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Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 8 Apr 2013 01:31:19 +1000

Birdline New South Wales

Published sightings for the week ending 7 Apr 2013.

Sun 7 Apr Black Falcon (2), Black Kite (50), Rose Robin, Leaden Flycatcher East Maitland Rubbish Tip
Two Black Falcons put on a good show today at the rubbish tip with around 50 Black Kites (perhaps even more), a Whistling Kite (seen by Kim Pryor and Rebecca Citroni - not the boys though), a Brown Goshawk, Wedge-tailed Eagles, an adult and an immature White-bellied Sea-eagle, Peregrine Falcon and Australian Hobby amongst the raptors seen today. Also seen was a male Rose Robin, a female Leaden Flycatcher (possibly also heard another), Double-barred Finches and Torresian Crows (the later species about the southern limit of their range here). Lots of small birds moving through in mixed species flocks such as tassie Silvereyes, Yellow-faced, Brown-headed and Scarlet Honeyeaters as well as Golden Whistlers included.
Edwin Vella, Tony Dawe, Ákos Lumnitzer, Mickey Mackwan, Peter Phelan, Nischit Solanky et al.

Sat 6 Apr Spotted Harrier Western Sydney Parklands, Glendenning
I glimpsed a raptor on an evening stroll and fired off a couple of quick shots. Despite poor quality (photoshopped) ID shows another Spotted Harrier in northwest Sydney.
Mark Fuller

Freckled Duck (12) Pitt Town Lagoon
Fairly uneventful around Richmond Lowlands, Pitt Town Lagoon and Scheyville today. About a dozen Freckled Duck at Pitt Town though. Always nice to see Jacky Winters around Scheyville too.
Andy Firth

Yellow Wagtail sp. (likely Eastern) Wagtail Way, Ash Island (Newcastle)
Single Yellow Wagtail flying over Wagtail Way and Swan/Wader Ponds late this afternoon. There was a lot of water present (including over the road) and I never saw the bird land, though I watched it for several minutes. Hence I can only say Yellow Wagtail sp. but I would think that it was likely an Eastern. I think this is the first Ash Island record this season. My maximum count on Hexham Swamp this year was 4 birds on the 24th Feb which were all Easterns (seen with Nick Leseberg).
Mick Roderick

King Quail, Spotted Harrier, Grey Goshawk, Rose Robin Castlereagh Rd, Castlereagh (approx. 60km west of Sydney CBD)
King Quail was heard calling a few times along Castlereagh Rd (a few have been present also in the nearby Hawkesbury are over the last month or so). Also present was a beautiful adult Spotted Harrier, a Grey Goshawk (photo attached), a few Whistling Kites, Brown Falcon, Nankeen Kestrels, Black-shouldered Kites, several of each of the 3 species of grebe, both spoonbill species, all 3 species of ibis, 4 species of cormorant etc. Rose Robin and good numbers of Golden Whistlers have moved in for the winter in Castlereagh. A total of 90 species recorded in the few hours I was there this morning.
Edwin Vella

Budgerigar Woolbrook-Limbri Road, 40kms north-east of Tamworth
A small group of approximately 25 birds flew up from the side of the road, landing in eucalypt trees a short distance away. We watched them for about 10 mintues. Grid reading 31°00.411 151°10.794
Max Harris & Lori Warren

Powerful Owl Terry's Creek Walk, Lane Cove National Park
Seen 3 Powerful Owls this morning between Browns Waterhole and Epping Road, Lane Cove National Park.
michael ronan

Little Egret, Intermediate Egret, Glossy Ibis etc. Bart Cummings' horse paddock at Castlereagh
The horse paddock of Princes Farm on the corner of Castlereagh and Smith Roads had all three ibis species, Great (1), Little (1) and Intermediate Egret (2), Royal and Yellow-billed Spoonbill this morning. No raptors seen at this spot. We'll be back again soon to check the site.
Ákos Lumnitzer

Fri 5 Apr Eastern Ground Parrot, Eastern Bristlebird Eastern Ground Parrot Site, Hyams Beach Road, JB, NSW
A single Eastern Ground Parrot flushed from roadside at dawn. Several Eastern Bristlebirds singing. Also Brush Bronzewing, Tawny-crowned Honeyeater and Southern Emu-wren.
Marc Anderson

Spotted Harrier, Australian Hobby, Black-shouldered Kite Castlereagh
This evening we saw an adult Spotted Harrier hunt in the meadows near Smith Road, just before dusk. The adult female Australian Hobby was still around in the area, she was hunting insects again in light so dark, it was near enough to bring a spotlight out. Several Black-shouldered Kites were active, one had caught a mouse. A flock of 17 Black Swans filled the air and the normal Royal and Yellow-billed Spoonbills were still sifting through the Bart Cummings owned Princes Farm meadow with the horses in it. Peter photographed a Whistling Kite flying off with a Eurasian Coot in its talons earlier near Olive Lane Cranebrook.
Ákos Lumnitzer and Peter Phelan

Rufous Fantail Cowan Quarry
One Rufous Fantail observed near creek beside former Cowan quarry along with usual suspects (Red-browed Finch, White-eared Honeyeater, Yellow-faced Honeyeater, Brown Cuckoo-Dove, Bar-shouldered Dove, Brown Thornbill, Eastern Yellow Robin).
Paul Burcher

Thu 4 Apr Sooty Owl, Powerful Owl, Southern Boobook Royal National Park (Lady Carrington Drive)
Sooty Owl, Powerful Owl and Souther Boobook calling at southern end of Lady Carrington Drive over the past few days. Powerful Owl heard in distance at approx 8pm and again at 6am, Sooty Owls making rasping call later in the evening around 10pm.
Marc Anderson

Rufous Fantail Bulli
After a day of heavy rain, it probably came down from the escarpment. A first for this particular place and very pleasing to observe.
Nerida Hudspith

Black-faced Monarch Darlinghurst
An injured immature Black-faced Monarch found in Darlinghurst this morning. Reported to Sydney Wildlife and taken to vet.
Reported to Sydney Wildlife; identified by Robert Griffin

Eastern Osprey Hunters Hill
An Eastern Osprey being pursued by 4 Australian Ravens seen over Fig Tree Bridge, Lane Cove River this afternoon at about 12.30.
Robert Griffin

Wed 3 Apr Black-browed Albatross Mistral Point, Maroubra
We saw 5 Black-browed Albatross this afternoon, also a few Pomarine Jaegers, 1 Arctic Jaeger, 3 Caspian Terns, 2 Kelp Gulls, 10 Wedge-tailed Shearwaters, 2 Short-tailed Shearwaters and a Fluttering Shearwater.
Stuart Pickering and David Mitford

Black Kite McMahons Swamp via Tomki-Tatham Rd
Black Kite (5) stationary over farmland about 1 km W of site, with 2 Whistling Kites and 2 Nankeen Kestrels. Same area from where 7 Black Kites were reported on 21 March.
Hans Wohlmuth

Rockwarbler The Drip, Goulburn River NP north
Good sightings of 2 separate families, and another heard only. Also 100's of Tasmanian form of Silvereyes..
June Harris

Australasian Shoveler, Pink-eared Duck, Blue-billed Duck, Musk Duck, Spotted Harrier Three Chain Road Sewage Treament Plant, Lismore
We happened on the Lismore Duck Show - 10 species! Incl. Blue-billed Duck 4, Australasian Shoveler 11, Pink-eared Duck 71, Musk Duck 1. Also a Spotted Harrier.
Hans Wohlmuth

Little Tern, Brahminy Kite Striated Heron and Crested Tern Arakwal National Park-Beach, Byron Bay
I saw two Brahminy Kites and followed them until I bumped into a mixed flock of terms and I saw a Little Tern.
Vincent Knowles

Tue 2 Apr Yellow-faced Honeyeater Annandale, inner west Sydney
3+ first of the season migrating north
Andrew Taylor

Spotted Harrier Teven Road Swamp
Uncommon in coastal parts of the Northern Rivers.
Hans Wohlmuth

Black Falcon, Black Kite, Straw-necked Ibis Maitland Waste Disposal Site
50+ Black Kite still present at Maitland tip with excellent views possible from outside the gate (photographers not welcome inside). Also seen was at least one Black Falcon, photo attached. White-bellied Sea Eagle soaring high overhead, and many dozens of Straw-necked Ibis and White Ibis.
Rebecca Citroni

Budgerigar Eulah Creek, 20 km east of Narrabri 2390
Final report for this season, unless I see unusual numbers. Budgerigars are obviously present all over the North-west Slopes and Plains now. The only reason why I re-post is that now there is photographic evidence. The two shown here were part of a group of 16 (got a photo of all of them in flight, too). They briefly sat in a Black Pine before going down into the seeding grass for a feed at 8 am. I might as well note here that Ros Druce spotted a small number of Budgerigars yesterday near Boggabri, 30 km south of Narrabri (at the iron bridge over the Namoi, on the road to Manilla).
Michael Dahlem

Mon 1 Apr Green Catbird, Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove, Olive Whistler Clunes, North Coast
All three species seen during the morning in rainforest (around 800m). Whistler was foraging with Large-billed Scrubwrens, Brown Thornbills and Rufous Fantails. Also, Brown Cuckoo-Doves and a few conspicuous Spangled Drongos around.
Henry Coleman

Aust Spotted Crake, Spotless Crake, Blue-winged Parrot etc. Lake Cargelligo Sewage Treatment Works
Sue and I had our last bird watch at the works before heading back to the Wollongong. We observed a Spotted Harrier, Spotted Crake, Spotless Crake, Wood Sandpiper, Blue-winged Parrots x3, Inland, Yellow-rumped and Chestnut -rumped Thornbills, Pied Honeyeater x12 (3 males).
John & Sue O'Malley

Barking Owl, Glossy Black-Cockatoo Margan Rd Kenebri, Pilliga West State Forest
1 male and 1 female glossy Glossy Black-Cockatoos seen preening in white cypress tree at Wangen bore, Wangan bore rd. 1 Barking Owl seen perched and calling around 9pm the same night.
Darcy Ginty, Felicity Hatton

Powerful Owl Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney
The Powerful Owl was roosting in a tree on the Rainforest Walk. From David Bain's recent talk I think it was a female.
Judy Clark

Rufous Whistler North Bondi
I discovered this dead female Rufous Whistler on my third floor apt balcony. I assume she was migrating as I've never seen one around North Bondi in the eleven years I've lived here. She looks like she's hit her head. No marks on the windows and my balcony is heavily shaded by very close trees.
Andy Firth

Black Kite southern section of Clergate Road, North Orange
2 Black Kites soaring high overhead. The long deeply forked tail was noted. From a distance the kites had straight, slightly drooping wings as they circled around.
Stephen Gross

Glossy Ibis Mason Park, Homebush
1 Glossy Ibis, and 3 Red-kneed Dotterel at the southern end of a very full Mason Park were the highlights this morning.
Troy Mutton

Sun 31 Mar Black Kite St Marys, western Sydney
1 soaring over M4
Andrew Taylor

Striped Honeyeater Narrandera Wetlands
Stopped at the wetlands just south of the town in the early morning and was pleased to see Striped Honeyeaters here feeding amongst White-plumed Honeyeaters. The wetlands are quite full with a number of common waterbirds.
Aaron Payne

Sat 30 Mar Grey Goshawk Namoi River, Narrabri Township
After being alerted to the presence of a raptor by large numbers of disturbed Sulphur-crested Cockatoos and Little Corellas I observed a lone Grey Goshawk perched approx 50m away on an upper dead branch of a River Red Gum. The bird was observed for 3-4 minutes before flying into lower, denser foliage after being harassed by cockatoos. It remained there for several more minutes before moving westwards along the river.
James Faris

Terek Sandpiper, Eastern Osprey, Caspian Tern, Little Egret Tilligerry Pennisula (Lemon Tree Passage) Port Stephens
We had a picnic lunch in the park near water at Lemon Tree Passage. Two Eastern Ospreys and Caspian Tern were flying over the canal. A single Terek Sandpiper was feeding with a flock of Bar-tailed Godwits (18) on mudflats. We also counted 7 Little Egret running at the edge of mangroves.
Ted Wnorowski

Cicadabird, Southern Emu-wren, Striated Heron, Tawny Frogmouth Tanilba Bay, Tilligerry Pennisula, Port Stephens
A single Cicadabird (male) and a pair of White-bellied Cuckoo-shrikes were found at the entrance to the boardwalk. Striated Heron flew over the estuary. Plenty of Southern Emu-wren in a dense wet vegetation along the boardwalk. We were scanning swamp mahagony gums for koala and found two Tawny Frogmouths on one of the tree near boardwalk.
Ted Wnorowski

Fri 29 Mar Singing Honeyeater Booderee National Park (Murrays Beach) Jervis Bay
Singing Honeyeater, many White-throated Treecreepers, Varied Sitellas, Rufous Fantails, 1 Black-browed Albatross, 2 White-bellied Sea-Eagles. Moderator's note (NH): The Singing Honeyeater was originally posted as a "possible Mangrove Honeyeater some 500-600km south of its normal range." The bird was seen in Eucalyptus forest in Jervis Bay only 20m from Murrays Beach. There is a discussion going on (with photos of the bird in question, taking Mangrove, Singing and Yellow-tufted HE into consideration) at I had a separate discussion with three further experts. All four of us came to the same conclusion: The refraction of light off sunlit mahogany leaves would make the throat look yellower than it actually is. The very light belly and the lack of upper-breast barring speak against Mangrove HE. Overall colouration, streaked pale belly, absence of tufts and the darkish central throat streak and jizz don't fit Yellow-tufted HE. There have been a number of coastal sightings of Singing Honeyeater recently.
David Vickers

Sooty Owl, Bush Stone Curlew, White-throated Nightjar Khappinghat National Park (Old Soldiers Road)
Spot lighting in the mature forest along Old Soldiers Rd was good. We heard: Southern Boobook (mostly), Barn Owl and later Sooty Owl (bombing call). Later we moved to the edge of the forest and found White-thoated Nightjar flying over pasture together with little bats. A pair of Bush Stone Curlews was standing under one of big tree near farm gate
Ted Wnorowski

Red-backed Button-quail, Grass Owl, Chestnut-rumped Heath-wren, Brolga Khappinghat National Park (southern part near Australis Diamond Head Resort)
Excellent swampy heathland near resort (with many walking tracks). We noticed two Red-backed Button-quails at the edge of heath from resort's swimming pool. The pool worked very well as a bird hide and it allowed a good observation (bright yellow beaks). The birds came back to the same spot again a late afternoon. During the walk through the grassy track near resort we flushed two Grass Owls (they did not fly away but run into dense heath. Other birds included: Chestnut-rumped Heath-wren (1), Double-barred Finch (very common) and Brolga (2 - flying over park) (Moderator's Note: The Red-backed Button-quail are on the Review List of NSWORAC and wil be subject to their confirmation).
Ted Wnorowski

Eastern Osprey Lane Cove
The 3 Eastern Ospreys reported earlier in the month around Lane Cove National Park were seen flying over my house at Lane Cove around 11am. Approx 10 km north of Sydney CBD. Alerted by call.
Stephen Mannix

Thu 28 Mar Regent Bowerbird, Topknot Pigeon, Black-faced Monarch Myall Lakes National Park (Mungo Brush)
Two very tame Regent Bowebirds in the camping site. On the Mungo Brush track: Topknot Pigeon (12), White-headed Pigen (3), Dollarbird (1), Rufous Fantail (2), Leaden Flycatcher (20), Large-billed Scrub-wren (plenty), Blue-faced Honey-eater (very common in the palm trees).
Ted Wnorowski

Musk Duck, Whistling Kite Myall Lakes National Park (White Tree Bay Camping Ground)
Seven Musk Ducks were in the lake near the campsite. There was also a large congreation of Whistling Kites. I counted 21 birds flying over lake or roosting on Melaleuca trees.
Ted Wnorowski

Black Bittern, Powerful Owl, Australian Spotted Crake, Varied Sitella, Satin Flycatcher Myall Lakes National Park (Myall Shores Holidey Park)
Very good birding spot. We were welcome by a large flock of Varied Sitella and two Rufous Fantails feeding in a small tree near the ferry. We observed Black Bittern and two Australian Spotted Crakes from a window in our unit. Later we also found a single Emerald Dove and a pair of Satin Flycatchers in the big fig tree in the resort. Powerful Owl was calling at night.
Ted Wnorowski

Black-necked Stork, Yellow-billed Spoonbill, White-necked Heron Myall Lakes National Park (Bombah Pt Rd)
On the small swamp near the entrance to the park we foundone Black-necked Stork, two Yellow-billed Spoonbills and 6 White-necked Herons among other water birds.
Ted Wnorowski

Wed 27 Mar Masked Owl, Azure Kingfisher Booti Booti National Park
We stopped at Great Lakes Sailing Club picnic area i very early morning (5:45) and Masked Owl was roosting on the tree in front of our table. Later we also saw Azure Kingfisher flying at the water edge of Lake Wallis.
Ted Wnorowski

Spotted Quail-thrush, Emerald Dove, Brown Cuckoo-dove Wallingat National Park - Sugar Creek Rd and Whoota Whoota Lookout
Two Spotted Quail-thushes and a single Emerald Dove found crossing the road on the way to Whoota Whoota lookout. There were also plenty of Large-billed Srubwrens and Silvereyes in cabbage palms along Sugar Creek Rd.
Ted Wnorowski

White-eared Monarch, Leaden Flycatcher, Grey Goshawk Wallingat National Park - Cockatoo Picnic area
A big surprise for me - a single adult White-eared Monarch feeding on a huge insect larva (grub ?) near Wallingat River boat ramp. Other birds nearby: Leaden Flycatcher, Black-faced Monarch (2), Grey Goshawk (1), Azure Kingfisher and Nankeen Night-Heron (3 roosting near river),
Ted Wnorowski

Tue 26 Mar Black-tailed Godwit, Sanderling, Little Tern, Masked Woodswallow, Eastern Osprey Harrington - Manning River Mouth
On the sandbars at Manning River Mouth there were roosting good numbers of waders (most of them in breeding plumage and ready to fly north). Our counts: Bar-tailed Godwit (200), Black-tailed Godwit (4), Red-necked Stint (21), Pacific Goden Plover (26), Grey Plover (1), Grey-tailed Tattler (7), Sanderling (6), Red Knot (2), Curlew Sandpiper (2), Little Tern (93), Australian Pied Oystercatcher (22), Eastern Curlew (61), Whimbrel (9), Common Tern (200), Gull-billed Tern (3), Caspian Tern (1), Crested Tern (90). Other birds: Brahminy Kite (2), Osprey (2), White-bellied Sea-eagle (1), Masked Woodswallow (2 on the island), White-breasted Woodswallow (9)
Ted Wnorowski

Black-necked Stork, Glossy Ibis, White-necked Heron Harrington - Cattai Creek bridge, Taree
A litttle swamp located on both sides of Cattai Creek Bridge on the way to Harrington was packed with water birds (nearly 1000 ducks and ibises). There were also 6 Glossy Ibises, one Black-necked Stork and 11 White-necked Herons
Ted Wnorowski

Noisy Pitta, Square-tailed Kite, Little Eagle, Grey Goshawk, Glossy Black Cockatoo Crowdy Bay National Park - Indian Head Campsite
We walked to the Natural Arche Lookout and were rewarded with view of large number of raptors soaring over the park. They were : Wedge-tailed Eagle (3), Little Eagle (2), Whistling Kite (7), Square-tailed Kite (2), Perigine falcon (10, White-bellied Sea-eagle (2 - over sea). There also 3 Glossy Black Cockatoos flying low over the trees. On the way back to campsite we noticed Grey Goshawk perching on the branch of gum tree. There was also one Noisy Pitta on the forest floor near Kyllie Tennant's retreat.
Ted Wnorowski

Lewin's Rail, Southern Emu-wren, Tawny Grassbird, Tawny-crowned Honeyeater Crowdy Bay National Park - southern part
Lewin's Rail crossed the road in front of our car in Melaleuca swamp. We also found in the same location Tawny Grassbird and a small family group of Southern Emu-wrens. Tawny-crowned Honeyeaters were calling from the top of banksia bushes. Brown Quails were very common in the park. We saw at least 10 small family groups along the tracks.
Ted Wnorowski

Mon 25 Mar Noisy Pitta, Logrunner, Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove, Wompoo Fruit-Dove Barrington Tops NP (Sharpes Creek Campground and Track)
We tried to visit Gloucester Tops part of the park but unfortunately the road was closed so we have to enjoy wandering around the camping grounds and walking on the Sharpes Creek Track (most of the birds we found near entrance to the track). On the track: Noisy Pitta (1), Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove, Wompoo Fruit-Dove (2), White-headed Pigeon (2), Topknot Pigeon (~50 - eating blue berries in the tree tops), Spectacled Monarch, Brown Cuckoo-Dove, Gang-gang Cockatoo (2 at 4 km from the track entrance). In the camping grounds there were plenty of Superb Lyrebirds, Bassian Thushes, Large-billed Scrub-wrens and large flock of Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoos.
Ted Wnorowski

Sun 24 Mar Comb-crested Jacana, Baillon's Crake, Azure Kingfisher Black Head Village, near Taree
I inspected a chain of 3 storm water ponds located on Seabreeze Parade (opposite Foodworks). They are covered by water lilies and bull rushes. A single Comb-crested Jacana was on the first pond. On the second pond Bailon's Crake was feeding among sparse bull rushes and Azure Kingfisher flew over water.
Ted Wnorowski

Sat 23 Mar Beach Stone-Curlew, Grey Plover, Lesser Sand Plover, Channel-billed Cuckoo Mud Bishop Reserve, Old Bar, Taree
Good number of waders - most of them in breeding plumage. We found two Beach Stone-Curlews resting in the shade of a small bush near border of Little Tern breeding area. On the mudflats: Bar-tailed Godwit (32), Black-tailed Godwit (1), Lesser Sand Plover (1 - in complete breeding plumage), Common Greenshank (1), Pacific Golden Plover (25), Grey Plover (1). Mixed flock of terns was feeding in the river mouth including Little Terns (11) and Common Terns (40). In the campsite - Pheasant Coucal came out ot the dense vegation, Buff-banded Rail was feedingat the edge of mangroves. Six Channel-billed Cuckoos flew over river in direction of Manning Point. In the bushes along the road: Spangled Drongo (4), Dollarbird (3), Varied Triller (1).
Ted Wnorowski

Wompoo Fruit-Dove, Emerald Dove Saltwater National Park, Taree
A small nice park with large number of huge fig trees in the campsite. One of these trees was covered completely with riped, stinky figs and we hit a bird watcher jackpot. There were large number of Figbirds and Topknot Pigeons with smaller number of other birds: Green Catbird, Wompoo Fruit-Dove (1), White-headed Pigeons (10), Emerald Dove (1 on the ground), Brown Cuckoo-Dove (3), Wonga Pigeon (2 on the ground) and Australian Brush-Turkey.
Ted Wnorowski

Thu 21 Mar Grey-crowned Babbler Skennars Head (private land)
Two birds foraging along regrowth Swamp Oak and within adjacent rural land (Moderator's note: This is a known site for this species.AKM)
Ian Colvin

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