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1. Re: Danger in the Wild

Subject: 1. Re: Danger in the Wild
From: "Volker Widmann" volwid
Date: Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:06 am ((PDT))
Thanks for the cool story!

We learn from it, that we should not relieve ourselves too openly in front =
of wildlife. They might take it as an offence! Understandably!



Am 18.09.2012 um 10:00 schrieb "grummyaa" <>:

> Love your guyses stories. Here's a semi related story. Sort of dangerous,=
 sort of nature, mostly stupid. Based in Alberta, Canada. not quite as hard=
 core as some of the exotic places many of you have been but it is consider=
ed bear country and we have our share of grizzlies for sure.
> Years ago now driving with a friend to Jasper National Park for some week=
end R&R with a car load of girls following us. Basically we were all going =
to party in a friends grandparents cabin for a weekend. On the highway eith=
er just inside or outside the park we see a bunch of elk on the side of the=
 road. Figured it'd be the perfect spot to pull over stretch the legs and d=
rain the ol'lizard. So we walk towards the herd of elk to get at least a li=
ttle out of the headlights of the car of girls parked behind my pals truck.=
 It was a chilli fall night. We figure we might as well look at the beautif=
ul nature while relieving our selves. So naturally we turn face the elk whi=
p out our penises and let it flow. I remember steam coming up from the gras=
s. Then I remember one of the elk make a loud vocalization. Sort of like a =
deep "WOOOOOOOO!". And then the herd all kind of quickly formed together in=
 a tidy tight pile (with the exception of the biggest one). Almost like som=
ething had startled them (hmn, wonder what?) I think I whispered somethin l=
ike "fucking rad." to my friend. Then that same biggest elk positioned itse=
lf between us and the rest of the herd. Its side facing us. I remember bein=
g amazed at how big it was. Easily by far the largest elk I'd ever seen (st=
ill to this day). I remember thinking I thought only moose could get that b=
ig. It had huge antlers too. Then it lifted it's head and made that sound a=
gain, "WOOOOOOO!" I remember seeing it's breath. I thought "oh this must be=
 the leader". Impressive to say the least. This thing was maybe ten to fift=
een feet from us. I thought this giant bull was going to scurry the heard o=
ff and we were going to have to finish our peeing with out the impressive w=
ildlife to view. But after that second loud vocalization. It turned and fac=
ed us. Keep in mind this all happened pretty quickly and there's two guys (=
one tall skinny guy, and one short little guy [me]) standing with our cocks=
 out still pissing away in his herds direction. At this point my friend was=
 still oblivious (and he was actually closer to the elk than I was). But wh=
en it faced us, then sort of ducked it's head down low and back up really q=
uickly and gave another loud belch I started to get the picture. I kind of =
pinched it off so to speak. I thought "man, that things neck is sooooo thic=
k. It can fling those giant antlers around like nothing! I bet it could jus=
t toss me like 25' in the air." Then it stomped the ground with one of it's=
 front hooves. I saw a bunch of dust float up and I didn't even bother to p=
ut my dick away. I just ran behind the truck. My buddy ran around the front=
 of his truck. I just imagined it throwing me toward the woods and then cru=
shing my skull with those hooves. It was a BIG animal and we successfully p=
issed it right off. Wouldn't have eaten me but could have killed me just as=
 dead as an animal that would
> The girls in the car behind his truck got a good laugh at me running scar=
ed with my trouser snake on the loose, and my good friend had piss all over=
 the front of his pants. He confided in me and now I'm confiding in all of =
you. Hahaha.
> I guess it was sort of nature and well on it's way to becoming dangerous.=
 Moral of the story if there's a good time to piss in front of a herd of el=
k in Alberta, the fall is not one of those times.
> Cheers.

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