Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 13 Oct 2014 16:14:03 +1000
   Birdline New South Wales

   Published sightings for the week ending 12 Oct 2014.

   Sun 12 Oct Brush Cuckoo, Black-faced Monarch, Rufous Fantail, Leaden
   Flycatcher Mitchell Park, Cattai
   This morning there were 2 Brush Cuckoos, a Black-faced Monarch, 3
   Leaden Flycatchers, a couple of Rufous Fantails, Dollarbird, Rainbow
   Bee-eater, Sacred Kingfishers, numerous Scarlet Honeyeaters, and an
   Owlet-nightjar also heard.
   Edwin Vella
   White-winged Triller, Pallid Cuckoo Cattai National Park
   Lots of birds at Cattai NP this morning including a male White-winged
   Triller, Rainbow Bee-eaters, Sacred Kingfishers, Pallid Cuckoo,
   Dollarbirds, numerous Scarlet Honeyeaters and Mistletoebirds, Wonga
   Pigeons and Brown Cuckoo-dove, White-bellied Sea-eagle etc.
   Edwin Vella
   Topknot Pigeon Warwick Farm
   10 birds seen at Georges River Warwick Farm.
   Michael Paul
   Little Grassbird Warriewood Wetlands
   In dense reeds in the main pond just off Shearwater Drive. Near the
   path between the first little pond and the second main pond. Very
   distinctive call. Heard only.
   David Vickers
   Baillon's Crake Pitt Town Lagoon
   Highlight from a mornings birding at Pitt Town Lagoon were 3 Baillon's
   michael ronan.
   Sat 11 Oct Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Red Knot, Common Tern, White-fronted
   Tern Long Reef Aquatic Reserve
   The monthly count for the AWSG turned up a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper and a
   Red Knot keeping each other company on the southern side of the reef
   while all the others (Red-necked Stints, Ruddy Turnstones, Sooty
   Oystercatchers, Pacific Golden Plovers) were on the northern side. Also
   a lovely comparative view of a White-fronted Tern and a Common Tern
   resting close to each other.
   Robert Griffin et al
   Superb Parrot Narrandera
   A surprise flyover by male Superb Parrot led to investigation of
   forested area west of town, where numerous birds were seen. Young
   appeared to be calling from several hollows.(Moderator's Note: John,
   hardly surprising, it is a known nesting site! AKM).
   John Weigel
   Gang-gang Cockatoo, Rockwarbler, Leaden Flycatcher, Dollarbird Wollemi
   National Park--Wheeny Creek Campground
   A female Gang-gang Cockatoo and Rockwarbler seen and both a Dollarbird
   and Leaden Flycatcher heard.
   Edwin Vella and Follow That Bird
   Sharp-tailed Sandpiper Pitt Town Lagoon
   5 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers with a number of Red-kneed Dotterels and some
   Pink-eared Ducks. Water level gradually coming down and hopefully good
   for shorebirds over the coming weeks.
   Edwin Vella and Follow That Bird
   White-winged Triller Inalls Lane, Richmond
   An adult male White-winged Triller seen beside the road
   Edwin Vella and Follow That Bird
   Regent Honeyeater Galgabba Point, Swansea (Lake Macquarie)
   On the same day that Swift Parrots were reported at Murrays Beach, a
   Regent HE has been found 2 km to the north at Galgabba Point (photos
   have been posted to the HBOC chat group). The Swift Parrots are very
   late-staying and the Regent HE record represents the first known Regent
   record on the east side of Lake Macquarie in spring that I can see from
   a quick skim of the RH database. An interesting situation.
   Lene Parashou per Mick Roderick
   Singing Honeyeater Lake Wollumboola
   Observed on southern end of the sand bar in casuarinas fringing the
   lake. An unusual sighting in NSW east of the divide.
   Narelle Wright
   Topknot Pigeon Angophora Reserve, Bilgola Plateau
   Saw no less than 136 Topknots in two separate groups (43 in the morning
   and 93 at about 6pm) fly from north to South at speed today. I could
   well have missed other groups while studying. From recent reports, it
   seems that the birds are on the move southward. The groups I am seeing
   are probably coming from the Central Coast area, being funnelled down
   the Northern Beaches peninsula as they move south. I would love to know
   where they are heading! Attached is a snap from my phone of the later
   group (93 individuals).
   Henry Coleman
   Swift Parrot Murrays Beach (Lake Macquarie)
   Some late-staying Swift Parrots are still at Murrays Beach, feeding on
   the blossom of Forest Red Gum. There were about 20 birds there on
   Tuesday, but numbers have dwindled since then apparently. Birds were
   heard this morning.
   Toby Lambert per Mick Roderick
   Fri 10 Oct Latham's Snipe McPherson Road Swamp, Tuggerah
   Single bird seen from walking track.
   Michael Rutkowski and Bob Sinclair
   Great Crested Grebe, Musk Duck, White-bellied Sea-Eagle Quipolly Dams
   A visit to the Quipolly Dams near Quirindi today brought a few
   surprises. On the NEW dam there are at present at least 100 Great
   Crested Grebes (the photo shows just a small fraction of the total; I
   am still trying to mosaic photos to show at least about HALF the
   population, found in one group, together). At least 4 Musk Ducks (all
   male), plus various other aquatic species, including 100+ Black Swans
   and tens of Australian Pelicans, were also found, together with one
   adult White-bellied Sea-Eagle. For information: The OLD dam, which has
   silted up very badly, is completely dry and all aquatic bird species
   have left (probably to the new dam; small waders and water hens etc
   were too far from the public access area for identification).
   Michael Dahlem
   Barking Owl Cowan
   Bird flushed from a tree, calling as it flew and then calling again
   after landing. Location: On the GNW between Cowan and Berowra Waters,
   400m from the Cowan side of Joe Kraft's Creek.
   Peter and Carol Abbott
   Rainbow Lorikeet Queanbeyan Showgrounds
   A pair of Rainbow Lorikeets both inspected a hollow in a eucalypt and
   copulated vigorously. I'm not aware of them undertaking breeding
   activity previously
   Martin Butterfield
   Collared Kingfisher Brunswick Heads
   A Collared Kingfisher heard then seen adjacent the oyster shed in
   Marshalls Creek, Brunswick Heads Nature Reserve. My first for the
   Brunswick River estuary, although there has been a few other sporadic
   Steven McBride
   Grey-tailed Tattler Lake Wollumboola
   Three Grey-tailed Tattlers foraging on floating weed mats in the
   north-east part of the lake.
   Matthew Jones
   Australian King-Parrot 'Melliodora' Denneys Lane Goulburn
   Two female Australian King-Parrots feeding on spilled seed with Crimson
   Rosellas. Both Australian King-Parrots kept their distance from the
   rosellas which showed dominance. This is the third sighting of this
   species in 14 years I have had at this site or near Goulburn in my own
   Rodney Falconer
   Thu 9 Oct Plum-headed Finch, Spotted Bowerbird, Baillon's and
   Australian Crake Warren Wetlands and Wastewater Treatment Plant
   Plum-headed Finch (20+ including juveniles), Baillon's Crake (4), Aust.
   Crake (2), Spotted Bowerbird (1). Plenty of White-winged Fairy-wren,
   Cockatiel and Pink-eared Duck in the area.
   Nick Livanos and Grant Brosie
   Topknot Pigeon, Brown Goshawk Bicentennial Park (Glebe)
   40 Topknot Pigeons observed incredibly high up, flying south at some
   speed. They were in two seperate flocks of 32 (very poorly pictured)
   and a trailing group of 8. Interestingly, the hundreds of birds that I
   observed at Hawks Nest recently all seemed to be moving south as well.
   Most of the reports from the mid-north coast of these birds have also
   indicated that these birds are flying south. Is there an annual pattern
   that these birds follow, some sort of migration, or are they just
   following/searching for fruit? At Hawks Nest, the Cabbage Tree Palms
   were fruiting all over the place which was presumably what attracted
   them, and probably the other fruit pigeons. A pair of Brown Goshawks
   were observed near the light rail stop. These birds can be seen
   regularly around here, specifically at dusk when both seem to fly into
   a nearby fenced-off area which I suspect may be a nest site.
   Simon Gorta
   Pacific Baza, Topknot Pigeon, Eastern Koel Angophora Reserve, Bilgola
   I have seen a pair of Pacific Baza around the area twice in the past
   month, only having seen them here once before about 2 years ago. Also,
   a group of 12 Topknot Pigeons has been around here for the past week, a
   species I have never before seen near Bilgola. Koels have been calling
   since 4th of October.
   Henry Coleman
   Wed 8 Oct Shy Heathwren, Gilbert's Whistler, Black-eared Cuckoo Woggoon
   Nature Reserve, 30km nth of Condoblin
   Fantastic location. Shy Heathwren (1), Gilbert's Whistler (1),
   Black-eared Cuckoo (1), Mulga Parrot (7), White-browed & Masked
   Woodswallows (100+) plus all the usual small, western passerines.
   Nick Livanos and Grant Brosie
   Major Mitchell's Cockatoo Tottenham
   A single bird seen several km south east of town.
   Grant Brosie, Nick Livanos
   Black-tailed Godwit Lake Wollumboola
   Solitary Black-tailed Godwit wading near the edge of the lake at the
   sand bar.
   Narelle Wright
   Square-tailed Kite, nesting Yellow-throated & Large-billed Scrub-wrens
   Forest of Tranquility. Ourimbah Creek Rd Ourimbah
   Still in the rain, the members of the joint BNSW & CBOC outing had
   their final stop at the Forest of Tranquility rainforest. During the
   wet walk through the rainforest, the Yellow-throated Scrub-wrens were
   probably the commonest birds seen and 7 nests were counted although how
   many were active was not known. A Large-billed Scrub-wren was seen
   attending another YTSW nest, and these birds are known to take over
   un-used YTSW nests for their own breeding purposes. Scarlet
   Honeyeaters, Black-faced Monarchs and a Sacred Kingfisher were seen and
   a photograph was obtained of a distant Square-tailed Kite by Christina
   Alan Morris & 29 CBOC & BNSW Members
   Regent Bowerbird, Topknot Pigeon Ourimbah Rest Area on the Pacific M1
   While waiting in the rain for the start at 8.30 am of the Central Coast
   Group, Birding NSW Outing to Ourimbah Valley, a group of 7 Topknot
   Pigeons flew over, at least 3 Regent Bowerbirds were seen, including an
   adult male that fed in a fruiting Wild Tobacco Bush that was alongside
   the Rest Area loop. The Regent Bowerbird was subsequently chased from
   the tree by 2 Green Catbirds, and Satin Bowerbirds were also present, 3
   Brush Turkeys patrolled the rest area picnic grounds.
   Alan Morris & 29 joint CCG,BNSW & CBOC members
   Black-Faced Monarch Larool Creek Valley, Thornleigh
   One adult pair (seen together) and one bird without black facial
   markings (poorly marked female or immature?) where Wareemba Ave crosses
   Larool Creek, Thornleigh
   Lewis Benham
   Regent Honeyeater Nangahrah Bird Route (Barraba)
   6 individual Regent Honeyeaters seen this morning. They comprised of a
   pair obviously breeding as they were feeding huge numbers of insects to
   a couple of nestlings. (picture attached) As we watched this feeding
   activity, 2 other adult Regent Honeyeaters ventured too close to the
   breeders territory and were agressively despatched.
   Len and Chris Ezzy
   Spectacled Monarch, Shining Bronze-Cuckoo, Regent Bowerbird Ourimbah
   RTA Reserve
   At least 2 Spectacled Monarchs, possibly 4 observed today, all calling
   loudly along the track in the RTA Reserve. Also observed were 2 Shining
   Bronze-Cuckoos. A male Regent Bowerbird was seen feeding in a Tobacco
   Bush at the rest area on the M1 Ourimbah along with a Green Catbird.
   Several flocks of Topknot Pigeons were seeing flying overhead.
   Jenny Stiles, Carol Abbott and Margaret Murray
   Tue 7 Oct Painted Honeyeater Dandaloo 10' Cell
   2 birds recorded feeding in mistletoe several km south of Dandaloo.
   Nick Livanos and Grant Brosie
   White-throated Needletail Illaroo Camp Ground, Yuraygir National Park,
   Minnie Water
   8+ White-throated Needletails flying low as singles with only 2-3
   observed at any one time ahead of unsettled weather and high cloud
   which virtually petered out later in the day.
   Greg Clancy & Russell Jago
   Spotted Quail-thrush Mount Kaputar National Park
   2 Spotted Quail-thrush seen together about one kilometre west of the
   eastern locked gate of the Barraba 4WD track. According to the the
   Tamworth Bird Watchers brochure Bird Routes of the Tamworth Regional
   Council Area NSW, which we are using to find all the great birding
   areas around Barraba and Manilla, the Spotted Quail-thrush is
   consiidered VR (Very Rare). Anyway one flushed from in front of us as
   we drove at about 5kmph and the other hopped off to the side of the
   track and walked away quickly as we noticed it was carrying some stick
   insect in its beak. (Photographed for ID) (eBird Check list will follow
   when we get a chance with the intermittent internet coverages)
   Len and Chris Ezzy
   Diamond Dove Capertee National Park
   A single Diamond Dove was a nice find on the last of five days in the
   Capertee Valley/Dunn Swamp region. It was seen on the grassy flat below
   the Caretakers Cottage (not Capertee Cottage where we stayed) close by
   the two old water trucks. No photo but clearly saw the red eyering and
   spotted wings from a distance of about five metres. Listed as Rare for
   the area.
   Cameron Ward
   Brown Honeyeater Burley Street/Citrus Road, Griffith
   Heard at first, then observed at least three Brown Honeyeaters in
   gardens along Burley Street and Citrus Road.
   David Parker
   Painted Button-quail Blue Mountains NP - Portal Waterhole
   One bird flushed from next to the car park, and the low oom of another
   heard as I was trying to photograph the first. Uncommon in the Blue
   Mark Ley
   Mon 6 Oct Plum-headed Finch, Little Woodswallow Private property 20 km
   West of Bourke
   While attending a wedding at Bourke over the weekend I found a little
   time for the birds. Recent rain has brought in the Woodswallows
   including White-breasted, White-browed, Little (2) and Masked. Other
   highlights were Crimson Chats, Brolgas (10), small flocks of breeding
   Budgerigars, Little Eagle, Diamond Doves, Australian Owlet-nightjar,
   Barn Owl and Plum-headed Finches.
   Warren Chad
   Brown Songlark Riverstone
   A male Brown Songlark was seen in a paddock off Park Rd
   Edwin Vella
   Azure Kingfisher, Topknot Pigeon Deep Creek Reserve, Narrabeen
   Flock of Topknot Pigeons feeding a fair way into Garigal NP. Azure
   Kingfisher seen along the creek. Others include Olive-backed Orioles,
   Golden Whistlers, White-throated Treecreepers, overhead White-bellied
   Sea-eagle and Channel-billed Cuckoos. 8-11am
   Mike Barrow
   Glossy Ibis, Mangrove Gerygone Bicentennial park, Homebush
   2 separate Glossy Ibis seen - 1 immature at Northern Water feature, 1
   adult on Bennelong Pond. 1 Mangrove Gerygone seen at Mason Park and
   another in mangroves near water bird refuge. Water bird refuge held
   120+ Red-necked Avocet and 6 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers.
   Tom Wilson
   Sun 5 Oct Pacific Baza, Dollarbird Warriewood wetlands and Irrawong
   Two Pacific Baza found thanks to help from Rae and then a walker who
   showed us the nest. Being harassed by magpies. Also saw our first two
   Dollarbirds for the season.
   Ann Millard and Peter Mackay
   Gang-gang Cockatoo Capertee National Park-Policemans Point
   Nice views of first a female and then a male Gang-Gang Cockatoo (photo
   attached) drinking from the Capertee River at the Policemans Point
   walk-in camping area. Lovely spot and full of birds, particularly
   compared to other well regarded places in the Capertee Valley visited
   over five days.Well worth the walk in and highly recommended, but be
   aware we had close encounters with both a large Brown Snake and a
   suspected Tiger Snake. Plenty of macropods and several wombats were a
   Cameron Ward, Janette Ward
   Sat 4 Oct Great-crested Grebe Lake Wollumboola
   x1 Great-crested Grebe foraging in the north-east part of the lake.
   First record for the lake and second for the local government area
   (bionet NSW).
   Matthew Jones
   Red-backed Kingfisher, Plum-headed Finch Bogee - Capertee Valley
   At Bogee, a little further from Glen Alice, I was surprised to hear
   then see a Red-backed Kingfisher which I have never seen in the valley
   before. This Kingfisher is already on the Capertee Valley bird list but
   is noted as a rare visitor to the valley. Other birds also seen at this
   exact spot included a group of at least 5 Plum-headed Finches (I had a
   hundred or so a few months back at this location), several Diamond
   Firetails, Rufous Songlarks, 3 Hooded Robins, Rainbow Bee-eaters,
   Rufous Songlark, White-browed Babblers and a dark-morph White-bellied
   Edwin Vella
   Wood Sandpiper, Little Egret (melanistic?) Teven Rd Swamp
   Single Wood Sandpiper, approx. 200 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, 4 Greenshank
   & 3 Curlew Sandpiper at Teven Rd swamp. Also a melanistic (?) Little
   Egret seen again today, first seen on 13/9. Attached phone photo taken
   on 13/9.
   Steven McBride
   Southern Whiteface, Channel-billed Cuckoo Glen Davis
   At Glen Davis there was a couple of Gang-gang Cockatoos, a pair of
   Little Eagles, a few Black-chinned and some Striped and Spiny-cheeked
   Honeyeaters, a pair of adult Southern Whiteface with 2 young, Hooded
   Robins (a few quite vocal), Speckled Warbler, a female Painted
   Button-quail, Channel-billed and Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoos, Rainbow
   Bee-eaters, Sacred Kingfisher, Rufous Songlarks, Brown Treecreepers,
   White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, several groups of White-browed Babblers, a
   group of at least 15 Zebra Finch, at least 5 Diamond Firetails and a
   Plum-headed Finch.
   Edwin Vella
   Scarlet Robin, White-winged Triller, Grey Currawong, Tree Martin,
   Chestnut-rumped Heatw Mt Banks, Blue Mountains National Park
   Good range of birds on the lower reaches of the Mt Banks fire trail.
   Extended views of pair of White-winged Trillers foraging on
   regenerating burnt heath slopes - have not previously seen this species
   in higher Blue Mtns. Also great views of a pair of Scarlet Robins, a
   single immature Chestnut-rumped Heathwren, 6 Tree Martins and a single
   Grey Currawong carrying food.
   Eric Finley
   Fri 3 Oct Southern Whiteface Capertee Valley--Glen Alice Rd
   Single Southern Whiteface on fencepost in roadside grassy vegetation,
   about a kilometre towards Glen Alice from the T-junction near Glen
   Davis. Rainbow Bee-eaters and Dusky Woodswallows where other birds of
   interest in this area.
   Cameron Ward
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