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Re: New recordist introduction and request for tips.

Subject: Re: New recordist introduction and request for tips.
From: "d4vix" d4vix
Date: Fri Sep 2, 2011 3:52 pm ((PDT))
Hey Avocet, 
My name is actually David, it's just I haven't really got to setting my profile 
with yahoo. although it's several years old :).

I have saw some experimental projects here I found interesting, I don't think 
I'll start with any of those, I totally am going to use the LS-5 as is for now 
and try to learn its mics and pres while testing and checking new settings.

I have not really considered how to place this instrument yet, when I want to 
record nature ambiance, should I be aiming straight forward? in which 
orientation to the ground etc' I have already started recording sessions of me 
and friends just chatting while I change the location of the mic and speaking 
out the location and orientation to later understand the changes in sound while 
playing back on my monitors.

If at all possible, I would love to listen to your recordings of India, I think 
that may inspire me greatly considering my own venture.

As for high-pass, how, in time of editing do you return the bass? pure 
equalization or is there some other method?

I worked only with manual settings up until now, but I have noticed that peaks 
cause a sudden drop in all ranges and kind of muffles the sound for couple of 
milliseconds, I then noticed I have a limiter option which I have not yet 
tested with out.
the trade off is distortion if I remove it and cant keep the recording level at 
peace with the environment. 
would you recommend leaving the limiter on?

Thank you for taking the time to respond, I hope to hear some of your India 
works soon.


--- In  "Avocet" <> wrote:
> "d4vix",
> I wrote recently on this and my advice is to keep everything simple.
> We have fun on this list with all sorts of experimental rigs and
> complex devices, but the starting point is a good stereo mic and an
> effective windshield.
> My golden rule is that it's not the mic that counts it's where you put 
> it.
> > I've an upcoming travel period of one month, to India, for
> > backpacking and village hopping purposes up north in Himachel
> > Pradesh.
> I'm green with envy as I'm too old and unfit to go back there. I've
> done several trip in that area recording sound in the past and it's
> marvellous. I've recorded a pilgrimage to the several sources of the 
> Ganges.
> Leather is not welcome in temples and barefoot is the rule in temples 
> and shrines and in most villager's houses, so it may be worth while 
> toughening up your feet a bit first if necesary if you are going to 
> the more interesting locations.
> > For this occasion I have bought an Olympus LS-5 and am browsing now
> > for a 32gb SDHC to try and have as much storage for this purpose.
> Record using 44.1sps 16 bit as WAV may soon eat up your 32gb as
> there is lots to record. I'd take two 16gb cards in case one goes
> down. If you are running short, don't be afraid to use MP3 at 320kb/s 
> as you probably won't hear the difference.
> > When do you, if ever, use the low-cut filter, and on what
> > sensitivity you set the microphone and recording level (which mode
> > is most recommended for more detailed recordings?)
> I always use a bass cut to avoid problems with wind and handling noise 
> "blocking off" a recording. With digital recording, you can put the 
> bass back in afterwards.
> I also record at a low level so that unexpected loud sounds don't
> overload the recording. Like bass wind noise, overlaoding can't be
> repaired but you can restore the level afterwards. Ceremonial music
> can have sudden loud bits. Avoid using an automatic recording level as 
> this will "pump" the sounds up and down. Keep the level indicator
> towards the lower part of its range.
> David
> David Brinicombe
> North Devon, UK
> Cogito cogito ergo cogito sum - Ambrose Bierce

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