Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline New South Wales Weekly Update
Date: 6 May 2013 09:39:03 +1000

Birdline New South Wales

Published sightings for the week ending 5 May 2013.

Sun 5 May Freckled Duck, Australasian Bittern Pitt Town Lagoon (NW of Sydney)
This morning at Pitt Town Lagoon, there were 45 Freckled Ducks, c15 Pink-eared Ducks and a fewer numbers of Hardhead, Pacific Black Duck and Grey Teal. The Freckled Ducks were the most numerous waterfowl present on the lagoon!!! This is also the highest number of Freckled Ducks I have seen in Sydney! We also saw on 3 occasions an Australasian Bittern as well as one Swamp Harrier, 2 (possibly 4) Whistling Kites, Black-shouldered Kite and heard a White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike (the later has been a regular bird here over the last month or so).
Edwin Vella and Tony Dawe

Budgerigar, Black Falcon, Flame Robin, Spotted Harrier and more Capertee Valley
An amazing day spent in the Capertee Valley today with Dad. The highlight was a tie between seeing around 40 Budgerigars, in three separate groups, and three Black Falcons together, which was a personal bogey for both of us. With so much of the Valley in private ownership, it is impossible to know how many Budgies are there, but it could be hundreds. One tree on the Pipeline (Newnes) Track featured, simultaneously, a Gang-Gang and a Budgie, surely something unrecorded?! Other good birds included a pair of Flame Robins, two Hooded Robins, two adult Spotted Harriers, Wedge-tailed Eagle and Australian Hobby (7 species of raptor identified, with an unidentified Accipter and likely Little Eagle also seen), Brown Quail, Hoary-headed Grebe, White-necked Heron, and a pair of Azure Kingfishers. Of note also was the abundance of Diamond Firetails, with some seen at most locations, and a maximum of 20 at one location.
Ashwin and David Rudder

Curlew Sandpiper, Pectoral SP, Wood SP, Common Greenshank, Double-banded Plover Fivebough Wetlands, Leeton
Curlew Sandpiper (pr) in breeding plumage, single Pectoral and 12+ Sharp-tailed Sandpipers along with a Wood Sandpiper (in flight), Common Greenshank and Double-banded Plover - late Sunday pm. Lots of Red-necked Avocet, Brolga (28), Red-kneed Dotterel (100s), Australian Spotted Crake (12+), Spotless Crake calling. Plenty of Australian Shelduck, Pink-eared Duck, Australasian Shoveler and a few Freckled Duck. A great afternoon's birding.
Keith Hutton and Max O'Sullivan

Spotted Harriers, Wedge-tailed Eagles, Whistling Kites Castlereagh
After my dawn adventure, I quickly drove past my fave raptor spot at Smith/Castlereagh Roads. There were two adult Spotted Harriers hunting over the paddock at Princes Farm and I noted one attacking the arriving local Wedge-tailed Eagle male. The wedgies sat atop the same tree in which Edwin and I saw the Black Kite on March 23rd this year. I "chased" the two harriers over to the west and both came within 20m of me as I stood in the middle of the road. Sadly, I had too much focal length on. About one hour later the eagles were spooked off the tree by a man feeding the race horses and they flew towards me. They commenced ascending to great heights and a Whistling Kite began to charge at the male. He then did three pot hook displays. See further info for photos of my fun morning.
Ákos Lumnitzer

Sooty Owl, Glossy Black-Cockatoo Glenbrook
I was at one of our known Sooty Owl roosts at 4:30 this morning. It was deathly quiet for nearly an hour when a Tyto-shaped bird glided about six or so meters above me (I could see the shape against the sky). This was at 05:17. At 05:26 I heard a single bomb whistle call from approximately 100 meters or so away. At 05:45 the dawn chorus began and at 05:48 I believe I heard a single screech of a Masked Owl, albeit from quite some distance, hence I would not put money on it. Ascending from the gully I quickly checked a known Tawny Frogmouth winter roost and it was occupied by one adult. I also heard and saw a lone adult Glossy Black-Cockatoo.
Ákos Lumnitzer

Buller's Albatross, White-fronted Tern North Head, Manly
Seen my first Buller's Albatross & White-fronted Tern for the winter. Also 40+ Shy Albatross, 60+ Black-browed Albatross and 4 Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross.
michael ronan.

Musk Lorikeet Moore Park, Sydney
Musk Lorikeets are back in the inner city in a big way. Never before seen them outnumbering Rainbow Lorikeets. Numerous flocks between 12 and 4 Musk Lorikeets mostly heading from Centennial Park to Redfern. Largest flock around 45 Musk Lorikeets by far biggest I've ever seen locally.
Eric Finley

Spangled Drongo Eastlakes golf course
1 Spangled Drongo this morning at Eastlakes.
Bas Hensen

Freckled Duck, Australian Shelduck Bathurst - Edgell's Lane Brick Pits
Four Freckled Ducks with one female Australian Shelduck, Australasian Shoveler, Pink-eared Duck, Hardhead, Grey Teal, Australian Wood Duck (aka Maned Duck), 2 Australian Pelicans and 2 Black Swans.
Mike Fleming and Anne Kerle

Sat 4 May Freckled Duck Earthcare Park, Metford Rd, Tenambit
18-19 Freckled Ducks
Dorien, Nick Livanos and Grant Brosie

Black Kite Southern Maitland
Standing at Gullivers Lane, Louth Park we had a clear view from the East Maitland Tip all the way around to South Maitland. There were 3 groups of Kites circling, 100-110 over the tip, 50 over Rathluba and 30 over South Maitland. So our conservative count was 180+ kite in the air at once.
Dorien, Nick Livanos and Grant Brosie

Eastern Reef Egret (Dark Morph) (Pacific Reef-Heron) Avalon Beach
Dark Morph bird flew North around Bangalley Headland this morning. I haven't heard of them at Avalon otherwise. (Moderator's note (NH): While it is not surprising at all to see Eastern Reef Egret (aka Pacific Reef-Heron) at this site, indeed nobody has reported them from there yet).
Henry Coleman

late Common Koel (Australian Koel) Pymble
Common (Australian) Koel heard calling on and off for around fifteen minutes this afternoon.
Max de Beer

Freckled Duck Pitt Town Lagoon, Windsor
38 birds today, flushed into open by a pair of Whistling Kites, Also a pair of Australasian Shovelers and good numbers of Pink-eared Ducks
Chris Gladwin

Pink-eared Duck Centennial Parklands
Two pink-eared ducks still on the Duck Pond. Today roosting on the edge of an island, almost indistinguishable from the rocks around them until one moved. Also possible hoary-headed grebe, but too distant to identify.
Graeme Robinson

Swift Parrot Lyndale Avenue, Port Macquarie
9 Swift Parrots, flying high and towards the south. First record for the season.
Tim Morris

Fri 3 May Spotted Harrier Teven Road / Bruxner Highway intersection, West Ballina
Single Spotted Harrier hunting over long grasses and wetland margins. In recent weeks this bird has been seen regularly in this area.
David Charley

Spotted Harrier Pimlico Road, south west of Ballina
Two Spotted Harriers seen hunting over soybean and fallow fields.
David Charley

Sooty Owl Warrimoo
This evening at 18:00 a Sooty Owl called deep in the forest. It came to check us out for about five minutes. A wonderful sighting.
Ákos Lumnitzer, Mickey Mackwan, Graham Turner

Spotted Harrier Tyagarah 28 35S 153 32E 1' Cell
Another Spotted Harrier along the Pacific Highway in the Northern Rivers.
Hans Wohlmuth

Nankeen Night-Heron Eastlakes Golf Course
I came across around 15-20 Nankeen Night-Herons roosting in trees along one of the canals while working at Eastlakes today at around 1100. The location is known as Pond 5 in Sydney Water documentation but I am not sure if this is the same naming convention used by the public or the golf course.
Jon Spicer-Bell

Thu 2 May Red-necked Avocet Goran Lake, 30 km south of Gunnedah 2380
Since my last report on 20 April (#175887) there has been a major change at Goran Lake. The remaining shallow water has attracted more than 1000 Red-necked Avocets. The attached photo shows only the densest cluster. Bird-watching from the public road is becoming difficult due to increasing distance and intervening mudflats. Evaporation rates are high and the lake will probably soon be dry.
Michael Dahlem

Wed 1 May Royal Spoonbill, Brolga Boyters Lane, Jerseyville
Royal Spoonbill (80) Brolga (2)
Roger Giller

Wed 1 May Spotted Harrier Cudgera Creek South East 1' Cell
A Spotted Harrier by the Pacific Highway just north of Sleepy Hollow.
Hans Wohlmuth

Radjah Shelduck (pending NSW ORAC decision) Coldstream Rd Ulmarra
This morning we saw 2 Radjah Shelducks perched on the roof of a pump shed at a waterhole on Coldstream Rd Ulmarra. There were 32 Brolgas next to Post Office Lane Ulmarra. (Moderator's Note (NH): Radjah Shelduck [aka Raja Shelduck] is on the Review List of NSW ORAC and wil be subject to their confirmation)
Eric and Margaret Wheeler, June and Norm Harris

Tue 30 Apr Red-winged Parrot, Australian King-Parrot, Diamond Firetail, Little Lorikeet, Speckled Warbler W of Weean Crk, W of Kings Plains National Park, NE of Inverell (no public access)
Adult pair of Red-winged Parrots, two female plumaged Australian King-Parrots, one Little Lorikeet, Mistletoebirds all feeding in mistletoe, also two adult Diamond Firetails feeding three begging juveniles, Spotted and Striated Pardalotes in same trees. Two Speckled Warblers and a Jacky Winter nearby.
Greg Clancy, Warren Martin

Freckled Duck, Whistling Kite Pitt Town Lagoon
Party of three (3) Whistling Kites flew over Pitt Town Lagoon and settled on one of the island dead trees. Spooked the ducks and flock of ten (10) Freckled Ducks settled on the water 100m from the mound. Excellent. No sign of Bitterns though.
Chris and Jane Gregory

Black Falcon Wallabadah Road, 2-3kms east of Quirindi NSW

Michael Perkins

Mon 29 Apr late Dollarbird Myall Lakes National Park (Mungo Brush - Paperbark Picnic Area)
1 Dollarbird calling loudly and then briefly seen in flight. Quite a late sighting for a Dollarbird. Musk Duck hanging around the ferry area and an adult and juvenile Brahminy Kite over the broadwater along with two Crested Terns and loads of Whistling Kite.
Simon Gorta

Black-necked Stork, Yellow-billed Spoonbill McMahon Rd swamp, E. of Casino
Single adult stork and pair of Yellow-billed Spoonbill, Tawny Grassbird seen as well.
J.Wieneke,M.Dam, R.Lamb

Great Crested Grebe, Blue-billed Duck Fairy Hill Swamp, near Casino
All three grebe species present, along with 3 Blue-billed Duck, Wandering Whistling-duck and family of Brown Quail.

Blue-billed Duck, Hoary-headed Grebe,Hobby, Swamp Harrier Llewellyns Rd, Casino
Pair of Blue-billed Duck, also Aust.Shoveler and a Glossy Ibis. More Hoary-headed Grebe than Australasian, pairs of Aust.Hobby and Swamp Harrier keeping waterbirds on the alert.
J.Wieneke,M.Dam, R.Lamb

Common Bronzewing Lower Pappinbarra
Never seen Common Bronzewing in the area before. A Bar-shouldered Dove was following it around as it searched the ground. The BS Dove seemed very interested in it, following it for more than 100m, but the Bronzewing behaved as if it was not happy about the close attention. Then I saw it again several hours later about 300 m away foraging on the ground again. (Moderator's note (NH): Indeed, Common Bronzewing has not yet been recorded in this block).
Ian Kerr

Freckled Duck, Great Crested Grebe, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, woodswallows Wonga Wetlands, West Albury
A short stop in the afternoon produced some interesting species including the following, At least 7 Freckled Ducks, 1 juv. Great Crested Grebe, a few White-breasted and at least 1 Black-faced Woodswallow, 1 White-bellied Sea-eagle (all on or near Lagoon 1). 1 White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike and a lone Brown Treecreeper near the Visitor Centre.
Falk Wicker

Little Eagle Nurragingy Reserve, Doonside
Little Egle was perching on the gum tree near the Centre oblivious to harassment of Noisy Miners, Australian Raven and Pied Currawongs.
Ted Wnorowski

Powerful Owl Bellawongarah - Berry Mountain
One Powerful Owl heard calling in the forest at 9:50pm for a short while. A relatively warm still night.
Carla Jackett

Spotted Harrier Long Term Car Park, Sydney Airport
Single Spotted Harrier observed hunting near the long term car park, occasionally being harassed by Australian Ravens.
Nigel Coghlan

Yellow- tailed Black Cockatoo McGregor Reserve, Rankin Park, newcastle
A flock of 10 or more Yellow- tailed Black Cockatoos in McGregor Reserve, Rankin Park, Newcastle behind John Hunter Hospital. Just a short walk along the track and you will see them feeding on the pine cones and having a merry, vocal chat.
Kathryn Diehm

Magpie Goose, Chestnut-breasted Mannikin, Budgerigar Narrabri Lake, Narrabri West 2390
30 Magpie Geese are still present at Narrabri Lake (the photo shows about 26); looks like they are set to stay. A pair of Chestnut-breasted Mannikins is still nesting, but all breeding activity of the aquatic birds is over for the season. Apart from the "usual suspects", there were also 2 Red-kneed Dotterels today. And, as everywhere else in the region right now, a flock of Budgerigars (about 50 of them roosting in eucalypts; took a few photos).
Michael Dahlem

Black Kite Council Waste Site Lismore
Minimum 55 Black Kites at the council waste facility in Wyrallah Rd. Normally rare in the Northern Rivers, although that clearly has not been the case in the past couple of months.
Hans Wohlmuth

Little Corella Grafton 2460
8.15am. Approx. 300 Little Corella in two flocks and loose birds over Grafton between Dobie Street and the Clarence River.
Warren Thompson

Sun 28 Apr Black Kite, Weebill Coutts Crossing
One kite observed by Bill hunting on wing N of Orara River at Coutts Crossing in morning. 23+ observed by Greg in very high flock moving SW over southern end of village @ 1550 hrs. It wasn't clear if the birds seen constituted the whole flock or were the tail end of a larger flock. Two Weebills present all day in forested farmland at edge of village.
Greg Clancy, Bill O'Donnell

Sun 28 Apr Powerful Owl Lane Cove, Sydney
A Powerful Owl hit our window. It was a bit winded but fine. When we turned the light on to investigate the noise we saw it on the ground accompanied by its mate. We gazed at each other for a short time, quickly turned the light out and off they flew.
John Francis Ryan

Rose Robin Mulgoa, private property
two males and 1 female, first sighting of season
peter harvey

Campbell Albatross, Providence Petrel, Wilson's Storm-Petrel Terrigal pelagic, Central Coast
Tim Faulkner organised the first Terrigal pelagic for today with 10 observers, unfortunately the sea was flat and there was little wind out off the continental shelf. Highlights included 1 Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross, 11+ Black-browed Albatross, 1 Campbell Albatross, 10+ Wilson's Storm-Petrels, 2+ Providence Petrel, 2 Short-tailed Shearwaters, 20+ Wedge-tailed & 20+ Flesh-footed Shearwaters.
Tim Faulkner, Alan Morris, John Weigel (photo) and 7 others.

Whistling Kite Pennant Hills near pennnat Hills Park
Whistling Kite gliding low over the eastern Pennat Hills area near park, unusual for the area.
Ian francis

Rose Robin Greenwich Gore Creek
One male. Only my 2nd local record. Also an adult White-bellied Sea-Eagle, and an immature Satin Bowerbird.
Ted Nixon

Black Kite N of Clarence Regional Waste Depot, South Grafton
9 kites flying S at c. 50 m above ground @1720 hrs.
Bill O'Donnell

Sat 27 Apr Glossy Ibis Queensland Road, Casino
Swamp on both sides of road about half-way along road contained 40+ Glossy Ibis, some actively feeding, most loafing in company with Black Swans, Australian White Ibis etc.
J.Wieneke, M.Dam, R.Lamb

Pink-eared Duck, Black-tailed Native-hen, Chestnut-breasted Mannikin Casino STW
Many Pink-eared Duck, single Black-tailed Native-hen, 3 Aust. Shovelers, and a few Chestnut-breasted Mannikin. Total of 33 species in 35 minutes
J.Wieneke, M.Dam, R.Lamb

Little Eagle Berowra
One Little Eagle observed above Windybanks Interchage (F3/Pacific Highway) at 1pm.
Paul Burcher

Pink-eared Duck Centennial Parklands Sydney
Pink-eared Duck main pond in the centre of park. Also Hoary-headed Grebe
Marie Lister

Pink-eared Duck, Hoary-headed Grebe Centennial Park Sydney
A pair of Pink-eared duck on the central main pond at CP this morning. Came near to the edge to my amazement and then spent time in the centre of the pond circling each other - a mating display? Also Hoary-headed Grebe.
Marie Lister

Fri 26 Apr Masked Owl Majors Creek on Grafton-Armidale Road
Very white bird (? male) flew across road @ 1850 hrs. Distinguished from Barn Owl by large size and strong direct laboured flight.
Greg Clancy

Spotted Harrier New England Highway, Glencoe.
Adult Spotted Harrier over paddock. (Moderator's note: In view of the fact that there are many Spotted Harriers in NSW west of the Great Diving Range, it has been decided that we will not publish any more sightings from there unless there are exceptional circumstances about the sighting. At the rate they are now being seen in coastal regions we may have to restrict postings of them there too but not at this stage as yet. They, like Black Kites and Budgerigars are certainly moving into coastal regions.AKM)
Warren Martin

Wed 24 Apr Musk Duck Centennial Parklands Sydney
Musk Duck close to the edge of main pond in the centre of Centennial Park. Diving for food near where the children were feeding ducks.
Marie Lister

Tue 23 Apr Black Kite, Black-Necked Stork Hexham Swamp West, Leneghan Drive
Approx 50 Black Kites wheeling over the rise near properties above the swamp, some low over paddocks and perching in trees there. Some mobbed by ravens, or flying with Whistling Kite, or landing in paddocks with cattle and dogs nearby. Some pairs in skirmish. Also a pair of Black-Necked Storks roosting in distant paddock.
Bruce Roubin and Ken Gilmour

Mon 22 Apr White-fronted Chat Newington Nature Reserve
Sunny autumn while working on site. Mainly near Birdlife centre. White-fronted Chat (2) Unmistakable black and white markings on the face and chin, small size also. Unfortunately I couldn't get a very focused photo with the camera phone as was too far away. Looked great in the binoculars though. This is posted as an unusual or rare observation as this area only has 4 white-fronted chats recorded and are all male. It is good to see at least a couple of individuals are still alive.
Mark Cachia

Fri 19 Apr Ground Cuckoo-shrike Sturt Hwy, 36k from Narrandera towards Carrathool
2 Ground Cuckoo-shrikes sitting on gate at roadside gave great views then moved further into paddock
Sandra Henderson, Lia Battisson, Jean Casburn, Jane Green, Julie McGuinness

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