Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 27 Oct 2014 08:02:53 +1000
   Birdline New South Wales

   Published sightings for the week ending 26 Oct 2014.

   Sun 26 Oct Black-tailed Native-Hen Lake Wallace
   One Black-tailed Native-Hen with Eurasian Coots and Dusky Moorhens in
   the reed-lined cove south of the main loop road on the lake's western
   side. Also displaying male Musk Duck and a female Musk Duck with young.
   Nick Leseberg
   Red-necked Stint Long Reef Aquatic Reserve
   Banded Red-necked Stint seen with other Stints
   Mark Young
   Australasian Figbird Eulah Creek
   This afternoon I caught a brief glimpse of the red eye patch of a male
   Australasian Figbird in our garden, 20 km East of Narrabri. It had a go
   at our mulberries and disappeared before I could get a photo. This
   species usually does not come out of the ranges; so far I have seen
   them this far West only once (two immature birds at the time).
   Michael Dahlem
   Sat 25 Oct Barking Owl, Yellow-plumed Honeyeater, Black-eared Cuckoo,
   Gilbert's Whistler, Turquoise & Superb P. Back Yamma State Forest
   Barking Owl, Yellow-plumed Honeyeater, Black-eared Cuckoo and Gilbert's
   Whistler were amongst the more surprising species we located in the
   lead up to, and during, the twitchathon. Also many Turquoise Parrots
   and Superb Parrots hanging around.
   Joshua Bergmark, Ashwin Rudder, David Rudder (Fly By Nightjars)
   Spotted Quail-thrush Mogo Camp Yengo NP
   A male Spotted Quail-thrush walked around the picnic area, in the open,
   at midday. Yellow-tufted, Brown-headed, White-eared Honeyeaters, along
   with Noisy Friarbirds were present.
   Carol Abbott
   Northern Royal Albatross (subject to NSW ORAC submission), Black
   Petrels and Wandering Albatrosses Offshore--Wollongong pelagic
   Highlights of todays SOSSA pelagic included a Northern Royal Albatross
   (which stayed with us for 3 1/2 hours), 2 Black Petrels and 20+
   Wandering/Gibson's Albatrosses. Other birds sighted, Providence and
   Great-winged (Grey-faced) Petrels, Campbell, Black-browed and
   White-capped Albatrosses, 1 Flesh-footed, a few Hutton's and Fluttering
   Shearwaters. Numbers of Wedge-tailed and Short-tailed Shearwaters were
   high as well. We also had 20+ Wilson's Storm-petrels, 2 Arctic and 1
   Pomarine Jaeger, along with the regular species. [Moderator's note
   (NH): Sightings of Northern Royal Albatross should be submitted to NSW
   Brook Whylie and all on board the Sandra K
   Wonga Pigeon, Large-billed Scrubwren, Black-faced Monarch Robertson
   Nature Reserve
   3 Wonga Pigeons calling. Also present: Brown Cuckoo-dove, Large-billed
   Scrubwren, 3 Brown Gerygones, Shining Bronze-cuckoo and Black-faced
   Lorne Johnson
   Common Cicadabird Macquarie Pass National Park
   One Common Cicadabird calling late arvo. Other birds of note: Brown
   Gerygone, Brown Cuckoo-dove.
   Lorne Johnson
   Fri 24 Oct Whistling Kite, Swamp Harrier, Australian Pelican Bundanoon
   1 Whistling Kite over dam at Shangri-la Rd. It got into a fight with a
   Swamp Harrier. An Australian Pelican was on the dam. Whistling Kite and
   Australian Pelican are new birds for my Bundanoon list, now bringing
   the total to 172 species.
   Lorne Johnson
   White-throated Needletail, Brush Cuckoo Caniaba, Lismore NSW
   About 15 WTNT flying east in a group at 9:00am. Single WTNTs have been
   sighted over the past week. This plus the direction of the group
   indicate they are resident in the general area and were on a feeding
   patrol, probably to one of the coastal NPs, returning later to
   somewhere west, possibly in the Casino area. This speculation is based
   on last year's observations when a group was seen daily flying east.
   Also seen Brush Cuckoo courtship feeding: adult male Brush Cuckoo
   feeding a barred adult female. The male was chasing flying insects,
   probably tiger moths. [Moderator's note (NH): Thanks to Rohan Clarke
   for commenting on Brush Cuckoo courtship feeding and barred adult
   female Brush Cuckoos.]
   paul griffin
   Latham's Snipe Wetland/dam just to W of Spring Crk Resevoir, Orange
   3 Latham's Snipe; 2 seen along edge of first dam on private property to
   W of reservoir, the third just beside the road on western side of the
   bend before getting to headwaters of reservoir. First sighting for me
   in Orange this season.
   Rosemary Stapleton
   White-winged Triller, Little Lorikeet, Glossy Black-Cockatoo Burrawan
   Forest Drive (south), Port Macquarie
   Two singing male White-winged Trillers. Little Lorikeets feeding in
   flowering Scribbly Gum and 2 Glossy Black-Cockatoos.
   Tim Morris
   Red-backed Kingfisher, White-backed Swallow Eulah Creek
   Both pairs, Red-backed Kingfisher and White-backed Swallow, are still
   present downstream of the Bullawa Creek bridge (Eulah Creek Road).
   There are now definitive signs of breeding activity (composite photo).
   The Red-backed Kingfishers have been observed again defending their
   territory. Along a 200-m section of creek bed no other kingfishers are
   permitted, but at least 4 more species have been found to be nesting:
   Striated Pardalote, Leaden Flycatcher, Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike, Noisy
   Friarbird. One of the White-backed Swallows (the only tunnel-nesting
   swallow species in Australia) was also seen diving down to the
   carved-out creek bank, but was obscured from view while on the ground
   for only about 10 seconds. They had been observed showing territorial
   behaviour earlier (previous report from the same location).
   Michael Dahlem
   Thu 23 Oct Regent Honeyeater Nangahrah Bird Route
   Two fledgling Regent Honeyeaters being fed by two adults observed on
   the 23rd October at the same location previously reported on the 8th
   (#220155) and 19th (#220347), likely the same individuals. Adults were
   feeding in a flowering Grey Box.
   Peter Hancock and Ben Martin per. Kurtis Lindsay
   Black Petrel Offshore--Sydney Pelagic
   Avian highlight of a Wings charter off Sydney today was a single Black
   Petrel which stayed around the boat for at least 20 minutes feeding on
   the slick. Cetacean highlight was a pod of 40 Short-finned Pilot Whales
   which we found sleeping on the surface about 2 NM east of Brown's
   Mountain with a pod of more than 200 Oceanic Bottlenose Dolphins
   actively hunting all around them. Also 7 Wandering Albatross, 2
   Campbell Albatross, 20 Wilson's Storm Petrel, and a Caspian Tern
   Roger McGovern and the Wings group
   Superb Lyrebird Elanora Heights
   A male Superb Lyrebird walking through the reserve next to my house. I
   have lived here for 30 years and this is the first one I have seen
   [Moderator's note (NH): Superb Lyrebirds are commonly seen at nearby
   Irrawong Reserve].
   David Robert Ronald
   Wed 22 Oct Barking Owl Murranar Rd, Towradgi
   Barking Owl calling for approximately 30min at about 845pm in Eucalypt
   in urban backyard. Only 30m away but couldn't access for a good look
   due to private property
   David Bain
   Little Corella Sherwood/Dondingalong boarder, West of Kempsey
   Flock of 35 Little Corella flying west at 6.45pm. Only the second
   recording of this species at this property in over 10 years.
   Alastair and Karen Smedley
   Caspian Tern Deeban Spit, Port Hacking
   Caspian Tern noted 8:00am at end of Deeban Spit, high tide. Standing
   with Silver Gulls, Crested Terns, Pied Oystercatcher and Eastern
   Julie Keating
   Tue 21 Oct Terek Sandpiper Lake Wollumboola
   Single Terek Sandpiper seen on the sand bar about 9:00 probing for food
   with Red-necked Stints and Red-capped Plovers.
   Narelle Wright
   Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove Mungo Brush Rainforest Walk
   An adult male seen clearly within a group of at least 2-3 flighty
   Rose-crowned Fruit-Doves. Although they were only seen once in the late
   morning, they could be heard regularly.
   Andrew Walker
   Black-faced Monarch, Dollarbird Irrawong Reserve
   One pair of Black-faced Monarch and Dollarbirds. Plus other common
   birds at this location.
   Chris Melrose and Brian Downer
   White-headed Pigeon, Sacred Kingfisher Greenwich - Gore Creek
   7.15. a.m.: a White-headed Pigeon and Sacred Kingfisher in the
   mangroves at the mouth of the creek, the former being much the more
   unusual visitor to the area.
   Ted Nixon
   Mon 20 Oct Dollarbird Boambee Bay Reserve, Sawtell
   Seen in the gums above the reserve late afternoon. [Moderator's note
   (NH): We published the 23 first arrivals (first record of the season
   was 21st September). We decided not to publish any further in-season
   Dollarbird sightings (except for unusual observations).]
   natasha stuart
   White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Black-winged Stilt Black Lake, Bibbenluke
   Huge bird flew out of eucalypt, scaring daylights out of a raft of ~300
   Eurasian Coot. Grey wings, white belly made it clearly an adult
   White-bellied Sea-Eagle. eBird has no records in this area although
   common on the coast 60 km East. 26 Black-winged Stilt feeding on margin
   of Lake.
   Martin Butterfield
   Brown Honeyeaters Kyeemagh
   2 Brown Honeyeaters feeding in the bushes on the Muddy Creek side of St
   George Football Stadium
   Oliver Williams
   Sun 19 Oct Curlew Sandpiper, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Great Knot, Red
   Knot, Lake Wollumboola
   The shorebirds are trickling in to their regular haunts on the south
   coast and I was pleased to two Curlew Sandpiper amongst the flock of
   Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Great Knot and Red Knot on the weekend.
   Matthew Jones
   Turquoise Parrot, White-throated Gerygone, Rainbow Bee-eater, Rufous
   Songlark, White-winged Triller Nattai National Park, High Range, GPS:
   34.159S, 150.136 E
   2 Turquoise Parrots in 3 different locations (suspect it was the same
   pair), 1 singing White-throated Gerygone, Rainbow Bee-eater - one pair
   always in same location, 1 singing Rufous Songlark, 1 White-winged
   Kaye Varlow
   Dollarbird Nepean Weir, Penrith
   Victorian observer noticed uneven circling flight pattern and bright
   colored bill. Bird was on western side of river around 12.20pm. Photo
   John Daniels
   Little Grassbird Bundanoon
   One bird calling by dam near Shangri la Rd mid-afternoon. It's been a
   while since I've heard one here. Other birds of note: Australian
   Reed-warbler, 2 Australasian Pipits, Golden-headed Cisticola, 14
   Hardhead, 10 Hoary-headed Grebe, Latham's Snipe and a lone Gang-gang
   Lorne Johnson
   Brush Cuckoo Bullawa Creek, 30 km East of Narrabri
   Yesterday there was at least one Brush Cuckoo at the upper (wooden)
   bridge across Bullawa Creek, 30 km East of Narrabri (go to "Further
   information" link for sound recording"). This is the first time I have
   found a Brush Cuckoo in the Narrabri area, but I admit that - prior to
   finding the species in the NT recently - I was not familiar with their
   calls. No visual or photo ID.
   Michael Dahlem
   Sat 18 Oct Painted Honeyeater Private Property about 26km NW of Cowra
   on Lachlan Valley Way
   Painted Honeyeater seen in isolated Ironbark adjacent to one of the
   Cowra Woodland Bird survey sites by three surveyors
   Rosemary Stapleton, Lesley Hook & Gillian Hogendyk
   Eastern Ground Parrot, Southern Emu-wren, White-throated Needletail
   Bosches Waterhole Road, near Sandon Road, Yuraygir National Park
   One Eastern Ground Parrot flushed from heath, 1 Southern Emu-wren
   observed in low shrub and 3+ White-throated Needletails low over heath.
   Greg Clancy & members of Clarence Valley Birdos
   White-throated Needletail S of Red Cliff, Yuraygir National Park
   2+ White-throated Needletails in flight low over heath and road.
   Greg Clancy
   Thu 16 Oct Emerald Dove Eastern Dorrigo Way, West of Coramba
   Emerald Dove on roadside.
   Greg Clancy, Mary & Jack Wyatt, Sue & Jerry Miller
   Paradise Riflebird, Topknot Pigeon, Crested Shrike-tit, Shining
   Bronze-Cuckoo Dorrigo National Park--Visitors Centre
   Paradise Riflebird heard calling, Topknot Pigeons in roadside trees
   between Visitors Centre and the Glade Picnic Area, Crested Shrike-tit
   and Shining Bronze-Cuckoo at Walk with the Birds.
   Greg Clancy, Mary & Jack Wyatt, Sue & Jerry Miller
   Brush Cuckoo, Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo Thora
   Brush Cuckoo heard calling, Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoos in flight.
   Greg Clancy, Mary & Jack Wyatt, Sue & Jerry Miller
   Grey Goshawk, Black-faced Monarch, Sacred Kingfisher Boggy Creek near
   Grey morph Grey Goshawk in tree, adult Black-faced Monarch in roadside
   vegetation and two Sacred Kingfishers on powerlines.
   Greg Clancy, Mary & Jack Wyatt, Sue and Jerry Miller
   Wed 15 Oct Long-billed Corella East of Coutts Crossing
   Adult Long-billed Corella perched in nest tree (Cabbage Gum -
   Eucalyptus amplifolia ssp. sessiliflora).
   Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt
   Australian Pied Oystercatcher Munro Island, Lawrence
   Adult pair of Australian Pied Oystercatchers. One sitting on nest.
   Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt
   White-throated Needletail, Freckled Duck, Pink-eared Duck, Australian
   White Ibis Lawrence Egret Colony swamp
   2+ White-throated Needletails high over the wetland, 10+ Freckled
   Ducks, 30+ Pink-eared Ducks, 12+ nests of Australian White Ibis with
   small to medium sized young. No egret breeding yet.
   Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt
   Little Bronze-Cuckoo, Red-backed Fairy-wren Mantons Road, Lawrence
   Adult female Little Bronze-Cuckoo foraging in tree. Adult male
   Red-backed Fairy-wren in trees and grass nearby.
   Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt
   Peregrine Falcon South of Lawrence
   Adult Peregrine Falcon perched in nest tree.
   Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt
   Pink-eared Duck Alumy Creek, N of Grafton
   70+ Pink-eared Ducks on creek.
   Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt
   Pink-eared Duck, Grey Teal, Hardhead South Grafton Settling Ponds,
   Rushforth Road, South Grafton
   9 Pink-eared Ducks on pond with Grey Teal and Hardhead.
   Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt
   Pallid Cuckoo Brothersons Swamp, Coutts Crossing
   One Pallid Cuckoo flew east from fence post near wetland.
   Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt
   Magpie Goose, Plumed Whistling-Duck Dam NE of Coutts Crossing
   5 Magpie Geese and 30+ Plumed Whistling-Ducks at dam.
   Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt
   Sat 11 Oct Singing Honeyeater Lake Wollumboola
   Spotted 3 or 4 Singing Honeyeaters in casuarinas fringing the SE shore
   of the Lake. (Moderator's Note: This is a very unusual record but not
   the first time that a Singing Honeyeater has been found on the Coast.
   Narelle Wright
   Wed 8 Oct Bar-tailed Godwit Lake Wollumboola
   30+ Bar-tailed Godwits seen late in the afternoon wading in the
   shallows. Attached is a photograph of adult female Bar-tailed Godwit.
   Narelle Wright
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