Great Cormorant breeding

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Subject: Great Cormorant breeding
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Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 19:39:35 +1000

I found this pic of a South Coast bird (Wonboyn), which also illustrates the below features.  Note white flecks – in shadow, this time



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Subject: RE: [canberrabirds] Great Cormorant breeding


These are 2 representations of a breeding bird.  It has pale cheeks and a white patch on the lower flanks.  The HANZAB illustration does not indicate other light markings, but in full sun there are a few pale reflection flecks on the side of the neck.





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Subject: Re: [canberrabirds] Great Cormorant breeding


Recently, while at Batemans Bay, I saw a very brightly coloured Great Cormorant with large white patches on the sides of its neck. HANZAB mentions scattered white plumes on the neck but these were well defined white patches on the sides of the neck about halfway down.

Any comments?


Tom Green