Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 5 Jan 2015 06:46:14 +1000
   Birdline New South Wales

   Published sightings for the week ending 4 Jan 2015.

   Sun 4 Jan Mangrove Gerygone Royal National Park--Bonnie Vale
   Mangrove Gerygone heard singing from mangroves near the Bonnie
   Vale/Maianbar bridge this afternoon.
   Marc Anderson
   Whistling Kite Bay Street, Greenwich, edge of Lane Cove River
   A whistling kite flew close to the coastline heading westward at
   10.20am this morning. I have not seen this species in this part of the
   municipality before.
   Judy Clark
   Black-faced Monarch, Baillon's Crake, Spotless Crake, Spotted Harrier
   Pitt Town Lagoon
   Highlights from Pitt Town Lagoon this morning were 4 Baillon's Crake,
   many Spotless Crakes were heard calling but remained hidden in the
   reeds and a Spotted Harrier cruising over the reeds. What I thought was
   pretty unusual for Pitt Town was a Black-faced Monarch in the trees on
   the edge of the lagoon.
   michael ronan
   Topknot Pigeons Ferdinand Street, Hunters Hill
   4-5 Topknot Pigeons flying and then landing in Liquid Amber tree in our
   garden around 9 am.
   Elisabeth Karplus
   Red-necked Avocet, Shoveler, Fecked Duck and Pink-eared Ducks Tuggerah
   Waste water Treatmnet Plant, Wyong Rd Tuggerah
   There are still 32 Red-necked Avocets on the back of the STW, along
   with 78 Black-winged Stilts, 9 Shovelers, 2 Pink-eared and 2 Freckled
   Ducks. Black-shouldered Kites and a Swamp Harriers also present as well
   as about 460 Grey Teal, 120 Hardheads, 80 Hoary-headed Grebes and many
   Little Grebes plus the usual waterbirds, great birding at present!
   Alan Morris
   Regent Bowebird, Green Catbird, Spectacled Monarch Ourimbah RTA Reserve
   Male Regent and 2 females feeding on kangaroo apple. This is just past
   the old generator site. Also attracting Lewin's Honeyeater, Green
   Catbirds and Silvereye. Male Satin Bowerbird seen nearby. Seen
   yesterday was a Spectacled Monarch, Black-faced Monarchs, Rufous
   Fantails, 2 European Blackbird & Bul Buls.
   Allan Benson & Alan Morris
   Sat 3 Jan Black-necked Stork, Latham's Snipe, Grey Gosdhawk McPhersons
   Rd Swamp, Tuggerah
   The Black-necked Stork has been present the past 3 days at this site,
   however this morning (4/1/15) from 600-1000 hrs it has been present
   along the foreshore off Tuggerah Bay, seen from Geoffrey Rd Chittaway
   (per Dellas Johnson). Other birds at McPhersons Swamp include 2+
   Latham's Snipe, White-necked Heron, Intermediate Egret, Grey Goshawk,
   Black-shouldered Kite, 2 Red-kneed Dotterel & 2 Chestnut-breasted
   Mannikin. A Wedge-tailed Eagle & White-throated Needletails were
   sighted there on 1/1/15
   Alan Morris, photo Dellas Johnston
   Grey Goshawk, Regent Bowerbird, Topknot pigeon Strickland State Forest
   One Grey Goshawk flushed from the creek vegetation next to the trail.
   One Female/imm Regent bowerbird (poor photo attached) and two Topknot
   Pigeons. Rufous Fantails and Black Faced Monarchs also.
   David Vickers
   Lesser Sandplover (2), Wandering Tattler (2) Boat Harbour, Kurnell
   On high tide this morning there were a pair of Lesser Sandplovers and a
   pair of Wandering Tattlers at Boat Harbour, Kurnell. For Wandering
   Tattlers see the 2 images for Jan 3 taken by Gary Dunnett in the
   Further Information link to his Flickr photo album.
   Gary Dunnett, Ken Gilmour, Bruce Roubin
   Peregrine Falcon Coutts Crossing Village, SW of Grafton
   Two birds, appeared to be adults of the same sex (same size), probably
   males, in aerial display high to the south of the Village. Circling
   together then one would rise up stall briefly and fly towards second
   bird. Both birds presented their talons to each other but no contact
   was made. This was repeated a few times until the birds moved out of
   sight in an easterly direction and appeared to be still displaying.
   Greg Clancy
   Nankeen Night Heron Nepean Weir, Penrith
   In the nearly eight years of me visiting this area, not once have I
   seen this bird here. I am sure they are around, but it was a surprise
   landing of one in a small eucalyptus along the upper part of the walk,
   which alerted me to its presence. I got some great views, especially as
   a couple of walkers by flushed it and it descended down to the river
   from up near the sake brewery where I saw it.
   Akos Lumnitzer
   Fri 2 Jan Pheasant Coucal Royal National Park--Mt Bass
   One Pheasant Coucal heard calling from low trees adjacent to heath near
   the south end of the Mt. Bass Fire Trail.
   Logan Lalonde
   Pacific Baza Coutts Crossing Village, SW of Grafton
   Baza heard calling in morning. Two observed the day before (01 Jan 15)
   flying into eucalypts at edge of village near Cemetery.
   Greg Clancy
   Pacific Baza Armidale Street, South Grafton
   Adult with heavy wing moult gliding north over residential area.
   Greg Clancy
   White-fronted, Painted, Brown Honeyeaters, Major Mitchell's Cockatoo
   "The winery", Whitton Stock Route Rd, Binya SF
   An early morning visit to this site started with a flock of 12 Major
   Mitchell's Cockatoos landing in a dead tree beside the car. In the
   winery block itself, a Brown Honeyeater (rare for the area) and then a
   White-fronted Honeyeater (even rarer) plus a Painted Honeyeater showed
   themselves albeit briefly. A group of 8 Turquoise Parrots also flew
   overhead and 12 Superb Parrots flew over the car as I was driving off.
   A good start to my 2015 list!
   Max O'Sullivan
   Red-necked Avocet, Pink-eared Duck Tuggerah Wastewater Treatment Plant
   20+ Avocets still on back pond. Single Pink-eared amongst mass of
   Hardhead, Grey and Chestnut Teal and Australasian and Hoary-headed
   Allan Benson
   Latham's Snipe, Red-rumped Parrot Tuggerah, Central Coast Wetlands
   3 Latham's Snipe flushed. 8 Red-rumped parrots including adults and
   immatures. Red-rumps are uncommon on the central coast so this is
   significant breeding record
   Allan Benson
   Black-necked Stork, Latham's Snipe McPherson Road Swamp
   Swamp very full with limited bird life. Black-necked Stork the stand
   out bird. 2 Latham's Snipe flushed
   Allan Benson
   Thu 1 Jan Satin Flycatcher Pope's Glen track, Blue Mountains National
   Park, Blackheath
   Two active nests found 70 metres apart along the Pope's Glen track. At
   least six adult Satin Flycatchers (and one nestling) seen along the
   Mark Hocking
   Spotted Harrier (I'mmature) Cornwallis
   While I spent time photographing two recently fledged Brown Falcon
   chicks (one still had down on its head), an immature Spotted Harrier
   flew over the treetops coming from Bakers Lagoon. Sadly, I had to take
   shots into the sun, so it is very contrasty, but I still managed some
   good images of this beautiful young bird. I believe there may be at
   least one nesting pair in the Nepean-Hawkesbury region, as for the last
   two or more years I have been seeing young birds (photos taken too) as
   well as many adults. However, it would be difficult to locate a nest if
   there were one.
   Akos Lumnitzer
   Spotted Harrier Freemans Reach
   Adult Spotted Harrier spotted and photographed near corner of Argyle
   Reach Road and Freemans Reach Road this afternoon. It was interesting
   to note the harrier's behaviour from a distance, as initially I thought
   it may have been a Square-tailed Kite. The harrier was hovering over
   the treetops with feet fully down for a while.
   Akos Lumnitzer
   Black Falcon, Glossy Ibis Bushells Lagoon, Wilberforce
   There were at least six Glossy Ibis at the lagoon and five Whistling
   Kites were harassing them at various times during mid-afternoon. I
   suddenly noticed a larger falcon appear from the south and join the
   kites harassing the waterbirds. The falcon then flew on towards the
   town of Freemans Reach. Only a poor ID shot was taken of the falcon,
   but the characteristics of plumage and its flight made ID a snap.
   Akos Lumnitzer
   Wed 31 Dec Sooty Owl McKeown's Valley near Devil's Coachhouse, Jenolan
   An excellent end to 2014. Two Sooty Owls calling repeatedly after dusk
   (one seen well). Then male Spotted-tail Quoll seen running along road
   close to caves, when leaving Jenolan.
   Mark Hocking
   Black Bittern,Australian Hobby,Osprey Erina Creek, Erina
   While cruising on Erina Creek between East Gosford and Erina, we saw
   one Osprey, two Australian Hobbies and a Black Bittern.
   Richard & Peter Street, Andrew Melville
   Jabiru Ulmarra
   Single bird in flooded paddocks next to Pacifica Hwy approx. 3 - 4 km
   north of Ulmarra.
   Ivor Jones
   Magpie Goose Grafton
   A gaggle of at least 40 birds in a paddock adjacent to the Pacific Hwy
   just past the BP on the north side of Grafton
   Ivor Jones
   Osprey, Spotted Crake, Little Tern Eastlakes
   Great to see an Osprey hawking over the ponds this morning, scaring the
   hell out of a flock of Masked Lapwings. Other good birds included a
   Spotted Crake, a Black-fronted Dotterel chick perhaps 10 days old, 3
   Horsfields Bronze Cuckoos, a Little Tern plus 2 Whiskered Terns, Swamp
   Harrier, Brown Goshawk, a single Lathams Snipe, several Royal
   Spoonbills, an Intermediate Egret and two pairs of Rufous Whistlers.
   Eric Finley
   Tue 30 Dec Blue-billed Ducks Lake Wallace, Wallerawang.
   At least 3 Blue-billed Ducks present along with Musk Duck, Great
   Crested Grebes and large numbers of various other waterbirds including
   Eurasian Coot, Hardheads, Hoary-headed Grebes etc.
   Martin Filipczyk
   Little Bronze-Cuckoo, Dollarbird Iluka Road, Woombah Village
   Bronze-Cuckoo heard calling in park. Adult pair of Dollarbirds feeding
   nestling in hollow in Small-fruited Grey Gum on roadside.
   Greg Clancy & Russell Jago
   Common Greenshank Badgery's Creek
   A single Common Greenshank was seen and photographed foraging along the
   edges of the dam opposite the intersection of Elizabeth Dr and
   Badgery's Creek Rd.
   Ashwin Rudder & Simon Gorta
   Sun 28 Dec Beach Stone-curlew Fingal Head
   A bird sitting with what appeared to be one chick. (Note that in Linda
   Brannian's Report for Birdlife Northern Rivers dated 25/11/14, in the
   review of beach nesting birds in Tweed Shire, no mention is made of
   Beach Stone-curlews nesting in the Fingal Head area, although single
   birds have been reported. AKM)
   Nick Talbot
   Buff-banded Rail Hexham Swamp Nature Reserve--Old Pipeline Track
   Overcast day on the Hunter River Floodplain with good numbers of
   Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, Rednecked Avocets, Black-winged Stilts and a
   single Marsh Sandpiper and Common Greenshank. Three Australian Spotted
   Crakes observed as well as a pair of Buff-banded Rails with three
   dependent chicks out for a forage.
   Allan Richardson
   Black Petrel Fingal Beach
   The bird was seen sitting on the beach on Sunday (28th December) and
   found dead this morning. It was taken to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital
   for storage and QLD Museum informed.
   Nick Talbot
   Glossy Black Cockatoo Boultwood Street, Coffs Harbour
   2 birds feeding in belt of trees
   Colleen Lock
   Sat 27 Dec White-chinned Petrel Sydney Harbour National Park - North
   Highlight from a seawatch off North Head was a White-chinned Petrel:
   noticeably larger than a Flesh-footed Shearwater with a much larger
   head and neck with a deeper pale bill; heading north, low graceful
   flight with bowed wings only 200 meters off the headland.
   michael ronan
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