Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 29 Apr 2013 01:31:34 +1000

Birdline New South Wales

Published sightings for the week ending 28 Apr 2013.

Sun 28 Apr Spotted Harriers, Jacky Winter Castlereagh, at the quarries
This morning I observed my first Jacky Winter in this area. I have only ever seen them at Llandilo last year. It does not seem to be a common species. Another brief visit this afternoon blessed me with sighting two adult Spotted Harriers hunting inside the quarries. I was able to follow one as it flew at eye level in front of me in Smith Rd. Then I was just able to pass it, stop and get a couple of photos at lightning speeds. My friend Peter Phelan reported getting great photos of an adult Swamp Harrier, the local Wedge-tailed Eagle pair and a third-year White-bellied Sea Eagle rob a Whistling Kite of its fish. For my own photos of the Spotted Harriers see further information below.
Ákos Lumnitzer

Australasian Shoveler, Pink-eared Duck Richmond Lowlands
Australasian Shoveler (4) Pink-eared Duck (6) Photograph attached.
Greg McLachlan

Little Eagle Agnes Banks Nature Reserve
Had a good morning at Agnes Banks with Little Eagle, Square-tailed kite,White-bellied Sea-Eagle,Whistling Kite,Brown Falcon,Black-tailed Native hen,Azure kingfisher,Crested Shrike-Tit
Tony & Stephanie Dawe

Mangrove Gerygones Wolli Creek, east of Jackson Place
Small flock of Mangrove Gerygones seen hawking in the canopy with Silvereyes, Spotted Pardalotes and Grey Fantails. Hard to get a good long look as they were very active, but they were calling (contact calls and song) constantly which confirmed the ID. Brown Goshawk, Eastern Spinebill and New Holland Honeyeaters also seen.
Melissa Mason and Therese Alting

Sat 27 Apr Swift Parrot Racecourse Beach, Ulladulla
4 Swift Parrots flying south across coastal dune vegetation at 0730 hrs.
June Harris

Square-tailed Kite Nowra
One Square-tailed Kite flying/soaring over township
June Harris

Black Falcon Clarence River, Ulmarra
One Black Falcon chasing a flock of galahs. Very rare visitor locally.
Russell Jago

Yellow-faced Honeyeaters Nanny Goat Hill, Earlwood
Spotted as part of the monthly survey of the area, about 6 Yellow-faced Honeyeaters flying over the hill. Not quite the 100+ sighted earlier in the week but an indication that this is on their route. Also sighted: Nankeen Night-heron, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos, Golden Whistler, and Brown Goshawk,
Melissa Mason, Fiona Vaughan

Fri 26 Apr Malleefowl, Grey-fronted and White-fronted Honeyeaters Roundhill Nature Reserve
One Malleefowl seen around 5pm crossing the Mt Hope dirt road that crosses Round Hill NR. White-fronted Honeyeaters and numerous Southern Scrub-robin & Shy Heathwren seen at the wheat field. Both Grey-fronted Honeyeater & Yellow-plumed Honeyeater seen near Whoey Tank.
Kathy Walter and John Goldie

Glossy Black-Cockatoo, Pied Oystercatcher, Eastern Osprey Metcalfes Track, Kylie Beach Camping Area, Crowdy Bay N.P.
Very close views of 5 Glossy Black-Cockatoos resting in trees along Metcalfes Track about 100 metres from Kylies Beach Camping area, which is located top end of Crowdy Beach below Diamond Head on the NSW mid north coast. Also heard and saw 2 the following day flying over the camping area as we were packing up tents. Others birds of interest included a group of 10 Pied Oystercatchers and a pair of Eastern Ospreys, plus many hundreds of Scaly-breasted Lorikeets.
Cameron Ward, Janette Ward, Kathy Hayden

Freckled Duck, Australian Shoveler, Little Eagle Dairy Swamp, Central Coast Wetlands, Tuggerah (limited Access)
35 species seen in 20 minutes just after 1300 hrs. Best birds were 12 Freckled Ducks (back to the numbers recorded in early March), 18 Shovelers, 18 Royal Spoonbills, 3 Yellow-billed Spoonbills, 4 Red-kneed & 3 Black-fronted Dotterels, 20+ Hoary-headed Grebes, 1 Little Eagle, 1 Swamp Harrier, 2 Whistling Kites and an immature Sea-eagle, 116 Grey Teal and 4 Chestnut Teal, still 6 White-breasted Woodswallows present, Striped Honeyeaters in the closest trees, 6 Black-winged Stlts and 44 Masked Lapwings. (To celebrate World Migratory Bird Day on 11/5/2013 CCGBNSW will schedule an extra outing to this Reserve - check with BNSW)
Alan Morris, Mike kuhl and Nick Carson

Masked Owl Majors Creek on Grafton-Armidale Road
Very white bird (? male) flew across road @ 1850 hrs. Distinguished from Barn Owl by large size and strong direct laboured flight.
Greg Clancy

Spotted Harrier New England Highway, Glencoe.
Adult Spotted Harrier over paddock.
Warren Martin

Spotted Harrier N edge of Glen Innes
Adult Spotted Harrier over paddock.
Warren Martin

Diamond Firetail 3.3 Km SE of Rocky Creek Road on the Ashford-Emmaville Road, NW of Strathbogie
One Diamond Firetail flew across road.
Warren Martin

Whistling Kite NW of Strathbogie on the Ashford-Emmaville Road
c.15 kites took off from dumped pig carcases on ground. 5 were clearly seen as Whistling Kites and all were probably Whistling Kites as they all appeared to be the same size and colour.
Greg Clancy, Warren Martin

Budgerigar, Turquoise Parrot, Little Lorikeet, Brown Treecreeper, Musk Lorikeet, Rainbow Lorikeet NW of Strathbogie on the Ashford-Emmaville Road
30+ Budgerigars took flight from trees, 3+ Turquoise Parrots in flight, 6+ Little, 20+ Musk and 2+ Rainbow Lorikeets were feeding at eucalypt blossom, 2+ Brown Treecreepers in trees.
Greg Clancy, Warren Martin

Diamond Firetail, Dusky Woodswallow Seven River Nature Reserve, SE of Ashford
Three Diamond Firetails flew to trees from grass/ground. One Dusky Woodswallow in flight.
Greg Clancy, Warren Martin

Black Kite, Whistling Kite Ashford Road, Inverell
6+ Black Kites and 1 Whistling Kite in flight over open country. As a number of our records of Black Kites have been in association with Whistling Kites I was wondering if they had migrated together from the inland.
Greg Clancy, Warren Martin

Osprey Lane Cove National Park (Fairyland)
A pair was fishing at Lane Cove River between Fairyland and River Ave.
Fatih Sam

Freckled Duck, Australasian Bittern, Rufous Whistler, Restless Flycatcher Pitt Town Lagoon
Freckled Duck, Australasian Bittern (1), Rufous Whistler (1 male), Restless Flycatcher
Mark Young

Great Crested Grebe Lake Wyangan, Griffith
4 Great Crested Grebe, as well as Australasian Grebes and Hoary-headed Grebes. Among the many other birds there - Great, Little Black, Pied and Little Pied Cormorants. Many Australasian Darters, Australian Pelicans
Sandra Henderson and Judy Leitch

Thu 25 Apr Sooty Oystercatcher South Head Sydney
A pair of Sooty Oystercatcher seen on the slimy green rocks at South Head 1.00pm on ANZAC Day. Plus about 30 New Holland Honeyeaters flying about in a "flock" around the Head and back and forth between the trees.
Marie Lister

Spotted Harrier Copeton Dam Road, 19 km from Inverell
Adult Spotted Harrier in flight over paddock
Greg Clancy, Warren Martin

Cockatiel Copeton Dam Road, c.20 km SE of Bingara
8-10 Cockatiel in flight over road
Greg Clancy, Warren Martin

Black Kite Copeton Dam Road at edge of Inverell
Three Black Kites in flight.
Greg Clancy, Warren Martin

Little Lorikeet Fossickers Rest Carvan Park, Inverell
One bird flying over.
Greg Clancy

Freckled Duck, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike Pitt Town Lagoon (approx. 55 km NW of Sydney CBD)
At Pitt Town Lagoon were at least 20 Freckled Ducks, c30 Pink-eared Ducks, 3 Australasian Shoveler, c40 Hoary-headed Grebes and a White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike
Edwin Vella, Tony Dawe et al

White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, Spotted Harrier Castlereagh
At Castlereagh was a nice adult Spotted Harrier soaring together with a Swamp Harrier over Castlereagh Rd. along Smith Rd was an adult White-bellied Sea-eagle, an Intermediate Egret and a dark morph White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike.
Edwin Vella and Tony Dawe

Black Kite, Black-tailed Native-hen, Pied Cormorant Bushells Lagoon, Freemans Reach (approx 60km NW of Sydney CBD)
Seen from the causeway was a Black Kite, a Black-tailed Native-hen and 5 Pied Cormorants (4 species of Cormorant present) during our brief visit to Bushells Lagoon.
Edwin Vella and Tony Dawe

Whistling Kite Irrigation Way, approx 5km from Whitton towards Griffith
Approx 30 Whistling Kites over paddock. Some burning off in adjacent paddocks, perhaps driving rodents out?
Sandra Henderson and Judy Leitch

Yellow-faced Honeyeater Ball's Head Waverton NSW
Observed 500 Yellow-faced Honeyeaters in flocks of 30-60 migrating northwards. A few Noisy Miners in the trees below them made their presence known by some territorial calls forcing a few YFHEs to nervously alter course slightly but still continuing on their journey. Constant chattering sounds made as they flew. Great to see, this was my first YFHE sighting in Waverton and my first honeyeater migration sighting in Sydney.
Rafael Wynn

Spotted Harrier Long Reef Aquatic Reserve.
Highlight from an early morning trip to Long Reef this morning was one Spotted Harrier being harassed by Australian Ravens low over the island.
michael ronan.

Wedge-tailed Eagle Bobbin Head Rd, Turramurra (southern end)
Single bird cruised over my house in Turramurra approx 2pm headng east. Couldn't tell for sure but it looked like it may have had a small aerial on its back(?) - I was a bit slow to get the bins out as the cocky alarm service was a bit slow starting up. Anybody know of research being done in the area on Wedge-tailed Eagles? Moderator's note (NH): University of Canberra has a Wedge-tailed Eagle program. See following link:
Tom Wilson

Budgerigar Corner of Golden Highway and Putty Road, Mount Thorley
Budgerigar 10-15 seen flying across the road. Very easterly record.
Grant Brosie

Superb Parrot Near Terry Hie Hie, NSW
A single male Superb Parrot was seen flying over near Tycannah Creek just north of Terry Hie Hie. This is my first sighting of the species. First its call was mistaken, quite similar to a Cockatiel until the bird was seen. Also seen were many Jacky Winters, Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, Little Lorikeets, Eastern Yellow Robin, Pied Currawongs, Buff-rumped Thornbills, Red-browed Finches and White-throated Treecreepers which are found in this area but not just 20km to the west on the plains.
Curtis Hayne

Black Kite Armidale Rd South Grafton nr Kythera Place.
10.15am Three Black Kites seen crossing Armidale Rd. 11.30am. A single Black Kite seen circling west of road in same location.
Warren Thompson

Budgerigar Martindale village and Medhurst Bridge
100+ Budgies seen this morning between 0640 and 0920 (when we had to leave). Several flocks flying around so hard to estimate numbers but a couple of flocks of 30-odd birds so at least 100 would be a conservative estimate. At Medhurst Bridge the birds were mostly flying around, occasionally alighting in wattles (see image). At Martindale village birds were seen feeding on the ground, perhaps on grass seed.
Mick Roderick, Dan Williams and Peter Alexander

Spotted Harrier Plumpton Park, Plumpton
While walking my dog at 9:54 this morning Noisy Miners alerted me to a large raptor gliding high overhead. Already on my backyard list, the Spotted Harrier makes a great addition for this suburban park.
Mark Fuller

Wed 24 Apr Black Kite Forest Hill
Black Kite (13) Gliding slowly overhead fairly high. Heading west.
Judy Leitch

Wed 24 Apr Little Lorikeet Gullbraith Trail, Warialda NP, near Adams Scrub (no public access)
2+ observed in flowering eucalypts. Others heard along trail.
Greg Clancy, Warren Martin

Hooded Plover Boat Harbour, Kurnell
roosting at high tide at 06:30. first record for this site for many years
Phil Straw

Peregrine Falcon Sydney CBD
Looked out of window of 42nd floor apartment at World Square (Pitt / Goulburn Sts) about 0730 this morning to see a Peregrine Falcon circle round a nearby apartment block at about the same height.
Andrew Wood

female Pink Robin (pending NSW ORAC decision) Morton NP, Bundanoon, Gambells Rest
We saw the female Pink Robin twice at very close quarters at the edge of the track near to the wishing well site at 14:30 h. We stood absolutely still and it came right up to us. This robin had no white on its tail and its plumage matched the Pink Robin, not the Rose Robin. (Moderator's Note: Pink Robin in this area of NSW is on the Review List of NSW ORAC and wil be subject to their confirmation).
John and Jenny Shepherd

Freckled Duck, Spotless Crake, Australian Reed-Warbler Earthcare Park, Metford Rd, Tenambit
15 Freckled Duck, 1 Spotless Crake heard, Australian Reed-Warbler still singing
Grant Brosie

Tue 23 Apr Spangled Drongo Warriewood Wetlands
Clear sky, bird busy. Waterfall walk only as wetland walk was barricaded off for repair & maintenance. Spangled Drongo
Paddy de Klerk

Tue 23 Apr Budgerigar Nundle, The Verdun homestead
A flock of 13 Budgerigars seen at this property, first record in 10 years of occupancy by the current owners
Ben Pointer per Alan Morris

Varied Sittella, Little Lorikeet, White-throated Honeyeater, White-naped Honeyeater, Rose Robin, Purgatory Trail and Jackadgery Trig Trail, Nymboida National Park and adjacent private land.
One Varied Sittella was observed on private land and five in the national park. 1+ Little Lorikeets were heard on the private land as was a Brown Treecreeper. White-throated and White-naped Honeyeaters were present at one site. These species rarely overlap in the Clarence and the White-naped Honeyeaters may have been southern migrants or the site may be within the overlap zone. White-throated Honeyeaters inhabit the lowlands while White-naped Honeyeaters are at higher altitudes. The Rose Robin is an autumn-winter migrant to the lowlands of the Clarence. This site was at around 300 m.
Greg Clancy

Black Kite Clarence Regional Waste Depot, Armidale Road, South Grafton
One Kite being attacked on the wing by a smaller bird, probably a Pied Butcherbird but smaller bird disappeared before ID confirmed. The Kite moved off to the north.
Greg Clancy

Freckled Duck Werri Lagoon 1' Cell
Freckled Duck (1) with the Teals and Black Ducks where they roost near Birrabungie Reserve (a small, one house-block sized reserve that give access to the lagoon) in the morning, at midday and after sunset. Bird was further south up the lagoon around mid morning with the Teals.
Lachlan Hall

Budgerigars Martindale, Hunter Valley
On the back of Karen's very exciting record, I saw two flocks of Budgerigars in the same location this morning. One consisting of 10-12 birds the other 30-40 birds. Good views roadside of largest flock.
Steve Roderick

Spotted Harrier 107 Levenstrath Rd Levenstrath nr Grafton.
2.40pm. Working along a creek line on above property. This is the 5th sighting within 1 km radius since 1/4/2013.
Warren Thompson

Swift Parrot Gibraltar Reserve Wildlife Refuge, Gwydir Hwy, Cangai
At least 1 bird flight-calling with Musk Lorikeets 0940hrs, heading east. Communication with the Swift Parrot recovery team suggests it's unsuprising following recent sightings in the Armidale area.
Simon Clayton

Mon 22 Apr Great Crested Grebe Fairy Hill Lagoon, north of Casino
4 Great Crested Grebe present on this large lagoon.
David Charley

Blue-billed Duck, Pink-eared Duck, Australasian Shoveler, Grey-crowned Babbler Llewellyn Road swamp, West Casino
Six Blue-billed Duck, 14 Pink-eared Duck, 36 Australasian Shoveler present on this large swamp. Large numbers of other waterbirds including Pacific Black Duck, Grey Teal, Straw-necked Ibis and Glossy Ibis also present. A small group of six Grey-crowned Babbler also present.
David Charley

Black Kite Casino rubbish dump
Large flock of at least 40 birds foraging over and on the rubbish dump. Large numbers have recently irrupted on the Northern Rivers where this species is usually rare.
David Charley

Willie Wagtail vicinity of McMahon's Road Lagoon, Tatham
While this is a common species it was noteworthy that in the vicinity of this lagoon there were at least 40 Willie Wagtails. mostly on the road verges but also in the paddocks.
David Charley

Freckled Duck, Black-necked Stork, Hoary-headed Grebe McMahon's Road, Lagoon, near Tatham, East of Casino
5 Freckled Duck, 2 Hoary-headed Grebe and 1 Black-necked Stork
David Charley

Freckled Duck. Australasian Shoveler, Glossy Ibis, Black-necked Stork, Comb-crested Jacana Queensland Road / Jabiru Wetlands, Casino
Large number of waterbirds on these swamps with many 100's of ducks. Highlights were 27 Freckled Duck, 2 Black-necked Stork, 12 Australasian Shoveler, 6 Comb-crested Jacana, 111 Glossy Ibis, at least 4 Chestnut Teal,
David Charley

Freckled Duck Earthcare Park, Metford Rd, Tenambit
7 Freckled Ducks associating with Hardhead.
Grant Brosie and Robert Kilkelly

Pink-eared Duck, Australasian Shoveler, Freckled Duck Tallawarra Ash Pond 3, Yallah
approximately 20 Pink-eared Ducks, 10 Australasian Shovelers and 7 Freckled Ducks in the large ash pond.
Michael Crosland

Southern Boobook Oakhurst
Came back from the dentist the morning to hear Magpie-larks and White-plumed Honeyeaters going off at something in my Cocos Palm. Great to see this little fella is still hanging around, my second backyard owl species in a week.
Mark Fuller

Sun 21 Apr Budgerigar Opposite Martindale School, Martindale Road, Martindale NSW
Flock of approx. 100.
Karen Thumm and Andrew Stauber

Black Kite, Whistling Kite, Sooty Owl, Lewin's Rail, King Quail Gibraltar Reserve, 6892 Gwydir Hwy, Cangai
Ten Black Kites soaring with two Whistling Kites over home this morning, Masked Owl monitoring last night: Both Masked Owl and a distant Sooty Owl were heard. Lewin's Rail & King Quail calling and Australian Logrunners extablishing territory, all within 150 metres of home. Gibraltar Reserve is a Wildlife Refuge supported by visiting birders.
Simon Clayton

Fri 19 Apr Emerald Dove Bangalee Reserve, Shoalhaven River, west of Nowra
Our first recording of Emerald Dove here.
Ann Millard

Wed 17 Apr Crested Bellbird Cocoparra National Park
Seen on the Jacks Creek walk Crested Bellbird (1) Photographed
Anthony & Vicki Katon

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