Trip Report to the Port Macquarie District NSW

To: alan morris <>,
Subject: Trip Report to the Port Macquarie District NSW
From: David Berg <>
Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 15:53:24 +1000 (EST)
Thanks for the report on Port Macquarie. We were bodyboarding at Town Beach, 
Port Macquarie during the NSw school holidays in April and saw the osprey 
hovering above the very large surf a few times, a beautiful sight, especially 
one afternoon when the re was a rainbow behind it and it was only 10 metres 
from my son and I. Also at Town Beach on the rocks at the southern end most 
days, and one morning at Flynns Beach were several sooty oyster catchers (they 
were all black, so i hope thats right). Must get down to Lake Innes next time.

  Dave Berg
  PS Shameless plug - we have a 2 bedroom unit at Flynns Beach, can give 
special rates for Sydney birders (sydney only for key collection). Contact me 
at this email.

alan morris <> wrote:
  Hi Birders,
Here is a belated trip report to the Port Macquarie District organised by
the Central Coast Group of Birding NSW. The Report was prepared by Greme

Alan Morris

We were blessed with fine weather for the whole of this weekend, although
it was little breezy each afternoon. The camp was based around the Leisure
Caravan Park near Hibbards Ferry, Port Macquarie. Our group of 23 met with
27 members of the Hastings Bird Observers Club on the Friday morning at the
Innes Ruins, and under the guidance of Dave Whitfield, their president, we
were divided into four groups, and birded different areas. The site, part of
Lake Innes Nature Reserve, is so big that we saw each other only at morning
tea and lunch. What a wonderful area it is with Innes Lake on two sides and
the mountains in the background. Best birds were Regent Bowerbirds,
White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, Azure Kingfisher, Black-faced Monarch, Leaden
Flycatcher, Cicadabird & Drongo, while an Osprey was observed on a nest.
After lunch we proceeded to Kings Ck Lagoon Wauchope, a beautiful lagoon
with many blue water lilies. Here we found a Blue-billed Duck & a Jacana,
amongt the usual waterbirds.

On Saturday was our boat cruise into the Maria River Everglades area, 25
people attended. Leaving Telegraph Point we proceeded along the Wilsons
River, where a pair of Ospreys kept flying ahead of the boat. We then turned
into the Maria River and followed it up until it joined Pipers Creek.
Although tidal, in many places Blue Water Lillies lined the bank and Azure
Kingfishers were common. Darter, 3 species of Cormorant, White-necked Heron,
Whistling Kite, Brown Goshawk, White-headed Pigeon, Bar-shouldered Dove and
Golden Whistler were some of the species seen. We lunched at the junction of
Pipers Ck & Maria River where Drongos, Scarlet Honeyeaters & Rufous Fantail
entertained us. On our returned we stopped at Torrens Island and in an area
on about 2 ha we recorded 20 species in about 20 minutes including
Mistletoe-bird, Scarlet Honeyeater, Golden & Rufous Whistler, Brown & Yellow
Thornbill, White-throated Treecreeper & Yellow Robin. On our return along
the Wilson River, a pair of White-bellied Sea-Eagles kept us company.

On Sunday morning White-headed Pigeons, Olive-backed Oriole in the Caravan
park, and a Sacred Kingfisher on the riverbank were seen before we did the
Kooloonbung Ck walk located in the centre of Port Macquarie township. Best
birds were Satin Bowerbird, Striped & Scarlet Honeyeaters, Cicadabird,
begging juvenile Koel, Osprey, Whistling Kite, White-breasted Woodswallow &
Hobby. After morning tea we relocated to the Port Macquarie STW not far way
and saw about 30 species including 2 Wandering Whistling Duck, Great,
Cattle, Intermediate & Little Egret, Black-fronted Dotterel, Little &
Hoary-headed Grebe. In the afternoon we crossed on the Settlement Point
ferry and birded the area near the old coal wharf. Here we saw Eastern
Curlew, Red-browed Finch, Golden Whistler & White-cheeked Honeyeaters. Onto
Limeburners Creek where again Scarlet Honeyeaters were thick in the
flowering Paperbarks, with Brown Honeyeaters Scaly-breasted Lorikeets in the
mangroves. Bar-tailed Godwits were on the river flats and a pair of Ospreys
were nesting, with one feeding on a fish. Later that afternoon we passed
another nest in Riverside Drive and saw 4 in the air at one time. While
having happy hour on the riverside, a Brahminy Kite flew over.

Most members departed for home on Monday morning but some stayed on and 8
visited Sea Acres NR. In the car park there we saw 4 adult male Regent
Bowerbirds and 8+ brown birds. On the boardwalk a female Leaden Flycatcher
was seen, then Pale Yellow Robin, Spectacle Monarch and Janice Hempstead
disturbed a Powerful Owl! A great finale for a great weekends birding
enjoyed by all, with 115 species being seen in total (G.Catt).


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Tue 18

Little Stint, Long-toed Stint, Pectoral S/p, Wood S/p, Black-tailed
Godwit Lake Murphy just SSW of Kerang. There was a breeding plumage
Little Stint on the western shore of Lake Murphy just SSW of Kerang
today 18th April feeding with Red-necked Stints and up to 5 Long-toed
Stints. Also present were 6 Wood Sandpipers, 1 Pectoral Sandpiper, 5
Black-tailed Godwit, 20 Greenshank, 7 Marsh Sandpiper, 10 Double-banded
plover and good numbers of Red-kneed and Black-fronted Dots and
Sharp-tailed Sandpipers. Rohan Clarke 19/4 #1321

Nankeen Night Heron Kooyong Road, Armadale. A single deceased juvenile
Nankeen Night Heron was found on the nature strip beside Kooyong Road,
near the . intersection with Dandenong Road, Armadale. Probably
roadkilled, although no obvious external injuries. Chris Timewell 19/4

Little Eagle Royal Park, Melbourne
A Little Eagle has been seen hanging around the western side of Royal
Park (along the tram line near the entrance to the Zoo) for the last few
weeks. At times it has been displaying 'herding' behaviour with the
Starling and Rock Dove. Tim Dolby 18/4 #1313

Mon 17
White-breasted Sea Eagle West Bairnsdale. Through binoculars, I observed
a pair of White-bellied Sea Eagles riding a thermal in the valley
between Bairnsdale & Wyung for about 5 minutes. Mike Finn 19/4 #1315

Red-capped Robin Walhalla Township. Spotted a stunningly colored
Red-capped Robin hopping around the rear yard of one of the old homes of
Walhalla Township, also watched an Australian King Parrot feeding from a
bird feeder on the front Veranda of another property higher up the hill
above the township. A great place to observe native birds. Mark Pipolo
18/4 #1312

Freckled Duck Braeside Park. Two freckled ducks, two blue billed ducks,
several Australasian Shovelers in wetlands area at southern end of the
park. Also a Golden Whistler at the bird hide. Flame Robins (about four
or five) in the cleared pasture area of the park. Mel Mitchell & Erika
Anderson 18/4 #1311

Flame Robin Woodlands Historic Park, Sunbury. 4 Flame Robins (2 male and
2 female), 3 Red Capped Robins (2 male and 1 female) and one male
Scarlet Robin
were seen today at Woodlands Historic Park in the Back Paddock. Nicole
Spillane and Paul Jacobson 17/4 #1309

Zebra Finch, Boorhaman. A single bird was observed with a flock of House
Sparrows on the edge of town. Michael Ramsey 17/4 #1308

Australian King-parrot Frost Road, Peechelba. Three immature birds were
observed with a flock of wintering Crimson Rosellas. North of the usual
range for this species. Michael Ramsey 17/4 #1307

Swift Parrot, Hooded Robin The Camp, Killawarra Forest (Warby Range
State Park). A single Swift Parrot was observed. Five Hooded Robins were
seen. Hundreds of Red Wattlebirds and Noisy Friarbirds were also in the
forest foraging on Grey Box blossom. Michael Ramsey 17/4 #1306

Sun 16

Brown Gerygone Boole Poole Peninsula (near Metung). 1 bird in Coast
Banksia Woodland on Gippsland Lakes barrier system. George Appleby 20/4
Swift Parrot, Masked Woodswallow, Red-capped Robin, White-backed Swallow
Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park. 8 Swift Parrots were seen at Frog's
Hollow while another 32 were observed at Bartley's Block. 2 Masked
Woodswallows were seen at Frog's Holow, singles at Bartley's Block and
the No.1 dam with large numbers of White-browed Woodswallows. In
addition a female Red-capped Robin was at Frog's Hollow and a
White-backed Swallow was at the No.1 dam. Michael Ramsey 17/4 #1305

Swift Parrots Tottington Nature Conservation Reserve. 10 + Swift Parrots
feeding in profusely flowering Grey Box. Ian Morgan. 16/4 #1304

Golden Whistler & Zebra Finch Melton South & West. A female Golden
Whistler was seen in our garden this morning in Kurrajong Crescent
Melton South. Each year at this time birds are seen moving between the
foothills and the open woodlands such as are found at Eynesbury and
Mount Cottrell. A small group of Zebra Finchs were also seen along
Bulmans Road in Melton West. Micah Kawalek 16/4 #1303

Fri 14

Purple-gaped Honeyeater, Chestnut-rumped Heathwren Kamarooka State Park
7spp of honeyeater recorded, the highlight being a single Purple-gaped
Honeyeater (along with Brown-headed, White-plumed, Yellow-tufted,
Yellow-plumed, Yellow-faced and Red Wattlebird). Also White-browed,
Dusky and Masked Woodswallow, Jacky Winter, Scarlet Robin. Greg Oakley
18/4 #1310

Swift Parrot Bendigo. Approximately 100 birds. Filmed with high power
video each morning over the last week or so. David Gemmell 14/4 #1301

Wed 12

Superb Lyrebird Marlo. With exceedingly dry conditions still continuing
in the coastal forests around Marlo, several reports of Superb Lyrebirds
observed in quiet suburban gardens have been recorded during the last
week. Len Axen 13/4 #1300

Swift Parrot Deakin University, Waurn Ponds Geelong. 2 birds seen
foraging in ironbarks in University grounds. John Newman 12/4 #1297

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo Wurundjeri Walk wetlands, Blackburn South
Three flying north-east, roughly towards the junction of Blackburn &
Canterbury Roads. There were 8 in the area for a few days in early
January. Peter Houston 12/4 #1295

Tue 11

Large billed Scrubwren Cabbage Tree Palms Reserve. A pair of Large
billed Scrubwrens were observed feeding in the rainforest understorey
this morning. Len Axen 13/4 #1299

Mon 10

Spotted Nightjar Murtoa Golf Course. One Spotted Nightjar flushed from
the edge of a fairway at the Murtoa Golf Course around 10am. Also a pair
of Blue Faced Honeyeaters were observed in a tree bordering a separate

Boobook Owl Ramsden St Oval, Clifton Hill. Saw an immature Southern
Boobook (dark eyes) this morning in a lone eucalypt in the asphalt
carpark of Ramsden St Oval, Clifton Hill, 6 km from the GPO Melbourne.
This spot is close to Merri Creek and the Yarra River. This is the first
owl I have seen here in 20 odd years. It was having a very rough time
being mobbed by Noisy Miner, Red Wattlebird and a Grey Butcherbird.
Boobooks are said to breed just across the river in Yarra Bend Park, so
I am guessing this young bird might have come from there. Neville
Pamment per Tim Dolby 10/4 #1294

Sun 9

Hooded Plover Thirteenth Beac h, Black Rocks, Barwon Heads, Vic. A pair
with two, non flying young, west of 40W near Black Rocks. (Please take
care in this area.) Tom Fletcher 12/4 #1298

King Quail, Tawny-crowned Honeyeater French Island Along Link Road at a
drainage line where King Quail had been detected in recent years. The
area had been burnt to encourage habitat thought to be suitable for
quail. We had not gone far into this low heathy habitat when 5 King
Quail were flushed. They appeared to be mostly males. Later attempts to
flush the quail were unsuccessful but we heard male King Quail calling
('crowing') from where some of them had landed (much higher, heathy
habitat about 30m away). Tawny-crowned Honeyeaters were also observed at
this site. These honeyeaters have been infrequently recorded on the
island in recent years. Aaron Ledden per Martin O'Brien 10/4 #1291

Little Shearwater Discovery Bay. Little Shearwater beachwashed. Brett
Jarrett per Mike Carter 10/4 #1290

Lewin's Rail, Black-tailed Godwit Western Treatment Plant, Werribee. The
Black-tailed Godwit in Walsh's Lagoon were stunning as several were in
almost full breeding plumage. A Lewin's Rail in the 35E8 Conservation
Pond and a Magpie Goose in Walsh's. The Black-tailed Native Hens were as
reliable as always on Austin Rd, and as we watched them a pair of
Brolgas flew past - and landed in the grass and disappeared, which I
guess shows that they could be there quite often and never seen. Other
highlights included a Little Eagle at the Little River crossing and a
Brown Songlark in the T-Section. Dave Torr 10/4 #1287

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