Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 17 Mar 2014 03:01:41 +1000

Birdline New South Wales

Published sightings for the week ending 16 Mar 2014.

Sun 16 Mar White-throated Needletails; various raptors Bobbin Head Rd, North Turramurra
Largish flock (approx 70 birds) heading North-east about 20/25 minutes ahead of the big storm that hit at 12:45. Getting late in year and the biggest group I have seen this season. Also this weekend have seen Pacific Baza, Grey (pair) and Brown Goshawk, Collared Sparrowhawk and a Wedge-tailed Eagle over the house.
Tom Wilson

Common Noddy Bilgola Beach
Single immature Common Noddy skimmimg over southern rock platform and adjacent baths at about 11a.m.
Paul Burcher and Jacqueline Reifenstein

Sat 15 Mar Square-tailed Kite Bent Street, South Grafton
1 Square-tailed Kite flying low over canopy and buildings at 1515 h.
Greg and Val Clancy

Little Lorikeet Nurragingy Reserve
There are very good numbers of Mistletoebirds at Nurragingy Reserve (I have never seen so many in one location anywhere in Australia!!) and there was a flock of 10 Little Lorikeets (which turn up fairly regularly at Nurragingy for the mistletoe).
Edwin Vella

Little Eagle, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, Spangled Drongo, Dollarbird Schofields
Had a light morph Little Eagle circling overhead for quite some time over Grange Avenue (saw a dark morph bird at the exact location last year). Dusky Woodswallows were quite numerous around various locations in Schofields with some young birds in with the adults. Along Gordon Rd I had 2 Spangled Drongos, a Dollarbird, Weebills, Mistletoebirds, 2 Australian Hobbies and a Brown Goshawk. Along Schofields Farm Rd had at least 2 (light and dark morph) White-bellied Cuckoo-shrikes feeding with a few Black-faced Cuckoo-shrikes and 3 Crested Shrike-tits (2 males and a female) in a fairly open area beside the road feeding on grubs. There was also a pair of Restless Flycatchers here which are resident.
Edwin Vella

Square-tailed Kite, Peregrine Falcon 3 Murray St Bateau Bay
Enjoying morning tea on the verandah of 3 Murray St Bateau Bay with our wives, we were surprised when the Noisy Miners heralded the approach of an immature Square-tailed Kite, which stayed around over the next half hour circling over the Blackbutt trees and annoying the Miners. Eventually it was joined by an adult bird, the two birds being then harassed first by Magpies and then by Australian Ravens. Later in the morning an adult Peregrine Falcon harassed the feeding Musk and Rainbow Lorikeets.
Alan Morris & Allan Benson

Spangled Drongo Gerringong NSW
Two days ago I saw a new species of bird for our acre block, which we have reforested over the last 20 years. Today a small flock appeared and i was able to get the attached poor photo but from observation of the black colouring and distinctive fish shaped tail have decided they are spangled drongo(es). Very pleasing addition to our list! However as the group of birds (3 at first) gathered another of the same shape but very distinctly grey in the body with a black neck and head joined them, and then they all flew off together. I am pretty certain it was not a cuckooshrike. Could I have seen some strange variant drongo? (Moderator's note: Sounds like a Black-faced Cuckoo-shrilke to me and they often travel with Drongos-AKM)
Wayne Wells

Black-necked Stork, Grey Goshawk Hexham
One of each seen overhead from Hexham Swamp.
Brian Downer and Follow That Bird trip participants

Brolga Capertee Valley (Coco Bridge)
Single bird flying over, just like the Common Cranes I watched in Finland last year majestic. Accompanied by N & P Yates who like me are familiar with Brolga & the Common Crane.
Graham Blackwell

Black Kite Coolgardie Plateua, 5km south of Alstonville NSW
A small flock of 7 Black Kite flew from west to east over property. First birds for a number of months after 2013 irruption of Black Kites in our local area had dispersed elsewhere.
David Charley

Grey Falcon, Black-chinned Honeyeaters, White-bellied Cuckooshrike Mudgee to Ulan Rd (10kms from Mudgee)
Great bird today 1 Grey Falcon seen about 10 kilometers north of Mudgee. Also seen were 3 Black-chined Honeyeaters and 5 White-bellied Cuckooshrike.
michael ronan

Black-necked Stork, Australasian Shoveler, Pink-eared Duck Yarrie Lake
Yarrie Lake, 30 km West of Narrabri, 20 km South-East of Wee Waa, is very shallow now. The swamp at the inlet is all dry. The lake itself, which usually has little to offer to birds, now has partially exposed mudflats, sandbanks and shallows attracting aquatic birds that prefer shallow water, such as 3 Black-necked Storks (photo). A minimum of 2 Australasian Shovelers (marginal photo taken), 4 Pink-eared Ducks (marginal photo) and 4 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers (photos taken) were found, all of which do not normally stay at the lake (or, if they do, usually stay hidden in the swamp). In addition, there were several more common aquatic species, including hundreds of Grey Teals, tens of Black-fronted Dotterels, some Australian White Ibises and both species of Spoonbill. No herons, cormorants or darters were present.
Michael Dahlem

Plumbed and Wandering Whistling Ducks, Freckled Duck and others Fivebough settling ponds Leeton
A visit this morning was a treat with the following seen on the two settling ponds: Plumed Whistling Duck (100+), Wandering Whistling Duck (1), Freckled Duck (4), A. Shoveler (50+), Pink-eared Duck (100+), Chestnut Teal (50+), Hardhead (100+), Grey Teal (>1000), Black Duck (>500) and 40 Great Cormorants together on one of the banks. Other water birds seen were Hoary Headed and Aust . Grebes, coot, swamphen and 2 Swamp Harriers. Aust. Shelduck were seen in the open area of the wetlands along with Black Swan, Yellow-billed Spoonbill, Masked Lapwing, Glossy Ibis and just a single Pelican.
Max O'Sullivan

Brahminy Kite Kooragang Island

Chris Melrose for Follow that Bird participants

Powerful owl Centennial Parklands, Sydney
A Powerful Owl perched in liquid amber in Centennial Park. First found yesterday, still present this morning.
Allan Richards

Fri 14 Mar Diamond Firetail Near Morven Fire Trail, near (Western) Washpool National Park
One Diamond Firetail flew from roadside to tree.
Greg Clancy and Laura Slade

Flame Robin, Scarlet Robin The Magistrate, Capoompeta National Park
3 males and 1 female Flame Robins, pair of Scarlet Robins
Greg Clancy and Laura Slade

Glossy Ibis Seale Rd, Belmore Swamp, Kempsey
20 Glossy Ibis feeding in wetland both sides of Seale Rd. A Yellow-billed Spoonbill was also observed and there were 100+ Black Swans in view.
Clive Meadows & Louise Earnshaw

Sooty Oystercatcher, Little Egret North Narrabeen Rock Pool
I observed seven Sooty Oystercatchers hunting and sleeping out on the rock shelf this afternoon which was a real highlight of my day. Also observed 3 Nankeen Kestrel's hunting and being extremely vocal, at the Lake at Narrabeen I also saw 1 Little Egret, 1 Intermediate Egret, 12 Little Black Cormorants hunting together, 3 White-faced Herons and 1 Little Pied Cormorant. Unfortunately ,didn't have my camera with me.
Jayden Walsh

White Throated Needletail, Tawny Frogmouth Warriewood Wetlands
Following up from wednesday's report I observed 6 or 7 white throated needletails flying above the wetlands. Several of them were flying lowish whilst two were fairly high up. Also following up from my previous report on the Tawny Frogmouths they were not present between monday-wednesday however there are now 3 individuals present at previous location (roosting in a casurina directly opposite the last car spot in katoa close car park) .
Jayden Walsh

Painted Honeyeater Nyngan-Mundaroo Road
2 Painted Honeyeaters at Box Cowal, which is about 10 km nth of Nyngan on the Mundaroo Road.
Anthony Katon

Gang-gang Cockatoo, Powerful Owl, Rufous Fantail, Spangled Drongo Byles Creek, Cheltenham
Delighted to spot a pair of Gang-gang Cockatoos this morning as I walked along the creek. Increasingly rare in this area & last seen by me in 1983! Managed a poor photo before they flew away. Also saw a pair of Powerful Owls, a Rufous Fantail and a Spangled Drongo.
Jenny Stiles

Thu 13 Mar Little Eagle Timbarra Road near Tenterfield
Pale morph with rufous head perched in dead tree.
Greg Clancy and Laura Slade

Scarlet Robin, Varied Sittella Bolivia Hill Nature Reserve
2+ Scarlet Robins near summit of Hill, 15+ Varied Sittellas in eucalypts in lowlands.
Greg Clancy and Laura Slade

Black-necked Stork Sextonville swamp, Stratheden Road SW of Kyogle
Adult pair.
Rob Elvish

Cotton Pygmy-Goose Lake Harrison, Geneva [Kyogle]
A full check of the lake showed the 5 found on 26 Feb still present. Also 30 Plumed, 3 Wandering Whistle-ducks, 1 Latham's Snipe.
Rob Elvish

Wed 12 Mar Musk Lorikeet, Brush Cuckoo Boonoo Boonoo National Park
Heard 2+ Musk Lorikeet and 1 Brush Cuckoo calling.
Greg Clancy and Laura Slade

Wonga Pigeon, Spangled Drongo, Superb Lyrebird Dubbo Gully nr Mangrove Mountain
Dubbo Gully is located along the banks of the Mangrove Creek, part of the Gosford/Wyong Water Supply catchment. Members of Central Coast Group Birding NSW had an outing here led by Margaret Pointer. Superb Lyrebirds called for much of the morning, Wonga Pigeons were seen and heard, a Spangled Drtongo was new for the site, a flock of 6 Varied Sittella, a Fan-tailed Cuckoo, and Rufous and Golden Whistlers were some of the highlights. Access by permit from Gosford Council.
Margaret & Kaye Pointer, and 21 members CCGBNSW

Mallee Ringneck Merrygoen
Two birds at railway station getting a drink of water from the overhead tank, along with a White-faced Heron and numerous Apostlebirds..
Neville Schrader

White-throated Needletail Ingleside (Sydney northern beaches)
A group of 10 White-throated Needletails seen hawking low over Monash Golf Club ahead of a mild storm front. I think that the latest Sydney record last year was March 9 so perhaps this could be a late record for the area this year?
Roger McGovern

Sacred Kingfisher Depot on Wattle St and Fig St, Pyrmont
Seen flying into a Celtis in Council depot adjacent to Wentworth Lightrailway station
Sophie Golding

Powerful Owl, Owlet Nightjar Audley Weir ( NP)
Members of Illawarra Bird Observers & Cumberland bird observers had a great day out at Audley Weir again this year with a number of species keeping everyone busy with Binoculars and Cameras, over 55 species with a pair of Powerful Owls, Beautiful Firetail, White-throated Needletails and Australian Owlet Nightjar being some of the highlights.
Charles Dove - with members of IBOC & CBOC

Spangled Drongo, Brown Goshawk, Square-tailed Kite Western Sydney Parklands, Glendenning
Due to the large amount of drongos in Sydney I thought I'd check out a drongo 'hot spot' in the parklands. I saw one Spangled Drongo upon entering and a group of four Spangled Drongos at a location where I recorded two last year and one the year before. A good breeding season or climate change? Maybe the huge numbers of cicadas this year, a Brown Goshawk flew past with one in its talons as I watched the drongos. Later, Masked Lapwings mobbed a Square-tailed Kite over the suburban fringes of the parklands.
Mark Fuller

Spangled Drongo Soudan Street, Thirroul
One Spangled Drongo flying from my backyard into neighbouring yards.
Michael Crosland

Bar-shouldered Dove, Powerful Owl, Spangled Drongo Galaringi Reserve, Carlingford
Was very surprised to see a Bar-shouldered Dove in this little reserve in suburban Carlingford. I have been walking here regularly for years and have never seen one here or anywhere in this area. Also present were a pair of Powerful Owl and a Spangled Drongo.
Jenny Stiles

Tue 11 Mar Little Eagle, Whistling Kite South of Tenterfield
One pale morph Little Eagle swooping at two Whistling Kites in flight, third Whistling Kite flying nearby.
Greg Clancy and Laura Slade

Little Shearwater Lord Howe Island
Aparently the first Little Shearwater returned back to the Island for the season.
Steve Edwards

Lewin's Rail Barrington Tops National Park (Polblue Swamp)
Immature Lewin's Rail found dead. Appeared to have broken neck.
Chris Charles

Mon 10 Mar Spangled Drongo (2) Grey Box Reserve, Pemulwuy nr Greystanes
Two Spangled Drongos seen while conducting a survey at the reserve.
Mark Fuller and Peter Ridgeway

Spangled Drongo Whitton/North Sts, Katoomba.
Saw a young Spangled Drongo in a small bush area at the end of Whitton Street. Checked with Blue Mts birding guide, Carol P, who said that to her knowledge, there has only been 1 previous sighting in the Katoomba area (Minni Ha Ha Reserve - about 2 kms from Whitton St) some time ago. Was a recent sighting in Hazelbrook though.
John French & Fiona Lumsden

Scarlet Honeyeater Caniaba, Lismore NSW
Mistletoe infestations on Forest Red Gum ( Euc. tereticornis) are flowering and attracting small feeding parties of honeyeaters including nomadic and migratory species, some juveniles. Less common species seen are Yellow-faced, White-throated and Scarlet (juvenile male illustrated).
paul griffin

Rainbow Bee-eater, Leaden Flycatcher Eulah Creek
A flock of possibly 50 (not sure; could hear more birds than I could see) Rainbow Bee-eaters flew over this morning, heading northward. A single female Leaden Flycatcher (not previously seen at our place this season, 20 km East of Narrabri) may also have been on its way through. Jacky Winters and young Red-capped Robins have turned up; the seasonal shift is well under way here.
Michael Dahlem

Brown Cuckoo-dove Millards Creek Walk, Ulladulla
Single bird seen up close along Millard's Creek walk in Ulladulla on NSW South Coast at 9:30am. Dove was about 2-3 metres up in mid storey fruiting plant.
Marnix Zwankhuizen

Sun 9 Mar Light-mantled Albatross, Black/Tahiti/Kermadec/White-necked Petrels, Streaked Shearwater, Sooty Tern Port Stephens Pelagic
A great autumn's day at sea off Port Stephens with warm water specialists in the form of Kermadec, Tahiti and White-necked Petrels, as well as a Streaked Shearwater that remained faithful to the boat for 4 hours. A Sooty Tern and the full complement of jaegers, including the most stunning adult Long-tailed, were also seen. A Black Petrel that tried hard to hide amongst the Flesh-footed Shearwaters was photographed as well. The bird of the day though was a surprise visitor in the 26 degree water, being a Light-mantled (Sooty) Albatross (photograph by Michael Kearns) that had most people gobsmacked as it flew south, unfortunately not providing good views but still a thrill to have encountered, particularly amongst the otherwise 'tropical feel' suite of birds. A submission to NSW ORAC for the Light-mantled Albatross will be provided soon.
Mick Roderick and all aboard the M.V.Argonaut

Sun 9 Mar Red-necked Avocet Lake Inverell
single bird at lake, seen over two days.
Neville Schrader

Eastern Bristlebird, Grey Goshwak, Beautiful Firetail, White-throated Needletails Barren Grounds Nature Reserve
A variety of birds very active particularly along the heath area at the start of main walk. Single Eastern Bristlebird seemed to be associating with a small group of Southern Emuwrens. Was surprisingly unconcerned by my presence allowing attached photo. Also two grey morph Grey Goshawks overhead, a party of Beautiful Firetails and a group of White-throated Needletails hawking overhead ahead of a storm cloud.
Martin Stokes

Rose Crowned Fruit Dove, Noisy Pitta Myall Lakes National Park (Mungo Brush)
Both seen on the "Rainforest Forest Walk" this morning. The Rose Crowned Fruit Dove was seen perched low in a vine thicket on the left hand side of the track about 30 metres before the track rises up its first hill and the canopy gets thicker. The Pitta was sighted on the left hand side of the track a little further along.
Dean Purcell

Grey Goshawk Cambridge Gardens, Penrith
At 14:49 a grey phase Grey Goshawk flew over my house and was heading in a NE direction towards the old ADI site with many smaller birds harassing it.
Ákos Lumnitzer

Streaked Shearwater, Black-browed Albatross. long reef aquatic reserve.
Another streaked shearwater today heading south from long reef also 1 black browed.albatross.
michael ronan

Sat 8 Mar Baillon's Crake Lake Inverell
pair feeding on mudflat.
Neville Schrader

Satin Flycatcher Inverell
single male in willows at Caravan Park
Neville Schrader

Topknot Pigeon Way Way State Forest, SE of Warrell Creek
A flock of 20+ Topknot pigeons seen foraging above a fruiting Rose Walnut (Endriandra discolor) tree in the riparian rainforest of Way Way Creek.
Maree Blewitt

Fri 7 Mar Black-breasted Button-quail north Cougal
single male flushed from lantana on edge of road with good views, possibly two/three other birds present but not properly sighted enough to confirm identification.
Neville Schrader

Grey Goshawk (white morph) Old Grevillea, Moore Park
adult with one juvenile, upsetting flying fox colony.
Neville Schrader

Thu 6 Mar White-throated needletail Gloucester Town
2 White-throated needletails over Gloucester Park, seen from the main shopping street.
Penny Drake-Brockman

Tue 4 Mar Plum-headed Finch Casino Wetland
Four possibly more, Plum-headed Finch's withmixed with a large flock (50+) of Chestnut-breasted Mannikin's at the dry wetland.
Neville Schrader

Cotton Pygmy-Goose Harrisons Lake, Kyogle
male, female and two immature birds, still present on the 5 Mar..
Neville Schrader

Spangled Drongo Alroy Park, Plumpton
A great new record for my local park
Mark Fuller

Mon 3 Mar White-necked Heron Lord Howe Island
Single bird first seen by a local, several members of Illawarra Birders also recorded the bird. Ian Hutton noted that this is the first record for Lord Howe. One Wood Duck seen on the 5th March also a rare bird for Lord Howe.
Illawarra Birders

Sun 23 Feb Lathams Snipe Moonlight Crescent, Gloucester
8 Snipe disturbed when feeding on sloping grass beside a large dam. 6 snipe were seen here on the 3rd February.
Penny Drake-Brockman

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