Paralysis Ticks and Mammalian Meat Allergies on Catalyst.

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Subject: Paralysis Ticks and Mammalian Meat Allergies on Catalyst.
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Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2015 16:25:42 +1100
Ditto for me: have used OFF for years: just as effective as DEET products,
without the repugnant smell, stickiness etc. 
Aerogard (the market leader in DEET for years) now have a picaridin-based
repellent on the market: they sell it as 'odourless/low-irritant' but I did
notice that the concentration of picaridin is a lot lower (70% or so, I
think) than in OFF.


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Carl, I use OFF  as well, and have always advised friends and clients to do
the same.


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On 18 Feb 2015, at 10:30 am, Carl Clifford <> wrote:

> David,
> I have been using OFF!, a picaridin based repellent for a few years now,
and find it excellent. Not only works well on insects, but is good for
leeches as well. I have even used to repel bed bugs in SE Asia. I would not
go back to using a DEET based repellent.
> Carl Clifford
>> On 18 Feb 2015, at 8:10 am, David Adams <> wrote:
>> Carl,
>> Thanks for the notice and thanks to Paul for the link. What a 
>> disturbing but well done piece!
>> I've got a few suggestions on insect repellants that I thought I'd 
>> pass along to anyone that hasn't been as paranoid about bugs as me. 
>> As it turns out, there's a lot of research on what works and what 
>> doesn't for ticks and mossies. The US Army and ADF have done projects 
>> together since both deploy troops into areas with horrific insect-born
disease. Off the top of my head:
>> * Yes, the US Army and ADF managed to invent a 100% effective insect 
>> repellant system, when applied. When applied. So horrible that people 
>> weren't compliant. It doesn't work if you don't use it...which is why 
>> I like Picaradin rather than DEET.
>> * DEET is effective against mossies, not so much for ticks. It's also 
>> greasy, nasty, and tends to melt plastics. Not ideal for birders.
>> * Picaradin (available here in Aus - look for no mention of DEET on 
>> the front and 'goes on like water' as a claim. The ingredients list 
>> will list
>> Picaradin.) I love this stuff for mossies! I think I've converted 
>> most of the local bird club to my way of thinking on this. Picaradin 
>> doesn't smell bad, isn't greasy and doesn't seem to melt plastic 
>> instantly like DEET. It works great for mossies. Ticks? I'm not sure.
>> * Mossies can bite you without you knowing it and ticks can certainly 
>> bite you long before you notice. If you're anything like me, I think 
>> of putting on insect repellant *after* I'm needing it. That's okay 
>> when they're an irritant, not good when they may be carrying 
>> something horrible like Malaria or Dengue. This leads to Permethrin. 
>> This chemical is based on a natural compound but is entirely 
>> synthetic, as I understand it. If you apply it to your skin, it 
>> breaks down and does you no good. Instead, you use it to treat your 
>> clothes. An application lasts for many weeks and is highly effective 
>> against mosquitoes and *even more effective against ticks." Mossies 
>> it repels, ticks it kills. The stuff is amazing, you can be standing 
>> in a damp, dark mossie-infested pit/birder's paradise and nothing lands
on you. Magic.
>> * Permethrin-like chemicals (pyrethroids) in other formulations are 
>> built into clothes and netting as long-lasting insect repellants 
>> (That's what's going on with those five-year mossie nets they 
>> distribute and sell in various locations in Africa.) I've used 
>> long-sleeved shirts and pants like this. Fancy travel brands like 
>> ExOfficio (etc.) sell this sort of stuff. I get the SPF 30+, quick 
>> drying ones. Be forewarned: Just add binoculars and camera to make sure
that you blend in with the locals anywhere.
>> (Cough-cough.) Also, it seems like this stuff makes your sweat smell 
>> horrible in about 15 seconds. I have not found this to be so much the 
>> case when you treat normal clothes with Permethrin. So, the pre-built 
>> ones are more convenient and the repellant properties last long...but 
>> treating your own gives you more flexibility and you still get weeks of
>> * Lots of people like botanical repellants of one sort or another. If 
>> they work for you, fantastic. Studies have shown them to be 
>> (depending on
>> compound) ineffective to minimally effective. I like Picaradin (or 
>> DEET if I must) because I don't have to remember to reapply the 
>> material very often. With botanicals that do work a bit, you have to 
>> reapply very, very frequently to keep the bugs away. I'm. Too. Lazy. 
>> To be honest, I only get worked up about all of this when I'm going 
>> somewhere with something horrific like Malaria...then I'm all about 
>> getting zero mossie bites...that's the only way to be sure. (Oh, and 
>> for anyone doing Malarial prophylactics, I encourage you to consider 
>> Malarone. Much easier to tolerate than Doxycycline and you don't have 
>> to keep taking it for so long.)
>> Again, all of that is off the top of my head and I'm sure I've 
>> blurred or messed up some details....but there are a few general 
>> impressions and anecdotal reports from someone that's tried a lot of 
>> bug repellants. If anyone has found other effective tools, please share
with the list!
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