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Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 16:03:50 +1000
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Tim Dolby

May 2006

Mon 8
Tawny Frogmouth Canterbury - A pair of Tawny Frogmouth roosting in
anear-bare, road-side Plane tree in the early evening. One had also been
sighted in the same area a few weeks ago during the day. John Taylor

Sun 7
White-headed Pigeon Deep Creek Road, Wiseleigh via Bruthen Freda Harvey
reports observing an adult White-headed Pigeon feeding in her bush
garden yesterday. Single White-headed Pigeon have also been recorded
from the Lakes Entrance - Kalimna area during the past two weeks. Freda
Harvey per Len Axen

Sat 6
Golden Whistler & Grey Shrike Thrush Royal Park, Parkville, north side
of the railway line. An Immature Golden Whistler and Grey Shrike Thrush
were seen at Royal Park (Parkville), north side of the  railway line.
(Note: also observed in this area recently, Collared Sparrowhawk,
Yellow-rumped Thornbill, Flame  Robin, Spotted Pardalote, Mistletoebird,
White-browed Scrubwren and Superb Fairy-wren - all nice birds to see  in
an inner city park). Nicole Spillane

Flame, Red-capped and Scarlet Robin Woodlands Historic Park, nr Melb
Airport. Saw male and female of all three species within 20 minutes just
before dusk tonight, all feeding in the same general  area in the 'Back
Paddock' section of the park. Also Varied Sittella present. Dean

Australasian Gannet St Kilda beach. Approximatley 25 - 30 Australasian
Gannet seen feeding between the St Kilda pier and light house about 300
metre from the beach at 8:30 am this morning. James Brownlie

Fri 5
Freckled Duck Lake Wendouree, Ballarat. The following report by Roger
Thomas in 'The Courier' on 5 May. 250 Freckled Duck at western end of
the lake, off Windmill Drive. Also 100 Red-necked Avocet, 1000 Grey Teal
and 100 Chestnut Teal. On Saturday 6 May, Freckled Duck were still
present plus several Black-winged Stilt. Aprox. 85 species of birds have
been recorded on Lake Wendouree so far this year. Graeme Hosken

Thu 4
Southern Boobook West Bairnsdale. Southern Boobook, along with
Wedge-tailed Eagle and Australia King Parrot, and were all seen in West
Bairnsdale. Mike Finn

Magpie Goose (7) Melbourne Water Wetlands, Hallam Rd, Hallam. Observed
between 4:00 - 5:30pm. Feeding and resting around the shallows closer to
Hallam Road (near train station). Also Swamp Harrier (2) ,Great Egret
and White-Necked Heron. Greg Cobern

Wed 3
Blue-Faced Honeyeater Mountbatten Ave, Bright, Vic 3741. Blue-Faced
Honeyeater appeared in my back garden about 3:30pm. Male only. I've
never seen one in this region before, let alone my backyard. Pizzey's
Field Guide to Birds of Australia noted its range just extends into NE
Victoria, but formerly extended to Bright. It's back! R Kaufman

Tue 2
Bassian Thrush Marysville, Victoria. Bassian Thrush has been sighted in
my garden on about four or five occasions over the few years. P. Ellis

Hooded Plover Lake Victoria Point Lonsdale. A flock of 10 Hooded Plover
including 5 juveniles are feeding on the mud flats of Lake Victoria.
Currently there are upwards of 2000 waders made up of Red-necked Stint,
Curlew sandpiper and Sharp-tailed sandpiper, Greenshank, Red-capped
Plover feeding along the lake edge. Chestnut Teal are also in large
numbers (1500). Red-necked Avocet and Blacked-winged Stilt also are
present. Rod Corinaldi

Mon 1
Ground Cuckoo-shrike Hattah-Kulkyne National Park. Ground Cuckoo-shrike
was seen at Hattah-Kulkyne National Park near Lake Mournpall. (Some
excellent photos were taken, which can be viewed upon request.). Fiona
Parkin & Jon Thornton (pers. comm Tim Dolby)

Hooded Robins Canni Creek Racecourse, via Buchan. Amongst the more
interesting sightings on an overcast day punctuated by intermittent
showers, our EGBOC group observed 6 Hooded Robins, 8 Scarlet Robins, 3
Flame Robins as well as 15 Yellow Thornbills, 5 Varied Sittellas and 6
Southern Emu wrens in the area surrounding the racecourse and nearby
eucalypt woodland. Len Axen

Sooty Owl Healesville area. A Sooty Owl was heard over a 25 minute
period near Healesville last night. It started calling with the
distinctive % -drop" around 6.20 and continued until I left around 6.45.
John Harris

Rose Robin Wirrawilla Boardwalk, Toolangi State Forest. 2 Rose Robins in
brown plumage were seen at the intersection of Quarry Rd and the top of
the boardwalk track, near the quarry yesterday. John Harris

Blue-winged Parrot, Banded Lapwing Little Desert National Park. Like
Wyperfeld NP (see report #1342), parrots seem to be doing well in the
Little Desert National Park. There were several hundred Blue-winged
Parrot along the Harrow-Nhill Road. Also seen here were good numbers of
Tawny-crowned and White-fronted Honeyeater. Banded Lapwing are present
in the farmland adjacent to the Kiata South Road. Tim Dolby, Greg Oakley

Redthroat, Striped Honeyeater, Malleefowl (& large numbers of parrot)
Wyperfeld National Park (North & South). Redthroat seem to be doing well
on the Discovery Walk in Southern Wyperfeld (possibly the only reliable
site in Victoria). A number of birds were heard calling and a male bird
was seen in the small tea tree dominated valley just before you reach
Lake Brambruk. Striped Honeyeater (two) was seen at the Casuarina
Campground in Northern Wyperfeld, and there was a pair of Malleefowl
along the Wirrengren Plain Track. There were also large numbers of
parrot, such Australian Ringneck, Blue Bonnet, Mulga Parrot - and a
flock of Galah that consisted of at least a thousand birds. Tim Dolby,
Greg Oakley

April 2006

Sun 30
Grey Goshawk (White Phase) Genoa. A single Grey Goshawk (white phase)
was seen above the old bridge in Genoa, for approximately 5 minutes
coming as close as 15 - 20 metres directly over head. James Brownlie &
Nicole Brooker

Swift Parrot Chiltern Mt-Pilot NP. A large influx of Swift Parrot has
descended on Chiltern-Mt Pilot NP. Flocks of 10 ? 20 can be readily seen
across most of the northern section of the park. Mark Carey

Freckled Duck Broadford Sewage Ponds. Freckled Duck (2) were seen in a
large flock of Pink-eared Duck (300+) and Australasian Shoveler (150+).
A lone Silver Gull was also observed. Michael Ramsey 30/4

Sat 29
Eastern Spinebill Melton South. A single Eastern Spinebill was seen and
heard in and around First Avenue in Melton South. Notes: Another
altudinal migrant at this time of year along with Flame Robins that have
been seen along Bulmans Road in West Melton. Also in regards to the
range of the Blue-faced Honeyeater this species extends far further into
Victoria than just the north-east. Over the past couple of decades I
have seen this species on a number of occasions in the suburbs of
Bendigo in central Victoria. Micah Kawalek

Scarlet Robin Seaford Swamp. Adult male showing well in the morning
along the fenceline 250 metres north of the old viewing mound at Seaford
North Primary school. This is a new bird for Seaford Swamp (S. Dooley
pers. comm.) and my first there in over 140 visits. P.S. Lansley

Fri 28
Gang-gang Cockatoo Blackburn South. 15 Gang-gangs flew into a large
eucalypt next door. They've been turning up here regularly in the autumn
in the last few years but this is the most I've seen together. Previous
maximum was 11 two years ago. Peter Houston

Magpie Geese Murray Valley HWY 5km east of Rutherglen. 10 Magpie Geese
have been visiting this wetland (United Mine?)for the past week now.
Matt Weeks

Wed 26
Southern Boobook Banyule Flats, Walking track East of Somerset St.
Russell Woolnough, Sonja Ross

Tue 25
Wood Sandpiper, Long-toed Stint Lake Murphy. 2 of each Wood Sandpiper
and Long-toed Stint at Lake Murphy on Anzac Day along with large numbers
of Red-kneed Dotterel, a number of Spotted Crake and Spotless Crake but
no Lt Stint. Other birds in the area included White-browed and -breasted
Woodswallows, a family of Grey-crowned Babbler nearby on the
Boort-Kerang Rd. John Harris and Stuart Dashper

Hooded Plover & Sooty Oystercatcher St Andrews Beach/Gunnamatta. A flock
of 13 adult Hooded Plover plus 8 juvemile birds were feeding on rocks
covered by mussels. 2 pair also noted on Gunnamatta beach. A flock of 18
Sooty Oystercatcher were loafing on rocks at Gunnamatta sewer outfall.
Another 6 were seen during walk from Cape Shank to Sorento. Barry

Orange-bellied Parrot, Red-capped Robin Western Treatment Plant,
Werribee Near Lake Borrie, two separate sightings of single OBP, one
with orange band on left leg. Both appeared to be immature birds.
Red-capped Robin seen along Pt Wilson Road. Several Flame Robin also
seen. Gina Hopkins, Jenny Flood

Little Corella, Gang-gang Cockatoo Blackburn South. Single Little
Corella flying north and calling while I was working in the garden.
Probably my imagination but it sounded distressed, like "I'm lost, where
are you all?" This was at 10am - about 15 minutes later two Gang-gang
Cockatoo were flying around & calling just up the street. Peter Houston

White-browed Woodswallow, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, Hooded Robin.
Mangalore Flora and Fauna Reserve. Three White-browed Woodswallow were
seen in the company of a flock of Dusky Woodswallow. A White-bellied
Cuckoo-shrike was also observed along with a female Hooded Robin.
Michael Ramsey

Mon 24
Australian Owlet-Nightjar Southern Grampians N.P, on northern slope of
Mt. Sturgeon. Flushed from a hollow onto horizontal branch allowing
close views. Steve Clark, Hamilton

Fluttering Shearwater Snowy River entrance. Despite the mouth of the
Snowy River being "closed" for the last month, 1000+ Fluttering
Shearwater in three large rafts were seen following and diving after
shoals of baitfish some 30 - 40 metres directly off the entrance this
afternoon. A smaller flock of 200+ Australasian Gannet were also
actively feeding in the same area but within 5 metres of the shoreline.
A most unusual occurence. Len Axen

White-throated Needletail Strath Creek. Three White-throated Needletail
were observed over the Brown Range. A late sighting for this species.
Michael Ramsey

Sun 23
Little Stint Lake Murphy. Still present along western shore. Dean
Ingwersen, Mark Antos, George Appleby, Ian Hance and others

Rose Robin & Swift Parrot Greenhill Dam, Chiltern-Mt Pilot National
Park. A single male Rose Robin was seen at Greenhill Dam along with
Scarlet and Yellow Robin. A party of five Turquoise Parrot drank from
the dam while Swift Parrot flew above. Hundreds of Dusky, White-browed
and Masked Woodswallow are still present in large flocks around the
park. Mark Carey

Pied Oystercatcher Hastings Foreshore. 7 Pied Oystercatcher on mud flats
this AM. (I am now up to 47 species in this small area since 25th March
2006!). S King

Fri 21
White-headed Pigeon Hancock's Daffodil Farm, Menzies Creek. A male bird
was seen mooching around our shed, on the ground near fallen fruits of
Cornus capitata and generally observing our antics. Hung around for
about 30 minutes and was scared away when cars of the school mums
started using our street. Flew in westerly direction towards Sherbrooke
Forest. Christine & Will Ashburner

Wed 19
2 immature Brown Goshawks Rathdowne Street, North Carlton. Sighted an
immature goshawk in an apple tree; it stayed there for about 1/2 hour
before I spotted another bird (much larger, a female) on a large
melaleuca tree across the laneway. Both left after another 20 min or so
and seemed to be just resting. Ingrid Ciotti

Little Stint, Long-toed Stint, Black-tailed Godwit Lake Murphy south
west of Kerang. 1 Little Stint in nearly complete summer plumage (first
reported late on 18th by Rohan Clarke), 3 Long-toed Stints, 5
Black-tailed godwits.Simon Starr,Chris Coleborn,David Parker.

Red-necked Phalarope (1) and Wood Sandpiper (3) Western Treatment Plant.
Still there- RNP at Walsh's Lagoon and WS/Ps at small pond east of
Conservation Ponds (just before the forbidden zone). George Appleby 19/4

Tue 18
Little Stint, Long-toed Stint, Pectoral S/p, Wood S/p, Black-tailed
Godwit Lake Murphy just SSW of Kerang. There was a breeding plumage
Little Stint on the western shore of Lake Murphy just SSW of Kerang
today 18th April feeding with Red-necked Stints and up to 5 Long-toed
Stints. Also present were 6 Wood Sandpipers, 1 Pectoral Sandpiper, 5
Black-tailed Godwit, 20 Greenshank, 7 Marsh Sandpiper, 10 Double-banded
plover and good numbers of Red-kneed and Black-fronted Dots and
Sharp-tailed Sandpipers. Rohan Clarke

Nankeen Night Heron Kooyong Road, Armadale. A single deceased juvenile
Nankeen Night Heron was found on the nature strip beside Kooyong Road,
near the . intersection with Dandenong Road, Armadale. Probably
roadkilled, although no obvious external injuries. Chris Timewell

Little Eagle Royal Park, Melbourne. A Little Eagle has been seen hanging
around the western side of Royal Park (along the tram line near the
entrance to the Zoo) for the last few weeks. At times it has been
displaying 'herding' behaviour with the Starling and Rock Dove. Tim

Mon 17
White-breasted Sea Eagle West Bairnsdale. White-bellied Sea Eagles
riding a thermal in the valley between Bairnsdale & Wyung for about 5
minutes. Mike Finn

Red-capped Robin Walhalla Township. Spotted a stunningly colored
Red-capped Robin hopping around the rear yard of one of the old homes of
Walhalla Township, also watched an Australian King Parrot feeding from a
bird feeder on the front Veranda of another property higher up the hill
above the township. A great place to observe native birds. Mark Pipolo

Freckled Duck Braeside Park. Two freckled ducks, two blue billed ducks,
several Australasian Shovelers in wetlands area at southern end of the
park. Also a Golden Whistler at the bird hide. Flame Robins (about four
or five) in the cleared pasture area of the park. Mel Mitchell & Erika

Flame Robin Woodlands Historic Park, Sunbury. 4 Flame Robins (2 male and
2 female), 3 Red Capped Robins (2 male and 1 female) and one male
Scarlet Robin were seen today at Woodlands Historic Park in the Back
Paddock. Nicole Spillane and Paul Jacobson

Zebra Finch, Boorhaman. A single bird was observed with a flock of House
Sparrows on the edge of town. Michael Ramsey

Australian King-parrot Frost Road, Peechelba. Three immature birds were
observed with a flock of wintering Crimson Rosellas. North of the usual
range for this species. Michael Ramsey

Swift Parrot, Hooded Robin The Camp, Killawarra Forest (Warby Range
State Park). A single Swift Parrot was observed. Five Hooded Robins were
seen. Hundreds of Red Wattlebirds and Noisy Friarbirds were also in the
forest foraging on Grey Box blossom. Michael Ramsey

Sun 16
Brown Gerygone Boole Poole Peninsula (near Metung). 1 bird in Coast
Banksia Woodland on Gippsland Lakes barrier system. George Appleby

Swift Parrot, Masked Woodswallow, Red-capped Robin, White-backed Swallow
Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park. 8 Swift Parrots were seen at Frog's
Hollow while another 32 were observed at Bartley's Block. 2 Masked
Woodswallows were seen at Frog's Holow, singles at Bartley's Block and
the No.1 dam with large numbers of White-browed Woodswallows. In
addition a female Red-capped Robin was at Frog's Hollow and a
White-backed Swallow was at the No.1 dam. Michael Ramsey

Swift Parrots Tottington Nature Conservation Reserve. 10 + Swift Parrots
feeding in profusely flowering Grey Box. Ian Morgan.

Golden Whistler & Zebra Finch Melton South & West. A female Golden
Whistler was seen in our garden this morning in Kurrajong Crescent
Melton South. Each year at this time birds are seen moving between the
foothills and the open woodlands such as are found at Eynesbury and
Mount Cottrell. A small group of Zebra Finchs were also seen along
Bulmans Road in Melton West. Micah Kawalek

Fri 14
Purple-gaped Honeyeater, Chestnut-rumped Heathwren Kamarooka State Park
7spp of honeyeater recorded, the highlight being a single Purple-gaped
Honeyeater (along with Brown-headed, White-plumed, Yellow-tufted,
Yellow-plumed, Yellow-faced and Red Wattlebird). Also White-browed,
Dusky and Masked Woodswallow, Jacky Winter, Scarlet Robin. Greg Oakley

Swift Parrot Bendigo. Approximately 100 birds. Filmed with high power
video each morning over the last week or so. David Gemmell

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