Brief trip report - Barmah Forest, Victoria.

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Subject: Brief trip report - Barmah Forest, Victoria.
From: Lawrie Conole <>
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 18:11:40 +1100
I just returned from a field trip to Barmah Forest on the River Murray
near Echuca - my last official visit to this study area.  My field
assistant on this occasion was Jamie Ford (from Armidale, NSW).  The
weather was pretty atrocious for bird study, with 7 out of the 8 days
being >/= 40degC.  The last day (packing up) featured non-stop rain -
which also made some of the roads impassable for 2WDs, and I had to tow
Jamie's 2WD out of the forest!

Bird activity and diversity was generally quite low on my study sites,
which seems typical of mid - late Summer in these parts.  Points of
interest in short:

   * Restless Flycatcher recorded at numerous sites in the forest.  On 7
     previous trips to Barmah, we only have 1 other Restless Flycatcher
     record.  Very odd.
   * Superb Parrots are still roosting in River Red Gum areas of the
     forest, and seem not to have moved out into the fringing box forest
     in great numbers yet.
   * 2 Fork-tailed Swifts on the tail end of a low pressure trough one
   * Little and Noisy Friarbirds still with flying young.
   * A juvenile Black Kite on Long Plain Track in the forest - my first
     BK in the 'forest proper'.  They are more abundant on farmland
     around the forest rather than in it.

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4 - 11 February 2000.
Lawrie Conole & Jamie Ford

Emu                                  Dromaius novaehollandiae
Australian Wood Duck                 Chenonetta jubata
Pacific Black Duck                   Anas superciliosa
Grey Teal                            Anas gracilis
Darter                               Anhinga melanogaster
Little Pied Cormorant                Phalacrocorax melanoleucos
Great Cormorant                      Phalacrocorax carbo
Australian Pelican                   Pelecanus conspicillatus
White-faced Heron                    Egretta novaehollandiae
Great Egret                          Ardea alba
Nankeen Night Heron                  Nycticorax caledonicus
Yellow-billed Spoonbill              Platalea flavipes
Black Kite                           Milvus migrans
Whistling Kite                       Haliastur sphenurus
White-bellied Sea-Eagle              Haliaeetus leucogaster
Swamp Harrier                        Circus approximans
Brown Goshawk                        Accipiter fasciatus
Collared Sparrowhawk                 Accipiter cirrhocephalus
Wedge-tailed Eagle                   Aquila audax
Peregrine Falcon                     Falco peregrinus
Painted Button-quail                 Turnix varia
Masked Lapwing                       Vanellus miles
Common Bronzewing                    Phaps chalcoptera
Crested Pigeon                       Ocyphaps lophotes
Peaceful Dove                        Geopelia striata
Galah                                Cacatua roseicapilla
Long-billed Corella                  Cacatua tenuirostris
Little Corella                       Cacatua sanguinea
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo             Cacatua galerita
Cockatiel                            Nymphicus hollandicus
Superb Parrot                        Polytelis swainsonii
Crimson (Yellow) Rosella             Platycercus elegans flaveolus
Eastern Rosella                      Platycercus eximius
Red-rumped Parrot                    Psephotus haematonotus
Pallid Cuckoo                        Cuculus pallidus
Fan-tailed Cuckoo                    Cacomantis flabelliformis
Southern Boobook                     Ninox novaeseelandiae
Tawny Frogmouth                      Podargus strigoides
Fork-tailed Swift                    Apus pacificus
Azure Kingfisher                     Alcedo azurea
Laughing Kookaburra                  Dacelo novaeguineae
Sacred Kingfisher                    Todiramphus sanctus
Rainbow Bee-eater                    Merops ornatus
Dollarbird                           Eurystomus orientalis
White-throated Treecreeper           Cormobates leucophaeus
Brown Treecreeper                    Climacteris picumnus
Superb Fairy-wren                    Malurus cyaneus
Spotted Pardalote                    Pardalotus punctatus
Striated Pardalote                   Pardalotus striatus
White-browed Scrubwren               Sericornis frontalis
Weebill                              Smicrornis brevirostris
Western Gerygone                     Gerygone fusca
Buff-rumped Thornbill                Acanthiza reguloides
Yellow-rumped Thornbill              Acanthiza chrysorrhoa
Yellow Thornbill                     Acanthiza nana
Striated Thornbill                   Acanthiza lineata
Noisy Friarbird                      Philemon corniculatus
Little Friarbird                     Philemon citreogularis
White-plumed Honeyeater              Lichenostomus penicillatus
Black-chinned Honeyeater             Melithreptus gularis
Brown-headed Honeyeater              Melithreptus brevirostris
Jacky Winter                         Microeca fascinans
Scarlet Robin                        Petroica multicolor
Red-capped Robin                     Petroica goodenovii
Varied Sittella                      Daphoenositta chrysoptera
Crested Shrike-tit                   Falcunculus frontatus
Rufous Whistler                      Pachycephala rufiventris
Grey Shrike-thrush                   Colluricincla harmonica
Leaden Flycatcher                    Myiagra rubecula
Restless Flycatcher                  Myiagra inquieta
Magpie-lark                          Grallina cyanoleuca
Grey Fantail                         Rhipidura fuliginosa
Willie Wagtail                       Rhipidura leucophrys
Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike            Coracina novaehollandiae
Olive-backed Oriole                  Oriolus sagittatus
White-breasted Woodswallow           Artamus leucorynchus
Dusky Woodswallow                    Artamus cyanopterus
Australian Magpie                    Gymnorhina tibicen
Australian Raven                     Corvus coronoides
White-winged Chough                  Corcorax melanorhamphos
Red-browed Finch                     Neochmia temporalis
Mistletoebird                        Dicaeum hirundinaceum
Welcome Swallow                      Hirundo neoxena
Tree Martin                          Hirundo nigricans
Clamorous Reed-Warbler               Acrocephalus stentoreus
Silvereye                            Zosterops lateralis
Yellow-footed Antechinus             Antechinus flavipes
Common Brushtail Possum              Trichosurus vulpecula
Eastern Grey Kangaroo                Macropus giganteus
Southern Freetail-bat                Mormopterus planiceps
White-striped Freetail-bat           Nyctinomus australis
Gould's Wattled Bat                  Chalinolobus gouldii
Rabbit                               Oryctolagus cuniculus
Fox                                  Vulpes vulpes
Brumby                               Equus caballus
Spotted Grass Frog                   Limnodynastes tasmaniensis
Peron's Tree Frog                    Litoria peronii
Warm-temperate Water-skink           Eulamprus heatwolei
South-eastern Morethia Skink         Morethia boulengeri
Red-bellied Black Snake              Pseudechis porphyriacus

100 species

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