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Subject: Birdline NSW Weekly Update
Date: 2 Apr 2012 01:30:37 +1000

Birdline NSW

Published sightings for the week ending 1 Apr 2012.

Sun 1 Apr Blue-winged Parrot Bimbi State Forest, near Weddin Mountains
Blue-winged Parrot (5) Seen 2.45 - 3.30 pm at the 'corner' of Nowlans Road in Bimbi State Forest Callitris/eucalypt woodland where the SF adjoins pasture. Three of the birds were first seen roosting in the top branches of a dead tree and at least two more were in the high foliage of the adjacent eucalypt. Periodically 2 or 3 or the whole group would wheel out of the trees fly about and then return. Blue wing clearly seen on perching birds. Quite a lot of calling so there may have been more than 5 here. This area currrently has a thick grassy understory with seeding grasses and yellow thistles. Many Double-barred Finches and quite a few few Firetails here also.
Kim and Geoff Larmour

Rose Robin, Scarlet Honeyeater, Varied Sittella Royal National Park (Wattle Flat)
Although not exactly rare at Wattle Flat I spotted my first Rose Robin for the year. This is the earliest I have observed them at Wattle Flat. Other species highlights included Scarlet Honeyeater and Varied Sittella.
Greg McLachlan

White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Fan-tailed Cuckoo, Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo, Dollarbird, Diamond Firetail Kyffins Reserve, Mulwala
Highlights from the reserve this morning were a sub-adult White-bellied Sea-eagle and a late staying Dollarbird. The latter species is usually gone by early March. A Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo and Fan-tailed Cuckoo were also seen, odd timing for both birds, perhaps on migration. An immaculate Diamond Firetail feeding on native grass seeds was also a nice way to round off the morning.
Michael Ramsey

Australian Painted Snipe Drain Lane, Mulwala
With some persistence, luck and perhaps some good karma I found three birds this morning in a large shallow wetland at the southern end of the road. At first I had two birds in view about 15 metres from the road, they were rooosting quietly by some tussocky grasses then another bird then revealed itself. The group appeared to be two immature males and an immature female who was a little darker and more coloured around the neck and breast than the males. This species was recorded about this time last year in 2011 around Coreen and Balldale areas 30km to the north east.
Michael Ramsey

Intermediate Egret, Spotted Harrier, Australian Spotted Crake, Banded Lapwing Collendina, Corowa
A nice selection of birds were recorded at a wetland filled after recent heavy rains by Bolinda Glen Road. Collendina is between Corowa and Mulwala in southern New South Wales.
Michael Ramsey

Black Kites,Black-winged stilts, Black-tailed Native- hens & Glossy Ibis Bourke NSW (Floodwaters)
There are a PLETHORA of birds of all descriptions on the left side of the road as you drive in to Bourke from the Nyngan direction. There is floodwaters laying all along the sides of the road..70+ Glossy Ibis, Straw-necked Ibis, White-necked Herons galore, Great Egrets, Little egrets 100's of Grey Teal, 100+ Black winged Stilts (too many to count), all next to the main road, Black Kites 50+ sitting on the road, and next to the road in one area and Whistling kites...its like a David Attenbourough doco out here after all the rains, its teaming with life...If your heading in this direction, make sure you stop in Bourke, and explore in and around the bushland too.
Kirri Hardy

Sat 31 Mar Whiskered Tern, Plumed Whistling Duck, Glossy Ibis Mother of Ducks Lagoon, Guyra
Over 25 Whiskered Terns, 5x Glossy Ibis, 4x Plumed Whistling Ducks, 3x Black-tailed Native-hens, ands 1000s of Swamphens, Coots and Moorhens and a single Musk Duck and Latham's Snipe
Curtis Hayne

Red-capped Robin Boundary Rd Reserve, Bathurst, NSW
I saw this Red-capped Robin yesterday afternoon while exploring the Boundary Road Nature Reserve at the base of Mount Panorama. I have never seen a Red-capped Robin before
Tim Bergen

Australasian Shovelers, Musk Duck and many Australasian Grebes Little Llangothlin Lagoon Nature Reserve, Guyra
1000s of Australasian Grebes (even flying and they seldom fly), spotted 2 Black winged Stilts (there are no shallow marshy areas around here so they just have to wade in on the edges of deep places), over 50 Australasian Shovelers and Pink-eared Ducks, a single Great-crested Grebe, 16 Musk Ducks, Spotted and Striated Pardalotes were calling, Never seen so many Crimson Rosellas (over 40 were seen), a flock of 20 Buff-rumped Thornbills, and Golden headed Cisticolas,, Little Grassbirds and Clamorous Reed Warblers were also heard/seen around the Lagoon, 100s of Black Swans and many White throated Gerygones, Grey Fantails and King Parrots.
Curtis Hayne

Red-necked Stint with leg Flags Long Reef Marine Reserve
A single Red-necked Stint showing 3 different coloured leg flags was seen this afternoon. (The AWSG has subsequently advised that the Stint was banded in Bohai Bay, China in 2009)
Mark Young

Peregrine Falcon Devlin's Creek Reserve, Beecroft
2 Peregrine Falcons seen flying over Austral Ave.
Steve Edwards

Fri 30 Mar Noisy Friarbird Hyde Park Reserve, Hartley
Approx 80+ birds heading north (quite low) over a 15 minute period whilst we were birding on the northerly side of the gorge. Unusual observation for this site
John French, Fiona Lumsden, Mark Ley & Richard Beggs.

Hooded Plovers & Double-banded Plovers Burrill Lake Entrance/Ulladulla
Four adult Hooded Plovers with 2 juveniles in tow, along with four Double-banded Plovers and twenty odd Red-capped Plovers at the entrance to the Lake. Interestingly there's flocks of Silver Gulls varying from 500 and up to 800+ at the entrance also. I've seen up to a 100 or so here at times but never in these numbers ever. Do gulls migrate north in autumn some years?
bob rusk

Thu 29 Mar Northern Mallard Lake Conobolas, Orange
Northern Mallard (3) all males.
Neville Schrader

Wed 28 Mar Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo Royal NP
Exactly 100 Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoos flying east, c. 4.30 p.m., just north of Curra Moors Management Trail. [Two Chestnut-rumped Heathwrens on track; earlier, one observed south of Wattamolla.]
Ted Nixon

Little Corella Doll's Point, Botany Bay, Sydney
No fewer than 180 Little Corellas lined up on power lines, cnr of Clareville and Minton Aves. Good location, next to 'Foodies Deli/Cafe'.
Ted Nixon

Yellow-nosed Albatross Mistral Point, Maroubra
First Yellow-nosed Albatross of the year was seen today, plus 1 Black-browed Albatross, 1 Arctic Jaeger and about 8 Pomarine Jaegers.
David Mitford

Regent Honeyeater Bogee, Capertee Valley
3 Regent Honeyeaters feeding in Box Mistletoe (Amyema miquellii) in the Bogee region of the Capertee this morning (on Glen Alice Rd just south of the southern intersection with Dunnville Loop Rd). This is despite there being a large amount of White Box blossom at the same site and in the northern part of the valley (north of Glen Alice). 3 present at 0900; a single bird later around midday. 6 White-throated Needletails flew over during the latter observation.
Mick Roderick

Powerful Owl Allenby Park, Allambie Heights NSW
Entering on the fire trail from Derna Crescent, Allambie Heights, crossed the creek at the bottom of the hill and turned right. Short way along the boardwalk after the waterfall one Powerful Owl adult on a Coachwood branch over the creek.
Rae Lister

Tue 27 Mar Grey Goshawk Mount Panorama, Bathurst
Single bird being harassed by Noisy Miners on the south-western side of the mount (in the grounds of the old Sir Joseph Banks Nature Park). The bird was seen at around 9.45am. Approximate location (from Google Maps): -33.4586, 149.5527.
Ray Mjadwesch

Grey Goshawk Berry
At 3:50pm, I drove past a Grey Goshawk perched on a reasonably low branch on a dead tree just north of Berry village. Appeared to be an adult.
Carla Jackett

Restless Flycatcher Mt Annan
One bird at the Australian National Botanic Gardens at Mt Annan early afternoon. I rarely see these birds - not sure why! (They are uncommon to rare, autumn-winter Visitors to the Sydney region and probably to the Southern Highlands as well - AKM Moderator).
Lorne Johnson

Beautiful Firetail Glenbrook
A single bird seen on the Euroka Walking Track in Blue Mountains NP at Glenbrook. A rare bird in the lower Mountains.
Colin Scouler

Mon 26 Mar california quail Towradgi Beach.
One male observed near the three banksias behind the life guard tower.
Michael Crosland

Peregrine & Black Falcons Scone
Two Peregrine Falcons and 2 Black Falcons attacking a large flock of Rock Doves in the main shopping centre.One Peregrine caught a Rock Dove in mid-air and the 2 Black Falcons teamed up to pluck a rock dove off the top of a chimney on a hotel.
Greg Newling

Turquoise Parrot Forestville
Very good views of a female Turquoise Parrot in bushland at the end of Cook st, Forestville this morning. The bird came into the area with a Crimson Rosella. I watched the bird for around 10 minutes, and heard it call.
Dion Pou via Kurtis Lindsay

Powerful Owl Woodfield Avenue, Bundeena, Royal National Park
One bird heard calling at 1.00am this morning.
Deryk Engel

Sun 25 Mar Crested Shrike-tit, Golden Whistler, Restless Flycatcher McMahons Park, Kurrajong
While surveying the bush re-gen area at McMahons Park we saw some nice bush birds including a Crested Shrike-tit and a pair of Golden Whistler which gave good views. A Restless Flycatcher was heard and an unidentified accipiter was harassing the local bell miners.
Mark Fuller, Peter Mobbs and McMahon Park bushcare group

Barred Cuckoo-Shrikes Newmas Road Dam, Woolgoolga
6 to 10 Barred Cuckoo-shrikes, including immatures, 25 to 27 March, in large fig tree (fruiting) near the Dam. adult & immature Mannikins feeding in the grass closer to the dam edge. Female Koel, Figbirds, White-breasted Woodswallows and a Black-shouldered Kite also in fig.
Dick Cooper

Eastern Shrike-tit & Honeyeaters Nepean River Walk, Penrith near Jack Williams Drive.
About 8am Lewin's & Yellow faced Honeyeaters seen (abt 8 of each) Two New Holland Honeyeaters also seen in same area. Several Yellow Thornbill's seen along pathway. One Eastern Shrike-tit seen in tree's on eastern side of walkway. The metal grate bridge area is damaged & is out of action, partly covered by water. River still running very fast.
Gordon Kelly

Shy Albatross, Black-browed Albatross, Peregrine Falcons Mistral Point, Maroubra
A variety of sightings this afternoon at Maroubra including a Shy Albatross; 3 Black-browed Albatross; many Pomarine and Arctic Jaegars; and a pair of Peregrine Falcons that flew low over Mistral Point, along the beach and then harrassed every bird in sight over the rifle range including a flock of magpies (several had narrow escapes) and a Black-shouldered Kite.
Robert Griffin, Graham Buchan

Sat 24 Mar Beach Stone Curlew, Double Banded Plovers Farquar Inlet (Old Bar)
Beach Stone Curlew, 57 Pacific Golden Plovers, 18 Double Banded Plovers seen within the Tern sanctuary and at the mouth
Mike Kuhl

Fri 23 Mar Australasian Shoveler Deep Creek, Ulmarra
1 male , 1 female in mixed flock of ducks
Warren Thompson/ Greg Clancy

Magpie Goose Crows Nest Swamp, Tucabia
Five birds including two sitting on nests.
Warren Thompson/ Greg Clancy

Royal Spoonbill,White Ibis, Straw-necked Ibis. Deep Creek, Ulmarra
Feeding in mixed flock on Deep Creek. 212 Straw-necked Ibis,485 White Ibis and 313 Royal Spoonbills. Note. One possibly hybrid Straw-necked ibis will be subject of later seperate report.
Warren Thompson/ Greg Clancy

Jacana Ulmarra
Total 8 Deep Creek - 4 including 1 young. Callaghans Lane - 1. Cherry's Lane - 1 Pacific Highway North of Ulmarra- 2.
Warren Thompson/ Greg Clancy

Australasian Grebe Deep Creek Ulmarra
One adult Austarlasian Grebe with one very small young
Warren Thompson/ Greg Clancy

Black-necked Stork Deep Creek Ulmarra
Two sub adult males seen one one wetland and one sub adult male seen on nearby wetland.
Warren Thompson/ Greg Clancy

Black-necked Stork Finflayson's Lane Ulmarra
1Male, 1female standing on nest. Maureen O'Shea had previously seen female carrying nesting material to nest.
Warren Thompson/ Greg Clancy

Plumed Whistling Duck Watkins Lane Ulmarra
1000 plus plumed whistling-duck on dam wall. Good number for this location.
Warren Thompson/ Greg Clancy

Spotted Harrier Levenstrath Rd. Levenstrath via Grafton
2.30pm seen working along a drain line adjacent to freshly slashed paddock. Not commonly seen in this location.
Warren Thompson

Thu 22 Mar Common Sandpiper Rock platform at Mystery Bay, south of Narooma, South Coast
A single Common Sandpiper was observed on the rocks at Mystery Bay feeding with 3 Pacific Golden Plovers and 11 Sooty Oystercatchers. Common Sandpipers are rarely reported in Eurobodalla Shire.
Alan Morris

Tue 20 Mar Australian Shelduck Dairy Swamp, Tuggerah (restricted Access)
A female Australian Shelduck was present at the Pioneer Dairy Wetlands, 19-20 March 2012, co-incidentally at the same time that they were being reported at Hexham Swamp, Newcastle. This is the 5th Central Coast record, and the first record since 26/1-13/2/2007, when 4 were present at the same location.
Alan Morris and Vicki Barnes (photographer)

Powerful Owl Levenstrath Rd. Levenstrath via Grafton
3.15am heard calling from trees near house. (Moderator Note: Powerful Owls are more regularly heard at this time of year. Powerful owl calling reports will be forwarded to Birds in Backyards Powerful Owl Project but wont usually be published on Birdline.)
Warren Thompson

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