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Re: How to make a nice parabolic recording.

Subject: Re: How to make a nice parabolic recording.
From: "Rich Peet" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 20:03:01 -0000
I don't own a telinga but have played with it.  Mine is a bigger dish
that has all of the problems of a telinga and a few (more/less)
differnt ones.

I would recommend that Klas and anyone using a dish put a "site" on
it for aiming.  It can be as simple as a bent wire on a spring paper
clip.  The problem comes in monitoring with headphones and recording
at the same time.  A site helps a lot in getting certain you are on
center with a stereo parabolic.

Many recommend a good set of headphones when recording.  I don't.  I
recommend the cheap, in the ear, sony consumer model.  This is
because I know I have quality when recording and what I want is to
know when I am on max target. I use my eyes to set record level not
my ears. I put the headset at the back of my ears so that my natural
hearing is not effected.  When I am "on target" I can hear some
additional sound comming from the headphones (located behind my ear
canal) because of the high additional gain when you are on the
narrow "target" line with a parabolic.  I am then paying attention
to "target" and location of "off target" callers.  This is what I use
for not getting lost in complex sound fields.  The good headphones
are needed for edit and review but for me have no place in making
good recordings.

As far as id's of birds while recording and behavior, you will learn
to know behavior and species identification more fully than
a "lister" with practise just because you are recording.  This stuff
is not easy and the more you record the more you will know.

I strive to edit as little as possible.  Different end uses have
different edit requirements so I can not go there from this post.
On my recent post "day" was edited only for rumble under 150 cycles
where nothing called and a curve reduction from 150 to 1200 at about
6db.  "Moose" was not edited as it is "techno-garbage".  "Night" was
only equalized for volume and if I was to post it again I would not

On the other question on my post.  These particular recordings were
done with an old consumer minidisc recorder and two Sennheiser ME-62
microphones.  In "day" I mounted the mics in a homemade barrier for
stereo separation and the other two the mics were spaced in a Greg
Clark parabolic (1st prototype).

Rich Peet

--- In  "evertveldhuis"
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> I must say that I very much enjoyed listening to all the recent
> recordings. Thanks for sharing!
> Perhaps it is a bit strange from me to ask, but can some-one give
> more advice on how to achieve good recordings with a Telinga DAT?
> I have some experience with other mics, but this being a parabolic
> like always using glasses and all of sudden you use binoculars.
> It takes a whole new approach to handle it.
> I was curious what approach I should take :)
> Last week I practised by going to a remote area in the woods, I
> always go the same spot, and try to record the birds.
> My problem is that I absolutely have no idea where the birds are,
> what birds it are ; I have no experience or knowledge of birds.
> So I just aim my parabolic untill I hear a loud sound, and than try
> to focus it; still I always seem to pick up faint traffic noises.
> Have the recent available recordings been filtered?
> And if so, what kind of filter; EQ (highpass, lowpass, bandpass,
> bandreject) or 'learn'-filters?
> I try to take a position in the field where the loudest unwanted
> noise is at my back, so the 'far distant reach' of the mic is not
> reaching for that unwanted noise. Sounds logical, right?
> But is it right?
> Please share your approaches :)
> Regards, Evert - who will be out there tonight practising!


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