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[Nature Recordists] Re: Green Frog Chorus

Subject: [Nature Recordists] Re: Green Frog Chorus
From: John Carroll <>

Thanks Mark for the detailed info on your approach to field recording. Very=

helpful. As a relative beginner here, its great to hear details about how o=
do it.

I wasn't thinking so much about recorder gain as getting the output volume =
in post-processing, for posting on Soundcloud or similar sites on the web. =
volume of a track would seem to be especially relevant to putting multiple=

tracks on a CD. Anyway, thanks again for the info.


--- In  Mark Brennan <=
> Hi John, thanks
> I dont use any cut off filters, either on mics or the Fostex Fr2le, I use=
d to
> though, but no longer.
> As for the gain. I usually sit for a few minutes and watch the levels bef=
ore I

> start recording but also listen too, I am looking to make the recording a=
> natural as possible. I suppose it comes down to=C2=A0what we hear ourselv=
es and
> we like. I=C2=A0dont like the gain way up,=C2=A0for me when the gain is p=
ushed it
> the tranquillity of the=C2=A0recording and it becomes much less what i am=
> hearing. When i first started I=C2=A0used to push the gain in the false h=
ope that
> would be a better=C2=A0recording (perhaps it is to some ears, but not to =
mine!). I
> getting better=C2=A0at judging what I am looking for.
> So I do use the levels but also my ears, I keep the=C2=A0headphones volum=
e at half

> and then adjust the overall gain knob on the fostex, first turning it up =
> then bringing down to the point where I feel it=C2=A0reflects the 'sounds=
cape' when
> listen without headphones. I only push the gain slightly above what I am=

> hearing. I know there are technical ways to do this, I have spoken to Mar=
> Stewart and I hope to read some of Bernies stuff on how to accurately and=

> consistently record soundscapes - =C2=A0but the=C2=A0equipment and our ow=
n senses vary
> much I=C2=A0think we may all differ slightly in our approach. As Martyn s=
ays, get
> right in the field and it makes life easier in post. I am no expert thoug=
h and

> am still learning! I think it also depends what you are looking for, if i=
t's an
> actual biological record of an eco-system using=C2=A0the soundscape then=
=C2=A0there are
> parameters that must be followed, but right now my goals are more to gene=
> interest in the general public about nature and nature awareness, so for =
> reason, I think i look at it as a bit of an art form right now, but that =
> change as time ticks by.
> great question!
> I am sure others on the list would have different ways of doing this that=
> their own ideas and feelings about being in nature. I supose in a nutshel=
l its

> an expression, from where I place the mics, to where I want to go that mo=

> right=C2=A0down to what captures my imagination. One thing though that is=
> is finding the sweet spot. Its like the focal point in a painting. I take=
> time to do this and move the mics around with the headphones on, listenin=
> intently to 'find' what I think works for me. But sometimes its just plai=
> Hope this helps
> cheers
> Mark
> =C2=A0
> Mark A. Brennan
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> Nature Recordist - web
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> From: John Carroll <>
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> Sent: Mon, June 20, 2011 3:06:43 PM
> Subject: [Nature Recordists] Re: Green Frog Chorus
> =C2=A0
> A beautiful recording! You are fortunate to have such tranquil places for=

> recording, free of constant human-generated noise intrusions.
> Would you mind saying more about the array used for the AT4022s? Also, do=
> use the low-cut filter on the 4022 mics?
> Finally, how do you adjust the final volume level of recordings posted on=

> Soundcloud? I'm asking because there is a lot of variability (in general)=
> volume level of nature recordings on Soundcloud. Some people boost the vo=
> quite a bit while others are very quiet and require the speaker volume to=
> cranked way up while playing back. Is there a standard approach to adjust=
> final volume of nature tracks?
> Thanks in advance,
> John
> --- In  Mark Brennan <markbrennanfineart=
> wrote:
> >
> > A Green Frog Chorus from last night just as the last night approached.
> >
> >
> >
> > 2X AT4022 (array)=C2=A0into Fostex FR2LE
> >
> > mark
> > =C2=A0
> > Mark A. Brennan
> > Canadian Landscape Painter - web
> > Nature Recordist - web
> > Follow me on:
> > twitter=C2=A0 facebook=C2=A0 soundcloud=C2=A0 bandcamp
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