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Re: Raid Backup Storage

Subject: Re: Raid Backup Storage
From: "Philip Tyler" macmang4125
Date: Sat Dec 15, 2007 2:20 pm ((PST))
Hi Walter

The only program I know that will clone a Windows system disk directly is A=
cronis True Image which has a clone option.

Otherwise you could use Image for Windows and make a DVD backup of the driv=
e and then reinstall that backup onto a new drive.

Windows badly needs a Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper like the Mac has.

Just recently I had an external Mac drive go on me and as a result I can fu=
lly recommend Drive Genius, excellent drive recovery program for the Mac. I=
t repaired the disk without any loss of date, a disc that Disk Utility had =
given up on! Amazon had Drive Genius on offer here in the UK.


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From: Walter Knapp <>
Sent: Saturday, 15 December, 2007 7:39:48 PM
Subject: [Nature Recordists] Re: Raid Backup Storage

From: "Phil Tyler"

> There is an excellent piece of software called 2nd Copy for Windows. With=
 this software

> you can point it at a source drive and a destination drive and then let i=
t do its thing. At

> regular intervals, set by you, it will scan the source drive and any chan=
ges will be copied to

> the destination drive which can be USB, FireWire or a NAS drive. It has m=
any configurable

> options to give you plenty of options to play with. You can even evaluate=
 it free of charge,

> take a look here:

> http://www.centered .com/

> We use it at work to provide backups and it is a really useful bit of sof=
tware just sitting

> there in the background creating 2nd copies. We even have a copy on our s=
erver which

> wakes up in the early hours of the morning and makes copies of any new fi=
les added to

> the server. Wish they did it for the Mac!

I use Personal Backup on my Macs, it can be configured like that. But I

prefer to control backup times personally. An automatic system can back

it all up just after the disk or file was messed up too. I maintain

several levels of backup and system clones with that. In addition to

backup of data onto 3.5" optical disks which I generally do with finder


http://www.intego. com/

Does 2nd Copy make a full bootable clone of your system disk in Windows?

  I have need of that for our one PC.

I recently had my G4 desktop start messing up disks. I'm pretty sure a

hardware problem on the motherboard was involved. Anyway I lost the

first two levels of backup while fiddling with it and recovered from the

third level without losing anything. And, since the G4 was so old as to

not be worth spending money on I went on Ebay and bought the most recent

and fastest dual processor G4 to replace it. I stuck at G4 as I still

need one OS 9 app. Then I got carried away and replaced my sick CRT with

the latest version 23" Cinema Display (new off ebay). Man is that an

improvement and acres of display space. G4, Display, Humanscale M7

Monitor Arm, USB 2.0 card, Bluetooth adapter, and the newest wireless

keyboard set me back less than a third what the newest desktop intel mac

would alone. And my 1.5TB of nearly new internal disks transferred,

which would not have happened with the intel. So did the Ultra dual SCSI

card that runs 6 more external drives. And the G4 had the full up

superdrive and I had a nearly new full up superdrive in my old G4, so I

now have dual superdrives.

After all that fun I added another layer of backup for my MacBook Pro.

There I'm just getting the identical 200gig HD as is in the MacBook Pro,

stick it in a external case and clone the internal disk to make a

bootable backup. I've three layers protecting like that. If necessary

one of the clones could be put into the MacBook Pro to replace a dead

drive in about a hour's time and be fully running again. Plus of course

data backup to 3.5" opticals which is shared with the desktop.

With 6 high speed SCSI drives we've been toying with turning that into a

Raid. Never messed with Raid, I kind of like to know exactly where

things are stored.


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