Warks Road Antechinus

To: "'Philip Veerman'" <>
Subject: Warks Road Antechinus
From: "Alastair Smith" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 20:19:42 +1100


I omitted the fact that it appeared to be a similar size (as well as colour) to the White-browed Treecreeper (160-175mm) would indicate that it was a largish species of antechinus (my initial reaction was that is was another white-brow climbing down the stump). As such, this which would probably rule out Agile (80-116mm) and point to yellow-footed (90-160mm) or dusky (90-185mm). I presume both species a re found in the ACT but interesting I cannot find a list of mammal species for the ACT (nor birds/retiles for that matter) under the Environment ACT website.


Many thanks to all those who have replied on and offline – we’ll nail this identification yet.




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To: Alastair Smith
Subject: [canberrabirds] Warks Road Antechinus


I don't think that colour is enough of a guide. They are all pretty much brownish. The size and shape are the issues. Most of the people who identify these critters have them in hand whilst doing so. Although just looking at a reference book now, suggests that size range within species is much greater than between species. Although a lot of that is sexual dimorphism, so if you don't know what sex it is, it is pretty hard to know what size it should be. They are all mostly nocturnal but of course during the breeding season, these critters go beserck and can be seen occasionally during the daytime.


I once observed (and caught) a Pygmy Possum at Warks Road (about 22 years ago), I have a photo of myself holding it.