taxonomic proposals in Parker Memorial Volume(long)

Subject: taxonomic proposals in Parker Memorial Volume(long)
From: John Penhallurick <>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 13:09:03 +1100
And thank you for your lists of the differences between the various versions
of Sibley.  That will be very valuable indeed.

I continue to slog through my data.  I have instructed my wife to chant at
me regularly, "Distribution, not synonyms!".  This relates to my different
projects.  One is to give the abundance, seasonality and breeding status,
plus details of within-in country range, where appropriate, for every
species of bird for every country and oceanic island in the world.  A second
is to list every subspecies with its range.  A third is to list the citation
for every genus, subgenus, species and subspecies.  And a fourth is to list
at least the first citation for every form of name/synonym for every
genus,subgenus,species and subspecies.  The last of course will take years.

I finally got my copy of the memorial volume for Ted Parker today.  US
ornithologists presumably got their copies long ago, but I haven't seen any
posts on the large number of new species and subspecies proposed in the
volume, many of them honouring Ted Parker.  So here's a list.  (I've only
had time to skim through the volume so I can't guarantee the list is 100%

Cercomacra parkeri      Parker's Antbird Graves,1997,in Remsen(ed.),Studies
in Neotropical Ornithology Honoring Ted Parker(AOU Ornithological Monographs
No.48,p.22.(La Bodega,on the north side of the Rio Negrito on the road from
Sonson to Narino,ca 5,800ft[1,768m],on the eastern slope of the Corillera

Phylloscartes parkeri   Cinnamon-faced Tyrannulet Fitzpatrick & Stotz,1997
in Remsen,antea,p.38. (ridge above Hacienda Amazonia,depto.Madre de
Dios,Peru,12deg.57'S,71deg.11'W,elevation 1,050m.)

A paper by Krabbe and Schulenberg proposes major changes in the Scytalopus
Tapaculos, including several new species:

Scytalopus chocoensis   Choco Tapaculo Krabbe & Schulenberg,1997,in
Remsen,antea,p.75. (El

Scytalopus robbinsi     Ecuadorian Tapaculo Krabbe & Schulenberg,1997, in
Remsen,antea,p.78. (9.5km west of Pinas,870m,prov.El Oro,Ecuador,at

Scytalopus parkeri      Chusquea Tapaculo  Krabbe & Schulenberg,1997, in
Remsen,antea,p.81. (ca.20km south-southwest of San
Lucas,2,770m,prov.Loja,Ecuador,at 03deg.50'S,79deg.16'W.)

In the table on page 55, a number of forms treated as subspecies in
Zimmer,1939 and Peters,1951, are reassigned or raised to species status,as
follows (I will only list the cases involving changes):

        Z & P                           K & S
Scytalopus unicolor parvirostris        Scytalopus parvirostris

Scytalopus femoralis micropterus        Scytalopus micropterus Equatorial
Rufous-vented Tapaculo

S.femoralis bolivianus                  S.bolivianus

S.femoralis atratus                     S.atratus atratus

S.femoralis confusus                    S.atratus confusus

S.femoralis nigricans                   S.atratus nigricans

S.femoralis sanctaemariae               S.sanctaemariae

S.chiriquensis                          S.argentifrons chiriquensis

S.panamensis vicinior(in part)          S.chocoensis(sp.nov.)


S.panamensis vicinior(in part)          S.vicinior

S.latebricola meridanus (in part)       S.meridanus

S.latebricola meridanus (in part)       S.infasciatus(?) (unnamed?)

S.latebricola caracae                   S.caracae

S.latebricola spillmanni                S.spillmanni




S.magellanicus superciliaris            S.superciliaris superciliaris
                                        S.superciliaris santabarbarae

S.magellanicus zimmeri                  S.zimmeri

S.magellancius simonsi                  S.simonsi

S.magellanicus urubambae                S.urubambae
                                        S.unnamed species
                                        S.unnamed species
S.magellanicus altirostris              S.altirostris

S.magellanicus affinis                  S.affinis

S.magellanicus opacus                   S.canus opacus

S.magellanicus canus                    S.canus canus

S.magellanicus griseicollis             S.griseicollis griseicollis

S.magellanicus fuscicauda               S. griseaicollis fuscicauda

S.magellanicus fuscus                   S.fuscus

S.magellanicus acutirostris             S.acutirostris


Parkerthraustes gen.nov.  Remsen,1997, in Remsen,antea,p.89.Type,by original
designation Pitylus humeralis Lawrence,1867.

Bierregard,Cohn-Haft & Stotz raise Cercomacra tyrannina laeta Todd 1920 to
species level C.laeta 'Willis' Antbird', and recognise a new subspecies of
Cercomacra laeta waimiri subsp.nov.Bierregard,Cohn-Haft & Stotz,1997, in
Remsen,antea, p.113. (unnamed island(the site of "Base2" of the pre-flooding
animal rescue effort) in the Balbina Hydroelectric Project Reservoir 150 km
northeast of Manaus,Amazonas,Brazil.)Range:Amazonas in area of Balbinas and

Cercomacra laeta sabinoi Pinto 1939 of coastal forests of extreme north-east
Brazil in Pernambuco and Alagoas, is also assigned to C.laeta. 

C.laeta laeta has the range Southeast Amazonian Brazil,east of the Rio
Tocantins and south of Marajo Bay(Baia de Marajo) southeast through the
state of Para and adjacent Maranhao.

Percnostola rufifrons jensoni subsp.nov. Capparella,Rosenberg &
Cardiff,1997, in Remsen,antea,p.165. (Quebrada Oran(also known as "Rio
Yanayacu de Oran"on the 1967 Mapa Politica,1;1,000,000,Instituto Geograifco
Militar del Peru),ca 5km N of the Amazon River, 85 km NE of Iquitos,
3deg.25'S,72deg.35'W, depto Loreto,Peru, elevation ca.110m.)

Isler,Isler & Whitney propose a revision of the systematics of the
Thamnophilus punctatus complex.

Thamnophilus atrinucha Salvin & Godman 1892 Western Slaty-Antshrike
   T.a.atrinucha Caribbean slope of seGuatemala,extr sthn Belize,nw
Honduras,Nicaragua,Costa Rica &                 Panama.Pacific slope from
Cocle,Panama eastward and thence southward through Colombia and
Ecuador to southwestern El Oro.Northern Colombia eastward to western slope
of Serrania de Perija           and southward in Magdalena Valley to Tolima.
North of the Andes and east of the Serrania de           Perija in Norte de
Santander,Colombia and in Zulia,Tachira,Merida and Trujillo,Venezuela.
Lowlands to 1200m.

   T.a.gorgonae Thayer & Bangs 1905 Isla Gorgona,Cauca,Colombia

Thamnophilus punctatus (Shaw)1809 Guianan Slaty-Antshrike
   T.p.punctatus extr.e.Venezuela,N of Orinoco in eastern Sucre and Delta
Amacuro;Venezuela south of the         Orinoco in northern Amazonas and
northern and eastern Bolivar; eastward through the Guianas and
thence southward to Amapa, Brazil,to near the mouth of the Amazon, and
thence westward along the          north bank of the Amazon through Para and
extr western Amazonas,Brazil, to west bank of the Rio          Negro
opposite Manaus.

  T.p.interpositus Hartert & Goodson 1917  South of the Andes in
southwestern Tachira,western Apure and         Barinas,Venezuela and
adjacent Arauca,Colombia.Also near the base of the Andes in Meta,Colombia.

  T.(p.)? leucogaster Hellmayr 1924 (Maranon Slaty-Antshrike)Middle Rio
Maranon Valley,Cajamarca and Amazonas, Peru.

  T.(p.)? huallagae Carriker 1934 (Huallaga Slaty-Antshrike) west slope of
the middle Rio Huallaga valley, San Martin, Peru,           elevation

Thamnophilus stictocephalus Pelzeln 1869 Natterer's Slaty-Antshrike
  T.s.stictocephalus  central Brazil,south of the Amazon with possibly
isolated populations extending to         both banks of lower Rio Tapajos
eastward to the Ilha de Marajo and the west bank of the lower Rio
Tocantins and thence southward to the Serra dos Carajas and Serra do
Cachimbo,Para. In Mato               Grosso,from Rio Cristalino north of Rio
Teles Pires opposite Alta Floresta westward to the Rio            Aripuana
drainage and southward to the Rio Guapore.

  Thamnophilus stictocephalus parkeri subsp.nov.Isler,Isler & Whitney.1997,
in Remsen, antea p.377.              (Serrania de Huanchaca,21 km southeast
of Catarata Arco Iris, Santa Cruz,Bolivia,elevation 670m.)
       Known only from top of plateau of Serrania de Huanchaca,northeastern
Santa Cruz,Bolivia, elevation          650-725m.

Thamnophilus sticturus Pelzeln 1868 Bolivian Slaty-Antshrike
        extreme eastern Cochabamba and Santa Cruz(except north), Bolivia,
eastward to extreme southwestern         Mato Grosso,Brazil.

Thamnophilus pelzelni Hellmayr 1924  Planalto Slaty Antshrike
        possibly discontinusouly distributed in Brazil from
Maranhao,Piaui,Ceara and Paraiba southward to         southern Bahia (except
coastal zone in Bahia and southern Sergipe),northwest Minas Gerais and Sao
Paulo (except along coast) and westward to eastern and southern Mato Grosso
and central Mato         Grosso do Sul. mostly 400-800,close to sea level in
north-east and occasioanlly to 1,100m in the         planalto.

Thamnophilus ambiguus Swainson 1825   Sooretama Slaty-Antshrike
        coastal zone of Brazil from extreme southern Sergipe southward
through Bahia and Espiritu Santo to         Rio de Janeiro, inland in Rio
Doce valley to eastern Minas Gerais. Lowlands to below 400m.

Krater and Parker recommend that Automolus dorsalis be changed to
Anabazenops dorsalis

Marin proposes some changes in the genus Chaetura.

Chaetura vauxi aphanes merged into C.vauxi andrei

Chaetura chapmani viridipennis Cherie 1916 to be raised to species status
C.viridipennis Amazonian Swift

Chaetura andrei meridionalis Hellmayr 1907 to be raised to species status
C.meridionalis Sick's Swift

Two new subspecies in O'Neill and Parker

Myrmoborus leucophrys koenigorum subsp.nov. O'Neill & Parker,1997, in
Remsen,antea, p.485. (Rio Azul near         junction of Rio Azul and Rio
Tulumayo NE of Tingo Maria,depto Huanuco,Peru.)
        Resticted to tropical forest of upper Huallaga Valley near the
junction of the Cordillera Azul and         the Cordillera Carpish in depto
Huanuco,Peru.Probably throughout most of upper and middle Huallaga

Phrygilus alaudinus bracki subsp.nov.O'Neill & Parker,1997, in Remsen,antea,
p.489.(west bank of Rio         Huallaga below(=south of) Acomayo,depto
        arid anter-Andean valley of upper Rio Huallaga in the vicinity of
the city of Huanuco,depto         Huanuco,Peru.

Robbins and Parker consider the relationship of Caprimulgus otiosus and
C.rufus, and propose that C.rufus otiosus be recognized.

They propose the following preliminary subspecies in C.rufus:
C.r.minimus Costa Rica, Panama,northern Colombia, northern Venezuela
C.r.otiosus St Lucia,Lesser Antilles
C.r.rufus (include noctivigularis as synonym) northwest Brazil and southern
Venezuela east across Guyana         and Surinam to French Guiana and south
to tributaries on south bank of Rio Amazonas.
C.r.rutilus (includes synonyms ornatus,cortapau,saltuarius) southern Brazil
(Mato Grosso, Rio de Janeiro)         and eastern Bolivia south to northern
Argentina (Tucuman,Corrientes) and Rio Grande do Sul,               Brazil.

 Robbins, Rosenberg, Molina and Jacome propose that Tachycineta albilinea
stolzmanni (Philippi) 1902 of the arid coastal region of northwest Peru be
raised to species status, Tachycineta stolzmanni, Tumbes Swallow.

Schulenberg and Parker describe a new species, Tolmomyias traylori
Orange-eyed Flycatcher:

Tolmomyias traylori sp.nov.Schulenberg & Parker, 1997,in Remsen,antea,p.723.
(north bank of Amazon River,         5 km ESE Oran (approximately
03deg.25'S,72deg.30'W),approximately 85 km NE Iquitos,depto
Loreto,Peru,elevation 80m.
        from base of Andes Mountains in southern Colombia and northern
Peru(north of the Amazon River) out         into the western Amazon basin,
east across northernmost depto Loreto,Peru.

Zimmer proposes that Cranioleuca vulpina vulpecula (Sclater & Salvin) 1866,
restricted to successional habitats on islands in the Amazon and its major
tributaries, should be raised to full species status Cranioleuca vulpecula.


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