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Re: Brinibox, answers to David, buying existing recordings from newb

Subject: Re: Brinibox, answers to David, buying existing recordings from newb
From: "hartogj" hartogj
Date: Fri Oct 14, 2011 12:10 am ((PDT))
Hi Chuck,
Don't lose hope. Just watch the weather and wait for a night with calm wind=
s and no rain. When I first started recording, about ten years ago, my Mini=
disc recorder did not have a built in mic. I used an inexpensive Sony ECM-M=
S907 microphone, and managed to get some really great recordings. That micr=
ophone is one that nobody on this group would ever recommend using, because=
 it has self-noise figures far too high for most nature recording. Though f=
or surf, or robust frog choruses it worked out pretty well.  I guess my poi=
nt is, you have to start somewhere.

This group is great for advice on the best gear within any budget, so I thi=
nk you found the right place for that.

If you need to listen to something right now, I have a 80-minute cricket re=
cording, playable online, at the following URL link:

John Hartog

--- In  Chuck Church <=
.> wrote:
> Thank you to Dan, Mark and David for your help.
> =A0
> This seems to be more complex than what I thought it would be.=A0 With te=
mperatures dropping, the night sounds I am looking for may have reduced too=
 much but I will still work with it when my health allows.=A0
> =A0
> Are there=A0existing=A0sound recordings of a=A0typical summer night in a =
North American prairie or woods?=A0 I would like to have a full 8 hours cyc=
le.=A0 I will pay for it.=A0 What I have found so far are much shorter reco=
rdings and specialized recordings.=A0
> =A0
> Brinibox.=A0 I found nothing on Google or a couple of other search engine=
s except references to this site.=A0 Can someone refer me to a basic explan=
ation and plans?=A0
> =A0
> My original plan was to simply take the DR-100, stick it in a tree, prote=
ct it from dew and rain and come back in say 10 hours and retrieve it.=A0 C=
hoose different times of the year and different weather conditions.=A0 I th=
ought I had myself covered with its existing microphones.=A0 Later figure o=
ut some type of DIY parabolic microphone and go for something specialized.=
=A0 Money is an issue because I am on disability, so I need to make wise an=
d prudent decisions.=A0
> =A0
> Sounds like I need to rig some sort of Brinibox, invest in some microphon=
es and the cords from the Tascam to the microphones.=A0I guess I don't need=
 new stuff as long as it works.=A0 Any ideas what would work?
> =A0
> After looking at David's site:=A0 =A0I already have a couple of small ten=
ts but not a private place where they would probably be safe alone.=A0 I wi=
ll need to find such a place or rig something off the beaten path, low prof=
ile and=A0=A0camouflaged like a low tarp covered with leaves.=A0 I can do t=
> =A0
> The Tascam DR100 came with a foam piece to cover the microphones.=A0 Do I=
 need something more extensive for wind?=A0
> =A0
> For now, could I wrap the Tascam in an old wool sweater, wrap it in plast=
ic, put it in say=A0on piece of wood?=A0 Is the wool there for anything oth=
er than absorbing dew or ambient moisture?=A0 I still have not figure out h=
ow to protect the exposed microphones.=A0 I have learned here I don't want =
anything flapping in the breeze to ruin the recording.
> =A0
> Thank you again for your kind help.=A0
> =A0
> Chuck
> =A0

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