birding-aus Colombia 1999 part 2(long)

Subject: birding-aus Colombia 1999 part 2(long)
From: John Penhallurick <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 10:51:29 +1000
Day 5 Wed 16 June Magdalena Valley. Heavy Rain 9.30-1.30. am Rio Claro
area. early PM side road near Rio Claro.Late pm Track to Oilbird Cave.
A good raptor day.
1 King Vulture perched near Gruta del Condor. 19 American Swallow-tailed
Kite, Double-toothed Kite (2), Gray-lined Hawk (1) Roadside Hawk (1). Large
numbers of parrots: Spectacled Parrotlet 30+, Orange-chinned Parrot 50+,
Saffron-headed Parrot heard only (alas!), and 10 Blue-headed Parrot.
Gray-rumped Swift (50), Rufous-breasted Hermit (3), Band-tailed Barbthroat
(1),Blue-chested Hummingbird (1), White-tailed Trogon (1) to be split as
Western White-tailed (chionurus); Violaceous Trogon (to  be split as
Northern Violaceous (concinnus)) (1).  Rufous and Broadbilled Motmots, both
heard only.  Lovely views of 2 Gray=cheeked Nunlet, and great views of 4
White-mantled Barbets.12 Collared Aracari, plus Chestnut-mandibled Toucan
(1). 2 Cinnamon Woodpeckers were lifers, as was Beautiful Woodpecker
(Melanerpes pulcher, split from Golden-naped Woodpecker) 1 S , which I had
missed the day before.
Cocoa Woodcreeper (2), Black Antshrike (1 male), 2 Pacific
Streaked-Antwren. 1 Chestnut-backed Antbird (seen at last), and 1
Immaculate Antbird.  Black-faced Antthrush and Bicolored Antbird were heard
only (no surprise in that!).  I was the only one in the group lucky enough
to get a view of male Striped Manakin.
Cinnamon Becard (6), One-colored becard (1 female), 4 Yellow-crowned
Tyrannulet and 1 Forest Elaenia.a single Black-capped Pygmy-Tyrant wasa
nice lifer,Black-headed Tody Flycatcher was seen as well.But Southern
Bentbill heard only again.
1 Slate-headed Tody-Flycatcher and 1 Yellow-Olive Flycatcher.  2
Long-tailed Tyrant. 2 Black-chested Jay, 20 Buff-rumped Warblers, Blue
Dacnis (2), Thick-billed Euphonia (12), Golden-hooded Tanager (6),
Plain-colored Tanager (4), Gray-headed Tanager (2) and Dusky-faced Tanager
(3).  Slaty Grosbeak (3), Orange-billed Sparrow (2). Write-ins included
Tawny-crested Tanager 1 (I think I was the only one who saw it, while
looking off to the side); Spectacled Owl (heard), Yellow-margined
Flycatcher (1) Gray Elaenia (1), and a lifer for me, Fulvous-vented
Euphonia (2).

Thursday 17/6 Early birding around the Hotel la Colina in Magdalena Valley,
then in Forest Patch opposite on what used to the grounds of Pablo
Escobar's estate.  Then drove across Cumbre de la Letras (a pass across the
central Andes at 3550m) and on to Pereira.
Cocoi heron(2), Whispering Ibis (5), Pearl Kite (1),Plumbeous Kite (1),
Savanna Hawk (2), Short-tailed Hawk 1 (soaring with hundreds of
vultures),Yellow-headed Caracara (2), Colombian Chachalaca (4)(Split from
Little Chachalaca O.motmot.  This was a surprise in Escobar's forest.  We
had not expected to see this bird until San Augustin late in the trip).
Andean Lapwing (1), Large-billed Tern (1), Pale-vented Pigeon (2),
Blue-headed Parrot (2),Great Ani (6) on the hotel grounds.Black-throated
Mango (1 male), Rufous-tailed Hummingbird (1), Shining Sunbeam (1),
Golden-breasted Puffleg (2) high up near the pass. Ringed (2) and Amazon
(1) Kingfishers. Citron-throated Toucan (2), Beautiful Woodpecker (2),
Straight-billed Woodcreeper (3), Streak-headed Woodcreeper (2),
Stout-billed Cinclodes 1 (at the pass). Yellow-chinned Spinetail (1), Plain
Xenops (1), Black Antshrike (1 Male), White-fringed Antwren (1
female).Red-crested Cotinga (1),Sooty-headed Tyrannulet (2),Pied
Water-Tyrant (2), White-headed Marsh-Tyrant (2), Cattle Tyrant (1),
Fork-tailed Flycatcher (2), White-winged Swallow (5, )Black-capped
Donacobius (1),Yellow-hooded Blackbird (2), Red-breasted Blackbird (3),
Blue Dacnis (2), Thick-billed Euphonia (4), Plain-colored Tanager (3),
Plain-colored Seedeater (1),Gray Seedeater (1) Ruddy-breasted Seedeater
(10),with Short-tailed Swift (2) as a write-in.

Friday 18/8. To Ucumari National Park. Birded the lower sector, know as La
Suiza, early at ca 1700m. Walked to the cabins at La Pastora (2200m)
starting at 1.30 pm, arriving 5.30 pm. Some rain on walk up.

Cauca Guan (5) (This is the place to see this rare guan, which until
recently was feared extinct.) Sickle-winged Guan (5), Chestnut Wood-Quail
(heard only, as usual with Wood-Quails), Southern Lapwing (4),
Rufous-bellied Nighthawk (2 in the dusk at La Pastora), Tawny-bellied
hermit (1) and Green-fronted Lancebill (4), both lifers for me.Mountain
Velvetbreast (12), Greenish Puffleg (1), Booted Racket-tail (2 Males).
Emerald Toucanet (3),Black-banded Woodcreeper (2), Montane Woodcreeper (1),
Streak-capped Treehunter (1), Streaked Xenops (2), Scaled and
Chestnut-crowned Antpittas (heard only, as usual. Spillmann's Tapacula
(heard only today), Dusky Piha (2), White-winged Becard (2, race dorsalis,
a possible split). Red-ruffed Fruit-crow (3,spectacular). Plumbeous-crowned
Tyrannulet (2, a good one), White-tailed Tyrannulet (2), Slaty-capped
Flycatcher (6), Rufous-breasted Flycatcher (2),Marble-faced bristle-Tyrant
(2), Handsome Flycatcher (2), Pale-edged Flycatcher (3), Inca Jay (6, split
from Green Jay),White-capped Dipper (1, the race with white mantle).
Chestnut-breasted Wren (1 seen many heard), Orange-billed and Slaty-backed
Nightingale-Thrushes (both heard only today), Black-billed Peppershrike
(1), Slate-throated Redstart (6), Golden-fronted Redstart (2, beautiful),
Russet-crowned Warbler (2), Three-striped Warbler (3), Capped Conebill (3),
Golden and Saffron-crowned Tanagers (2 each), Metallic-green Tanager (2),
Blue-capped Tanager (2), Common Bush-Tanager (6).

Saturday 19/6 Ucumari Nat Pk,walked from 2400m to ca 2800m. Sunday 20/6
Mules from 2400m to 3400m.
I'll deal with both days together, since the same ground (to 2800m)was
covered both days.  The mules were necessary to get us up above the
treeline to the habitat of the rare and local Rufous-fronted Parakeet.  The
mule ride was rather hair-raising, as the track was very steep and
contained many large boulders, although the mules were extraordinarily
sure-footed.  Fortunately, we had Spanish saddles with the high pommel and
cantle.  If going up was bad, coming down was worse, and most of us got off
as soon as we got the tree-line and walked the rest of the way down. The
big miss was Black-thighed Puffleg.  (I got a brief glimpse of a hummer
which was all dark and could have been the bird, but it left so quickly
that I didn't even see the puffs.)
Sickle-winged Guan (2), Chestnut Wood-Quail (heard only, inevitably, yet
again), Southern Lapwing (2)Band-tailed Pigeon (3), Rufous-fronted Parakeet
(4.  Yippee! Eventually, close views of birds in flight by all at 3400m).
Shining Sunbeam (2), Collared Inca (1) Buff-tailed Coronet (6), Tourmaline
Sunangel (30+), Viridian Metaltail (2), Tyrian Metaltail (6) Highland
Motmot (4 seen perched on the rails around the corral at La Pastora just
after dawn).Montane Woordcreeper (2), Pearled Treerunner (6), Spotted
Barbtail (heard only, both days) Streaked Tuftedcheek (4), Flammulated
Treehunter (1; fantastic views of a very responsive bird for half the
group), Streaked Xenops (2), Chestnut-crowned Antpitta (1), Bicolored and
Chestnut-naped Antpittas (many heard, but glimpsed by only one or two lucky
individuals). Brown-banded Antpitta (- the same incredibly responsive
individual both days.  On the first day, it marched around the group, and
burrowed under my hat, which was on the ground.  On the second day, we went
to the same spot to try again for the other antpittas, and even without a
tape, the Brown-banded put on a similar display.  Its testosterone levels
must have been sky-high!). Slate-crowned Antpitta (heard only), Ash-colored
and Unicolored Tapaculos (both heard only these days), Spillmann's Tapaculo
(1 individual that wandered across an open patch while we were working on a
typically uncooperative Antpitta.) Dusky Piha (2), Barred Becard (1 male).
Black-capped Tyrannulet (2), White-throated Tyrannulat (6), White-tailed
Tyrannulet (6+ the first day), White-banded Tyrannulet (6 on
20/6).Rufous-breasted Flycatcher (6 seen many heard),  Handsome Flycatcher
(2), Cinnamon Flycatcher (2), Black Phoebe (1), Brown-backed Chat-Tyrant
(2), Rufous-breasted Chat-Tyrant (4), Slaty-backed Chat-Tyrant (1s 19/6,
heard 20/6). Streak-throated Bush-Tyrant (1), Pale-edged Flycatcher (3),
Golden-crowned Flycatcher (2), Brown-bellied Swallow (30+), Black-collared
Jay (6 including 1 on nest),Sharpe's Wren (9, split from Sepia-brown Wren),
Mountain Wren (3), Gray-breasted Woodwren (1s many H), Slaty-backed
Nightingale Thrush (1 seen this time), Great Thrush (30+),  Mountain
Cacique (4), Golden-fronted Redstart (40+), Black-crested Warbler (2),
Russet-crowned Warbler (6), Capped Conebill (10+), Masked Florwer-Piercer
(6), White-sided Flower-Piercer (2), Hooded Mountain-Tanager (3S,
spectacular!), Buff-breasted M-T (heard only again),Red-hooded Tanager (2),
White-capped Tanager (3S, a great-looking bird and very responsive), Common
Bush-Tanager (16), Oleaginous Hemispingus (4), Slaty-Brush Finch 6. Note
this spcies was split in a recent issue of Auk!), Chestnut-capped
Brush-Finch. (I missed Stripe-headed Brush-Finch, but saw it later), Andean
Siskin (common).

Monday 21/6  Ucumari. We walked up from La Pastora at 2400m a short
distance, then walked down to El Cedral, with a stop at La Suiza (which is
as far as you can go with vehicles). (Again, I'll skip comon stuff like
Cattle Egrets, Black and Turkey Vultures,Anis and Blue-gray Tanagers).

Chestnut Wood-Quail (Heard only, as usual)
Limpkin 4 + chick
Southern Lapwing 2
Band-tailed Pigeon 2
Ruddy Ground-Dove 1
Chestnut-collared Swift 6
Gray-rumped Swift 2
Collared Inca 6 (I never got tired of looking at this beautiful hummer!)
Tourmaline Sunangel 1
Greenish Puffleg 1
Masked Trogon 1 female
Black-billed Mountain-Toucan 2 (whoopee!!! The first was seen in the rain,
at the eleventh hour!)
Crimson-mantled Woodpecker
Golden-olive Wodpecker
Strong-billed Woodcreeper race virgatus 2; possible split.
Montane Woodcreeper 3
Pearled Treerunner 1
The usual Heard only Antpittas- Chestnut-crowned, Bicolored and
plus a mist-netted Brown-banded.
Black-capped Tyrannulet 1
Golden-faced Tyrannulet 2
White-tailed Tyrannulet 1
Rufous-breasted Flycatcher 2
Rufous-crowned Tody-Tyrant 1(Great views of a beautiful bird)
Pale-edged Flycatcher 4
Golden-crowned Flycatcher 2
Brown-bellied Swallow 10
Blue-and-white Swallow 6
Inca Jay 8
Mountain Wren 2
Great Thrush 6
Black-billed Thrush 1
Black-billed Peppershrike 2
Mountain Cacique 2
Slate-throated Redstart 20+
Golden-fronted Redstart 10+
Russet-crowned Warbler 3
Capped Conebill 2
Metallic-green Tanager 1
Blue-winged Mountain-Tanager 1
Hepatic Tanager 1
Red-hooded Tanager 4
White-capped Tanager 3 (again great views of this classy bird!)

22/6 early, we birded an area below Ucumari at 1700-1800m, then a long
drive with a pm stop at the Laguna de Sonso, arrived at hotel in Cali at
7.45 pm
Pied-billed Grebe 6
Olivaceous Cormorant 50
Anhinga 1
Cocoi Heron 10
Black-crowned Night-Heron 20
Pinnated Bittern 1 (a lifer for me)
Whispering Ibis 50+
Glossy Ibis 4
Fulvous Whistling-Duck 20
Black-bellied Whistling-Duck 6
Snail Kite 40+
Yellow-headed Caracara 2
Aplomado Falcon 1
Sickle-winged Guan 1
Blackish Rail (seen by a few but not by me)
Purple Gallinule 1
Wattled Jacana 20+
Black-necked Stilt 20+
Southern Lapwing 20+
Pale-vented Pigeon 1
Eared Dove 4
White-tipped Dove 2
Blue-headed Parrot 20+
Speckle-faced Parrot 12
Dwarf Cuckoo 2
Steely-vented Hummingbird 1
Rufous-tailed Hummingbird 2
Ringed Kingfisher 2
Highland Motmot 5s, many heard
Grayish Piculet (Heard only. Gnashing of teeth and beating of breasts)
Spot-breasted Woodpecker 2
Lineated Woodpecker 2
Streak-headed Woodcreeper 1
Slaty Spinetail (Heard. probably a good species)
Red-faced Spinetail 2
Scaled Antpitta Heard only
Northern White-crowned Tapaculo Heard only
Red-ruffed Fruitcrow 4
Golden-faced Tyrannulet 2
Yellow-olive Flycatcher 1
Vermilion Flycatcher 10
Golden-crowned Flycatcher 1
Fork-tailed Flycatcher 2
Southern Rough-winged Swallow 4
Orange-billed Nightingale-Thrush 1(seen beautifully, at last)
Shiny Cowbird 12
Yellow Oriole 2
Bay-headed Tanager 2
Flame-rumped Tanager 2 Note; The Ecuadorian checklist has split off
R.icternotus,Lemon-rumped Tanager
Oleaginous Hemispingus 4 (who dreamed up that name?)
Black-winged Saltator 3 ( a lifer)
Yellow-throated Brush-Finch 4

Next: Multicolored Tanager, and on to Munchique N.P.and the Colorful Puffleg!

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