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Subject: Birdline NSW Weekly Update
Date: 30 Apr 2012 01:30:33 +1000

Birdline NSW

Published sightings for the week ending 29 Apr 2012.

Sun 29 Apr Powerful Owl Warriwood Wetlands
Powerful Owl with prey (possible Frogmouth) high up in a tree on the Irrawong trail. Also scarlet, Lewins, White-plumed and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters. Hundreds of Rainbow Lorikeets and good numbers of Musks among them, also four Royal Spoonbill. Great thanks to the ladies of Pittwater Natural Heritage Association for pin pointing the Owl !!!!
Chris Pollard

Sat 28 Apr Black-bellied Storm-Petrel off Wollongong
Highlight of yesterday's SOSSA pelagic off Wollongong was a Black-bellied Storm-Petrel. Also good numbers of Indian Yellow-nosed, Black-browed and Campbell Albatrosses and smaller number of Shy Albatrosses.
Nikolas Haass on behalf of everyone on the SOSSA pelagic

Fri 27 Apr Regent Honeyeatear Moolarben Rd, Munghorn Gap N.R.
At least 5 Regent Honeyeatears still present at the Moolarben Rd site reported previously to birdline on the 8/4. Many other species in the vicinity including Diamond Firetail, Brown Treecreeper, Little Lorikeet, Black-chinned Honeyeater, Crested Shrike-tit, White-browed Babbler and at least 7 other honeyeater species. Plenty more White Box yet to flower. Unfortunately a drillling rig is being set up just outside the reserve, about 150m from where the Regents currently are.
M Filipczyk

Rufous Fantail Chester Hill Railway Station
Rufous Fantail (1) Single bird hopping amongst the casuarina trees at the railway station. First time seeing the bird in the area. Probably making it's way north for winter.
Sang Tran

Yellow-faced Honeyeater, White-naped Honeyeater, Silvereye Narrow Neck Peninsula, Katoomba
Out at Narrow Neck this morning surveying as part of the "Honeyeater Migration Count - Blue Mts Bird Observers IBA Project". An impressive sight to witness.....migrating YFH's galore! Yellow-faced Honeyeater (823) A constant stream of migrating YFH's noted during the 20 min survey. White-naped Honeyeater (50) migrating during the 20 min survey period. Silvereye (43) migrating northerly during the 20 min survey period
John French & Fiona Lumsden

Thu 26 Apr Australian Raven Penrith railway station
I observed a young Australian Raven dismembering a leftover sandwich and it took what I think was some kind of cold cut and cautiously hidden it under part of the security fencing. It was nervously looking about so as to assure no competitor noticed where the meat was stashed. Then the bird proceeded to tear the rest of the sandwich apart. I didn't see what happened to the hidden food item, because my train arrived on time (surprised?). (Moderator's Note: Australian Ravens are known to cache food and there are a number of published reports. It is nice to see it for oneself! AKM)
Ákos Lumnitzer

Glossy Ibis North Creek, Ballina
Single glossy ibis observed foraging along the exposed mudflats of North Creek, Ballina. Bird was very quite allowing close approach (within 5m), I was that close I managed to capture this pic on iPhone. I was concerned for the animals health to start but the animal fed readily in front of me, capturing multiple food items before casually flying south down the creek towards town.
Brendan Cook

Scaly-breasted Lorikeet Morriset Private Hospital Grounds (12.30)
A few Scaly-brested Lorikeets observed feeding in trees within the grounds of the hospital. With Rainbow Lorikeets.
Tom Rambaut

Australian Shelducks Ash Island (14.00 to sunset.)
A pair of White-fronted Chats seen on Wagtail Way. Single Yellow Wagtail also seen. Australian Shelducks (three) seen on far side of Swan pond. Red-necked Avocets still around in 25 plus numbers.
Tom Rambaut

Topknot Pigeon 147 Levenstrath Rd.Levenstrath NSW 2460 (nr Grafton).
830am. 15plus Topknot Pigeons flying north to south, circled Morton Bay fig tree and continued flying south.
Warren Thompson

Wed 25 Apr Powerful Owl Wiamea Rd Roseville, Sydney
A Powerful Owl flashed past my sister's vehicle, carrying a Ring-tailed Possum while travelling along Rawhiti St, Roseville about 8.30pm and landed in a gum on Wiamea Rd. Then observed happily eating the possum. We returned with cameras and torches at 9.30pm for the celebrity photo shoot! I'm certain this is the same bird I heard on Sunday evening in Owen St Lindfield, not far away. Well spotted by Claire and Bronwyn Dunbar (in the vehicle). Photo, Lachy Dunbar. Three new twitchers now fully hooked - an exciting evening for all concerned! Cheers to Bob Rusk!
Murray Dwyer

Eastern Yellow Wagtail Ash Island (Hunter Estuary)
Single EYW photographed yesterday morning by Rod Warnock. The bird looks very smart indeed in full breeding plumage! Can't imagine it will be here for too much longer.
Rod Warnock per Mick Roderick

Spotted Harrier The Lagoon, 15km south of Bathurst
A juvenile Spotted Harrier seen flying over the water at The Lagoon, being harassed by two Masked Lapwings and an Australian Raven. It eventually landed on the western shore and sat undisturbed for at least 20 minutes (after which I left). Also on (or over) the water were Black-winged Stilts, Australasian Shovelers, Grey Teal, Pacific Black Ducks, Black-shouldered Kite, Eurasian Coots, Dusky Moorhens, Purple Swamphens, Australasian Grebes, Little Pied-, Little Black- and Great Cormorants, Black Swans (one on a nest), White-faced Herons, Eastern Great Egret, Australian White Ibis and one Australian Pelican. Coords: 33 32 31.41S, 149 36 43.80E
Tiffany Mason

Osprey Fagans Bay West Gosford
A single osprey diving (unsuccessfully) for fish at about 11:30am.
Nick Carson

Powerful Owl and Grey Goshawk Warriewood Wetlands, Narrabeen
A pair of Powerful Owls seen roosting above the beginning of the waterfall track at Irrawong (a pair seen in exactly the same spot late last year). A Grey Goshawk was observed soaring high above Warriewood and other birds seen/heard included Varied Sittela, Scarlet Honeyeater and Australasian Darter (the latter being the first record for Warriewood). Also of note, there is much flowering going on in the Swamp Mahoganies in the Irrawong section - large numbers of Rainbow and Musk Lorikeets, with lesser numbers of Scaly-breasted. Worth keeping an eye on for Swift Parrots in the coming weeks.
Max Breckenridge and Joshua Bergmark

Rose Robin Deep Creek Reserve, Narrabeen
A pair (m & f) seen well, calling and displaying to one another near the second entrance to the reserve. Also plenty of Scarlet Honeyeaters calling, a male seen. Osprey, Intermediate Egret and a flock of 12 Cattle Egret seen nearby at the mouth of Middle Creek.
Max Breckenridge and Joshua Bergmark

Royal Spoonbill and Straw-necked Ibis Sydney Park
Royal Spoonbill and Straw-necked Ibis seen in the park today.
Robert Hynson

Little Corella Cenotaph , Through St. South Grafton. NSW 2460
11.30 am Approx 200 Little Corella flew in at the commencement of the ANZAC service, landing in trees surrounding the Cenotaph and remained there for the duration of the service,undisturbed by band, bugler or piper playing beneath the trees.
Warren Thompson

Plumed Whistling-ducks Richmond Lowlands
100+plumed whistling-ducks Ridges lane Richmond Lowlands
Tony Dawe

White-bellied Sea Eagle Penrith Lakes area
Between 0745 and 0900 I observed four young White-bellied Sea Eagles, between one and two years plumage then saw the two resident adults come in very low over me from Castlereagh heading towards the lakes complex. Also observed two Black-shouldered Kites, one Australian Kestrel, one Australian Hobby and one Brown Falcon.
Ákos Lumnitzer

Tue 24 Apr Malleefowl (4) Nombinnie Nature Reserve
Two pair of Malleefowl were seen between 4:10 and 4:30pm on the Lake Cargelligo to Mount Hope road. Each pair was sighted within 1 km either side of the junction (West Eubalong to Mt. Hope road) on the road drain.
Carla and Ian Jackett

Swamp Harrier Albion Park
single bird seen flying low and slow over the paddocks behind the Albion Park showground. Seen from the Illawarra Highway.
Michael Crosland

Wedge-tailed Eagle Yallah.
2 birds seen flying west from Lake Illawarra near the old Yallah woolshed towards the Marshall Mount area
Michael Crosland

Square-tailed Kite North Turramurra
A Square-tailed Kite has been seen a couple of times over the last few days in the vicinity of North Turramurra golf course.
M Filipczyk

Superb Parrot 12 Mile Road, Wellington
Flock of about 30 birds, some in flight, some perched in the small patch of woodland to the north of the road. There is White Box in flower in the vicinity and 6 Musk Lorikeets were also seen flying overhead, plus two Blue Bonnets further along the road. The site is 7km from the Wellington-Mudgee Road intersection: 32 31.20S, 149 02.33E.
Tiffany Mason

Mon 23 Apr Powerful Owl Devlins Creek Res, Beecroft
One Powerful Owl heard and seen just near the scout camp building down the bottom of Welham St and York st. They have been at this spot for some time now as far as I am aware.
Steven Edwards

Musk Lorikeet Gulpa Island, Murray Valley National Park
Two birds heard first, then observed, flying south through river red gum forest, western limit of range in NSW.
David Parker

Topknot Pigeon Wauchope
70+ flying north, low over the river.
Ian Kerr

Cattle Egret Industrial Estate, Gloucester
This season's breeding event is nearly over. Only 25 chicks remained in the colony today at 9am. Over 20 minutes, 2 Adults flew in to feed chicks, and 1 adult perched preening. At maximum count this season 9 March there were over 334 chicks standing at or near nests, with 19 adults sitting tight on nests, indicating either eggs still to hatch or very new chicks. It's been a very successful season despite, or perhaps because of all that rain which has maintained the dam water height and no doubt caused an explosion of frogs and grasshoppers in nearby paddocks.
Penny Drake-Brockman

White-headed Pigeon Sun Valley, NSW
Fledgling recently flew from nest in orange tree after parents did not return for about 5 days. It seems to be staying close to its nest in the hope that the parents return. I don't know enough about this species habits to know if this is normal practice or if due to the late breeding time the parents have been unable to find it food and have left it to fend for itself with winter looming. Anyone have any ideas?
Matthew Stephens

Australian King Parrot, Red-winged Parrot & Spotted Crake 10 km north west of Moree
Had a fantastic day with a total of 90 species. Spotted a female King Parrot. Other special sightings were Australian Hobby, Glossy Ibis, Eastern Rosellas, Striated Pardalote, Great-crested Grebe, Pink-eared Duck, Lots of Nankeen Night Herons, Restless Flycatcher, Blue Bonnets, White-browed Scrubwrens, Red-winged Parrots, Gull-billed Terns, Grey-crowned Babblers, Black-tailed Native Hen, Red-kneed and Black- fronted Dotterels, Golden-headed Cisticolas and a possible Brown Goshawk. (The day before this trip a Spotted Crake was seen clearly with the sun shining on it by another birdwatcher).
Curtis Hayne

Sun 22 Apr Noisy Pitta Killcare Heights
I just had a cold, wet, hungry exhausted Noisy Pitta land literally on my back doorstep. A rather clever feat, given I am the only bird carer within a 10km radius! I think it will do well with a rest and a good feed.
Judith Goldstone

Noisy Pitta Killara
I received an email from Karen Bishop asking to ID a dead bird found 9:00 Sunday evening near a golf course with palm trees at Sydney's northern beaches. Noisy Pittas seem to be doing well on the Central Coast and Illawarra but don't have much luck in the city.
Karin Bishop via Mark Fuller

Koel Flynn's Beach Port Macquarie
One juvenile seen again today and yesterday. Not seeming to be fed by the Little Wattlebirds for 5 days now.
Ian Kerr

White-necked and Gould's Petrels, Streaked Shearwater, White Tern Pelagic off Port Stephens
After a quiet day Saturday we had a good day yesterday with a singles each of White-necked / Gould's Petrels and Streaked Shearwater plus two White Terns. Also an unusual Petrel with a mostly white belly that we are still working on (but likely a Solander's or Great-winged). Fleshy-foots outnumbered Wedge-taileds too.
Mick and Steve Roderick + 12 others

Spotted Harrier, Topknot Pigeon Jerseyville, near South West Rocks
Uncommon to the area, a single Spotted Harrier was seen flying near the Macleay River and a flock of 50+ Topknot Pigeons was also observed at the same location. We passed on the sightings to local birder, Ken Shingleton for his records.
Clive Meadows and 14 Hastings Birdwatchers Club members

Sat 21 Apr Rufous Fantail Five Islands Track, Khappinghat National Park, Taree
2 Rufous Fantails together with feeding party of Variegated Fairywrens, Brown Thornbills, Red-browed Finches and White-browed Scrubwrens. Also a Crested Shrike-tit.
Penny Drake-Brockman

Double-banded Plovers, Pacific Golden Plover and Whimbrel Farquahar's Inlet, Old Bar Beach, Taree
5 Double-banded Plovers, 1 Pacific Golden Plover and 2 Whimbrel avoiding the holidaymakers on the lagoon behind the sea front. Also 5 Bar-tailed Godwits and 2 Red-capped Plovers with many more waders across the water on isolated sandbars, too far to count or identify owing to no telescope and heat shimmer. An Osprey flew over my head plus a Whistling Kite and a White-bellied Sea-Eagle over sea inlet.
Penny Drake-Brockman

juvenile Eastern Koel Saltwater Creek Aboriginal Place, Taree
Very late juvenile Eastern Koel constantly making soft begging calls, and fed by Little Wattlebird.
Penny Drake-Brockman

Black Falcon Cedar Brush Creek
A single Black Falcon observed following the course of Cedar Brush Creek at midday. The site was on a private property visited by local residents on a "Catchment Crawl" provided by Wyong Shire Council. Other birds observed during a short visit were White-faced Herons, Wood Ducks, Purple Swamphens, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos and a Black-shouldered Kite.
Nick Carson

Fri 20 Apr Ruddy Turnstone Nobby's breakwall Newcastle
6 young and some under bitou bush 2/3 way along breakwall late in afternoon
Beth and Ian Gabriel

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