to be found at this location. Other birds of interest were 10 Yellow-billed Spoonbill (a large number for the site) and 3 Royal Spoonbill, Hoary-headed and Australian Little Grebes, a single Black-tailed Native-hen, Black-shouldered Kites and Brown Quail.
Tim Faulkner, Alan Morris, Margaret & Kaye Pointer

Rainbow Bee-eater, Dollarbird, Collared Sparrowhawk, Speckled Warbler Terry Hie Hie
The first pair of Rainbow Bee-eaters and 2 Dollarbirds for the season have arrived, observed up close calling. A Collared Sparrowhawk flew over as well as a flock of about 20 White-browed Woodswallows, high up in the sky. Several Speckled Warblers and Leaden Flycatchers were heard calling. A number of White-throated Treecreeper were observed and heard calling which, at this area is the western part of their range. The hundred of Superb Parrots reported throughout autumn and winter of this year (Apr-Aug) have all gone, not a single bird in sight. The several Scarlet Honeyeaters present throughout winter were also gone.
Curtis Hayne

Blue-faced Honeyeater Cambridge Gardens, north of Penrith CBD
This morning I saw an adult Blue-faced Honeyeater fly over me in my backyard while watering the vegie garden. At around 9:30 a juvenile bird settled in a tree above my shed and called continuously, likely begging for food. I am typing this at midday and the young one is still around calling, albeit the wind is gale force from the west at present. This species appears to be becoming slowly established in the Penrith area.
Ákos Lumnitzer

Fri 27 Sep Regent Honeyeater, Painted Honeyeater Widden Valley (Upper Hunter)
3 pairs of Regent Honeyeaters seen along Widden Brook, with 2 pairs in roughly the same location and the 3rd pair about 2km south. I only checked 3 sites and found birds at 2 of them. There is likely to be more birds further south as there is a lot of Needle-leaf Mistletoe in flower (see image) and similar habitat stretches for another 30km south along the creek. There is more mistletoe blossom here than I saw in the Capertee, but there is much less Eucalypt blossom in the Widden. This is on private property and is not accessible to the public. One pair was seen chasing another pair away and was also seen collecting vegetation from nearby shrubs (for nesting material?). Of interest, there were also many Noisy Friarbirds and one bird was sitting on a nest (as was a Striped HE), but not once did I see aggression between the Regents and Friars. However, when a Noisy Miner ventured down to the creek it got chased instantly by the Regents, which was great to watch! Also present were 2 Painted HE's, as well as a White-winged Triller and calling Western Gerygones.
Mick Roderick

Oriental Plover (Subject to submission to NSWORAC) Dairy Swamp, Central Coast Wetlands, Tuggerah (Limited Access)
A single Oriental Plover was located in an area of short grass and dry mud area adjacent to the Dairy Swamp, Central Coast Wetlands, Tuggerah. The bird was with a single Sharp-tailed Sandpiper and at various times fed with Black-winged Stilts, Black-fronted and Red-kneed Dotterels. It was still present the following day. This is the 3rd CC Record, the two previous birds being seen in Oct 1977 and Nov. 1988 at The Entrance, the latter bird was found by me. The site is not yet open to the public. The bird has been seen and photographed by by 6 other people, all who concur with the ID. The bird flushed twice when firstly a Whistling Kite put up the stilts and waders, and then a Brown Falcon did the same.
Alan Morris

Square-tailed Kite St Albans
High above a pair of circling Wedge-tailed Eagles was a Square-tailed Kite, 2 km NW of St Albans. First I have seen in this locality in 35 years!
Bas Hensen

Regent Honeyeater, Painted Honeyeater, White-browed/Masked Woodswallows Capertee Valley
The Capertee is a woodland birder's paradise at the moment with good numbers of birds, many of which are quite conspicuous., along with signs of breeding activity. Regent Honeyeaters are building nests in Needle-leaf Mistletoe which is flowering well. I found Painted HE's in this, as well as m'toe in Eucalypts (seen/heard at 4 sites). Yellow Box and Mugga Ironbark also holding good blossom. The valley is teeming with White-browed/Masked Woodswallows and they are right across the landscape, coming to ground in cleared areas. The Rufous Songlarks are omnipresent and very vocal. Diamond Firetails feeding dependant young. Plum-headed Finches at 3 sites. A highlight was watching a Horsfield's Bushlark in the morning sun sitting on a fence performing a range of mimicry including Stubble Quail calls.
Mick Roderick

Painted Button Quail North Richmond
In our garden (That's why I fight my wife to keep the grass long)
David Potter

Yellow-throated Scrubwren Robertson Nature Reserve, Robertson
2 Yellow-throated Scrubwrens seen at rear of Reserve about 9am.
Lorne Johnson

Yellow-throated Scrubwren, Bassian Thrush, Rose Robin Macquarie Pass National Park
One Yellow-throated Scrubwren at the start of Cascades Rainforest Walk. Its nest was hanging over nearby creek. Gorgeous spot. One Bassian Thrush and one Rose Robin other highlights.
Lorne Johnson

Australian Pratincole South East Bellata
Updates on the Australian Pratincole reported yesterday (#197925): This morning at 11:00 there were TWO Australian Pratincoles (together), in exactly the same area where there was only one yesterday. Excellent views. Note: In the past up to 5 nesting pairs were recorded at this private property (no public access).
Michael Dahlem

Thu 26 Sep White-browed Woodswallow/Masked Woodswallow Scotchman Rd, Bellingen
A flock of around 50 White-browed Woodswallows + (possibly) Masked Woodswallows flying NNW. Too high to identify flock composition.
Richard Jordan

Marbled Frogmouth southern subsp. plumiferus Wanganui, NSW
Marbled Frogmouth plumiferus. At least two calling adults, male calling first female responding, from around 1900 h to 2030 h. At first the male 'kooloo' call was being responded to by 'coop coop gobble gobble' call from (probably) another male, this process lasted about 20 min, went quiet for about 15 min, then as described earlier. Warm still evening after hot day.
Steve Brooking

Australian Pratincole South East Bellata
A single Australian Pratincole arrived on a broadacre farm 5 km SE of Bellata at 15:45, landing on a fallow field after a day with a dry inland weather change. The 40-50 km/h wind changed from N via W to SW by mid-afternoon, which is when the bird arrived. An hour later seen in nearby wheat stubble. Last seen at this location in May 2013. No photo, but close-range 100% visual ID.
Michael Dahlem

White-bellied Sea-eagle Quorrobolong
One adult White-bellied Sea-eagle flying low over Sandy Creek Rd took me by surprise.(Moderator's Note: This is not unusual as a pair of Sea-eagles nest on private property just off Sandy Ck Rd, between Ellalong and the Kitchener Rd, the presence of large lagoons like Ellalong and some others provides suitable habitat for them.AKM)
Lorne Johnson

Freckled Duck Snails Bay, Birchgrove
Initially sighted by Peter Marsh around 3pm, later found by myself at 4:30pm. Single female swimming in Snails Bay within 10m of the shore near Birchgrove Oval, just south of the jetty. Most likely blown in by strong westerlies.
Max Breckenridge

Brown-headed Honeyeater Wallaby Gully Road, Ellalong
I was most excited to see a Brown-headed Honeyeater collecting hair from the back of a horse on my father-in-law's property late today. The bird was then flying to a nest. Other birds of note: Pheasant Coucal, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, Bar-shouldered Dove, Little Lorikeet, Jack Winter, Pacific Baza, Grey Goshawk, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Gang-gang Cockatoo, Leaden Flycatcher. Apparently, a Black-necked Stork was on his property three weeks ago.
Lorne Johnson

Curlew Sandpipers Wilfords Lane wetlands, Lake Burrill.
After seeing waders fly towards the wetlands this morning I checked it out and spotted 4 Curlew Sandpipers & 10 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers sheltering from stiff west winds at the wetlands.
Bob Rusk

Red-necked Stint Burrill Lake Estuary
Two Red-necked Stints were spotted feeding on the mudflats this morning, on the West side of the bridge. There was also 3 Bar-tailedT Godwits which over wintered there. Other waders were seen flying but too quick to ID.
Bob Rusk

Wed 25 Sep Dollarbird Glenrock State Conservation Area
A pair of Dollarbirds were observed at the western end of Glenrock Lagoon
Shaun McKay

Wed 25 Sep Cotton Pygmy-Goose (subject to submission to NSW ORAC) Lake Harrison, Geneva near Kyogle
Single male still present at the northern end of the lake. [Moderator's note (NH): Another confirmation of the long-staying male Cotton Pygmy-Goose at this site. Only the fifth in NSW since 2007 according to Birdline NSW. Sightings of Cotton Pygmy-Geese should be submitted to NSW ORAC.]
Rob Elvish

Dollarbird, Leaden Flycatcher Farm near Biniguy, NSW
On the Gwydir River near Biniguy. Hot day, 34 degrees C. The first Dollarbird for the season was heard calling. M & F Leaden Flycatchers were both observed and heard calling which are an uncommon visitor here on the plains. Also present Channel-billed Cuckoos & White-winged Trillers. The Trillers were in flocks of over 10 birds, probably about 30 seen all up. This the largest flock of White-winged Trillers I've ever seen considering that they're normally a single bird! Jacky Winter nesting. White-winged Choughs were nesting and lots were already feeding juveniles. Tawny Grassbirds and White-throated Gerygones were calling everywhere. Plenty of Common Bronzewing and King-Parrot were observed which are unusual on the plains. A Tawny Frogmouth was heard calling the night before. (Moderator's Note: Flocks of White-winged Trillers are the norm as they usually nest in groups AKM)
Curtis Hayne and Ainslee Lines

White-throated Gerygone, Dollarbird, White-winged Triller Eulah Creek
More migratory birds returning to Eulah Creek, 20 km east of Narrabri 2390, for the season. All three recorded around 7-7:30 this morning.
Michael Dahlem

Tue 24 Sep Dollarbird Royal National Park (Wattle Flat)
First for the season. Typical perching on a high dead branch.
Roger Giller

Tue 24 Sep Lewin's Rail Broughton Island
8 separate Lewin's Rails were found at locations on Broughton Island over 23-25 September by members of Hunter Bird Observers Club. 2 birds were seen, the others were heard. The birds were at locations scattered all over the Island. Golden-headed Cisticolas and Tawny Grassbirds are the dominant species followed closely by Silvereyes and Brown Quail. Many Wedge-tailed Shearwaters were returning to burrows each night, and 6 Little Penguins were observed coming ashore on the evening of 24 Sep
Alan Stuart

Pacific Baza Mansfield Reserve, East Bowral
A pair of Pacific Baza were seen with courtship dispay flights observed. Hopefully will nest in the area.
M Filipczyk

Powerful Owl Longueville, Lane Cove Municipality [Sydney North]
Heard calling, 11 p.m., north end of Dettman Ave. [Building on others' reports, my first Australian Koel for Greenwich, Sept. 20, was a male]
Ted Nixon

Southern Emuwren,Tawny-crowned Honeyeater Lockleys Pylon , Mt Hay Rd Leura
Lockleys Pylon is in Blue Mountains NP and is access from Mount Hay Rd..
Harry O'Donovan

Australian Pratincole, Marsh Sandpiper, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Red-necked Avocet, Black Falcon Farm Property, Ashley West
Birds were observed on a cotton farm 2 km west of Ashley as well as the village. A very dusty and windy day indeed as well as a hot day: 36 deg C. At least 3 Australian Pratincoles were observed foraging on water puddles on a dry irrigation dam. Also seen on a low irrigation dam were 2 Red-necked Avocets and 20+ Sharp-tailed Sandpipers with the ever so numerous Black-winged Stilt. Also seen on another irrigation dam were 1 Marsh Sandpiper and another 5 Sharp-tailed on the edge of the dam since it was pretty full. About 60 Gull-billed Tern, 20 Whiskered Tern, 5 Caspian Tern and 5 Silver Gull were observed resting on one irrigation dam. Silver Gull have not been present in the area since May. Finally, a Black Falcon was observed over fallow fields.
Curtis Hayne and Ainslee Lines

Glossy Ibis, Brolga, Red-capped Plover, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Curlew Sandpiper Native Dog Swamp, Berrigan
A stop late morning. Most observations around the windmill at at the northern end. A great selection of birds with the swamp rapidly drying out in many areas. Glossy Ibis (2) in shallows on the eastern side. Brolga (1) walking through long cane grass. Red-capped Plover (4) first record here, on mudflats by the windmill. Sharp-tailed Sandpiper (21) usually very rare locally so this number in one flock is exceptional, around mudflats by the windmill. Curlew Sandpiper (1) an excellent record, the first ever in this local area, seen foraging on mudflats in behind the windmill at the northern end of the swamp.
Michael Ramsey

Powerful Owl Oatley Moore Reserve
Pied Currawongs attacking Powerful Owl in its perch.
Sasha Jessop

Mon 23 Sep Rufous Songlark Tuckean Island Rd, Marom Creek 28 54S 153 22E 1' Cell
Followed up recent Eremaea list report of Rufous Songlarks along Tuckean Island Rd, observed 1 & heard 1 (possibly 2) more calling. My first Rufous Songlarks for far north coastal NSW.
Steven McBride

Mon 23 Sep Malleefowl Top Hut Road, NSW (50 km West of Lake Mungo)
My father reported a Malleefowl on Top Hut Road, NSW (estimated 50 km West of Lake Mungo) about 5 km from the junction of Wentworth-Pooncarie Road. Photo available upon his return to Sydney.
Chris Hunter

Buff-banded Rail, Australian Reed-Warbler Plumpton Park, western Sydney
Not seen since December last year, good to have the Buff-banded Rail back at Plumpton wetlands. Two pairs of Australian Reed-Warblers also in the reed-beds, where at least one individual overwintered.
Mark Fuller

Apostlebird Alroy Park, Plumpton
A pair of Apostlebirds are nesting at their regular breeding site once again
Mark Fuller

Superb Parrot Bribbaree West, south of Quandialla
Several small groups of Superb Parrot seen in various places en route between Cootamundra and Grenfell. Mostly flying birds, but on one occassion saw three stunning male birds come down for a drink - see photo.
Marc Anderson

Striated Heron Kirribilli
A Striated Heron flying west up the harbour, close to Kirribilli, at about 9.30 this morning. After a bit of hesitation at the Harbour Bridge, it continued flying westwards under the bridge.
Robert Griffin

Australian Koel Dee Why Beach
Regarding Nikolas' request on Australian Koel gender I saw a pair calling from a pine.
Nathan Ruser

Sun 22 Sep Superb Parrot Murrumbidgee Valley National Park ( Yanco Section), Euroly Bridge near Yanco
20 (5 small groups) of Superb Parrot in River Red Gum forest close to Leeton. I'd not heard of this reserve before, and stumbled upon it en route from Leeton to Chiltern. This large tract of river red gum forest was given protection as a national park in 2010.
Marc Anderson

Gilbert's Whistler, Southern Scrub Robin, Shy Heathwren, White-browed & Masked Woodswallows Nombinnie Nature Reserve (The Wheat Paddock)
Gilbert's Whistler singing throughout the morning, no Red-lored heard but still have to analyze some of the remote audio recordings which were left out. The usual Round Hill/Nombinnie specialities including Southern Scrub Robin, Shy Heathwren, White-fronted, Grey-fronted and Black Honeyeaters, Spotted Nightjar and literally thousands of Woodswallows (mostly White-browed, but many Masked) taking advantage of the prime conditions in the mallee country at present. Lots of water around and Eremophila in flower - a great time to visit!
Marc Anderson

Fuscous Honeyeater Greencape Lighthouse
One Fuscous Honeyeater with a small flock of Yellow-faced Honeyeaters.
Julian Teh

Australian Koel Latham Park, Coogee
Male Australian Koel flying over the park when I was messing about at archery on Sunday am. As per request for sightings. My first sighting this season.
Andy Firth

Painted Honeyeater, White-winged Triller, Major Mitchell's Cockatoo Moiravale Rd Tottenham
In the some large Belah (Allocasuarina crystata) stands beside the road, 9.2 km SW of Tottenham, a pair of Painted Honeyeaters were located feed ing in Mistletoe in the Belah. Also present were Spiny-cheeked & Striped Honeyeaters, White-browed & Masked Woodswallows, 1 Major Mitchell's Cockatoo, Zebra Finches, 6 White-winged Trillers, Rufous Songlarks, Fan-tailed Cuckoo, a Wedge-tailed Eagle & 4 Grey-crowned Babblers.
Alan Morris & 12 members CCGBNSW

Painted Honeyeater, Little Lorikeet, Diamond Firetail, dark morph Little Eagle Munghorn Gap Nature Reserve
One Painted Honeyeater (male) seen, another bird heard. They were seen on the 21st as well and had been heard since the 20th - photograph attached. Mistletoe was fruiting and flowering. Some Little Lorikeets with Musk Lorikeets and Noisy Friarbirds were moving around searching for some VERY limited blossom - the occasional white box had a couple of flowers. One Diamond Firetail was banded on the 20th. A dark morph Little Eagle was seen well in flight and later found roosting near Moolarben Road by the dry creek bed.
Simon Gorta, Martin Filipczyk, Graham Fry

Painted Honeyeater, Cicadabird, Dollarbird, Leaden Flycatcher Broke near Cessnock.
Highlights from a birding trip to broke in the hunter valley on Sunday were 2 Painted Honeyeaters also my first Cicadabird, Dollarbird and several Leaden Flycatchers for the spring and 3 Yellow-billed Spoonbills.
michael ronan

Great Crested Grebe, Whiskered Tern Dangars Lagoon, Uralla
2 Great Crested Grebes were observed on the lagoon. 6 Whiskered Terns were also present (first for the region this season). An adult male Mallard was also observed. NO Blue-billed Ducks were present.
Curtis Hayne

Sat 21 Sep Azure Kingfisher Mother of Ducks Lagoon, Guyra
The lagoon is dry with only little water present at the bird hide. An Azure Kingfisher was observed in a willow with some very noisy Rufous Songlarks. Also 4 Australasian Shovelers and 4 Red-kneed Dotterels at the bird hide.
Curtis Hayne

Sat 21 Sep Black Honeyeater, Major Mitchells Cockatoo, Hooded Robin, Speckled Warbler Tottenham Caravan Park
The Tottenham CP is 0.5 km south of the town and adjacent to bushland in the railway reserve. Some of the highlights were 4 Black Honeyeaters, 2 Hooded Robin, 4 Speckled Warblers, 7 Major Mitchell"s Cockatoo, Red-winged & Blue Bonnet Parrots, Bar-shoulderd Dove, Inland Thornbill. 2 Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoos & 1 Black-eared Cuckoo, Spotted Bowerbird, Masked, White-browed & White-breasted Woodswallows, Grey-crowned & White-browed Babblers, Brown Goshawk and Collared Sparrowhawk. Close to town an adult male Crimson Chat was seen..
Alan Morris & 12 members CCGBNSW

Freckled Duck, Glossy Ibis, Flame Robin, Leaden Flycatcher Little Llangothlin Lagoon Nature Reserve
12 Freckled Ducks (9 in photo) were observed amongst other ducks. 40 Australasian Shovelers were also seen. Over 50 Black Swans were observed. Over 30 Black-winged Stilts including some immatures were observed and calling well across the lagoon. A single Buff-banded Rail was seen quickly ducking in reed bed. 5 Glossy Ibis were observed and over 200 Straw-necked Ibis flying over and feeding on nearby grassland. Bushbirds were also in abundance, with tens of Crimson Rosellas, a single male Leaden Flycatcher (first for season), large numbers of Buff-rumped Thornbills, 1 pair at a nest hollow and 4 (2 pairs) of Flame Robins, 1 pair at a nest hollow.
Curtis Hayne

Painted Honeyeater Munghorn Gap Nature Reserve
Painted Honeyeaters heard and briefly seen over the last couple of days. Other species of note were Little Eagle, Diamond Firetail, Jacky Winter, White-browed Babbler, Little Lorikeet, Striped and Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater.
Martin Filipczyk

Pectoral Sandpiper (1), Baillon's Crake (1), Hoary-headed Grebe (150+) Campbell's Swamp, Griffith
The lone Pectoral Sandpiper stood within 10m from us next to the boardwalk allowing good views before flying off in a zig-zag flight across the swamp. The crake was the first for this season and was seen beside the hide along with Reedwarblers and Little Grassbirds. The Hoary-headed Grebes were all together in the pond beside the boardwalk.
Max O'Sullivan, Nella Smith

Painted Honeyeater (3), Yellow-plumed Honeyeater (1) "The Winery" site opposite the southern part of Binya SF.
The Painteds were very vocal and showed themselves clearly. The first sighting for this Spring.
Max O'Sullivan, Nella Smith

Fri 20 Sep Pink Cockatoo (aka Major Mitchell's Cockatoo), Spotted Harrier Bogan Gate, near Parkes
A flock of about 20 Pink Cockatoos flew over the road at Bogan Gate, about 30km west of Parkes. Also a Spotted Harrier coursing over the fields behind the railway line in town.
Marc Anderson

Black Falcon Narrabri tip
A single Black Falcon was seen around 10am this morning on the green fringes of the Narrabri tip (not scavenging in the rubbish with the hundreds of Black Kites). About 1.5 hours later a similar (possibly the same) bird was seen circling above the CBD, 5 km from the tip. This is the farthest east I have seen a Black Falcon. Wing shape, flight pattern, size and the absence of a tear drop pattern indicate that this is not a very dark Brown Falcon.
Michael Dahlem

Thu 19 Sep Pied Oystercatcher, Pacific Golden Plover & Whiskered Tern Lake Wollumboola
Sightings of the Pied Oystercatcher on the Lake since the entrance was opened at the end of June: 6 on 5 July; 16 on 29 July; 3 on 19 September. There is also one Pacific Golden Plover in partial breeding plumage present as well as 6 Whiskered Terns, this being only the 8th time in 22 years of surveys.
Joy Pegler

Pied Cormorant Lake Wollumboola
Following the Lake entrance being opened in late June 2013 there have been large groups of Pied Cormorants at the lake: 20 on 19th August and 32 on 19th September. This species is seldom seen on the Lake.
Joy Pegler

Swift Parrot Werakata State Conservation Area (Pelton)
4 Swift Parrots still present at Pelton gleaning leaf foliage as they have been doing at this site since mid-May. Dusky Woodswallows nest-building and White-bellied Cuckoo-shrikes doing pre-nesting behaviour. I also thought I heard a Cicadabird but the call only happened once and I can't be 100% of the record.
Mick Roderick and Richard Atkins

Sat 14 Sep Glossy Black-Cockatoo, Red-browed Treecreeper, Emu, Rose Robin, Pilotbird, Superb Lyrebird Yambulla State forest South east NSW
Overcast conditions. 8 Glossy Black-Cockatoos resting after feeding on Imlay forest road. 2 Emus in wet forest. 1 Red-browed Treecreeper at Waalimma Wilderness Departure point. 1 Rose Robin, 4 Pilotbirds (2 pairs both times chasing each other), 1 Superb Lyrebird.
Edward Kettle and Dean Purcell

Sun 1 Sep Australian Brush-turkey Wollstonecraft
With regards to Ted's sighting at Berry creek on the 20th, I have seen the same individual at Newlands Reserve behind Rocklands Road many times. There are at least four to six birds present; they first appeared about a year ago to my certain knowledge, but a gardener there has told me they arrived 18 months ago.
Lindy Jones

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