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Re: Microphone (stereo) test, what do you think?

Subject: Re: Microphone (stereo) test, what do you think?
From: "NordicNature" nordicsounds
Date: Tue Jun 7, 2011 11:15 am ((PDT))
Thanks for listening.
The closeup recording is like you say more or less a specimen recording, bu=
t it's nice to have the background in stereo even if the close up bird soun=
ds like it's mono.
Yes it's interesting to test some different techniques.
I had this (and other) test in my mind before buying the telinga universal.
My primary idea was to use AT4022 mono in the telinga and BP4025 stereo mic=
 by itself adn then mix those recordings together to get both ambient and a=
 bit of focus on one of the birds/animals.
Since I have a lot of photographic equipment to lug around I wanted a simpl=
e soluting to recording nature. It's kind of difficult to handle both a tel=
inga and a camera at the same time though...

I have tried to set the microphone in focus with help of my ears and the me=
ter on the recorder. I had some white noise coming out of one of the speake=
rs and the telinga on a tripod. I don't know if it's optimal.
While pushing the microphon back and forward to find the right spot, While =
doing so i thougt that the sound was more "soft" when not in focus, so that=
 migh be more preferable. I have to try it in an enviroment outdoors with r=
eal sounds to see what it sounds like.
Maybe if I push it more forward, out of the dish, I might get more ambient =

For those that don't know how this microphone looks and how the membranes a=
re positioned, I have added images to the first three sounds on my profile =
Just click on the thumbnail to see how it looks.

So you first cut everything above 1kHz and then speeded it up 16x. How did =
you speed it up? So, It must be something that have a sound below 1kHz then=
 from start, but now when listening it has a higher pitch?
I have listened but I have no idea... In one recording it sounds like a mic=
e and there are some deep "knocking" going on...
In the other recording, do you mean the three sounds in the beginning or do=
 you mean the crisp sounds in the background?

--- In  "Avocet" <> wrote:
> > They where recorded in different places and different birds, but I
> > wanted to hear the difference when recording close and from a
> > distance.
> > First sound:
> >
> > Second sound:
> >
> H=E5kan,
> I prefer the more distant version with other sounds describing the
> environment. The close one gives a good "species specimen" recording.
> You have stereo on the Telinga using the double cardioid mic, which is
> an interesting technique. Each capsule is focussing either side of the
> parabola focus which is an idea I want to try out. I don't know if the
> mic was at the prime focus point (level with the parabola curve where
> it becomes - or would become - 45 deg) but that is not necessarily the
> best point. It is worth more experimentation.
> Curiously, I heard a slowed-down recording behind your two examples
> and I filtered out everything above 1KHz and speeded them up 16 times.
> Not sure if that is the right speed but you can hear another bird,
> I've put the speeded up versions temporarily on:
> David
> David Brinicombe
> North Devon, UK
> Cogito cogito ergo cogito sum - Ambrose Bierce

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