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Published sightings for the week ending 31 Jan 2010.

Sun 31 Jan      Powerful Owl Shepherds Bush 
Single bird seen on path between Shepherds Bush and golf course, in
early evening. 
Bruce Wedderburn 

        Fairy Martin Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne 
1 seen flying with a group of Welcome Swallows. IDed by light head,
square tail and white rump. 
Paul Dodd & Ruth Woodrow 

        Speckeld Warbler Warby ranges near Glenrowan 
Adult sighted in same place as dead juvenile found January 18 - in our
backyard near bird bath. Now feel sure of original sighting. 
Jan Osmotherly 

Sat 30 Jan      Blue-billed Duck Hamilton Sewerage Farm 
About 6 birds seen on ponds, at least one male bird looking fantastic
with sky-blue bill. Also lots of Aust' Shovelers, Pinks-ears and Aust'
Shelduck. see 
Samantha Greiner 

        Scarlet Honeyeater and Little Eagle Bend of Islands 
Male Scarlet Honeyeater seen 30/1, female seen 28/1. Same location as
reported by others on 9/12/09. Little Eagle observed, flying high, on
28/1/10. Bend of Islands is 33km ne of Melbourne. 
Frank Pierce 

        Lewin's Rail, Spotless Crake, Australian Spotted Crake Mt St
Joseph pond, Altona 
Between 7 and 7.30 this morning I had several views of Lewin's Rails
opposite the south platform. First a brief view of one adult, later a
much longer view of an adult which was then joined briefly by another. A
little while after, a juvenile, which I managed to photograph in flight
as it departed to the left. Then Paul and Ruth arrived, and after about
40 minutes a bird appeared in the reeds opposite then flew to just below
the platform. Spotted Crakes were in view most of the time, and at least
two Spotless Crakes appeared from time to time. An escaped canary was an
odd sight sitting in the reeds. 
Peter Shute, Paul Dodd, Ruth Woodrow 

Fri 29 Jan      Brolga 5 km SW of Stockyard Hill 
Flock of 9 birds flying east, observed from Eurambeen-Streatham Rd. 
Geoff Park 

Thu 28 Jan      Baillon's Crake Lake Wendouree, Ballarat 
While searching (unsuccessfully) for reported Ruff, we looked down
momentarily from our scopes to see the crake casually strolling by. Also
3-4 Wood Sandpiper. 
Mark Bennett and David Richardson 

        Black-winged Stilts Bosses Swamp - Princess Hwy Nicholson (East
Very distinctive flock of 25 BWS feeding and preening in shallows of
Faye Bedford 

Wed 27 Jan      Musk Lorikeet Dendy Park, Brighton 
Hundreds of Musk Lorikeets congregating in the trees all over the park
at sunset 
Frank Arnold 

        Crested Shrike-tit Bushfield, north of Warrnambool 
Displaying crest while searching beneath bark of dead eucalypt. 
Lisette Mill 

        Nankeen Night-Heron Shiel Place, North Melbourne VIC 3051 
Juvenile seen perching 7:30-8pm in fruit tree in small back yard off the
laneway. Melways ref 2A F6. Site is approx. 1.35 km (in direct line)
from the Zoo in Royal Park, where it is understood there is a small
colony of these birds (aka Rufous Night Heron). Heron flew off after
being hassled by Common Mynas. 
Kaye Oddie 

        Cockatiel Croajingolong 
2 Cockatiels were seen flying over bushland along Mallacoota Rd near
Double Creek. This may be a first record for Croajingolong. 
Tim Dolby 

        Nankeen Night-Heron Mt St Joseph Pond, Altona 
There has been a juvenile Nankeen Night-Heron in the pond for at least
the last few days. I've only ever seen Night-Herons roosting before, I
assume because they feed at night, but this one has been moving around
in the pond in the daytime, so I thought it was a bittern at first. But,
apart from having a dark crown, it isn't as timid, and takes its time
slinking away. This morning I saw it momentarily, deep in the reeds as
it passed a gap. If I hadn't seen it before, I might still be wondering
if I'd seen a bittern. 
Peter Shute 

Tue 26 Jan      Banded Lapwing Paddock near Terrick Terrick. OnKow Swamp
Mitiamo Rd. East side. 1 Km nth Jungaburra Rd intersection 
40 plus Banded Lapwing in paddock. In afternoon many sitting in the
shade of the timber fence posts, very visable from the road. 
Barbara Burns 

        Superb Parrot, Grey-crowned Babbler Barmah Forest (Barmah Lakes)
Superb Parrot: 2 - 1 at end of Trickey's Lane (at management vehicles
gate), 1 on Lyles Road (off Trickey's Lane). Grey-crowned Babbler: 5-6
on Lyles Road (off Trickey's Lane). 
Paul Dodd & Ruth Woodrow 

        Grey Plover Nelson Estuary 
One Grey Plover observed on the sand bar below the Estuary Lookout
Chris Connelly 

        Wedge-tailed Eagle Balnarring race course 
Two wedgetailed eagles soaring over Australia Day picnic races at
Balnarring. Very appropriate for the day! 
S. King 

        Black Honeyeater, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, White-throated
Needletail Bailieston 
Counted 4 male (some moulting from immature into adult male plumage), &
3 brown birds at Bailieston Quarry. Also had light morph WBCS fly over.
c20 White-throated Needletails flew north just west of Quarry. 
Kevin Bartram 

        Common Myna Uniting Church grounds Hamilton (opposite KFC &
I have heard and hope this was not true but bird has been sighted today,
very unaustralian! Removal of this individual will be looked into, its
bad enough having sparrows & starlings taking all the small bird space
in town with out these bullies moving in! 
Samantha Greiner per Marlene Greiner 

        Lewin's Rail, Spotless Crake, Australian Spotted Crake Mt St
Joseph pond, Altona 
Between 7.00 and 9.00 this morning I had short views of what I think
were three individual Lewin's Rails, and heard what may have been a
fourth. After an hour's wait at the south platform, during which time I
had several views of at least two Spotted Crakes and a Spotless Crake,
an adult and a juvenile Lewin's suddenly tumbled out of the reeds
opposite, ran in and out then disappeared. It appeared that the juvenile
was chasing the adult. A short while later, the juvenile appeared for
long enough to get a photo, and then the adult, which may have been a
female, as it had a fairly pale red head. A little while later, I heard
another from the east end, but can't be certain it wasn't one of those
same two birds. 15 minutes later at the north platform, I had a brief
view of another adult. This one's head looked darker red to me, so may
have been a male. I've attached photos of each. A Latham's Snipe was
flushed by Swamphens, and circled then landed at the east end. A Nankeen
Night-Heron was seen wading down that end on Sunday morning. 
Peter Shute 

        White-throated Gerygone Langwarrin 
White-throated Gerygone heard calling then spotted foraging among
Eucalypts for insects, some of the Eucs flowering. A new record for my
list in this area. 
Ash Herrod 

Mon 25 Jan      White-throated Needletail, Spotted Quail-thrush Bright
White-throated Needletail: 20+ circling over Clearview (lookout
overlooking Bright) at dusk. Spotted Quail-thrush: 5 on Demon Ridge
Track between 7:00am and 9:00am. 
Paul Dodd & Ruth Woodrow 

        Buff-banded Rail, Rufous Fantail Jumping Creek 
One buff-banded rail seen along the creek near Brysons rd as well as a
few Rufous fantails 
Matthew Vinicombe 

        Little Corella, Long Billed Corella & Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
Pascoe Vale (my home), Sherwood Receptions & Long Forest nature Reserve 
Trevor Manley's Little Corella's are congregating with Long Billed
Corella's and Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, (see photo) and are forming
huge noisy flocks of many hundreds of birds, making for a spectacular
sight. I have been able to track them down at two horse ranches, one at
Sherwood Receptions on Somerton road (opposite the Woodlands Historic
Park), and over at Long Forest nature reserve, on long forest road. At
these two locations the birds come in to feed on spilt grain & to drink
at the water holding horse troughs, late in the afternoon. From here,
the Little Corella's disperse off into smaller groups and can often be
seen flying over Melton, Strathmore and Pascoevale (see photo), as
reported by Trevor. I don't know if the Brunswick birds are part of this
same group? 
Con Baltas 

        Song Thrush Lavers Hill 
A single Song Thrush on manicured lawns on edge of town. Seems to be a
little out of range? 
Graeme Brown 

Sun 24 Jan      Budgie, Masked W/swallow, Diamond F/tail, Painted & Lt
Button-Quail, Stubble Quail & Plains Wanderer Terrick Terrick National
The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria did a fauna survey at Terrick
Terrick NP over the Australia Day long weekend. Highlights among the
birds were 100's of White-browed Woodswallows with a number of Masked
Woodswallows. Separate flocks of Budgies, numbering up to 20, Diamond
Firetails and Painted Button-Quail all seen throughout the forested
areas of the Park. While Plains Wanderers ( male and female) seen in
separate paddocks and Little Button-Quail recorded in separate paddocks
including a male with four young. 
John Harris and members of FNCV Fauna Survey Group 

        Turquoise Parrot, Speckled Warbler, Western Gerygone, Leaden
Flycatcher, Black-eared Cuckoo, White-t Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park
Turquoise Parrot: 4 - Bartley's Block. Speckled Warbler: Bartley's
Block. Western Gerygone: Bartley's Block. Leaden Flycatcher: Skeleton
Hill Road. Black-eared Cuckoo: Heard - Bartley's Block. White-throated
Gerygone: Bartley's Block. White-browed Babbler: Cyanide Dam (Honeyeater
Picnic Ground). 
Paul Dodd & Ruth Woodrow 

        Firetails, Turquoise Parrots and WTNTs Cape Conran area 
A weekend trip to Cape Conran, Cabbagetree Palms Res and Yeerung River
area gave a total bird count of over 100 species including a flock of
12+ Turquoise Parrots on Conran-Cabbagetree Rd, Beautiful Firetails at
Yeerung River bridge and 800 to 1000 WTNTs and a Spotted Quail-thrush
near Cabbage tree Palms Res, Scarlet Honeyeaters everywhere and a dark
phase White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike near Bruthen. 
Jenny Spry, Helen O'Donnel, Barb Williams and Joy Tansey 

        Eastern Curlew Shallow Inlet (east of Wilsons Promontory) 
Fished for 5 hours at Shallow Inlet and saw dozens of eastern curlews
flying off as the tide rose. On the sand flats, hundreds of small waders
at low tide. Didn't have the binoculars so couldn't ID them, suspect red
capped plovers. Flocks of yellow tailed black cockatoos in the coastal
James Dredge 

        Little Corella Strathmore 
There has been a substantial flock (30-50 birds total , but often
travelling in multiple smaller groups of 4-10) flying over Strathmore
morning and evening for the last two weeks or so. Heading pretty much
due north in the mornings (and acting as an unwanted alarm clock), then
south in the evenings. I doubt this is the same group reported as
resident from Gilpin Park, Brunswick, last week, as the travel
directions don't fit. My surmise from their flying directions is that
these birds might roost at Woodlands Park, North Essendon ( which is
home to a big flock of Sulphur-Crested cockies also), and spend their
days either on Moonee Ponds Creek or Northern Golf Course - maybe Con
Baltas might have some obs on the latter conjecture? 
Trevor Manley 

        Cockatiel, Brown Quail Beach Rd, east of Avalon Airport 
Thanks to Alan and Hazel for pointing the 6 Cockatiels out to me.
Thought I'd throw in my photo. Also flushed 3 Brown Quails at Beach Rd
gate in evening. 
Kevin Bartram 

        Scarlet Honeyeater Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve 
Last month heard a single Scarlet HE only. Today saw and heard approx. 8
birds spread throughout the reserve. Very active and loud calling.
Elsewhere watched a single eucalypt tree over a 10-15min period and
counted 13 different bird species passing over it. I think that
qualifies as a Hot Spot/Tree. 
Jackson Airey 

        Cockatiels Western Treatment Plant, Werribee 
A group of 6 Cockatiels were seen in flowering gums on Beach Road just
past the apiary site opposite the Banded Lapwing paddock ( which we were
able to show to Kevin Bartram who also photographed them). Possibly a
family group, preening each other and dropping into the adjacent paddock
to feed. A highlight of another good day at the plant. 
Alan and Hazel Veevers 

        Ruff (1)and Wood Sandpiper(9) Lake Wendouree, Ballarat 
Superb views of an amazing 9 wood sands in south east corner of the lake
and a very obvious Ruff with Sharp-tailed sands. Both new species for
Lake Wendouree where conditions are great for waders at present but
drying out rapidly. You will need to wade out to see Ruff which today
was about 100m from central south side. Water is not above gumboot
Murray grant,Roger Thomas,Ian and Amanda Ashton. 

        Pink Robin Forest Road, Bunyip State Park 
2 Females, one juvenile 
Wendy McWilliams 

        White-bellied Sea-Eagle Tarnook, near Benalla 
Second year/sub adult Sea Eagle on a large dam along Basin Road. Many
unsuccessful swoops mostly on Shelduck and domestic Geese escapees. When
it did land it was seriously harassed by Willie Wagtails. 
Bill Morecraft 

        Zebra Finch Nagambie 
A flock of about 25 Zebra Finches with quite a few Juveniles and mixed
in with them 4 or 5 European Goldfinches. The birds were located at the
intersectioon of Ballantynes and MacDonalds road. Going out from
Nagambie on the left hand side there is a Shearing shed, dam and some
hay stacked right at the crossroads and this is where the birds were
located. the flock was observed here on 2 occasions 2 hrs apart. 
Greg mckay 

        Song Thrush, Latham's Snipe, Australian Spotted Crake Tirhatuan
Wetlands Conservation Reserve 
Song Thrush: Two birds, possibly three seen in fruiting bushes. Latham's
Snipe: Two birds seen in recently exposed mud. Australian Spotted Crake:
Single bird close to path, also in recently exposed mud. Also had a
Peregrine Falcon flying overhead. 
Bruce Wedderburn 

        Wedge-tailed Eagle Laverton Native Grassland, cnr Princes Hwy &
Kororoit Creek Rd. 
A pair of Wedge-tailed Eagle seen at first light perched on fence along
edge of grasslands, whilst en route to WTP. 
Steve Davidson & Andrew Hurnard 

Sat 23 Jan      Red-kneed Dotterel, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper Morley Swamp,
Gippsland Lakes 
A flock of approximately 50 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper and 6 Red-kneed
Dotterels were feeding in Morley Swamp located between Lake Wellington
and Lake Victoria. This is the first time I have seen Red-kneed Dotterel
in the area after frequent visits over a period of well over 10 years. 
Andrew McCutcheon 

        Red-browed Treecreeper, Satin Flycatcher Mount Samaria State
Red-browed Treecreeper: Two heard, one seen. Satin Flycatcher: Female. 
Paul Dodd & Ruth Woodrow 

Mon 18 Jan      Speckled Warbler (juvenile) Foot of Warby Ranges - near
Found dead in backyard 2 or 3 metres from birdbath. Very hot day.
Similar bird sighted 1 week prior here. Difficult to identify as no
photos of juvenile speckled warblers in identification books we have.
Occasional adults seen within 800 metres in past 10 yrs but rarely over
past 3 or 4. 
Glen Scholfield 


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