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Re: parabolic mics

Subject: Re: parabolic mics
From: "diesel33dsl" diesel33dsl
Date: Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:18 am ((PDT))
Hello all;
It's been good to see all your thoughts about parabolas and specially recor=
der noises.
But, apart from some advice about not starting with a parabola (thanks, and=
 I must say here I am not that newbie), no one has answered the rest of my =
questions... which were more important.

I am not persuading you to answer, but one can know there are experts here =
because of their answers, and I am sure they would easily reply with a few =
words to my original questions, which had nothing to do with recorder noise=
... :)

Thanks !


--- In  "diesel33dsl" <> wrot=
> Hi again;
> Now comes my first question to experts;
> I said I consider myself to be quite newbie on this...
> So far my best mic is a sennheiser mkh-416 (shotgun condenser).
> I use it outdoor and it gives me good results of ambience, (it is mostly =
used for tv and movies). I have good wind protection gear like foams and ze=
> ...but, though very directional, it captures aaall the ambience around wi=
thout focusing so much on distant sources.
> Here's when I decide to try a parabola.
> Question 1:
> Will you advice buying myself a prepared parabola / mount / handle like t=
he Telinga one, as I suspect? :)
> Or are there other choices / brands? cheaper? :)
> (i just found Telinga, professionally)
> I know the umbrella/wok thing :) but is it worth it?
> Question 2:
> Is the parabola approach designed to be used with JUST omni mics?
> Are other caption patterns allowed, or is it senseless to use directional=
 mics here?
> Question 3:
> Aware of how a smaller mic will be attached to a parabola in much an easi=
er way than a shotgun mic...
> Is it possible to use the parabola approach with shotgun mics like mine (=
sennh mkh 416) pointing towards the center of dish?
> (<-   ((((source)
> Does this enhance directivity for a shotgun?
> Question 4:
> Has anyone ever tried to use a shotgun like mine with a parabola behind i=
t, both pointing in same direction?
> (opposite way, unlike small/lavalier mics pointing to center of dish)
> (->  (((((source)
> Will this improve results of a shotgun? What do you believe this experime=
nt will cause? -if it has any sense-
> Sorry for so many questions at first ...
> I can't wait for reading experts points of view about this...
> Thanks!!!
> Dani Satu=E9

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