Trip Report - Top End, NT, 01 - 09 April 2008 - Part 2 (trip list)

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Subject: Trip Report - Top End, NT, 01 - 09 April 2008 - Part 2 (trip list)
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Trip Report - Top End, NT, 01 - 09 April 2008 - Part 2

Annotated trip list (regions follow those in McCrie and Watson Finding
birds in Darwin, Kakadu & the Top End: Darwin, Fogg Dam, Kakadu,
Katherine and Southwest):

1.      Orange-footed Scrubfowl: Darwin
2.      Brown Quail: Lee Point Road (Darwin) & Victoria Hwy (Southwest)
3.      Magpie Goose: all regions except Darwin
4.      Plumed Whistling-duck: Leanyer SP (Darwin), Kakadu & Pine Creek
SP (with 4 ducklings)
5.      Wandering Whistling-duck: Leanyer SP (Darwin), Fogg Dam & Kakadu

6.      Radjah Shelduck: all regions except Southwest (with 9 ducklings
at Pine Creek SP)
7.      Pacific Black Duck: Pine Creek SP (with 5 ducklings)
8.      Grey Teal: Pine Creek SP
9.      Hardhead: Leanyer SP (Darwin)
10.     Australasian Grebe: Pine Creek SP
11.     Australian Darter: Yellow Waters (Kakadu)
12.     Little Pied Cormorant: Fogg Dam & Bitter Springs (Mataranka)
13.     Little Black Cormorant: Fogg Dam
14.     Black Bittern: Bitter Springs (Mataranka)
15.     Nankeen Night Heron: Fogg Dam & Bitter Springs (Mataranka)
16.     White-faced Heron: Bitter Springs (Mataranka)
17.     Little Egret: Darwin & Fogg Dam
18.     Eastern Reef Egret: Lee Point & Nightcliff (Darwin)
19.     Pied Heron: Darwin & Fogg Dam
20.     Great Egret: Fogg Dam
21.     Intermediate Egret: Fogg Dam & Kakadu
22.     Cattle Egret: Fogg Dam & Southwest
23.     Striated Heron: Nightcliff (Darwin)
24.     Straw-necked Ibis: South Alligator (Kakadu) & Pine Creek
25.     Royal Spoonbill: Fogg Dam
26.     Black-necked Stork: over Leanyer SP (Darwin) & Yellow Waters
27.     Osprey: over Leanyer SP & over Charles Darwin Uni (Darwin)
28.     Black Kite: all regions
29.     Whistling Kite: all regions
30.     Brahminy Kite: Darwin
31.     White-bellied Sea Eagle: Buffalo Creek (Darwin), Yellow Waters
(Kakadu) & Katherine Gorge
32.     Spotted Harrier: Victoria Hwy east of Victoria River (Southwest)

33.     Grey Goshawk: pair over Gubara (Kakadu)
34.     Brown Goshawk: all regions except Katherine
35.     Wedge-tailed Eagle: Mataranka & Southwest
36.     Brown Falcon: all regions except Darwin
37.     Nankeen Kestral: Katherine Gorge road
38.     Australian Bustard: Elsey NP (Mataranka)
39.     Bar-tailed Godwit: Buffalo Creek & Lee Point (Darwin)
40.     Whimbrel: Leanyer SP, Buffalo Creek & Nightcliff (Darwin)
41.     Common Greenshank: Leanyer SP (Darwin)
42.     Wood Sandpiper: Leanyer SP (Darwin)
43.     Common Sandpiper: Leanyer SP, Nightcliff (Darwin) & Pine Creek
44.     Grey-tailed Tattler: Nightcliff (Darwin)
45.     Ruddy Turnstone: Lee Point (Darwin)
46.     Great Knot: Buffalo Creek & Lee Point (Darwin)
47.     Red Knot: Lee Point (Darwin) (1 in breeding plumage)
48.     Sanderling: Buffalo Creek & Lee Point (Darwin)
49.     Red-necked Stint: Lee Point (Darwin)
50.     Comb-crested Jacana: Fogg Dam & Yellow Waters (Kakadu)
51.     Bush Stone-curlew: all regions
52.     Pied Oystercatcher: Buffalo Creek & Nightcliff (Darwin)
53.     Black-winged Stilt: Pine Creek SP
54.     Pacific Golden Plover: Nightcliff (Darwin)
55.     Grey Plover: Buffalo Creek (Darwin)
56.     Red-capped Plover: Buffalo Creek & Lee Point (Darwin)
57.     Lesser Sand Plover: Lee Point (Darwin)
58.     Greater Sand Plover: Buffalo Creek & Lee Point (Darwin)
59.     Black-fronted Dotterel: Pine Creek SP
60.     Masked Lapwing: all regions
61.     Silver Gull: Lee Point (Darwin)
62.     Gull-billed Tern: Buffalo Creek (Darwin)
63.     Caspian Tern: Buffalo Creek & Lee Point (Darwin)
64.     Crested Tern: Buffalo Creek & Lee Point (Darwin)
65.     Lesser Crested Tern: Lee Point (Darwin)
66.     Whiskered Tern: Fogg Dam
67.     Crested Pigeon: Pine Creek area
68.     Partridge Pigeon: Arnhem and Kakadu Hwys (Kakadu)
69.     Peaceful Dove: all regions
70.     Bar-shouldered Dove: all regions
71.     Rose-crowned Fruit-dove: Holmes Jungle (Darwin) & Fogg Dam
72.     Pied Imperial Pigeon: Casuarina (Darwin)
73.     Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo: all regions except Fogg Dam
74.     Galah: Darwin, Katherine region & Southwest region
75.     Sulphur-crested Cockatoo: all regions except Southwest
76.     Little Corella: Pine Creek & Victoria River
77.     Cockateil: Katherine & Southwest regions
78.     Red-collared Lorikeet: all regions
79.     Varied Lorikeet: over Leanyer SP, Lee Point (Darwin) & Edith
Falls road
80.     Red-winged Parrot: all regions except Fogg Dam
81.     Northern Rosella: road into Gubara (Kakadu)
82.     Hooded Parrot: Pine Creek Water Gardens & Edith Falls Road
83.     Oriental Cuckoo: Fogg Dam & Yellow Waters (Kakadu)
84.     Brush Cuckoo: calling all regions
85.     Australian Koel: Bitter Springs (Mataranka)
86.     Pheasant Coucal: all regions except Fogg Dam
87.     Rufous Owl: Darwin Botanical Gardens
88.     Barking Owl: all regions except Darwin
89.     Southern Boobook: Cooinda area (Kakadu) & Victoria River
90.     Barn Owl: Anzac Pde (Fogg Dam)
91.     Tawny Frogmouth: Fogg Dam, Elsey NP (Mataranka) & Victoria River

92.     Fork-tailed Swift: over Holmes Jungle (Darwin) & Fogg Dam
93.     Azure Kingfisher: Mary River crossing (Arnhem Hwy) & Mataranka
94.     Blue-winged Kookaburra: all regions except Fogg Dam
95.     Forest Kingfisher: Darwin, Fogg Dam & Kakadu
96.     Red-backed Kingfisher: Pine Creek racecourse, Water Gardens &
97.     Collared Kingfisher: Nightcliff (Darwin)
98.     Sacred Kingfisher: Darwin, Kakadu & Southwest
99.     Rainbow Bee-eater: all regions

100.Dollarbird: Kakadu, Katherine & Southwest

101. Red-backed Fairy-wren: Holmes Jungle (Darwin) & Buntine Hwy

102. Purple-crowned Fairy-wren: SE corner of Victoria River Crossing

103. Striated Pardalote: all regions

104. Weebill: Edith Falls (Katherine) & Victoria River (Southwest)

105. Green-backed Gerygone: Gubara (Kakadu) & Darwin Botanical Gardens

106. Large-billed Gerygone: Nightcliff mangroves (Darwin)

107. Mangrove Gerygone: Nightcliff mangroves (Darwin)

108. Dusky Honeyeater: all regions except Southwest

109. Red-headed Honeyeater: Buffalo Creek, Leanyer SP & Nightcliff
mangroves (Darwin)

110. Banded Honeyeater: Pine Creek & Southwest region

111. Brown Honeyeater: all regions

112. White-lined Honeyeater: Nourlangie (Gunwarddehwarde Lookout)

113. White-gaped Honeyeater: all regions except Southwest

114. Yellow-tinted Honeyeater: Victoria River Crossing (Southwest)

115. White-throated Honeyeater: all regions except Kakadu

116. Little Friarbird: Darwin, Katherine & Southwest regions

117. Helmeted Friarbird: Nourlangie & Gubara (Kakadu)

118. Silver-crowned Friarbird: Kakadu, Katherine & Southwest regions

119. Bar-breasted Honeyeater: Pine Creek Water Gardens & Pine Creek SP

120. Rufous-banded Honeyeater: Darwin, Fogg Dam & Katherine regions

121. Rufous-throated Honeyeater: Buntine Hwy & Victoria River Crossing

122. Blue-faced Honeyeater: all regions

123. Yellow-throated Miner: southern Kakadu & Southwest region

124. Lemon-bellied Flycatcher: all regions except Fogg Dam

125. Mangrove Robin: Leanyer SP (Darwin)

126. Grey-crowned Babbler: Kakadu, Katherine & Southwest regions

127. Varied Sittella: Bitter Springs (Mataranka)

128. Grey Whistler: Darwin & Fogg Dam

129. Mangrove Golden Whistler: Nightcliff mangroves (Darwin)

130. Rufous Whistler: Fogg Dam, Katherine & Southwest regions

131. Little Shrike-thrush: Fogg Dam

132. Willie Wagtail: all regions except Darwin

133. Northern Fantail: Darwin & Kakadu

134. Spangled Drongo: Darwin & Kakadu

135. Leaden Flycatcher: Darwin, Kakadu & Katherine regions

136. Broad-billed Flycatcher: Nightcliff (Darwin), Fogg Dam & Kakadu

137. Restless Flycatcher: all regions except Fogg Dam

138. Shining Flycatcher: all regions except Southwest

139. Magpie-lark: all regions

140. Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike: all regions except Fogg Dam

141. White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike: all regions

142. White-winged Triller: Gubara (Kakadu), Katherine & Southwest

143. Varied Triller: Darwin, Kakadu & Katherine regions

144. Yellow Oriole: Darwin, Fogg Dam & Kakadu regions

145. Figbird: Darwin & Katherine regions

146. Grey Butcherbird: southern Kakadu

147. Pied Butcherbird: Kakadu, Katherine & Southwest regions

148. White-breasted Woodswallow: Darwin, Katherine & Southwest regions

149. Black-faced Woodswallow: Pine Creek & throughout Southwest region

150. Little Woodswallow: Gubara (Kakadu), Edith Falls (Katherine) &
Buntine Hwy (Southwest)

151. Torresian Crow: all regions

152. Apostlebird: Katherine & Southwest regions

153. Great Bowerbird: Kakadu & Katherine regions

154. Eastern Yellow Wagtail: Leanyer SP (Darwin)

155. Australasian Pipit: Leanyer SP (Darwin)

156. Crimson Finch: all regions

157. Star Finch: Buntine Hwy (Southwest)

158. Double-barred Finch: Darwin & Southwest regions

159. Masked Finch: Pine Creek (Water Gardens & Cemetery) & Buntine Hwy
(Southwest) (carrying nesting material at Pine Creek Cemetery)

160. Long-tailed Finch: Leanyer SP (Darwin) & Buntine Hwy (Southwest)

161. Gouldian Finch: Buntine Hwy (Southwest)

162. Chestnut-breasted Mannikin: Leanyer SP (Darwin) & Buntine Hwy

163. Pictorella Mannikin: Buntine Hwy (Southwest)

164. Mistletoebird: Buntine Hwy (Southwest)

165. Tree Martin: Darwin region

166. Zitting Cisticola: South Alligator floodplain (Kakadu)

167. Golden-headed Cisticola: Holmes Jungle (Darwin) & Buntine Hwy

168. Yellow White-eye: Buffalo Creek & Nightcliff (Darwin)

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