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Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 1 Apr 2013 01:31:22 +1000

Birdline New South Wales

Published sightings for the week ending 31 Mar 2013.

Sun 31 Mar Black-shouldered Kite, Southern Boobook Long Reef Golf Course
Black-shouldered Kite Southern Boobook

Black Kites, Plum-headed Finch, Spotted Harrier Kerrabee on Bylong Valley Way
4 Black Kites together. 32 25 18 x 150 18 51 Also, another Spotted Harrier at Bylong village. 10 Plum-headed Finches were counted before the group took flight, including juveniles (5 km from Bylong on the Wollar Road)
June Harris

Black Kite, Black Falcon Between Hanwood and Darlington Point
At least 20 Black Kites and 1 Black Falcon observed whilst travelling over about 10 km, the Black Kite was rarely observed south of Lachlan River in early-mid 1970's.
Bob Moffatt

Magpie Lark Hanwood south of Griffith
Flock of 53 Magpie Larks - a flock of this size not often encountered
Bob Moffatt

Eastern Barn Owl Mistral Point, Maroubra
Not what I expected to see during a brief seawatch at Maroubra this morning. A great ruckus from Australian Ravens and Pied Currawongs behind me and I turned around to see them chasing an Eastern Barn Owl over the rooftops along Marine Parade. The owl headed out towards where I was sitting on the point, flying straight above me before heading out to sea. One of the ravens struck the owl, which lost a handful of feathers. The ravens then gave up and the owl flew north over Lurline Bay before heading back to land in the cliffs above the bay. Things much quieter out to sea, 4 Pomarine Jaegars, 3 Black-browed Albatross and a large pod of Short-beaked Common Dolphins the only things of interest.
Robert Griffin

Striated Heron Woodcroft Lake, Blacktown LGA
After missing out on Friday and again on Saturday I met John DeHeaume this morning who had rang me to confirm the bird was still present. Despite lots of human activity, including a model speedboat, we soon located the small heron hunting gambusia at the edge of the lake.
Mark Fuller and John DeHeaume

Spotted Harrier, Square-tailed Kite, Whistling Kite, White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Brown Falcon Castlereagh near Penrith
Raptors galore! This morning I was blessed with many raptors out along Castlereagh Rd. I was able to sneak upon a beautiful Spotted Harrier perched on a roadside fence. Then I saw three (3) Whistling Kites hunt over cut grass paddocks (unusual numbers), the local female Brown Falcon, a Square-tailed Kite hunting along the trees lining Castlereagh Road, a White-bellied Sea-Eagle, five (5) Black-shouldered Kites (some hovering) and a Nankeen Kestrel. All in all a beautiful bunch of sightings a few minutes from home and in rather dreary weather.
Ákos Lumnitzer

Sat 30 Mar Black Kite (50 plus) East Maitland and Louth Park
Saw at least 50 Black Kites around the East Maitland rubbish tip. This is a location where I have seen them in large numbers some time agao as well as a pair of Black Falcons, Spotted Harrier and a good variety of other raptors. I initially saw one Black Kite soaring over the relatively new residential area of Louth Park and later noticed many more there and more coming from the direction of the East Maitland rubbish tip. The birds can easily be seen just outside the rubbish tip along the Mt Vincent Rd. Sydney siders should check Eastern Creek rubbish tip!!!
Edwin Vella

Wood Sandpiper Lake Cargelligo Sewage Treatment Works
Sue and I along with Ian (BNSW) saw x1 Wood Sandpiper in the second pond, bird was quite nervous and flew between ponds as we walked further in.
John and Sue O'Malley

Spotted Harrier and Grey Goshawk Jim Johnson Res. Warkworth
One Spotted Harrier and one Grey Goshawk (grey morph). Also many Noisy Friarbirds migrating north east, plus a family of Grey-crowned Babblers in the bush around the Res.
June Harris

Double-banded Plover, Red-necked Stint, Caspian Tern, Little Tern, Common Tern Sailing club sandbar, Richmond River, Ballina
A group of 58 Double-banded Plover roosting on sandbar but being disturbed on a regular basis by beach goers. Also 11 Red-necked Stint. Single Caspian Tern with mixed group of terns. Uncommon in the Richmond Estuary. 12 Little Tern also present and 3 Common Tern.
David Charley

Black-shouldered Kite Pacific Highway/F3 on ramp Cowan
One Black-shouldered Kite obsreved perched above F3 on ramp just north of old toll gates site. First I have seen in the area since moving here in 1995.
Paul Burcher

Red-lored Whistler, Gilbert's Whistler, Malleefowl Nombinnie Nature Reserve
Sue and I observed one Malleefowl 1km past the SW corner of the old wheat paddock in Nombinnie Reserve at around 0630 h, several Gilbert's Whistlers (photo attached) and heard one Red-lored Whistler at the SW corner of the old wheat Paddock 0800 h. Later I observed one Red-lored Whistler with juv but VERY nervous and skittish. I was intrigued because I had postulated that after October they disperse to?
John and Sue O'Malley

Pied Honeyeater Lake Cargelligo Sewage Treatment Works
Sue and I observed 15 - 20 Pied Honeyeaters getting ready to roost on medium sized bushes around the Works. Two full males one half plumaged male and the rest females and or juv's. Seen over a period of 2 days.
John & Sue O'Malley

Southern Boobook Long Reef
My friend rang me very excitedly this evening that he saw his very first owl species roosting near the golf course at Long Reef. After a brief chat and description I suspected boobook. So it was. See image attached, which I have his permission to post on his behalf.
Ákos Lumnitzer on behalf of Sar Nop

White-browed Woodswallow Boundary Road Reserve, Bathurst
Small flock of about 5 hawking for insects above the reserve. They didn't hang around for long.
Tiffany and Melissa Mason

Rose Robin Cahills Lookout, Blue Mountains
Picinic area and walk to Peckmans Plateau Lookout & return. Clear,cool & still morning. 2 Rose Robins at the Picnic area, as well as a Bassian Thrush, with a Beautiful Firetail on the walk to Peckmans Plateau Lookout. A fabulous short morning walk.
John French & Fiona Lumsden

Musk Lorikeets Griffith township
Several Musk Lorikeets feeding at eucalypt blossom - not recorded when I resided here 1974-78.
Bob Moffatt

Freckled Duck Campbells swamp Griffith.
At least 38 Freckled Duck, 60+ Plumed Whistling-Duck, ~20 Australasian Shoveler, many Pink-eared Duck, 200 Black-tailed Native-Hen, single Australian Spotted Crake.
Bob Moffatt

Whistling Kite & Australian Hobby Tuggerah STW, Ibis St Tuggerah
A brief stop at Tuggerah STW late this morning found 9 Whistling Kites (a large number for the Central Coast), and a Australian Hobby. There was lots of Australian Raven and Torresian Crow interaction with the Kites as they tried to shift them on. A male Australasian Shoveler was seen here yesterday but not seen today.
Alan Morris & Dennis Grimwood

Pheasant Coucal River Ave Chatswood West. Sydney
Adult male Pheasant Coucal seen opposite Greens Flat ....120 metres from Delhi Rd junction. Lived here for 30 years, never seen one in these parts before.
Harry O'Donovan

Spotted Harrier, Pink-eared Duck and Chesntut-breasted Mannikin McPherson Rd Swamp, Tuggerah
We were present for 20 minutes at 1110 hrs and the highlights were an adult Spotted Harrier which circled over the reedbeds and wetlands for some time, there was also a Whistling Kite, 1 Black-shouldered Kite, and there were a pair of Pink-ears amongst the Hardheads, Coots and Grey Teal, About 11 Chestnut-breasted Mannikins were seen, 15 Cattle Egrets flew in and Cisticolas and Tawny Grassbirds were also present.
Alan Morris, Allan Benson & Dennis Grimwood

Grey Goshawk, White-breasted Sea-Eagle, Whistling Kite Dairy Swamp, Central Coast Wetlands, Tuggerah
Two hours, 9-1100 hrs, were spent at the Dairy this morning, highlights included a Sea-Eagle that put up all the birds, 2 White-necked Herons, 5 Red-kneed Dotterel;s, Royal Spoonbills, Straw-necked Ibis, 2 Whistling Kites circling over the wetlands and the rabbit patch, a Swamp Harrier, 8 Black-fronted Dotterels, 6 White-breasted Woodswallows (getting a bit late), 2 Hoary-headed Grebes, and the usual Coots, Black Ducks, Hardhead and Grey Teal. A Grey Goshawk was perched on the wires at the edge of the wetland. Cattle Egrets were in the adjacent paddocks and Pipits were seen.
Alan Morris, Allan Benson & Dennis Grimwood

Black Kite Castlereagh near Penrith
While walking my dogs this morning I observed an adult Black Kite hunting low along the edge of Castlereagh Road, about 1km north of Cranebrook Road, on the eastern side (not the quarry side). It was low, and from time to time made low swooping manoeuvres just over the tall grasses. Once it actually landed and appeared to have caught something, but flew off empty-handed. A wonderful sight.
Ákos Lumnitzer

Fri 29 Mar Flock Bronzewing Sturt National Park (South Myers Tank)
Six Flock Bronzewings flew in from the north to drink at the dam at around 9am. In my haste for a photograph they took off just as quickly and did not return.
Neil and Luke Shelley

Striated Heron Woodcroft (3-5km west of Blacktown CBD)
John DeHeume advised us this morning that he had seen a Black Bittern beside Lake Woodcroft late this morning (a suburb next to Doonside and a few km west of Blacktown CBD). Mark Fuller and I checked this spot over an hour later but did not find the bird. I then later went again there later in the afternoon and was surprised to have seen an Immature Striated Heron well inland and away from its typical estuarine environment. I suspect it may have followed the Hawkesbury River, then up Eastern Creek and then made its way. I have seen one at Cattai NP (approx 50 km from the coast and 55 km NW of Sydney CBD)) which is also quite well inland). this is my first sighting for the Blacktown LGA (now 231 bird species for the Blacktown LGA).
Edwin Vella

Pied Honeyeater Lake Cargelligo Sewage Treatment Works
At least 15 birds seen by a group of Birding NSW members.

Tawny Grassbirds,Hoary-headed Grebe, Whistling Kite Pitt Town Lagoon
Pair of Tawny Grassbirds close to the viewing mound, a number of Hoary-headed Grebes, 12 Whistling Kites and a Wood Sandpiper. A mixture of 500 birds included both Ibis species and Cattle Egrets roosting in trees on the islands. A number of Spottess Crakes calling.
Keith Brandwood

Wandering, Shy and Black-browed Albatross. North Head, Manly.
The highlight from a sea watch off North Head today was a Wandering Albatross, a rare bird off North Head during the last two or three years. Also seen were 4 Shy Albatrosses & 23 Black-browed Albatrosses.
michael ronan.

Eastern Osprey Moree West
A big highlight today! 2 Ospreys (one's an immature) seen at a small permanent wetland in a big area of woodlands and scrubland on the western edge of town. According to the field guides, this bird is not normally found inland! Large numbers of Gull-billed Terns were flying all around the place.
Curtis Hayne

Zebra Finch Ermington - Silverwater 1' cell
Mid afternoon walk on the Ermington side of the river from George Kendall to Eric Primrose Parks. Zebra Finch (1) Juvenile. Perched on wire fence just before Silverwater Bridge. Have photos.Only reported on Eremaea twice at Sydney Olympic Park and not at all on this side of the river. A friend saw them here several weeks ago.
Jenny Stiles

Eastern Barn Owl Murray St Bateau Bay
While doing some gardening my attention was attracted to a racket coming from a house a few doors down made by Noisy Miners, Magpies and Grey Butcherbirds, Expecting that a a Ring-tailed Possum had been found by these aggressive birds, I was surprised to find that it was an Eastern Barn Owl. The Owl flew off at my approach but was hassled in neighbouring trees by the Noisy Miners and Pied Currawongs for another half an hour! (My first CC record in two years)
Alan Morris

Australian Little Bittern, Ground Parrot Limeburners Creek Nature Reserve, c 12 km Nth Port Macquarie
Australian Little Bittern flushed from dam on edge of Quarry swamp. Also, a single Ground Parrot was flushed nearby twice, from edge of the track and then a few metres into swamp. (Moderator's Note: There are very few records for Little Bitterns in the area Port Macquarie-Crescent Head, but Limeburners Ck NR is known to have a small Ground Parrot population.AKM)
Matt Hinze

Little Lorikeet Woodford, Blue Mountains
This morning at the southern end of Park Rd at Woodford we heard then saw 7 or 8 Little Lorikeets fly overhead in a tight flock. This is the first time I have recorded this species in the mid mountains. Other notable birds seen were Southern Emu-wren nearby in shrubs next to the Park Rd dam and two female Scarlet Honeyeaters in my backyard.
Mark Ley, Fiona Lumsden and John French

Kelp Gull Sandon Point, Bulli
Single adult Kelp Gull flying over the southern side rock shelf.
Michael Crosland

Thu 28 Mar Fork-tailed Swift Hill 60 Port Kembla
Around 25 Fork-tailed Swifts were observed for around twenty minutes as they flew around Hill 60.
Terrill Nordstrom

Budgerigar Leard State Forest, near Boggabri NSW
A number of Budgerigar flocks between 6 and 30 noted this week flying through or loafing in Leard State Forest, with a flock of at least 60 observed foraging on the ground in Box/Ironbark forest on native grasses, herbs and shrubs on 28 March.
Allan Richardson

Pacific Golden Plover Long Reef Aquatic Reserve
5.30 pm, prior to a southerly change on an incoming tide I was observing 2 of 14 PGP with good breeding colour. See poor quality photo attached. Also seen were 12 Ruddy Turnstone (some with breeding colours), a dozen Red-necked Stints, 2 Grey-tailed Tattlers and a few Sooty Oystercatchers.
Kerry Allen

Freckled Duck, Black Kite Hexham Swamp (viewed from Lenaghan's Drive)
Two Freckled Ducks on one of the several visible ponds on the Hexham Swamp floodplain from 'Kite Bluff' along Lenaghan's Drive (the U-turn bay). Amongst the many other waterbirds there were also 28 Australasian Shovelers. The first raptor seen upon arrival was a Black Kite; the only one seen. 14 Swamp Harrier also.
Mick Roderick

Topknot Pigeon, Crimson Rosella, Peregrine Falcon Fort Street Highschool, Petersham
2 Topknot Pigeons over oval. In flight but tail band showing clearly, bulky build etc. Headed towards ashfield along parramatta road after circling the Kennards Hire building a couple of times. Also of note 2 Crimson Rosellas and a Peregrine Falcon.
Simon Gorta

Rufous Whistler Campsie
Another new bird for the house list with a female Rufous Whistler calling away in the backyard this morning.
Troy Mutton

Painted Buttonquail, Southern Boobook Field of Mars Reserve, East Ryde
Fairly exceptional unplanned morning visit. Warm, clear, calm. Painted Buttonquail (1) Absolutely overjoyed, but not totally surprised, to observe a single PBQ along the Cannon Track. First seen running across track (first thought was a rat/mouse), but then observed stopped in the middle of the track before running off. Habitat here, although in some places quite thick, has always seemed adequate to me. My 100th species for my local patch and what a corker! Southern Boobook (1) Single bird flushed from daytime roost, observed well. I've heard SB several times locally at night, but this is the first one I've seen in the Field of Mars.
Max Breckenridge

Wed 27 Mar Glossy Black-Cockatoo Cougal, North west of Kyogle
Pair of Glossy Black-Cockatoos flying across road.
David Charley

Spotted Harrier Cedar Point, approximately 5km south of Kyogle
Single bird quartering over paddock of long grass.
David Charley

Grey Goshawk and Brown Goshawk Berrys Lane, Fountaindale, near Ourimbah
We have had the Grey and Brown Goshawk here morning and evening for the last 3 days, trying to attack rescued birds in the aviary.
Ruth Hopkins

Grey Goshawk Oatlands
Grey Goshawk flying high over my house for the last few days. Also Black-shouldered kite
Tony & Stephanie dawe

Leaden Flycatcher Campsie
Got hwhence about 12.30 today, and saw a female Leaden Flycatcher resting in a grevillia in my backyard. Confirmed observation with my partner, but it was gone before I could get my camera for a shot. First I've seen here in 5 years.
Troy Mutton

Tue 26 Mar Peregrine Falcon Cameroo Lane, Sutton Forest
1 male Peregrine Falcon seen in a dead tree on the corner of Cameroo Lane and the Illawarra Highway at around 4:00pm on both the 25th & 26th.
Tom Madigan & Charlie Lawson

Black Kite Padstow
One flying my house
Joy Pegler

Glossy Black-Cockatoos South Ulladulla
9 Glossy Black-Cockatoos were seen this morning in the reserve east of Kingspoint. These birds have been seen a a regular basis in the heathland behind the ExServos Club in Ulladulla. They seem to be made up of 3 families of 2 adults plus the fledgling which flock and feed in a group.
Bob Rusk

Collared Sparrowhawk, Pacific Baza Plumpton/Oakhurst
A male Brown Goshawk with a square tail was my first thought (the female was present last week) as I jogged to Plumpton Park. No camera, but a quick look at the spoonbills and Noisy Miners hassling a Pacific Baza (a regular winter visitor). Near home Willie Wagtails gave me clear views of the sparrowhawk perched in a tree, still present when I returned with my camera. Unfortunately at this point the homeowner came out yelling 'Yeeagh! go away silly birds' they promptly obliged leaving me yet to capture this elusive raptor.
Mark Fuller

Mon 25 Mar Black Kite Mundoonen NR 14 km east of Yass
A group of 4 Black Kites were circling over the Hume Freeway, an area that I travel regularly and where I have not seen Black Kites in recent times!
Alan Morris, A & R. Benson, Steve Edwards

Black Kite Seaham Rd, Raymond Terrace (Hunter Region)
Heading out of Raymond Terrace on the Seaham Road and just over the river bridge, we were pleasantly surprised to have a Black Kite glide low over the car.
Clive Meadows & Louise Earnshaw

Rainbow Bee-eater North Orange
flock of 12+ flying north, a lot of calling.
Neville Schrader

Square-tailed Kite Winani Road Erina
Individual Square-tailed Kite observed flying at canopy height.
Warren Brown

Freckled Duck Berrima Road Wetlands, Moss Vale
3 Freckled Duck, 1 Pink-eared Duck, 2 Australasian Shovelers, 2 Red-kneed Dotterels, Hoary-headed Grebes plus the usual crowd of Eurasian Coots, Hardheads, teal and cormorants.
Michael Barton

Diamond Dove Eulah Creek, 20 km east of Narrabri 2390
A single male was observed feeding on grass/weed seeds along our driveway this morning. First sighting of the species here since May 2009.
Michael Dahlem

Royal and Yellow-billed Spoonbills, Australian Reed-Warbler Plumpton Park
I thought I'd found three Yellow-billed Spoonbills feeding in the wetland of this suburban park but was suprised to note one had a black face, my first record of a Royal Spoonbill at this location. Despite their differences, they appeared to feed and later roost as a group. Two Australian Reed-Warblers are still present in the reed bed.
Mark Fuller

Sun 24 Mar Grey Goshawk Lewisham (inner-west Sydney)
Taking a walk this afternoon (Thursday 28th March) along Fred Street by the old freight rail line, a miner cacophony alerted me to a Grey Goshawk cruising by about 10 metres above the ground. Excellent views sans binos, and a bird I have never seen in 15 years in this area, nor did I ever expect to see here.
Ashwin Rudder

Black-necked Stork Ramsay Island, Blackalls Bay, Woy Woy
Ramsay Island is the Pelican breeding island in Brisbane Water near Woy Woy. Wendy Gillespie photographed this juvenile Black-necked Stork at the breeding colony. It is possibly one of the two BN Storks seen elsewhere in Brisbane Water on Kincumber Broadwater on 22/3/13 and I am currenlty seeking confirmation of this fact. This juvenile bird is not the bird at the Dairy Swamp, Central Coast Wetlands, seen earlier this month
Wendy Gillespie per Alan Morris

Spotted Harrier, Little Eagle (dark morph), Little Lorikeets Victoria Street and Neville Rd, Riverstone (approx. 10km NW of Blacktown CBD)
Saw a Spotted Harrier being mobbed by an Australian Raven high over the forest in Victoria Street (a record shot attached). Also saw a dark morph Little Eagle soaring over Neville Rd. I don't come accross dark morph birds that often around the Blacktown LGA. Other birds of interest seen around Riverstone included Little Lorikeets, Peaceful Dove, White-throated Gerygones and saw a few Golden Whistlers arriving for the approaching winter.
Edwin Vella

Tawny Frogmouth, Southern Boobook Warriewood escarpment/wetlands
Conditions were excellent for spotlighting so I ventured out along the Warriewood escarpment off Ingleside Road at 2100, then afterwards walked the wetlands boardwalk off Katoa Close at 2130. A single Tawny Frogmouth was seen along the escarpment, and a Southern Boobook was heard in the far distance from the wetlands. Mammals seen were Brush- and Ring-tailed Possums and Long-nosed Bandicoots.
Jon Spicer-Bell

Grey-crowned Babbler Nulkaba, North Cessnock
7 + birds. Resident on private property off O'Connors Rd.
Peter Madvig

Australian Hobby Bicentennial Park, Glebe
1 Australian Hobby at about 6:45 in the evening, flew in a wide circle above me and then headed towards Leichhardt with some speed.
Simon Gorta

Grey Falcon Nowlans Rd X Grimms Lane, Weddin Mtns NP West
Fine, clear and sunny, no wind, ~17*C. Grey Falcon (2) Two adult birds perched in the top branches of a dead tree at corner of Nowlans Rd and Grimms Ln. Spied from some distance but were not disturbed by our approach in the car, allowing close observation at leisure over ~ten minutes and comparison with illustrations in both Pizzey and Slater. Yellow cere, eye-ring and legs clearly seen; mid-grey above with narrow fawn streaks on wings and dark wingtips covering tail, off-white below with greyish breast; characteristic mid-grey 'moustache' running down from gape. Both birds same size and relatively small so presumed to be males. Photos taken with phone but not good enough to post.
Kim and Geoff Larmour

Sat 23 Mar Square-tailed Kite South Nowra
One bird flying low over Princes Hwy at 10:45am. Sightings fairly common between Bomaderry and South Nowra.
Carla Jackett

Fri 22 Mar Red-backed Fairy-wren Rawdon Vale near Stobo HSD, on private property, Gloucester District
A party of one coloured male and 3 brown birds were seen on a fence beside the road by members of the CCGBNSW Camp- out at Gloucester. Other birds in the vicinity in this area of open grassland were Brown Falcon and many Kestrels, Pheasant Coucal, Pipit, Back-shouldered Kite and a Collared Sparrowhawk.
Alan Morris & 34 members of CCGBNSW

Black-necked Stork Kincumber Broadwater near the channel entering from Davistown.
A pair of Black-necked Storks were first sighted from Davistown end of the Broadwater by an NPWS Ranger Vicki Elliot, who alerted Doug Beckers, Scientic Officer, NPWS, Gosford and he went out and confirm the sighting, and advised me, but alas most members of the CCGBNSW, like me, were at camp at Gloucester. There have been no reports since. (Even though earlier this month Black-necked Storks were seen at the Central Coast Wetlands at Tuggerah, and from Tuggerah, Wamberal and Avoca Lagoons in 2011, it is a long time since they have been seen in Brisbane Water, as I am unaware of any published records.)
Doug Beckers, per Alan Morris

Thu 21 Mar Sanderling Lake Wollumboola near Culburra
Feeding on lake side of berm
Joy Pegler

Wed 20 Mar Square-tailed Kite Mitchell Park, Cattai NP
One juvenile Square-tailed Kite seen by participants on the Birding NSW mid week outing and identified by Ted Nixon.
Elisabeth Karplus on behalf of Birding NSW

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