Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 29 Oct 2014 09:54:50 +1000
   Birdline New South Wales

   Published sightings for the week ending 28 Oct 2014.

   Tue 28 Oct Caspian Tern Iron Cove, Leichhardt, inner west, Sydney
   A single Caspian Tern foraging over shallows of Iron Cove in front of
   Leichhardt Pool. Occasionally reported further west around Homebush,
   but first I've seen in many years of running around Iron Cove
   Andrew Taylor
   Grey Goshawk Streeton Lookout, Freemans Reach
   Grey Goshawk seen flying south toward river 7pm this evening
   Mike Felstead
   Sacred Kingfisher Bellevue Hill - Sydney
   Dead Sacred Kingfisher.
   Oscar Arnott
   Mon 27 Oct White-browed, Masked Woodswallows and Rose-crowned
   Fruit-doves Myall Lakes National Park--Mungo Brush
   3 mixed flocks of White-browed & Masked Woodswallows, 10-30 birds in
   each. Location is around 800 m from the beach. Also Rose-crowned
   Fruit-doves still present. [Moderator's note (NH): Interesting mix of
   dry inland and rainforest species near the beach!]
   Steve Roderick
   Black Kite Hoskinstown Plain
   Reported by a reliable neighbour. Largish raptor with a forked tail.
   Dark undersides and dark brown on top. Followed the baler for a long
   period. This is the first I have heard of for this area although a few
   are reported each year from the nearby ACT.
   Martin Butterfield
   Red Knot Deeban Spit, Port Hacking
   Red Knot foraging alone by waters edge around 1.30 in afternoon.
   Julie Keating
   Little Bronze-Cuckoo Tamarind Close, Richmond Hill, 8 km east of
   One Little Bronze-Cuckoo heard calling this morning. The usual 4 note
   descending call plus 2 of the trilling calls. This is the second Little
   Bronze-Cuckoo for Oct. in our garden.
   June Harris
   Sun 26 Oct White-winged Triller Hastings River Valley
   White-winged Trillers have arrived on the north coast with the dry
   weather and were present throughout the Hastings Valley during the
   Twitchathon at Forbes River, Byabarra, Rosewood Road and Fernbank Creek
   The Ninja Pigeons (Tim, Drew and Frederik Morris)
   Pacific Baza Anchorage Caravan Park, Iluka
   Adult Pacific Baza sitting low on nest in Flooded Gum.
   Black-necked Stalkers (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago)
   Greater Sand Plover, Lesser Sand Plover, Wandering Tattler Woody Head
   rock platform, Bundjalung National Park
   c.22 Greater & 2+ Lesser Sand Plovers, 1 Wandering Tattler - all
   loafing on rocks.
   Black-necked Stalkers (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago)
   Black-chinned Honeyeater Gwydir Highway, Ramornie
   1+ Black-chinned Honeyeater heard calling.
   Black-necked Stalkers (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago)
   White-throated Needletail Truckstop on Gwydir Highway, E of Washpool
   National Park turnoff
   One White-throated Needletail flying over Highway.
   Black-necked Stalkers (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago)
   Rufous Scrub-bird, Southern Emu-wren, Scarlet Robin Surveyors Creek,
   Gibraltar Range National Park
   Rufous Scrub-bird heard calling at edge of rainforest gully, Southern
   Emu-wrens heard calling in heathland and Scarlet Robin observed in
   recently burnt area.
   Black-necked Stalkers (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago)
   White-winged Triller, Varied Sittella, Forest Kingfisher Upper
   Coldstream Road, Tyndale
   Adult male White-winged Triller and 3+ Varied Sittellas in trees and
   Forest Kingfisher heard calling near wetland.
   Black-necked Stalkers (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago)
   Buff-banded Rail, Chestnut Teal Fullers Road, The Parade Ground, near
   Buff-banded Rail feeding at water's edge near Chestnut Teal.
   Black-necked Stalkers (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago)
   White-winged Triller Washpool Road, near Four Mile Lane, Clarenza
   White-winged Triller heard singing.
   Black-necked Stalkers (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago)
   Spangled Drongo, Common Cicadabird Bellbird Gully, Gibraltar Range
   National Park
   Adult Spangled Drongo constructing nest in Brush Box. Common Cicadabird
   heard singing.
   Black-necked Stalkers (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago)
   White-browed and Masked Woodswallows Kurri Kurri Woodlands, Hunter
   Around 30 Woodswallows, mostly White-browed.
   Hunter Home Brewers (Steve & Mick Roderick, Craig Anderson & Lucas
   Square-tailed Kite St Ives
   At around midday whilst working in Richmond Ave, St. Ives, my daughter
   alerted me to a large 'hawk' flying low over the roof and tree tops. It
   was an adult Square-tailed Kite and I was lucky enough to observe it
   for a minute as it quartered the area - which is adjacent to the
   wildflower garden. Eventually to was seen off by an unlikely alliance
   of Masked Lapwings, Australian Magpies and an Australian Raven!
   Nick Billington
   Satin Bowerbird, Green Catbird, Yellow-throated Scrubwren, Topknot
   Pigeon, Black-faced Monarch Royal National Park--Werrong Track
   The Black-faced Monarchs were up the top along the road but more heard
   down the track as well as whistlers. In the section between the
   clifftop plateau and about 50 m from the (supposed) meteorite lake (dry
   at the moment) at least 5 x female-type Satin Bowerbirds feeding and
   bickering in a native fruit tree. More heard close by. The same area
   where the Topknot Pigeon was photographed the previous morning. The
   Green Catbird and Yellow-throated Scrubwren at the dry lake. Superb
   Lyrebird unusually high in a tree (I think he was eating the fruit) at
   the lake. He tried very hard to mimic some whistles I gave him and came
   down quite low to have a bit of a vocal spar with me but wasn't well
   practised which makes me think he was quite young. Lots of White-browed
   Scrubwrens and thornbills, Crimson Rosellas, two Australian
   King-Parrots and quite a few Sulphur-crested Cockatoos around lake
   area. The Cliff foliage at North end of the beach held Eastern Yellow
   Robin nest. Superb Fairywrens and some Lewin's Honeyeaters.
   White-bellied Sea-eagle seen flying out to sea and around the southern
   beach clifftop. Butcherbirds, Pied Currawongs and Laughing Kookaburras
   up near the cliff top carpark.
   Richard Hardiman
   Apostlebird, Blue-faced Honeyeater, White-winged Triller, White-thoated
   Needle-tail Nurragingy Nature Reserve
   A pair of Blue-faced Honeyeater with their two chicks were feeding near
   the pond. On the track near creek we found 3 juvs of White-winged
   Triller still fed by their parents. A pair of Apostlebirds is still
   building their nest. We saw Collared Sparrowhawk (probably male - very
   small bird) feeding on a Magpie Lark chick near the entrance to the
   reserve. 23 White-throated Needle-tails were circling over reserve.
   Ted Wnorowski
   Sat 25 Oct Hooded Robin, White-winged Triller, Horsfield's
   Bronze-Cuckoo, Dusky Woodswallow, Weebill Graman-Ashford Road, SW of
   Adult male Hooded Robin, adult male White-winged Triller and Dusky
   Woodswallow observed, Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo and Weebill heard
   calling. Jacky Winter and Musk Lorikeet also present.
   Black-necked Stalkers (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago)
   Powerful Owl, Noisy Pitta, Australian Owlet-nightjar Coachwood Picnic
   Area, Washpool National Park
   Powerful Owl heard calling to east at night. Noisy Pitta heard calling
   throughout the night. Australian Owlet-nightjar heard calling.
   Black-necked Stalkers (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago)
   Eastern Barn Owl Emmaville to Dundee Road
   Two separate Eastern Barn Owls perched on fence posts a few kilometres
   Black-necked Stalkers (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago)
   Barking Owl, Turquoise Parrot, Southern Boobook near Strathbogie, W of
   Emmaville, Ashford-Emmaville Road
   Adult pair of Barking Owls responded to imitation of call and flew in
   for good views at 20:30 hrs. Turquoise Parrot seen at dusk (only seen
   by Russell). Southern Boobook heard calling at night.
   Black-necked Stalkers (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago)
   Australian Ringneck, Chestnut-breasted Mannikin, Pale-headed Rosella
   Reedy Creek, Warialda
   One Australian Ringneck, 4+ Pale-headed Rosellas and 5+
   Chestnut-breasted Mannikins along creek.
   Black-necked Stalkers (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago)
   Eastern Barn Owl Fossickers Way, south-east of Warialda
   Road kill Eastern Barn Owl on Fossickers Way.
   Black-necked Stalkers (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago)
   White-winged Triller Park in Glen Innes
   Female White-winged Triller in exotic trees.
   Black-necked Stalkers team (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago)
   Brolga, Latham's Snipe Chaffin Swamp, Tucabia
   Adult Brolga sitting low on nest in swamp. One Latham's Snipe foraging
   nearby. Brolga not present on October 26. Nest presumably robbed by
   Greg Clancy & Russell Jago
   Freckled Duck, Pink-eared Duck, Blue-billed Duck, Aust. Shoveler,
   Yellow-throated Miner Gunnedah sewage treatment plant
   Freckled Duck (1), Aust. Shoveler (3+), Pink-eared Duck (100s),
   Blue-billed Duck (5+), Yellow-throated Miner (2)
   Dodgy Drongos - Max Breckenridge, Nick Livanos and Grant Brosie
   Hooded Robin, Spotted Bowerbird, White-backed Swallow Kelvin Road,
   north of the Boggabri-Manilla Road
   Absolutely firing! Heaps of White-browed, Masked and Dusky Woodswallow,
   White-backed Swallow and Rainbow Bee-eater. Hooded Robin carrying food.
   Spotted Bowerbird, Australian Koel and Yellow-throated Miner at the
   farm house. Other good birds included Southern Whiteface, Restless
   Flycatcher and Peaceful Dove.
   Dodgy Drongos - Max Breckenridge, Nick Livanos and Grant Brosie
   Turquoise Parrot, Brush Cuckoo, Black-chinned Honeyeater Borah
   Travelling Stock Reserve
   3 Turquoise Parrots and 3-5 Black-chinned Honeyeaters (the latter heard
   only). Brush Cuckoo was an unusual sighting. Unfortunately Borah has
   suffered from over grazing and dry conditions which was reflected in
   the low numbers of seed eaters. Only 2 Diamond Firetails were seen.
   Several flowering gums were filled with small honeyeaters but Little
   Lorikeets were only present in small numbers. Rainbow Bee-eaters,
   White-browed Woodswallow and Tree Martins were common.
   Dodgy Drongos - Max Breckenridge, Nick Livanos and Grant Brosie
   Thu 23 Oct Australian Hobby Brooms Head Road, Taloumbi
   Adult Australian Hobby sitting on nest previously reported.
   Greg Clancy & Russell Jago
   White-throated Nightjar W of Lake Arragan, Yuraygir National Park
   Adult White-throated Nightjar sitting on egg. Adult missing on October
   26 with feathers on ground and remains of egg in nest. Adult presumably
   killed by predator - fox or monitor? Note: observers never approached
   closely to nest. Bird photographed at distance through spotting scope.
   Greg Clancy & Russell Jago
   Latham's Snipe Wetland along Pacific Highway at Cowper
   Two Latham's Snipe flushed from water's edge.
   Greg Clancy & Russell Jago
   Tue 21 Oct Pacific Baza Pacific Highway, N of Iluka turnoff
   One Pacific Baza flew over Highway to roadside tree.
   Greg Clancy & Warren Thompson
   Swamp Harrier Yaegl Nature Reserve, Harwood
   Swamp Harrier in flight over Pacific Highway and Nature Reserve.
   Uncommon during spring and summer months on the NSW north coast. Common
   migrant in the autumn-winter.
   Greg Clancy & Warren Thompson
   Sat 18 Oct Collared Sparrowhawk Toumbaal Fire Trail, N of Sandon,
   Yuraygir National Park
   Collared Sparrowhawk in flight over fire trail (Collared Sparrowhawks
   are uncommon on the NSW north coast compared to the Brown Goshawk).
   Greg Clancy
   Fri 17 Oct Shy Heathwren,Yellow-plumed Honeyeater, Splendid Fairywren,
   Crested Bellbird,Yellow-rumped Pardalote Taleeban Mining Reserve, near
   Camped overnight 17/18 October at Taleeban mallee. Highlights of 42
   species recorded were 2 Shy Heathwren, many Yellow-plumed Honeyeater,
   Splendid & Variegated Fairywrens, Spotted Pardalote (2 nesting pairs of
   yellow-rumped mallee form), Crested Bellbird, Hooded Robin,
   White-browed Woodswallow, Rainbow Bee-eater, Little Eagle, Tawny
   Frogmouth, Australian Owlet-nightjar, Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo, Mulga
   Parrot, Yellow-throated Miner, Pied & Grey Butcherbirds,
   Chestnut-rumped, Yellow & Inland Thornbill.
   Marnix & Maurits Zwankhuizen
   Thu 16 Oct Collared Sparrowhawk East of Bellingen
   Collared Sparrowhawk in flight (Collared Sparrowhawks are uncommon on
   the NSW north coast compared to the Brown Goshawk).
   Greg Clancy, Mary & Jack Wyatt, Sue & Jerry Miller
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