Birdline NSW Weekly Update

Subject: Birdline NSW Weekly Update
Date: 21 May 2012 01:30:49 +1000

Birdline NSW

Published sightings for the week ending 20 May 2012.

Sun 20 May Regent Honeyeater Quorrobolong, SE of Cessnock
At least 9 Regent HE's today on a known site on private property at Quorrobolong (7 birds seen 300m away but unable to ascertain if same or different birds).
Ann Lindsey per Mick Roderick

Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot Werakata SCA, Pelton (SW of Cessnock)
About 50 Swift Parrots and 4 Regent Honeyeaters feeding in profusely flowering Spotted Gum trees. Regents only picked up on a second visit in the early afternoon during the range-wide surveys. Much aggression from White-naped and Yellow-faced HEs (who were also seen to chase off pigeons!). The number of Little Lorikeets impossible to judge but I would say at least 200, they were widespread and deafening!
Mick and Steve Roderick

Wompoo Fruit-dove, Regent Bowerbird Lower Pappinbarra, 15km West of Wauchope
Three Wompoo, two female and one male Regent and many Satin Bowerbirds were eating fruit of Acronychia oblongifolia. Many Figbirds were around but none were seen eating this fruit.
Ian Kerr

Black Bittern, Figbirds, King Parrots Nurragingy Reserve, Doonside (approx 5km W of Blacktown CBD)
My highlight this morning whilst surveying for Swift Parrots at Nurragingy was about 9:30 am when I accidentally disturbed a Black Bittern that was feeding beside one of the ponds and well out in the open and away from cover. However since then it was very difficult to approach as it flew from one tree to another with loads of Currawongs and Ravens all having a go at it. There were also several Figbirds about (some were feeding on the privet), a few King Parrots (quite uncommon for the Blacktown shire), Musk Lorikeets, Brown Goshawk, Rose Robin, 3 Crested Shrike-tits (2 males and a female) and an Olive-backed Oriole. I have seen the Swift Parrots on a number of years at Nurragingy in the past but there appeared to be no Swifties on this occasion.
Edwin Vella

Regent Honeyeaters and Swift Parrots Werakata NP, Kitchener (Kearsley Fire Trail)
The numbers of Regents have increased dramatically in this location. The last week or so there have been around 8 birds, today the total counted was 27 birds with 19 in a small area. Swift Parrot numbers having also shot up with a total count of around 150 birds in the area.
Steve Roderick and Eric Sohn Tan

Sat 19 May Eastern Rosella, White winged Triller Whittaker's Lagoon, Moree
At this location the Eastern Rosella is at the edge of its western range and most White-winged Trilles have already departed northwards.
Curtis Hayne

Square-tailed Kite Cambridge Gardens near Penrith
Square-tailed Kite (1) Adult bird circling over my house in Cambridge Gardens.
Ákos Lumnitzer

Straw-necked Ibis Jubilee Park, Glebe
7 birds flew over the park heading west. First time I've seen them in this area.
Simon Gorta

Pacific Baza; Grey Goshawk Rosebank, N. NSW
Pacific Baza and Grey Goshawk are quite usual here but breakfast on the deck this morning was enlivened by 5 Pacific Bazas overhead at the same time as 2 Grey Goshawks (1 grey morph) resting in nearby trees.
Phil Murray

Fri 18 May Ground Cuckoo-shrike Booberoi Creek Bridge, north of the Lachlan River
To the north of the Booberoi Creek Bridge, 2 Ground Cuckoo-shrikes were seen on the Mt. Hope-Lake Cargelligo Road.
Nevil Lazarus & Robert Johnstone

Flame Robin Lake Brewster, near Lake Cargelligo
A single Flame Robin seen on a fence at Lake Brewster, well west of the usual winter range.,
Nevil Lazarus & Paul Johnstone

Black Falcon, Spotted Harrier , Spotted Crake Chat Alley, Euabalong west
When travelling between Lake Cargelligo and Round Hill Nature Reserve, a stop off at Chat Alley found a Black Falcon, 2 Spotted Harriers, an Australian Spotted Crake in a drain, White-fronted Chats and White-winged Fairy-wrens
Nevil Lazarus and Paul Johnstone

Red- lored Whistler Round Hill Nature reserve and Lake Cargelligo
During a 4 day visit to Lake Cargelligo, we saw an Immature Red-lored Whistler at Round Hill -- in the mallee, along the railway track approx 2km west of Mt Hope Rd. Also, at Round Hill -- Several Shy Heathwren, Southern Scrub Robins, Chestnut Quail-thrush, White-fronted H/E, Grey-fronted and Yellow-plumed H/E, and Major Mitchells. Also near old wheatfield we saw an Eastern Yellow Robin -- have not before seen this at Lake C area. Lots of pictures to process on our return.
Nevil Lazarus and Paul Johnstone

Brown Honeyeaters Ryland Trail, Ku-ring-gai National Park
2 Brown Honeyeaters together with 2 Eastern Spinebills, a White-eared Honeyeater & several Silvereyes, flying between eucalypts (starting to flower) and Banksia ericifolia.
Maret Vesk

Thu 17 May Spotted Quail-thrush Nandewar Range, 40 km east of Narrabri 2390
Several groups of Spotted Quail-thrush seen near Mt. Coryah, some by the roadside, others close to the top of the mountain top near the hiking trail, all on rocky soil, all in shady areas or morning twilight. A total of at least 8 birds seen in three separate locations (both males and females), where they had been spotted before (the photo shows a female).
Michael Dahlem

Scarlet Robin Nandewar Range, 40 km east of Narrabri 2390
Single male Scarlet Robin spotted in sparse eucalypt forest at about 1200 m altitude, near areas with exposed rock, not far from Mt. Coryah.
Michael Dahlem

Little Lorikeet Wellington NSW Mountain Valley Road
A small group of Little Lorikeets seen feeding in flowering White Box. Seemed unperturbed by my presence resulting in good views.Also Olive-backed Oriole,Peaceful Doves, Diamond Firetails and Brown Treecreeper were seen.
Stephen Gibbs

Hoary-headed Grebe, Eurasian Skylark and Restless Flycatcher Eastlakes Golf Course, Pagewood
3 Hoary-headed Grebes on the biggest pond today, the Restless Flycatcher was still there, this time near the island were the Ibis/Egrets roost. Also a Brown Goshawk, Spotless Crake, Brown Quail, 2 Australian Reed Warblers, 4 species of Egret and an amazing flock of 14 Eurasian Skylarks flying over.
David Mitford

Yellow-billed Spoonbills, Buff-banded Rail, Apostlebirds Plumpton Park
No raptors but an adult and immature/sub-adult Yellow-billed Spoonbill were the highlight of a visit to my local park. A Buff-banded Rail was also showing well and a pair of Apostlebirds added some interest.
Mark Fuller

Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater Rothbury, 15 km north of Cessnock, Hunter Valley
One Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater calling and feeding in Banksia spinulosa and Spotted Gum, sometimes harassed by Noisy Friarbird.
Steve Roderick

Buff-banded rail Trumper Park, Paddington, Sydney
Four Buff-banded Rails around the small pond in what used to be an old sand stone quarry. I have followed this family since the young were hatched at the end of 2011. They have survived roaming dogs and cats. In fact I reported a similar family in April 2011. So this small pond reclaimed from an inner city garbage dump a few years ago appears now to be a breeding site fot the rails. They are easily seen and will come within a few metres.
Chris Gregory

Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater Hat Head National Park
A single bird seen in the heathland over the past two days. This is quite a way east of their normal range.
Sue Proust

Wed 16 May Speckled Warbler and Weebill Gosforth, Maitland
Two species rarely reported within the Maitland City Council area. Not sure if Weebills are recorded much further east in the Hunter. The Speckled Warblers have now been found at two very seperate locations at Gosforth.
Grant Brosie

Ground Cuckoo-shrike, Banded Lapwing 2.5km West on Beanbah Rd off the Castlereagh Hwy, nth of Coonamble
2 Ground Cuckoo-shrike just off the road and another 15km up the Beanbah road, and in the paddock on the left was 3 Banded Lapwings
Steve Edwards

Bassian Thrush Galaringi Reserve, Carlingford
Bassian Thrush (1) New for this site. I was surprised to see a Bassian Thrush rustling around through the leaf litter at the base of a large Gum tree.
Jenny Stiles

Tue 15 May Noisy Pitta Valla Beach.
Seen on FWD track to nth Valla Beach
Rosalie Wilkinson per Allen Hamilton.

probable Square-tailed Kite Oakhurst, western suburbs
My wife saw a huge bird flew very low over the backyard with straight wings while birds harassed it. My daughter also saw a 'big scary bird' and confirmed the 'funny bits' (primaries) on the wings through photo ID. I'll keep an eye out over the next few days.
Lisa and Claire Fuller per Mark Fuller

Regent Honeyeater, Swift Parrot and Scarlet Robin Kearsly Firetrail, Werakata NP, Kitchener
About 10.30 am, up to 8 Regent Honeyeaters were seen down the trail-bike track that leads off from the Kearsley Firetrail which is where they have been recently seen. I met up with Lorna Mee and other HBOC members who were photographing the Regents, and here I saw c. 6 Regent Honeyeaters over a 20 minute period. They also said that a flock of Swift Parrots were seen prior to my arriving. Returning back to the firetrail, about 150m from the where the other Regents were seen, another 2 Regents were encountered, and further on, closer to the Firetrail, were 4+ Swift Parrots. About 500m north from the Firetrail gate, a pair of Scarlet Robins were seen on the Firetrail and at least 4 Fuscous Honeyeaters were present.
Alan Morris

Red-chested Button-quail Mahons Creek Road Yarramundi
1 adult female
David Potter

Mon 14 May Superb Parrot 3km East on Gibson Way from Willy Retreat, Maquarie Marshes
4 Superb Parrots were seen 3km East of Willy Retreat, a flock of Budgerigar another 1km East and a flock of Plum-headed Finch at the Monkeygar Creek Crossing
Steve Edwards

Little Eagle 37km North on the Warren-Carinda Road from Gibsons Way, Maquarie Marshes
Also seen here were Plum-Headed Finch, Brown Treecreeper Southern Whiteface and many others.
Steve Edwards

Eastern Barn Owl Prospect, near Blacktown
I saw the owl fly across around 6-8m above the road while I drove along the M4 at 01:15 this morning. I just passed under the Prospect Hwy westbound and it flew about 100m west from the overpass. It was heading from the north to the south, in the direction of the reservoir. I have seen dozens and dozens of EBOs, especially in flight, and I am very positive of the ID, even at 100km/h.
Ákos Lumnitzer

Eastern Osprey Terrigal Beach
Single Eastern Osprey sighted flying north acrosss Terrigal Haven alongTerrigal Beach and landing in large Norfolk Island pines at the entrance to Terrigal Lagoon just after 5pm this afternoon. Also sighted an Australian Hobby crusing the sands of Terrigal and Wamberal beaches just before 7am on Sunday morning.
Paul Shelley

Swift Parrot West Ryde, 51 Hermitage Rd (Sydney Water grounds)
I was very surprised today hearing swift parrot call ( first time this year) from gum trees in our SW parking area. I found 4 swifties among rainbow lorikeets and miners feeding on lerp (gum trees are not flowering). It was great to see them again in the same spot. I'm recording small flocks of swifties regularly in this site (SW grounds and Medowbank TAFE grounds) for last 6 years ( few days in May and August )
Ted Wnorowski

Sun 13 May Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater Private Property near Bulga, Hunter Valley
One Spiny Cheeked Honeyeater seen in and around flowering Spotted Gum with many other species of Honeyeater. This species has become somewhat more 'regular' in this area of the Hunter Valley over the last few years.
Steve Roderick

Plum-headed Finch Maquarie Marshes NR Sandy Camp-Carinda Road
A large flock of about 20 to 30 Plum-headed Finch, 1 Diamond Dove and 3 Hooded Robins. Seen within the Macquarie Marshes NR, 11 km N of Sandy camp.
Steve Edwards

Budgerigar Big Terrigal Creek, Gibson Way, Maquarie Marshes
About 5 or 6 seen and some heard at nearby Sandy Camp. The picture is of a young bird.
Steve Edwards

Eastern Osprey Hardy's Bay
Single Osprey soaring over Hardy's Bay at 2pm. Also saw a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets nesting in an Angophora costata hollow on the njearby track to Lobster Beach in Bouddi National Park.
Nick Carson

Peregrine Falcon Lime Kiln Bay adjacent to Oatley Park
A Peregrine Falcon this afternoon attacked a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets without success.
Dave Koffel

Possible Letter-winged Kite and Black-shouldered Kites Hume Hwy just south-west of Bowning.
Should be treated as a possible report of Letter-winged Kite, but perhaps worth a local checking up on it. Reported to me by a friend who is a sound birder. He was driving between Jugiong and Bowning and in the hills sw of Bowning he reported several Black-shouldered Kites and saw another bird that, on the basis of underwing markings, he was quite sure was a Letter-winged Kite. (Moderator's Note: We are concerned that this is a second hand report and it is possible that the bird was mis-identified. However we have published the report in the hope that some one might be able to confirm the record)
Chris Watson per Colin Fink

Sat 12 May Red-necked Stint, Red-capped Plover, Double-banded Plover Goran Lake, 30 km south of Gunnedah NSW 2380
This extraordinary ephemeral lake had 16 waterbird species present. With 31 species in the surrounding woodland & farmland and road in to the lake. A real Lake Eyre experience – thousands of Pelicans!!! The highlights were a single Red-necked Stint, about 40 Red-capped Plovers and over 60 Double-banded Plovers. Also present were 25 Caspian Terns, over 150 Silver Gulls, over 30 Masked Lapwings, over 100 Grey Teal, a pair of Australasian Shovelers, a solitary Yellow-billed Spoonbill, Great Egret, White-faced Heron and Black-fronted Dotterel and a small population of White-necked Herons, Black-winged Stilts and Pacific Black Ducks. Musk Lorikeets were present on the road in. NO Red-necked Avocets were present during the visit, while several hundred had been recorded in the past 10 months.
Curtis Hayne, R. Druce, M. Dahlem

Fri 11 May Grey Goshawk Private property 10km North West of Moree, NSW
A single Grey Goshawk was seen flying over woodlands next to a farm dam before perching. The goshawk was more white.
Curtis Hayne

Wedge-Tailed Eagle Albion Park, NSW
2 wedge tailed eagles circling above the southern part of albion park that backs onto Jamberoo road. I have no doubt one of them is the same one that I have seen living on Tallawarra Point near Yallah. I saw it once and accidentally came only a few feet away from it. Then I saw what surely must be the same one fly over a car I was passenger in, coming from the direction of Tallawarra. Looks like the ol' fellah's found himself a mate.
Patrick Davis

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