Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 2 Jun 2014 03:01:59 +1000

Birdline New South Wales

Published sightings for the week ending 1 Jun 2014.

Sun 1 Jun Regent Honeyeater Chiltern Trail, Ingleside
2 birds spotted together at about 4:20/4:30pm at the same place as previously reported. Many other Honeyeaters around including Little Wattlebird, yellow- tufted, white cheeked, New Holland, Fuscus, Eastern Spinebill etc...
Steven Edwards

Sun 1 Jun Noisy Pitta Irrawong Reserve
Single Noisy Pitta sighted in usual spot near the waterfall approx. 2:00PM.
Stephanie Turnbull, Barton Tait

Swift Parrot Warriewood Wetlands
2 seen in Swamp Mahoganies near the water storage ponds feeding with Rainbow Lorikeets 12:30pm
Gabrielle Rees

Regent Honeyeater Chiltern Trail, Ingleside
2 seen hawking for insects and being harassed by Little Wattlebirds at the site previously advisedon birdline at 9:30 am
Gabrielle Rees

Spotted Harrier Castlereagh
Observed an adult near Cranebrook and Castlereagh Roads this afternoon at 13:30.
Ákos Lumnitzer

Sat 31 May Mangrove Gerygone Bicentennial Park, Homebush Bay
I was surprised to find 3 Mangrove Gerygones beside the shipwrecks on the south side of the bay and not far from the bird hide. This is where I along with other birders have seen individual birds before but I don't recall anyone having more then two at a time. I have also seen one previously at Mason Park nearby.
Edwin Vella

Cattle Egret Cecil Hoskins Nature Reserve
8 birds in paddock by entrance road.
Lorne Johnson

Common Bronzewing Cheltenham Oval
1 Common Bronzewing on the edge of the oval just in the bush.
Steven Edwards

Tawny Grassbird Warriewood Wetlands
A single Tawny Grassbird seen well (for about two minutes in the open about 10 metres away with Bins) at Warriewood wetlands this afternoon. This would be the 1st eremaea report since 2010 of Tawny Grassbirds at Warriewood however I saw one at Christmas 2013 at the same location but didn't get around to reporting it.
Jayden Walsh

Fri 30 May Caspian Tern, Crimson Rosella Scarborough Park Pond, Monterey
Although Caspian Terns regularly seen along Botany Bay, this is the first one I have seen feeding at Scarborough Park Pond. Also one Crimson Rosella (unlike Eastern Rosella, Crimson Rosella is rarely seen in Scarborough Park).
Oliver Williams

White-chinned Petrel 17 miles east of Norah Head
A White-chinned Petrel was found by a fishing charter 17 miles due east of Norah Head today. The bird was actually brought on board at one stage, enabling close photographs, before flying off and then returning to feed at the rear of the boat.
Captain Scotty per Mick Roderick

Southern Boobook Pugh's Lagoon, Richmond
Usually Barn Owl habitat.
David Potter

Thu 29 May Blue-billed Ducks (11) , Australian Shoveler, Pink-eared Duck, Freckled Duck, Whistling Kite Tallawarra Ash Pond 3, Yallah
Amazing views of 5 male Blue-billed Ducks, 2 females and 4 juveniles plus 43 Australian Shovelers, 40 Pink-eared Duck, 1 Freckled Duck and several raptors including Whistling Kites at the nest. A shame the land this pond is situated on is for sale.
David and Michelle Rower, Terry Edwell and Nerida Hudspith.

Noisy Pitta Sydney Olympic Park
The Noisy Pitta was still there today. I went over briefly with a friend who is new to birding and hasn’t seen a Pitta before. We located it in the same area, admired it for a few minutes and left it in peace.
Jenny Stiles

Square-tailed Kite john st belmont north
Square-tailed Kite circling low over street trees and houses. Been hanging around now for quite some time.
bill boyd

Wed 28 May Swift Parrot, Little Lorikeet Former army barracks, Edmondson Park.
80 Swift Parrots roosting in Euc. amplifolia. A raptor (species unseen) spooked the Swift Parrots and they took off and flocked in a similar way to budgies in 3 separate groups so I was able to gain a fair idea of how many there were. After a few minutes the birds returned and roosted in a large dead 'stag' tree. The Swift Parrots were feeding on lerp spp. in Euc. tereticornis/ Euc. amplifolia in degraded African Olive fringed Cumberland Alluvial Woodland. 8 Little Lorikeets observed amongst the Swift Parrots. The Little Lorikeets departed and the Swift Parrots remained on site.
Brendon Levot and Ryan Sickle

Red-rumped Parrot Reub Hudson Oval, North Curl Curl
A single Red-rumped Parrot was present feeding on grasses on the oval this morning, it was seen feeding alongside a flock of about 15 Crested Pigeons.
Jayden Walsh

Little Lorikeet, Dusky Woodswallow Helles Park, Moorebank
On my first visit here I was surprised to find a flock of 25 plus Dusky Woodswallows in late May. A pair of Little Lorikeets flew over to.
David James

Little Eagle, Little Lorikeet Lake Moore, Moorebank
A dark morph Little Eagle ad several pairs of Little Lorikeets at Lake Moore today.
David James

Noisy Pitta Irrawong Reserve
At 4.50 pm from the boardwalk to the right of the palms in the small waterfall area heard faint scratching and then the Noisy Pitta stepped down from the bank a couple of metres in and walked slowly towards the back under the thick vines turning occasionally (to check I was still there?).
Rae Lister

Black Kite Lismore Recycling & Recovery Centre
After a believed period of absence, at least 2 or 3 Black Kites are back.
Phil Murray

Noisy Pitta Sydney Olympic Park, Newington Armory
Noisy Pitta still present along Jamieson St this morning at 8-8:30. It doesn't look injured to me, just partway through moulting. It was seen on both sides of the fence.
Jenny & Rod Stiles, Greg McLachlan & Simon Gorta

Little Lorikeet Byron Bay township
A small flock of 4 Little Lorikeets flew over the railway lines near Butler Street. Presumably taking advantage of the flowering paperbarks & swamp mahogany in the area at the moment.
Ian Colvin

Tue 27 May Regent Honeyeater, Powerful Owl Chiltern Trail, Ingleside
Probably 3 Regent Honeyeaters seen in the area previously reported, between 500 and 600 m along the track from Chiltern Rd. I was there from 6:15 but didn't see any until 9:30 when an immature (first alternate) bird appeared briefly. I returned between 12:30 and 13:30 when 2 associating adults were relatively conspicuous and seen repeatedly. A probable immature was seen briefly as well on the second visit. They were in Scribbly Gums (in bud but very little open blossom) and Spotted Gums (no bud or blossom) and there was no evidence of lerps, but perhaps they were gleaning. Other species were utilising flowing banksias, but not the Regents. 42 species recorded at site including 13 honeyeaters, 4 small flocks of Little Lorikeets a calling Powerful Owl at dawn on Cicada Gleen Creek and a calling Superb Lyrebird.
David James and others

Eastern Osprey, Whistling Kite, White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Azure Kingfisher Yarramundi Reserve
Azure Kingfisher seen diving along the main walking trail at 1400h, Whistling Kites, White-bellied Sea-Eagle and Eastern Osprey all circling overhead from 1500h onwards. Osprey seen perching above the river eating some fish. Other species observed: Australian Pelicans, Australasian Darters, Australasian Grebes, Eurasian Coots, Pacific Black Ducks, Great Egrets, Black-faced Cuckooshrikes, Laughing Kookaburras, Superb Fairywrens and Yellow Thornbills.
Laura Morgan

Noisy Pitta Sydney Olympic Park, Newington Armory
The Pitta was still there this afternoon. It did not look injured to me it was running around strongly. A WORD OF ADVICE, Don’t park on the road in Jamison Street, use the car park just over the hill. Don’t point your camera at the Gaol. Don’t point your Binoculars at the Gaol. Be prepared to be confronted by Corrective Services Officers, they are very nervous with any one near the Gaol. Enjoy.
Geoff Hutchinson

Noisy Pitta Sydney Olympic Park
Following up on yesterday's sighting, I went back at dawn today armed with a better camera. As noted by Adrian Dick who saw the pitta at 9:55am, it was in the same small area feeding in the mulch under the trees on the roadside opposite the prison - 200 m from Holker St. It appeared to have an injured right wing but was not hampered in movement or feeding. I again went back a couple of hours later, and after getting harassed by prison security for having a big camera, I was joined by four rangers who also enjoyed the sighting. I managed to get a few obstructed photos as he was behind the armoury fence (which is closed on weekdays).
Anna Schutz (& James Panetta); Adrian Dick

Noisy Pitta Irrawong Reserve
A single Noisy Pitta was seen foraging next to the track near the small waterfall on saturday as well as this morning.
Jayden Walsh

Mon 26 May Regent Honeyeater Chiltern Trail, Ingleside
One sighted a few metres down the track from previously reported on left hand side. About 2.30pm. May have spotted another out of corner of my eye but lots of smaller honeyeaters and Little Wattlebirds moving swiftly around adding to the confusion. So only one very ordinary ID photograph.
Chris Gregory

Noisy Pitta Sydney Olympic Park
Whilst cycling down Jamieson St at the edge of the Newington Armory at dusk, I saw a Noisy Pitta on the side of the road being harrassed by Noisy Miners. He quickly hopped back through the chicken wire fence but I managed to get a (bad) photo with my old iphone as well as a short video. There doesn't appear to be any other recorded sightings in the area.
Anna Schutz

Whistling Kite, Little Lorikeet Milperra
Small groups of Little Lorikeet (2-6 birds) recorded 4 times through the day around the former Riverlands Golfcourse. A single Whistling Kite flew over during the late morning.
David James

Sun 25 May Azure Kingfisher, Tawny Grassbird and Spangled Drongo Eastlakes Golf Course
Azure Kingfisher feeding at the Fairy Martin colony bridge - I believe this is a first sight record. Also seen this weekend 4 Golden Whistler, 1 Rufous Whistler, 2 Spangled Drongos, 1 Grey Fantail, 4 Eastern Spinebills and a Tawny Grassbird. Record shot (taken at dusk) attached of the Azure Kingfisher.
David Mitford

Speckled Warbler, Variegated Fairy-wren, White-winged Chough, Fuscous Honeyeater Coutts Crossing, SW of South Grafton
Pair of Speckled Warblers and a Fuscous Honeyeater caught and banded, c.12 White-winged Choughs and adult male Variegated Fairy-wren (eclipse plumage) observed in bushland near cemetery. This is only the fourth record of the Variegated Fairy-wren at the site in over 30 years and the Fuscous Honeyeater is an occasional autumn-winter visitor to the site.
Greg Clancy, Bill Greenlees and Jan Patterson

Sat 24 May Arctic Jaeger, White-fronted Tern SOSSA Pelagic trip off Wollongong
One adult dark morph Arctic Jaeger, 2 White-fronted Terns (1 adult, winter; 1 2nd winter), 4 Kelp Gulls (2 ad, 2 2nd winter). Also of interest 2+ Pilot Whales and a jumping Marlin. More details here:
Nikolas Haass for all on the Sandra K

Fri 23 May Red-browed Finch Coomaditchy Lagoon Reserve Port Kembla
Common in this area but not previously seen in such a large number. At least 30 including some immature birds, moving in waves through the low coastal scrub between the freshwater lagoon & the beach dunes. Google Map location -34.492378, 150.902528. Photo shows 13 sitting in dead coastal wattle.
Paul Lynch

Topknot Pigeon N of Bulahdelah
20+ flying east over Pacific Highway.
Greg Clancy

Wed 21 May Pacific Baza Red Hill Road, Cooperabung Creek Nature Reserve
4 birds appeared to be 2 adults and 2 immatures although all birds not clearly viewed, foraging in eucalypt canopy @ 11:30 hrs. All birds silent.
Greg Clancy & Mary McPhillips

Tue 20 May Buff-banded Rail Wollongong Botanic Gardens
At 3.45pm saw 5 Musk Lorikeets feeding in large gum tree with Rainbow Lorikeets. They took to the air agitated when what looked like a Collared Sparrowhawk flew over. In the overcast afternoon light I initially disregarded a bird feeding near a garden bed thinking it was a young Dusky Moorhen, it turned out to be a Buff-Banded Rail. I got one out of focus photo of it as it headed for cover. Several King Parrots were around also.
Paul Lynch

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