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Birdline Victoria 

Published sightings for the week ending 20 Jun 2010.

Sun 20 Jun      Osprey Cape Otway Lighthouse 
Excellent views of a single male flying low & westerly between the
lighthouse and the L.H. keepers cottage, 8.45am. 
Tom Fletcher & Sandra Lea-Wood 

        Australasian Darter Mullum Mullum Linear Path, East Doncaster
between Reynolds Rd & Warrandyte Rd. 
1st Darter I've seen in the Creek - a female frantically trying to dry
her wings. Also a pair of Common Bronzewings, the first I've seen for a
while here. 
Sonja Ross 

Sat 19 Jun      Scarlet Honeyeater Banyule Flat 
3 still here, despite recent cold wet weather: intriguing that they've
chosen to over-winter. Pair on eastern side of dry billabong, both
calling occasionally though much less than in April ("seep" contact
call). Male on north side of same billabong, ~200m east of the Somerset
Drive carpark along bike-path to Yarra, silent while I was there. All
feeding in box mistletoe in wattles. 
Richard Loyn 

        White-backed Swallow You Yangs Regional Park 
Two White-backed Swallows in a small mixed flock of Welcome Swallows and
Tree Martins, flying low over a paddock inhabited by 12+ Flame Robins &
3-4 Jacky Winters. Approximately 900 metres south of the west end of
Toynes Road, abutting the You Yangs Regional Park. 
John Stirling on behalf of members of the MELBOCA Photography Group 

        Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoo SE Bendigo suburbs 
Thursday a Bendigo resident reported to me that she had sighted a pair
on Wednesday in the Greater Bendigo National Park (One Tree Hill), near
Edwards Road and La Trobe University. I did not find them when I
investigated on Friday but Saturday morning a flock of 15 to 20 was
raising quite a ruckus on private property in Strathdale. They were
feeding on pine cones, flying back and forth between several trees,
which was when they were at their noisiest. After about an hour of
frenzied activity all quietened down. I was able to take some photos
from a distance and have posted these on my blog. 
Kerryn Ryan 

        Pink Robin Lake Victoria Point Lonsdale 
Female, in edge of coastal scrub/farmland between Lake Vic and the sea 
Angus Hartshorn 

Fri 18 Jun      Regent Honeyeater Puckapunyal 
One Regent Honeyeater flew into an ironbark near the shops in
Puckapunyal. Was chased by some White-plumed Honeyeaters and I lost it
before being able to get photo. Sighting reported to Woodland Bird
Conservation Project. 
Michael Kingsford 

        Hooded Plover Lake Victoria, Point Lonsdale 
A flock of 12 adult hooded plovers were feeding on the mudflats at the
eastern end of the lake this afternoon. 
Rod Corinaldi 

        Little Eagle Wset Gate Bridge, Melbourne 
Pale morph bird circling over top of bridge @ 10:33. 
P S Lansley 

Thu 17 Jun      Silver Gull Wilby 
At least 5 birds landed in a newly planted wheat crop behind the house
at dusk and seemed to be feeding in the wet soil. Never seen here
before, but a small population can be found at Lake Mulwala 20km north. 
Michael Ramsey 

Wed 16 Jun      Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo Bendigo 
Originally saw these birds about same time last year, in the same trees
in the industrial area of Thistle Street in Golden Square. Today about
40 or so reappeared from the Mandurang area and flew towards the centre
of Bendigo where they then flew out of site. Two weeks ago, I first
sighted about a dozen feeding in the same tree as last year! 
Larry Wust 

Tue 15 Jun      Satin Bowerbird Deans Marsh Cell 
A flock of 6-8 'green' birds encountered twice (on different days) on
Pennyroyal Valley Rd. Flushed to overhead gums then departed. No blue
males seen but good views of greenies. 
Jackson Airey 

        Semipalmated Plover Clonmel island, Corner inlet 
Still present on eastern tip of Clonmel island. Boat access only.
[Moderator note: there was some debate over identification. The bird has
now been confirmed as a Semipalmated Plover. Thanks Andrew Silcocks for
the attached photograph. Note other images of the Victorian bird can be
seen at the bottom of wildlifeimages gallery in the further information
Mike Carter, Rohan Clarke, Andrew Silcocks 

        Swift Parrot, Black-chinned Honeyeater You Yangs Regional Park. 
1600hrs. Some Swift Parrots still present feeding in profuse flowering
Eucalyptus Leucoxylon ssp Connata, along with Musk and Purple-crowned
Lorikeets, around Information Centre and Car Park. Also present numerous
other species including, Black-chinned, White-naped and Brown-headed
Honeyeaters. There is an abundance of birds at the You Yangs at present.
Peter Gibbons. 

        Australasian Bittern Western Treament Plant, Werribee. 
Bittern observed at 1442hrs, standing in the open on a culvert between
the southern side of Conservation Ponds 35E-8 & 9, excellent view.
Presumably the same bird as observed by Kevin Bartram on 13/06/10. This
is a regular location and hopefully more than one bird. 
Peter Gibbons. 

        Brolga Cotswold, north of Clunes 
Pair feeding in grazing paddock. Regularly reported by local folks
within 2km of this site. 
Geoff Park 

Mon 14 Jun      Eastern Curlew Western Treatment Plant Werribee 
A single Eastern Curlew was feeding at low tide just outside the bird
hide at the WTP. Other sightings include 3 Fan-tail Cuckoos and 2
White-bellied Sea-Eagles 
Ton Schat and Susanne Wilson 

        Eastern Bristlebird Mallacoota Inlet 
We saw one well and heard another. 
Chris and Rosemary Lester 

        Swift Parrot Kooyoora State Park 
A single Swift Parrot was seen on Melville Caves Rd at Kooyoora State
Park . Also woodland birds in good numbers at Kooyoora State Park. At
intersection of Breakwater Rd and Kirwans Rd (both really just tracks)
birds included Painted Button-quail, Gilbert's Whistler, Crested
Bellbird, Southern Scrub-robin and 4 other species of robin -
Red-capped, Hooded, Scarlet and Eastern Yellow. 
Greg Oakley and Tim Dolby 

        Diamond Firetails Benalla 
20 Diamond Firetails, 20 Zebra Finches and 20 Flame Robins in a paddock
at Chesney Vale, 6 White-browed Babblers 100m away in the same paddock.
Noisy Friarbirds and White-browed Babblers in the Reef Hills State Park,
2 Superb Lyrebirds in the Mount Samaria State Park. In the 4 or 5 years
that I have been visiting Benalla, I have never seen so many Diamond
Firetails or Flame Robins. The flocks were large and there were lots of
Jon Thornton 

        Yellow-plumed Honeyeater Southern edge of Whroo Forest 
Heaps of Honeyeaters around, most interesting Yellow-plumed Honeyeater,
at corner of Nagambie-Rushworth & Rushworth-Greytown Rd. Also present
Black-chinned, Brown-headed, White-naped, Yellow-faced, Yellow-tufted,
Fuscous & Noisy Friarbirds. Purple-crowned & Little Lorikeets also.
Crested Bellbird heard. 
Kevin Bartram 

        Spotted Quail-thrush Aqueduct Track, Brisbane Ranges NP 
Foraging in leaf litter north of Aqueduct Track near southern junction
with Switch Road, about 2.30pm. 
Andrew Wood, Mary Macmillan 

        Brown Quail, Double-banded Plover Altona, Skeleton and Laverton
Seen three different coveys of Brown Quail (11,3,3). Large covey of 11
allowed close views along narrow saltmarsh track. Some birds noticeably
paler, presumably juveniles. Double-banded Plover also in good numbers
(16,2) at Skeleton creek. Two adults in breeding plumage with chestnut
breastband. Striated Fieldwren and Golden-headed Cisticola both ignoring
the winter gloom and putting up a delightful singing performance. 
G. Santos 

        Lewin's Rail Cheetham Wetlands, Sanctuary Lakes 
Following up John Barkla's report from 2/6/10, I saw a Lewin's Rail
about 8am today from the new pedestrian/bike bridge over Skeleton Ck at
the end of Beach Walk. It was wandering up and down along the edge under
the overhanging vegetation, on the east side. It was 2 hours before low
Peter Shute 

Sun 13 Jun      Eastern Reef Egret, Ground Parrot Mallacoota 
We saw two Eastern Reef Egrets, one at Bastion Point in the early
morning and one at in the early afternoon. They were both dark phase but
in quite different plumages. We saw one Ground Parrot at the heath at
Shipwreck Creek. 
Chris and Rosemary Lester 

        Swift Parrot Stuart Mill (sth of St Arnaud) 
An estimated 20 Swift Parrots were seen on a private property with mixed
species woodland about 5 km east of Stuart Mill. The birds confined
themselves to Red Stringybarks, which were not in flower. They appeared
to be feeding on something on the foliage, possibly lerps. Other birds
of interest were 2 Little Lorikeets and one Peregrine Falcon soaring
Andrew McCutcheon 

        Brolgas Benalla 
2 Brolgas at Lake Mokoan, 10 Diamond Firetails at Chesney Vale, small
flocks of Speckled Warblers at 4 different locations in the Warby
Ranges, 3 Grey-crowned Babblers around Lurg, flocks of 20 Flame Robins
in many of the paddocks around Benalla. 
Jon Thornton and Fiona Parkin 

        White-winged Fairy-wren Terrick Terrick East, Forbes Road 2 km E
of Bendigo Creek 
1 male + at least 3 - 4 female / immature birds in lignum beside road
surrounded by farmland. Waded through 20 m long puddle across road to
check if safe for vehicle (it was) and heard the birds in the bushes.
Apparently SE of normal range. 
Alan Crawford & Elizabeth Shaw 

        Semipalmated Plover Clonmel Island Corner Inlet 
The bird was observed for an extended period on Clonmel Island in Corner
Inlet on yesterdays high tide at midday. Access is challenging as a boat
is required. [Moderator note: there was some debate over identification.
The bird has now been confirmed as a Semipalmated Plover. Thanks Andrew
Silcocks for the attached photograph. Note other images of the Victorian
bird can be seen at the bottom of Wildlifeimages gallery in the further
information link.]. 
Clive Minton per R.Clarke 

        White-bellied Sea-eagle, Australasian Bittern etc. Werribee
Sewage Farm 
Got crippling views of an adult White-bellied Sea Eagle at 85W Lagoon,
right next to road. Unfortunately flew off before I could get crippling
photos, but managed to get some good pictures a bit further away, it
flew off and joined another adult further away. Flushed the Aussie
Bittern from the drain south of the Conservation Ponds. No OBPs. Other
highlights inc: lots of Darters around; about 20 or so Dusky
Woodswallows along Point Wilson Rd; 3 Black Kites at the Beach Rd gate. 
Kevin Bartram 

        Possible Long-tailed Jaeger Pt Lonsdale 
Around 8.30am Andy & I were at the lighthouse looking forlornly out at
the empty sea when I noticed a very dark jaeger flying steadily west
along the coast about 400m offshore. First impressions were of an all
dark, slight and tern-like bird that at one stage harried a Crested Tern
and appeared to be roughly the same size as the tern. Soon after we lost
the bird in the swell. Me no expert but it didn't look like an Arctic
Jaeger, being smaller and more tern-like in proportions. Possibly an
imm. dark morph or "dark-type" bird?? I know this is a big call but it
was an interesting bird nonetheless... 
Steve Davidson & Andrew Hurnard 

        Dusky Woodswallow, Swift Parrot Boweya Forest 
Dusky Woodswallow: Amazing spectacle, as a Peregrine Falcon passed over
a massive swarm (over 100 birds) erupted from the canopy of the forest,
never seen anything like this before. They swirled and called over the
canopy of the forest before dispersing in different directions over the
forest. Swift Parrot: approximately 80 birds, maybe more. On the north
side of forest in small groups flying out to large flowering Mugga
Ironbarks in adjacent paddocks, some were also feeding on lerp on Grey
Box as well. Most birds in groups of 2-6, largest group at one time was
12 birds. 
Michael Ramsey 

        Striated Pardalote Royal Park West, Parkville 
A couple on the escarpment above the train line today, a few Spotted
Pardalotes nearby too. 
Nicole Spillane & Paul Jacobson 

Sat 12 Jun      White-chinned Petrel, Common Diving-Petrel Point Addis 
Single White-chinned Petrel seen very well under 50 meters from shore.
Also a single Common Diving-Petrel seen as well as a number of Shy
Albatross in between the wind and squalls 
Tim Bawden 


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