Codes for birds and butterflies/moths

To: birding-aus <>
Subject: Codes for birds and butterflies/moths
From: Jill Dening <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2013 14:33:37 +1000

I notice from time to time that a variety of odd codes and shorthand are used to denote bird species in messages on this list. I have copied and pasted for the use of anyone interested a list of intuitive codes which were used during the Naturesearch 2000 project in the 1990s by the Qld Dept of Environment. I also have this list in Excel format if anyone cares to contact me. Sorry, but it's 622 lines long.

Having used the codes for many years, I never have to write the full name of a bird anymore, and perhaps there are other birders who may care to use it in field surveys. For your local area, you only have to memorise a couple of hundred codes, which happens remarkably quickly if you are writing bird lists regularly. All terns end in TE, all kites end in KI, all honeyeaters end in HE, and so on. This list applies to SEQld, so may leave some birders short-changed. Sorry, this is the best I can do.



Birds   Albert's Lyrebird       ALLY
Birds   American Golden Plover  LGPL
Birds   Antarctic Prion ANPR
Birds   Apostlebird     APOS
Birds   Arctic Jaeger   ARJA
Birds   Arctic Tern     ARTE
Birds   Asian Dowitcher ASOW
Birds   Australasian Bittern    ABIT
Birds   Australasian Gannet     AUGA
Birds   Australasian Grebe      AUGR
Birds   Australasian Shoveler   AUSH
Birds   Australian Brush-turkey AUBT
Birds   Australian Bustard      BUST
Birds   Australian Hobby        AUHO
Birds   Australian King-Parrot  AKPA
Birds   Australian Magpie       MAGP
Birds   Australian Owlet-nightjar       AUON
Birds   Australian Pelican      PELI
Birds   Australian Pratincole   AUPR
Birds   Australian raven        ARAW
Birds   Australian Ringneck     MARN
Birds   Australian Spotted Crake        ASCR
Birds   Australian White Ibis   AWIB
Birds   Australian Wood Duck    AUWD
Birds   Azure Kingfisher        AZKF
Birds   Baillon's Crake BACR
Birds   Banded Lapwing  BALW
Birds   Banded Stilt    BSTL
Birds   Barking Owl     BKOW
Birds   Barn Owl        BAOW
Birds   Barn Swallow    BASW
Birds   Barred Cuckoo-shrike    BACS
Birds   Bar-shouldered Dove     BSDO
Birds   Bar-tailed Godwit       BAGO
Birds   Bassian Thrush  BATH
Birds   Beach Stone-Curlew      BESC
Birds   Bell Miner      BEMI
Birds   Black Bittern   BBIT
Birds   Black Falcon    BLFA
Birds   Black Kite      BLKI
Birds   Black Noddy     BNOD
Birds   Black Petrel    BLPE
Birds   Black Swan      BSWN
Birds   Black-bellied Storm Petrel      BBSP
Birds   Black-breasted Button-Quail     BBBQ
Birds   Black-breasted Buzzard  BBBZ
Birds   Black-browed Albatross  BBAL
Birds   Black-chinned Honeyeater        BCHE
Birds   Black-eared Cuckoo      BECU
Birds   Black-faced  Monarch    BFMO
Birds   Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike       BFCS
Birds   Black-faced Woodswallow BFWS
Birds   Black-fronted Dotterel  BFDO
Birds   Black-necked Stork      BNST
Birds   Black-shouldered Kite   BSKI
Birds   Black-tailed Godwit     BLGO
Birds   Black-tailed Native-hen BLNH
Birds   Black-throated Finch    BTFI
Birds   Black-winged Petrel     BWPE
Birds   Black-winged Stilt      WSTL
Birds   Blue Bonnet     BLBO
Birds   Blue-billed Duck        BBDU
Birds   Blue-faced Honeyeater   BFHE
Birds   Blue-winged Kookaburra  BWKO
Birds   Brahminy kite   BRKI
Birds   Bridled Tern    BRTE
Birds   Broad-billed Prion      BBPR
Birds   Broad-billed Sandpiper  BRSP
Birds   Brolga  BROL
Birds   Brown Booby     BRBO
Birds   Brown Cuckoo-Dove       BRCD
Birds   Brown Falcon    BRFA
Birds   Brown Gerygone  BRGE
Birds   Brown Goshawk   BGOS
Birds   Brown Honeyeater        BRHE
Birds   Brown Quail     BRQU
Birds   Brown Songlark  BRSL
Birds   Brown Thornbill BRTB
Birds   Brown Treecreeper       BRTC
Birds   Brown-headed Honeyeater BWHE
Birds   Brush Bronzewing        BRBW
Birds   Brush Cuckoo    BRCU
Birds   Budgerigar      BUDG
Birds   Buff-banded Rail        BBRA
Birds   Buff-rumped Thornbill   BUTB
Birds   Buller's Shearwater     BUSW
Birds   Bush Stone-Curlew       BUSC
Birds   Bush-hen        BUSH
Birds   Cape Petrel     CAPE
Birds   Caspian Tern    CATE
Birds   Cattle Egret    CAEG
Birds   Channel-billed Cuckoo   CBCU
Birds   Chestnut Teal   CHTL
Birds   Chestnut-breasted Mannikin      CBMA
Birds   Chestnut-rumped Heathwren       CRHW
Birds   Cicadabird      CICA
Birds   Clamorous Reed-Warbler  CLRW
Birds   Cockatiel       COCK
Birds   Collared  Kingfisher    COKF
Birds   Collared Sparrowhawk    COSH
Birds   Comb-crested Jacana     CJAC
Birds   Common Bronzewing       COBW
Birds   Common Diving Petrel    CODP
Birds   Common Greenshank       GREE
Birds   Common Koel     KOEL
Birds   Common Myna*    COMY
Birds   Common Noddy    CNOD
Birds   Common Redshank CORE
Birds   Common Sandpiper        COSP
Birds   Common Starling*        CSTA
Birds   Common Tern     COTE
Birds   Cooks Petrel    COPE
Birds   Cotton Pygmy-goose      CPGO
Birds   Coxen's Fig-Parrot      COFP
Birds   Crested Pigeon  CRPI
Birds   Crested Shrike-tit      CRST
Birds   Crested Tern    CRTE
Birds   Crimson Chat    CRCH
Birds   Crimson Rosella CRRO
Birds   Curlew Sandpiper        CUSP
Birds   Darter  DART
Birds   Diamond Dove    DIDO
Birds   Diamond Firetail        DIFT
Birds   Dollarbird      DOLL
Birds   Double-banded Plover    DBPL
Birds   Double-barred Finch     DBFI
Birds   Dusky Honeyeater        DUHE
Birds   Dusky Moorhen   DUMH
Birds   Dusky Woodswallow       DUWS
Birds   Eastern Bristlebird     EABR
Birds   Eastern Curlew  EACU
Birds   Eastern Reef Egret      EREG
Birds   Eastern Rosella EARO
Birds   Eastern Spinebill       ESPB
Birds   Eastern Whipbird        EWPB
Birds   Eastern Yellow Robin    EYRO
Birds   Emerald Dove    EMDO
Birds   Emu     EMU
Birds   Eurasian Coot   COOT
Birds   European Goldfinch*     GOLD
Birds   Fairy Gerygone  FAGE
Birds   Fairy Martin    FMAR
Birds   Fairy Prion     FAPR
Birds   Fan-tailed Cuckoo       FTCU
Birds   Feral Duck      FEDU
Birds   Feral Goose     FEGO
Birds   Figbird FIGB
Birds   Flame Robin     FLRO
Birds   Flesh-footed Shearwater FFSW
Birds   Fluttering Shearwater   FLSW
Birds   Forest Kingfisher       FOKF
Birds   Fork-tailed Swift       FSWF
Birds   Franklin's Gull FRGU
Birds   Freckled Duck   FRDU
Birds   Fuscous Honeyeater      FUHE
Birds   Galah   GALA
Birds   Glossy Black-Cockatoo   GLBC
Birds   Glossy Ibis     GLIB
Birds   Golden Whistler GOWH
Birds   Golden-headed Cisticola GHCI
Birds   Gouldian Finch  GOFI
Birds   Gould's Petrel  GOPE
Birds   Grass Owl       GROW
Birds   Great Cormorant GRCO
Birds   Great Crested Grebe     GCGR
Birds   Great Egret     GREG
Birds   Great Frigatebird       GRFB
Birds   Great Knot      GRKN
Birds   Great skua      GRSK
Birds   Greater Sand Plover     GSPL
Birds   Great-winged Petrel     GWPE
Birds   Green Catbird   GRCB
Birds   Green Pygmy-goose       GPGO
Birds   Grey Butcherbird        GRBU
Birds   Grey Falcon     GRFA
Birds   Grey Fantail    GRFT
Birds   Grey Goshawk    GGOS
Birds   Grey Plover     GRPL
Birds   Grey Shrike-thrush      GSTH
Birds   Grey Teal       GRTL
Birds   Grey Ternlet    GRTE
Birds   Grey-crowned Babbler    GCBA
Birds   Grey-tailed Tattler     GTAT
Birds   Ground Cuckoo-shrike    GRCS
Birds   Ground Parrot   GRPA
Birds   Gull-billed Tern        GBTE
Birds   Hardhead        HARD
Birds   Herald Petrel   HEPE
Birds   Hoary-headed Grebe      HHGR
Birds   Hooded Robin    HORO
Birds   Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo       HOBC
Birds   House Sparrow*  HSPA
Birds   Huttons Shearwater      HUSW
Birds   Indian Peafowl  PEAF
Birds   Intermediate Egret      INEG
Birds   Jacky Winter    JAWI
Birds   Kelp Gull       KEGU
Birds   Kerguelen Petrel        KGPE
Birds   King Quail      KIQU
Birds   Large-billed Scrubwren  LSCW
Birds   Large-tailed nightjar   LTNJ
Birds   Latham's Snipe  LASN
Birds   Laughing Gull   LAGU
Birds   Laughing Kookaburra     LAKO
Birds   Leaden Flycatcher       LEFC
Birds   Lesser Crested Tern     LCTE
Birds   Lesser Frigatebird      LEFB
Birds   Lesser Sand Plover      LSPL
Birds   Letter-winged Kite      LWKI
Birds   Lewin's Honeyeater      LEHE
Birds   Lewin's Rail    LERA
Birds   Little Bittern  LBIT
Birds   Little Black Cormorant  LBCO
Birds   Little Bronze-Cuckoo    LIBC
Birds   Little Button-quail     LIBQ
Birds   Little Corella  LITC
Birds   Little Crow     LCRO
Birds   Little Curlew   LICU
Birds   Little Eagle    LIEA
Birds   Little Egret    LIEG
Birds   Little Friarbird        LIFB
Birds   Little Grassbird        LIGB
Birds   Little Lorikeet LILO
Birds   Little Pied Cormorant   LPCO
Birds   Little Shearwater       LISW
Birds   Little Shrike-thrush    LSTH
Birds   Little Tern     LITE
Birds   Little Wattlebird       LWTB
Birds   Little Woodswallow      LIWS
Birds   Logrunner       LOGR
Birds   Long-billed Corella     LONC
Birds   Magpie Goose    MGOO
Birds   Magpie-lark     MALA
Birds   Major Mitchell's Cockatoo       PICK
Birds   Mallard*        MALL
Birds   Mangrove Gerygone       MAGE
Birds   Mangrove Honeyeater     MAHE
Birds   Marbled Frogmouth       MAFM
Birds   Marsh Sandpiper MRSP
Birds   Masked Booby    MABO
Birds   Masked Lapwing  MALW
Birds   Masked Owl      MAOW
Birds   Masked Woodswallow      MAWS
Birds   Mistletoebird   MIST
Birds   Musk Duck       MUDU
Birds   Musk Lorikeet   MULO
Birds   Nankeen Kestrel NKKE
Birds   Nankeen Night Heron     NKHR
Birds   New Holland Honeyeater  NHHE
Birds   Noisy Friarbird NOFB
Birds   Noisy miner     NOMI
Birds   Noisy Pitta     NOPI
Birds   Northern Giant-Petrel   NOGP
Birds   Nutmeg Mannikin NUMA
Birds   Olive Whistler  OLWH
Birds   Olive-backed Oriole     OBOR
Birds   Oriental Cuckoo ORCU
Birds   Oriental Plover ORPL
Birds   Osprey  OSPR
Birds   Pacific Baza    BAZA
Birds   Pacific Black Duck      PBDU
Birds   Pacific Golden Plover   PGPL
Birds   Pacific Gull    PAGU
Birds   Painted Button-Quail    PABQ
Birds   Painted Honeyeater      PAHE
Birds   Painted Snipe   PASN
Birds   Pale-headed Rosella     PHRO
Birds   Pale-yellow Robin       PYRO
Birds   Pallid Cuckoo   PACU
Birds   Paradise Riflebird      PARB
Birds   Peaceful Dove   PEDO
Birds   Pectoral Sandpiper      PESP
Birds   Peregrine Falcon        PEFA
Birds   Pheasant coucal PHCO
Birds   Pied Butcherbird        PIBU
Birds   Pied Cormorant  PICO
Birds   Pied Currawong  PICW
Birds   Pied Oystercatcher      PIOY
Birds   Pink Robin      PIRO
Birds   Pink-eared Duck PEDU
Birds   Plumed Whistling-Duck   PWDU
Birds   Plum-headed Finch       PHFI
Birds   Pomarine Jaeger POJA
Birds   Powerful Owl    POOW
Birds   Providence Petrel       PRPE
Birds   Purple Swamphen PUSH
Birds   Radjah Shelduck RASH
Birds   Rainbow Bee-eater       RBEE
Birds   Rainbow Lorikeet        RALO
Birds   Red Goshawk     RGOS
Birds   Red Knot        REKN
Birds   Red Wattlebird  RWTB
Birds   Red-backed Button-quail RBBQ
Birds   Red-backed Fairy-wren   RBFW
Birds   Red-backed Kingfisher   RBKF
Birds   Red-browed Finch        RBFI
Birds   Red-browed Pardalote    RBPD
Birds   Red-browed Treecreeper  RBTC
Birds   Red-capped Plover       RCPL
Birds   Red-capped Robin        RCRO
Birds   Red-chested Button-Quail        RCBQ
Birds   Red-kneed Dotterel      RKDO
Birds   Red-necked Avocet       RNAV
Birds   Red-necked Phalarope    RNPH
Birds   Red-necked Stint        RNST
Birds   Red-rumped Parrot       RRPA
Birds   Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo       RTBC
Birds   Red-tailed Tropicbird   RTTB
Birds   Red-winged Parrot       RWPA
Birds   Regent Bowerbird        REBB
Birds   Regent Honeyeater       REHE
Birds   Restless Flycatcher     REFC
Birds   Richard's Pipit RPIP
Birds   Rock dove, Feral Pigeon*        RODO
Birds   Rose Robin      RORO
Birds   Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove RCFD
Birds   Royal Spoonbill RSPO
Birds   Ruddy Turnstone RUTU
Birds   Ruff    RUFF
Birds   Rufous Fantail  RUFT
Birds   Rufous Scrub-bird       RSCB
Birds   Rufous Songlark RUSL
Birds   Rufous Whistler RUWH
Birds   Rufous-throated Honeyeater      RTHE
Birds   Russet-tailed Thrush    RTTH
Birds   Sacred Kingfisher       SAKF
Birds   Salvin's Prion  LBPR
Birds   Sanderling      SAND
Birds   Satin Bowerbird SABB
Birds   Satin Flycatcher        SAFC
Birds   Scaly-breasted Lorikeet SBLO
Birds   Scarlet Honeyeater      SCHE
Birds   Scarlet Robin   SCRO
Birds   Scarlet-chested Parrot  SCPA
Birds   Sharp-tailed Sandpiper  STSP
Birds   Shining Bronze-Cuckoo   SHBC
Birds   Shining Flycatcher      SHFC
Birds   Short-tailed Shearwater SHSW
Birds   Shy Albatross   SHAL
Birds   Silver Gull     SIGU
Birds   Silvereye       SILV
Birds   Singing Bushlark        SIBL
Birds   Singing Honeyeater      SIHE
Birds   Slender-billed Prion    SBPR
Birds   Soft-plumaged Petrel    SPPE
Birds   Sooty Albatross SOAL
Birds   Sooty Owl       SOOW
Birds   Sooty Oystercatcher     SOOY
Birds   Sooty Shearwater        SOSW
Birds   Sooty Tern      SOTE
Birds   Southern Boobook        SBOO
Birds   Southern Emu-wren       SOEW
Birds   Southern Fulmar SOFU
Birds   Southern Giant-Petrel   SOGP
Birds   Spangled Drongo SPDR
Birds   Speckled Warbler        SPWA
Birds   Spectacled Monarch      SPMO
Birds   Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater        SPHE
Birds   Spotless Crake  SPCR
Birds   Spotted Harrier SPHA
Birds   Spotted Nightjar        SPNJ
Birds   Spotted Pardalote       SPPD
Birds   Spotted Quail-thrush    SPQT
Birds   Spotted Turtle-Dove*    SPTD
Birds   Square-tailed Kite      SQKI
Birds   Squatter Pigeon SQPI
Birds   Straw-necked Ibis       SNIB
Birds   Streaked Shearwater     STSW
Birds   Striated Heron  STHR
Birds   Striated Pardalote      STPD
Birds   Striated Thornbill      STTB
Birds   Striped Honeyeater      STHE
Birds   Stubble Quail   STQU
Birds   Sulphur-crested Cockatoo        SCCK
Birds   Superb Fairy-wren       SUFW
Birds   Superb Fruit-Dove       SUFD
Birds   Superb Parrot   SUPA
Birds   Swamp Harrier   SWHA
Birds   Swift Parrot    SWPA
Birds   Tahiti Petrel   TAPE
Birds   Tawny Frogmouth TAFM
Birds   Tawny Grassbird TAGB
Birds   Terek Sandpiper TESP
Birds   Topknot Pigeon  TKPI
Birds   Torresian Crow  TCRO
Birds   Tree Martin     TMAR
Birds   Turquoise Parrot        TUPA
Birds   Varied Sittella SITT
Birds   Varied Triller  VATR
Birds   Variegated Fairy-wren   VGFW
Birds   Wandering Albatross     WAAL
Birds   Wandering Tattler       WTAT
Birds   Wandering Whistling-Duck        WWDU
Birds   Wedge-tailed Eagle      WTEA
Birds   Wedge-tailed Shearwater WTSW
Birds   Weebill         WEEB
Birds   Welcome Swallow WESW
Birds   Western Gerygone        WEGE
Birds   Whimbrel        WHIM
Birds   Whiskered Tern  WKTE
Birds   Whistling Kite  WHKI
Birds   White Tern      WWTE
Birds   White-backed Swallow    WBSW
Birds   White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike     WBCS
Birds   White-bellied Sea-Eagle WBSE
Birds   White-bellied Storm Petrel      WBSP
Birds   White-breasted Woodswallow      WBWS
Birds   White-browed Babbler    WBBA
Birds   White-browed Scrubwren  WSCW
Birds   White-browed Woodswallow        WWWS
Birds   White-cheeked Honeyeater        WCHE
Birds   White-eared Honeyeater  WEHE
Birds   White-eared Monarch     WEMO
Birds   White-faced Heron       WFHR
Birds   White-faced Storm Petrel        WFSP
Birds   White-fronted Tern      WFTE
Birds   White-headed Petrel     WHPE
Birds   White-headed Pigeon     WHPI
Birds   White-naped Honeyeater  WNHE
Birds   White-necked Heron      WNHR
Birds   White-necked Petrel     WNPE
Birds   White-plumed Honeyeater WPHE
Birds   White-rumped Swiftlet   WRSW
Birds   White-tailed Tropicbird WTTB
Birds   White-throated Gerygone WTGE
Birds   White-throated Honeyeater       WTHE
Birds   White-throated Needletail       WTNT
Birds   White-throated Nightjar WTNJ
Birds   White-throated Treecreeper      WTTC
Birds   White-winged Black Tern WBTE
Birds   White-winged Chough     CHOU
Birds   White-winged Triller    WWTR
Birds   Willie Wagtail  WIWA
Birds   Wilson's Storm-Petrel   WISP
Birds   Wompoo Fruit-Dove       WOFD
Birds   Wonga Pigeon    WOPI
Birds   Wood Sandpiper  WOSP
Birds   Yellow Thornbill        YETB
Birds   Yellow-billed Spoonbill YSPO
Birds   Yellow-faced Honeyeater YFHE
Birds   Yellow-rumped Thornbill YRTB
Birds   Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo    YTBC
Birds   Yellow-throated Scrubwren       YSCW
Birds   Yellow-tufted Honeyeater        YUHE
Birds   Zebra Finch     ZEFI
Butterflies/Moths       Australian painted lady APLDY
Butterflies/Moths       Banded grass-skipper    BAGSK
Butterflies/Moths       Black jezabel   BLJEZ
Butterflies/Moths       Black-ringed ochre      BLOCH
Butterflies/Moths       Black-spotted Grass-blue        BSGBL
Butterflies/Moths       Blotched dusky-blue     BLDBL
Butterflies/Moths       Blue argus      BLARG
Butterflies/Moths       Blue tiger      BLTIG
Butterflies/Moths       Blue triangle   BLTRI
Butterflies/Moths       Blue-banded eggfly      BBEGG
Butterflies/Moths       Bordered rustic BRUST
Butterflies/Moths       Bright copper   BRCOP
Butterflies/Moths       Bright Cornelian        BRCOR
Butterflies/Moths       Bright forest-blue      BRFBL
Butterflies/Moths       Broad-margined azure    BMAZU
Butterflies/Moths       Bronze ant-blue BRABL
Butterflies/Moths       Bronze flat     BRFLA
Butterflies/Moths       Brown ochre     BROCH
Butterflies/Moths       Brown ringlet   BRING
Butterflies/Moths       Cabbage white   CABWH
Butterflies/Moths       Caper gull      CGULL
Butterflies/Moths       Caper White     CAPWH
Butterflies/Moths       Case Moth       CAMOT
Butterflies/Moths       Chequered copper        CHCOP
Butterflies/Moths       Chequered sedge-skipper CHSSK
Butterflies/Moths       Chequered swallowtail   CHSWT
Butterflies/Moths       Chocolate Argus CHOAR
Butterflies/Moths       Chrome Awl      CHAWL
Butterflies/Moths       Clearwing Swallowtail   CLSWT
Butterflies/Moths       Common brown    COMBR
Butterflies/Moths       Common crow     COCRO
Butterflies/Moths       Common grass-blue       COGBL
Butterflies/Moths       Common Pencilled-blue   PENBL
Butterflies/Moths       Copper jewel    CPJEW
Butterflies/Moths       Copper pencil-blue      COPBL
Butterflies/Moths       Coral Jewel     CRJEW
Butterflies/Moths       Cuprea ant-blue CUABL
Butterflies/Moths       Cyane jewel     CYJEW
Butterflies/Moths       Cycad blue      CYCBL
Butterflies/Moths       Dainty grass-blue       DAGBL
Butterflies/Moths       Dainty swallowtail      DASWT
Butterflies/Moths       Danaid eggfly   DAEGG
Butterflies/Moths       Dark ciliate blue       DACBL
Butterflies/Moths       Dark pencilled-blue     DAPBL
Butterflies/Moths       Dingy grass-skipper     DIGSK
Butterflies/Moths       Dingy Swift     DISWI
Butterflies/Moths       Dull copper     DUCOP
Butterflies/Moths       Dusky knight    DUKNT
Butterflies/Moths       Eastern dusk-flat       EDFLA
Butterflies/Moths       Eastern iris-skipper    EISKP
Butterflies/Moths       Emerald hairstreak      EMEHK
Butterflies/Moths       Emperor Gum Moth        EGMOT
Butterflies/Moths       Evening brown   EVBRO
Butterflies/Moths       Fiery jewel     FIJEW
Butterflies/Moths       Four-barred swordtail   FBSWO
Butterflies/Moths       Fringed heath-blue      FRHBL
Butterflies/Moths       Fruit-piercing Moth     FPMOT
Butterflies/Moths       Fuscous Swallowtail     FUSWT
Butterflies/Moths       Glasswing       GLASS
Butterflies/Moths       Glistening line-blue    GLLBL
Butterflies/Moths       Granny's Cloak Moth     GRCLM
Butterflies/Moths       Green awl       GRAWL
Butterflies/Moths       Greenish darter GRDAR
Butterflies/Moths       Greenish grass-dart     GTGDT
Butterflies/Moths       Grey ringlet    GRING
Butterflies/Moths       Grey swift      GRSWI
Butterflies/Moths       Hairy line-blue HALBL
Butterflies/Moths       Hawk Moth       HWMOT
Butterflies/Moths       Imperial hairstreak     IMPHK
Butterflies/Moths       Imperial jezabel        IMJEZ
Butterflies/Moths       Indigo flash    INFLA
Butterflies/Moths       Jewelled grass-blue     JEGBL
Butterflies/Moths       Jezabel nymph   JENYM
Butterflies/Moths       Joseph's Coat Moth      JOSCO
Butterflies/Moths       Laced fritillary        LAFRI
Butterflies/Moths       Large grass-yellow      LAGRY
Butterflies/Moths       Large purple line-blue  LPLBL
Butterflies/Moths       large yellow grass-dart LYGDT
Butterflies/Moths       Leafwing        LEAFW
Butterflies/Moths       Lemon migrant   LEMIG
Butterflies/Moths       Lesser wanderer LWAND
Butterflies/Moths       Long-tailed pea-blue    LTPBL
Butterflies/Moths       Lyell's swift   LYSWI
Butterflies/Moths       Macleay's swallowtail   MCSWT
Butterflies/Moths       Mangrove ant-blue       MAABL
Butterflies/Moths       Mangrove jewel  MAJEW
Butterflies/Moths       Marbled line-blue       MALBL
Butterflies/Moths       Marbled xenica  MAXEN
Butterflies/Moths       Meadow argus    MEARG
Butterflies/Moths       Monarch MONAR
Butterflies/Moths       Moonlight jewel MOJEW
Butterflies/Moths       Narrow-banded awl       NBAWL
Butterflies/Moths       Narrow-brand grass-dart NRGDT
Butterflies/Moths       Narrow-winged Awl       NWAWL
Butterflies/Moths       Narrow-winged pearl-white       NWPWH
Butterflies/Moths       No-brand grass-dart     NBGDT
Butterflies/Moths       No-brand grass-yellow   NBGRY
Butterflies/Moths       Northern Purple azure   NPAZU
Butterflies/Moths       Northern silver ochre   NSOCH
Butterflies/Moths       Orange grass-dart       OGDRT
Butterflies/Moths       Orange ochre    OROCH
Butterflies/Moths       Orange palm-dart        OPALM
Butterflies/Moths       Orange ringlet  ORRIN
Butterflies/Moths       Orange swift    ORSWI
Butterflies/Moths       Orange-streaked ringlet OSRIN
Butterflies/Moths       Orange-tipped pea-blue  OTPBL
Butterflies/Moths       Orchard swallowtail     ORCHA
Butterflies/Moths       Ornate dusk-flat        ODFLA
Butterflies/Moths       Painted sedge-skipper   PASSK
Butterflies/Moths       Pale pea-blue   PAPBL
Butterflies/Moths       Pale triangle   PATRI
Butterflies/Moths       Pale-orange darter      PODRT
Butterflies/Moths       Pink grass-yellow       PKGRY
Butterflies/Moths       Plumbago blue   PLUBL
Butterflies/Moths       Purple cerulean PUCER
Butterflies/Moths       Purple crow     PUCRO
Butterflies/Moths       Purple line-blue        PULBL
Butterflies/Moths       Purple moonbeam PUMOO
Butterflies/Moths       Rayed blue      RAYBL
Butterflies/Moths       Regent skipper  REGSK
Butterflies/Moths       Richmond birdwing       RBIRD
Butterflies/Moths       Ringed Xenica   RIXEN
Butterflies/Moths       Riverine sedge-skipper  RSSKP
Butterflies/Moths       River-sand grass-dart   RSGDT
Butterflies/Moths       Rock ringlet    RORIN
Butterflies/Moths       Saltbush blue   SALBL
Butterflies/Moths       Samphire blue   SAMBL
Butterflies/Moths       Satin azure     SAAZU
Butterflies/Moths       Scarlet jezabel SCJEZ
Butterflies/Moths       Short-tailed line-blue  STLBL
Butterflies/Moths       Silky azure     SIAZU
Butterflies/Moths       Silky jewel     SIJEW
Butterflies/Moths       Small brown crow        SBCRO
Butterflies/Moths       Small dusky blue        SMDBL
Butterflies/Moths       Small grass-yellow      SMGRY
Butterflies/Moths       Small green-banded blue SGRBB
Butterflies/Moths       Southern pearl-white    SOPWH
Butterflies/Moths       Southern purple azure   SPUAZ
Butterflies/Moths       Speckled line-blue      SPLBL
Butterflies/Moths       Splendid ochre  SPOCH
Butterflies/Moths       Spotted grass-blue      SPGBL
Butterflies/Moths       Spotted jezabel SPJEZ
Butterflies/Moths       Spotted pea-blue        SPPBL
Butterflies/Moths       Spotted sedge-skipper   SPSSK
Butterflies/Moths       Stencilled hairstreak   STEHK
Butterflies/Moths       Striated pearl-white    STPWH
Butterflies/Moths       Swamp darter    SWDAR
Butterflies/Moths       Swamp tiger     SWTIG
Butterflies/Moths       Tailed emperor  TAEMP
Butterflies/Moths       Tiger Moth      TIMOT
Butterflies/Moths       Trident pencil-blue     TRPBL
Butterflies/Moths       Two-spotted line-blue   TSLBL
Butterflies/Moths       Two-spotted sedge-skipper       TSSSK
Butterflies/Moths       Varied Anthelid VAANT
Butterflies/Moths       Varied dusky-blue       VADBL
Butterflies/Moths       Varied eggfly   VAEGG
Butterflies/Moths       Varied Sword-grass brown        VSGBR
Butterflies/Moths       Wattle blue     WATBL
Butterflies/Moths       White Cedar Moth        WCMOT
Butterflies/Moths       White migrant   WHMIG
Butterflies/Moths       White-banded grass-dart WHBGD
Butterflies/Moths       White-banded line-blue  WHLBL
Butterflies/Moths       White-banded plane      WHBPL
Butterflies/Moths       White-brand grass-skipper       WHGSK
Butterflies/Moths       White-margined grass-dart       WMGDT
Butterflies/Moths       White-stemmed Gum Moth  WGMOT
Butterflies/Moths       Wide-brand grass-dart   WBGDT
Butterflies/Moths       Wide-brand sedge-skipper        WBSSK
Butterflies/Moths       Wonder brown    WONBR
Butterflies/Moths       Xanthomera skipper      XANSK
Butterflies/Moths       Yellow admiral  YEADM
Butterflies/Moths       Yellow Albatross        YEALB
Butterflies/Moths       Yellow migrant  YEMIG
Butterflies/Moths       Yellow palm-dart        YPALM
Butterflies/Moths       Yellow-spotted blue     YSPBL
Butterflies/Moths       Yellow-spotted jezabel  YSJEZ

Jill Dening
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

26° 51' 41"S  152° 56' 00"E

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