Brisbane Trip Summary (long)

Subject: Brisbane Trip Summary (long)
From: "Frank O'Connor" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 21:42:09 +0800
The following are brief(!) details of a recent 10 day trip to Brisbane where
Arthur & Sheryl Keates showed me around.

Friday 20th March 1998
Bulimba Creek (Carindale), Minnippi Parkland (Tingalpa), Point Cartwright,
Alexandra Heads, Sandgate, Redcliffe, Luggage Point, JC Slaughter Falls

Saturday 21st March 1998
Bribie Island (Buckley's Lagoon, Dux Creek, White Patch), Toorbul, Luggage
Point, Nudgee Beach, Nudgee

Sunday 22nd March 1998
Lake Samsonvale, Dayboro, Lees Crossing, Burbank

Monday 23rd March 1998
Lamington NP, O'Reilly's (Pensioner / Border Track to Mt Bethongabel), Snake

Tuesday 24th March 1998
Lamington NP, O'Reilly's (Moran's Falls), Snake Ridge, Duck Creek Road,
Beaudesert, Toohey Forest

Wednesday 25th March 1998
Kilcoy, Jimna, Peach Trees, Sunday Creek Road, Conondales, Booloumba Creek &

Thursday 26th March 1998
Manly Boat Harbour, Caloundra, Point Cartwright, Maleny (Mary Cairncross Park)

Friday 27th March 1998
Mt Tambourine (Witches Falls), Point Danger, NSW, Hastings Point,
Murwillumbah, Mt Warning, Qld, Carbrook Golf Course and boat ramp

Saturday 28th March 1998
Helidon, Tenthill (Ropeley Road, Ambrose Road), Gatton, Atkinson Dam,
Lockyer Valley, Kholo

Sunday 29th March 1998
Bellbird Grove, Lytton, Fisherman Island, Manly Boat Harbour

Bird List (237 species plus 4 heard with 4 lifers and 14 Queensland)

Australian Brush-turkey - fairly common in rainforest
Brown Quail - common especially along Ambrose Road
Magpie Goose - small numbers seen on a few occasions with young along
Ropeley Road
Plumed Whistling-Duck - seen on a few occasions with 100s at Gatton College
Wandering Whistling-Duck - small numbers on a few occasions with young at Gatton
Black Swan - small numbers fairly common with ~500 at Atkinson Dam
Australian Wood Duck - very common
Cotton Pygmy-Goose - one at Apex Lakes at Gatton
Mallard - a few seen (e.g. Sandgate)
Pacific Black Duck - very common
Australasian Shoveller - seen on a few occasions
Grey Teal - common
Chestnut Teal - fairly common
Pink-eared Duck - 17 at Gatton College
Hardhead - fairly common
Australasian Grebe - common
Great Crested Grebe - common at Lake Samsonvale
Wedge-tailed Shearwater Q - 100+ at Point Cartwright
Darter - fairly common especially at Atkinson Dam
Little Pied Cormorant - very common especially at Sandgate
Pied Cormorant - a few along the coast
Little Black Cormorant - common
Great Cormorant - a few at Lake Samsonvale
Australian Pelican - common
White-faced Heron - common
Little Egret - common
Eastern Reef Egret - two white at Point Cartwright; one grey at Alexandra Heads
Great Egret - a few seen
Intermediate Egret - common
Cattle Egret - very common
Striated Heron - a few seen
Glossy Ibis - one at Atkinson Dam; one nearby
Australian White Ibis - very common
Straw-necked Ibis - very common
Royal Spoonbill - fairly common especially at Atkinson Dam
Yellow-billed Spoonbill - one at Atkinson Dam
Black-necked Stork - one near airport; one at Toorbul
Osprey - fairly common near coast
Black-shouldered Kite - common
Whistling Kite - fairly common
Brahminy Kite - fairly common
White-bellied Sea-Eagle - a few seen
Spotted Harrier - one near Kilcoy
Brown Goshawk - one at Peach Trees; one near Atkinson Dam
Grey Goshawk - three at Lamington NP (Moran's Falls, Snake Ridge, Duck Creek
Collared Sparrowhawk - a few seen
Wedge-tailed Eagle - a few seen
Brown Falcon - a few seen
Australian Hobby - one at Lake Samsonvale; one along road to Gatton
Nankeen Kestrel - common
Buff-banded Rail - one at Bulimba Creek; one along road to O'Reilly's
Bush-hen h - one heard at Bulimba Creek
Spotless Crake Q - two at Buckley's Lagoon
Purple Swamphen - common
Dusky Moorhen - very common
Eurasian Coot - fairly common
Black-breasted Button-quail A - 3 (two males seen well) at Peach Trees
Latham's Snipe - a few seen
Black-tailed Godwit - one at Redcliffe
Bar-tailed Godwit - very common especially at Toorbul and Manly
Whimbrel - common especially at Toorbul and Lytton
Eastern Curlew - common especially at Toorbul (120+)
Marsh Sandpiper - a few on the way to Toorbul and Lytton
Common Greenshank - fairly common
Terek Sandpiper - a few at Toorbul; one at Manly
Grey-tailed Tattler - very common especially at Toorbul and Manly
Wandering Tattler A - two at Point Cartwright; one at Alexandra Head; one
with breeding plumage at Redcliffe
Ruddy Turnstone - a few at Recliffe and Toorbul; fairly common at Manly
Great Knot - common at Toorbul; a few seen elsewhere
Red Knot Q - a few seen (e.g. Toorbul and Manly)
Red-necked Stint - common especially at Toorbul, Manly and Fisherman Island
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper - a few seen especially at Carbrook golf course
Curlew Sandpiper - fairly common
Broad-billed Sandpiper - 3+ at Toorbul
Comb-crested Jacana - fairly common
Beach Stone-curlew - one on beach at Buckley's Lagoon
Pied Oystercatcher - very common especially at Fisherman Island (167) and
Manly (123)
Sooty Oystercatcher Q - two at Point Cartwright
Black-winged Stilt - very common
Pacific Golden Plover - fairly common
Grey Plover - one at Toorbul; 3+ at Fisherman Island
Red-capped Plover - fairly common
Double-banded Plover Q - 14 at Manly
Lesser Sand Plover - very common especially at Toorbul and Manly
Greater Sand Plover - a few at Toorbul
Black-fronted Dotterel - a few seen
Red-kneed Dotterel - a few seen (e.g. Fisherman Island)
Masked Lapwing - very common
Pomarine Jaeger Q - one at Point Cartwright
Silver Gull - very common on the coast
Gull-billed Tern - very common at Fisherman Island; a few seen elsewhere
Caspian Tern - common especially at Fisherman Island
Crested Tern - common on the coast
Common Tern Q - very common at Point Cartwright
Little Tern - very common especially at Fisherman Island and Manly
Whiskered Tern - a few at Atkinson Dam
Rock Dove - very common
White-headed Pigeon - a few seen (e.g. O'Reilly's; Sunday Creek Road)
Spotted Turtle-Dove - very common
Brown Cuckoo-Dove - fairly common
Emerald Dove - a few seen
Crested Pigeon - very common
Diamond Dove - one along Ropeley Road
Peaceful Dove - fairly common inland
Bar-shouldered Dove - fairly common
Wonga Pigeon - a few seen and heard
Wompoo Fruit-Dove - one at Mary Cairncross Park
Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove - one at Lees Crossing
Topknot Pigeon - very common at Booloumba Falls near dark; a few elsewhere
Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo - two at Booloumba Creek
Galah - very common in small numbers
Little Corella - a few at Recliffe; two near Manly
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo - very common especially around Brisbane
Cockatiel - a few near Kilcoy; a few along Ambrose Road
Rainbow Lorikeet - very common
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet - very common
Little Lorikeet - heard quite often; a few seen flying over
Australian King-Parrot - fairly common at O'Reilly's; a few seen elsewhere
Crimson Rosella - very common at O'Reilly's; a few elsewhere
Pale-headed Rosella - common
Red-rumped Parrot Q - 4 to 6 along Ambrose Road
Pallid Cuckoo - one along Ambrose Road
Fan-tailed Cuckoo - one seen at Peach Trees; heard near Dayboro and
Booloumba Falls
Shining Bronze-Cuckoo - one at Minnippi; one at Buckley's Lagoon
Common Koel - one nestling being fed by Magpie-larks near Beaudesert
Channel-billed Cuckoo - two over suburban Carina
Southern Boobook h - one heard at JC Slaughter Falls
Sooty Owl - one spotlighted at Booloumba Creek
Tawny Frogmouth - one at JC Slaughter Falls; one along Booloumba Creek
White-throated Needletail Q - ~20 at Minnippi and Carindale; a few at O'Reilly's
Fork-tailed Swift - five at Lake Samsonvale
Azure Kingfisher - one at Booloumba Creek
Laughing Kookaburra - common
Forest Kingfisher - two at Minnippi
Sacred Kingfisher - fairly common
Collared Kingfisher - fairly common in mangroves
Rainbow Bee-eater - common closer to the coast
Dollarbird - one near Sandgate; one near Gatton
Noisy Pitta - one briefly on way to O'Reilly's; one at Witches Falls
Albert's Lyrebird A - two at Witches Falls
White-throated Treecreeper - common (mostly heard)
Red-browed Treecreeper Q - one twice at Snake Ridge; one heard at Moran's Falls
Superb Fairy-wren - a few seen
Variegated Fairy-wren - fairly common
Red-backed Fairy-wren - very common
Spotted Pardalote - fairly common in a few places (e.g. Snake Ridge)
Striated Pardalote - common (very common in several places)
Yellow-throated Scrubwren - common in rainforest (e.g. O'Reilly's; Mary
Cairncross Park)
White-browed Scrubwren - common including rainforest
Large-billed Scrubwren - common in rainforest
Speckled Warbler - 2 or 3 along Ambrose Road
Weebill - common along Ambrose Road
Brown Gerygone - common in rainforest
Mangrove Gerygone - fairly common in mangroves
White-throated Gerygone - fairly common
Brown Thornbill - common
Buff-rumped Thornbill - fairly common in higher eucalypt woodland (e.g.
Snake Ridge; Peach Trees)
Yellow-rumped Thornbill - fairly common
Yellow Thornbill - common along Duck Creek Road; common along Ambrose Road
Little Wattlebird - one at Lees Crossing
Striped Honeyeater - common
Noisy Friarbird - common
Little Friarbird - fairly common
Blue-faced Honeyeater - fairly common
Bell Miner - very common at and near Peach Trees
Noisy Miner - very common
Lewin's Honeyeater - very common
Yellow-faced Honeyeater - fairly common in several places
Mangrove Honeyeater - 3 or 4 at Carbrook boat ramp
Fuscous Honeyeater - very common at Helidon
Brown-headed Honeyeater Q - about 20 at Peach Trees
White-throated Honeyeater - common
White-naped Honeyeater - fairly common
Brown Honeyeater - common
New Holland Honeyeater Q - ~5 at Peach Trees
White-cheeked Honeyeater - fairly common at White Patch; one at Point Cartwright
Eastern Spinebill - fairly common at O'Reilly's
Scarlet Honeyeater - common
Jacky Winter - two at Helidon
Rose Robin h - heard at a few palces (e.g. Peach Trees; O'Reilly's)
Pale-yellow Robin - fairly common at Mary Cairncross Park and Witches Falls
Eastern Yellow Robin - common
Logrunner - fairly common in rainforest
Grey-crowned Babbler - one group along Ambrose Road
Eastern Whipbird - common
Varied Sittella - white headed race seen near Beaudesert
Olive Whistler Q - one along the Pensioner Track
Golden Whistler - fairly common
Rufous Whistler - fairly common
Little Shrike-thrush - one at Peach Trees
Grey Shrike-thrush - fairly common
Black-faced Monarch - one immature at Lake Samsonvale
Spectacled Monarch - one at Booloumba Creek
Leaden Flycatcher - a few at Lake Samsonvale
Restless Flycatcher - one at Peach Trees
Magpie-lark - very common
Rufous Fantail - seen at a few places mostly in rainforest
Grey Fantail - common (very in a few places)
Willie Wagtail - very common
Spangled Drongo - fairly common
Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike - common
White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike - one at Helidon; possibly heard at a few other
Cicadabird - several females at Lake Samsonvale
Ground Cuckoo-shrike - one near Kilcoy
Varied Triller - a few seen
Olive-backed Oriole - a few seen
Figbird - common
White-breasted Woodswallow - fairly common
Dusky Woodswallow - two at Peach Trees
Grey Butcherbird - very common
Pied Butcherbird - very common
Australian Magpie - very common
Pied Currawong - fairly common especially in wetter forest
Paradise Riflebird - several females at O'Reilly's
Torresian Crow - very common
Green Catbird - common at Mary Cairncross Park; a few at O'Reilly's
Regent Bowerbird - a few at O'Reilly's
Satin Bowerbird - common at O'Reilly's; a few elsewhere
Richard's Pipit - fairly common
House Sparrow - fairly common in Brisbane and towns
Zebra Finch - a few seen in the Lockyer Valley
Double-barred Finch - fairly common inland
Plum-headed Finch - 2+ along Ropeley Road
Red-browed Finch - common
Chestnut-breasted Mannikin - fairly common
Mistletoebird - heard often but not many seen
White-backed Swallow Q - five near Atkinson Dam
Welcome Swallow - very common
Tree Martin - common near Lamington NP
Fairy Martin - fairly common
Clamorous Reed-warbler
Tawny Grassbird - common in many places
Golden-headed Cisticola - common
Silvereye - very common
Russet-tailed Thrush A - fairly common at O'Reilly's
Common Starling - common
Common Myna - fairly common

NSW Additions (18 NSW including 2 extra for trip)

Australian Brush-turkey N - several at Mt Warning
Fluttering Shearwater N - one at Hastings Point
Little Egret N - one on Tweed River
Collared Sparrowhawk N - one at Mt Warning
Wandering Tattler N - one in breeding plumage at Hastings Point
Red-capped Plover N - three at Hastings Point
Double-banded Plover N - one at Hastings Point
Gull-billed Tern N - common at Hastings Point
Common Tern N - common at Hastings Point
Little Tern N - common at Hastings Point
White-winged Black Tern N - one at Hastings Point
Brown Cuckoo-Dove N - one at Mt Warning
Topknot Pigeon N - several at Mt Warning
Brown Honeyeater N - fairly common near coast
Scarlet Honeyeater N - common at Mt Warning
Pale Yellow Robin N - two at Mt Warning
Torresian Crow N - common
Russet-tailed Thrush N - one at Mt Warning

Mammals & Reptiles

Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) - fairly common
Greater Glider (Petauroides volans) - Booloumba Creek
Common Ringtail Possum (Pseudocheirus peregrinus) - Booloumba Creek
Common Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) - Booloumba Creek
Whiptail (Pretty-faced) Wallaby (Macropus parryi) - road to O'Reilly's
Red-necked Pademelon (Thylogale thetis) - O'Reilly's; Mary Cairncross Park
Swamp Wallaby (Wallabia bicolor) - Lake Samsonvale

Eastern Water Dragon (Physiognathus lesuerii) - Burbank; Bulimba Creek
Lace Monitor (Varanus varius) - fairly common

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