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Subject: Birdline Victoria Weekly Update
Date: 19 Sep 2011 01:30:43 +1000

Birdline Victoria

Published sightings for the week ending 18 Sep 2011.

Sun 18 Sep Square-tailed Kite 1-2 Ks north-west of Whroo Information Centre
One bird seen flying over the Nagambie-Rushworh. Seen from car doing typical low flight over trees, then fortunately circled back overhead once I got out of car, allowing for reasonably good flight photos. This is the second time I have seen this species in the area, the other time was at the southern edge of the Whroo Forest. Extremely happy to get photos of this rare hawk.
Kevin Bartram

Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo Beebe Street, Flora Hill Bendigo
Eating lunch on the porch and noticed a small bird fly into the neighbour's Sycamore Tree. Closer inspection releaved it to be a Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo. It plucked a few grubs and then sat silently for about 15 minutes before darting away.
Adrian Martins

Black-eared Cuckoo Wilby
Black-eared Cuckoo (1) surprised to see, behind the tennis courts at the bushland reserve. Slightly larger and paler than a Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo with the dark eye stripe clearly seen. First record for this spring, likely on passage somewhere, probably to Killawarra or the Warby Ranges to the south. The habitat here is not really suitable. A White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike (dark morph) and Long-billed Corella were also some interesting sightings around on a bird walk.
Michael Ramsey - Bronzewing Birding Services

Swift Parrot Gilpin Park, Brunswick West
Thought I was hearing things this afternoon when I head Swift Parrots outside my back door in Gilpin Park. Went outside to water the plants and a Swift Parrot flew right past me. Paul and I saw at least 7 Swift Parrots feeding in several different trees. Gilpin Park is full of flowering gums right now including some Ironbarks.
Nicole Spillane & Paul Jacobson

Painted Button-quail Edwards Park & Lagoon Oval, Port Melbourne
Painted Button-quail (1) foraging in garden bed. Earlier this day a friend brought us a dead, probably female PBQ found yesterday in a roadside gutter near the HMAS apartments buildings in Rouse St, Port Melbourne. So we were pleased to find this Lagoon Oval PBQ still alive and well. This, added to the 14/9 report by Clare & Sally of a dead PBQ in Bridge St Port Melbourne suggests that there is a larger population of these birds in this suburb than first thought.
Janine Duffy, Roger Smith

Spotted Harrier, Pacific Golden Plover, Horsfield's Bushlark Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Spotted Harrier An immaculate juvenile bird quartering the paddock on corner of Princes Hwy and Pt Wilson Rd. Perched several times on fenceline and made attempts on rabbits. A Pluvialis sp. moulting out of breeding plumage seen in south-east corner of Cons Pond 35E 8 looked to be this species. Freshly moulted secondaries, tertials and primaries, with extension of primaries seen to consist of only 3 feathers beyond the long tertials on both wings. Undertail coverts are largely white. The bird looks long-legged and warm-colored, and doesn't have attenuated rear-end appearance of American GP. This may or not be the same bird as reported previously however. A Horsfield's Bushlark was singing and displaying lustily along Beach Rd, a first for spring.
Steve & Wren Davidson

Whistling Kite Flinders Avenue (You Yangs)
A Whistling Kite flew in with a field mouse and dined for 1/2 an hour. It cleaned itself up the flew back out for some more.
Raoul Symons

Sat 17 Sep Powerful Owl Patterson Lakes (Carrum Swamp)
Powerful Owl (1) While at friends place for BBQ around 6.30pm I saw very briefly a large owl fly low across yard. Well lit up by outdoor lighting. Definite Owl and too big for Boobook . This area like a lot Melbourne is heavily populated by possums and has fruit bats commonly visiting the area.
Colin Mulvogue

Barn Owl Frankston
Barn Owl (1) Seen in Flowering Gum , very heavy foliage, also home to 2 Little Raven with young in nest , Bird was heard screeching. Eventually chased off by Raverns , Noisy Miners and Common Mynas.
Colin Mulvogue

Painted Button-quail, Chestnut-rumped Heathwren, Spotted Quail-thrush Brisbane Ranges National Park
Painted Button-quail (1) On side of Ballan-Geelong Road Chestnut-rumped Heathwren (1) Near start of Orchid Track Spotted Quail-thrush (1) Single bird seen on Nelson Track near the Cinnamon Fungus boot cleaning station
Paul Dodd & Ruth Woodrow

Spotted Harrier, Noisy Miner, Common Greenfinch Anakie 10' Cell
Spotted Harrier (1) Flying over fields and lightly wooded-area south of Anakie and Brisbane Ranges. Seen well. Noisy Miner (1) On fence on O'Neil Lane, Anakie. Common Greenfinch - heard from property south of Anakie.
Paul Dodd & Ruth Woodrow

Baillon's Crake, Pacific Golden Plover, Latham's Snipe Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Baillon's Crake (1) Seen at pond 4, T-Section Pacific Golden Plover (1) The bird that Jen Spry saw - a possible (although unlikely) American Golden Plover Latham's Snipe (1) Conservation Ponds
Paul Dodd & Ruth Woodrow

Red-browed Treecreeper, Spotted Quail-thrush Mount Samaria State Park
There were quite a few Red-browed Treecreeper seen and heard around Spring Creek Sawmill camp ground, also saw 3 Spotted Quail-thrush on the walk to Back Creek Falls, others could be heard calling.
Nicole Spillane & Paul Jacobson

Pacific Golden Plover Reef Island
solitary bird on furthest reach of island at low tide, not far from pied oystercatchers, ruddy turnstones, fairy terns, and about 100 red necked stints.
Wayne Butterworth

Banded Stilt, Gull-billed Tern, Striated Fieldwren Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Good morning today with over 80 species seen. Highlights were a single Banded Stilt among Red-necked Avocets at the Western Pond. Also heard (and saw a couple) a number of Striated Fieldwrens in different locations and also saw a single Gull-billed Tern flying over Lake Borrie. Also good numbers of Whiskered Terns and Curlew Sandpipers also a few Marsh Sandpipers and a single Greenshank. A couple of Pink-eared Ducks were in Western Pond and a single Cape Barren Goose was seen at Lake Borrie. Good numbers of Crakes at WTP including Baillons Crake, Spotted Crake and Buff-banded Rails
Simon Blanchflower

Black Falcon, Spotted Harrier Moolort Plains
A pair of Black Falcons hunting ducks over Lignum Swamp. A single Spotted Harrier near Long Swamp on the Moolort Plains.
Geoff Park

Australian Little Bittern Karkarook Park
Bird eventually spotted around 12:45pm at western side of wetlands described in previous report (second pond from SW corner near Warrigal Rd). Good, although brief, views obtained from the vantage point on a mound near an electical pole and a small group of she-oak trees. Also a single juv. Black-shouldered Kite was spotted at the northern end of the wetlands.
Mel Mitchell

Marsh Sandpiper, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper South Yarrawonga Wetland
Could not resist visiting this wetland again after some great recent sightings. Today I was rewarded a Marsh Sandpiper feeding in the shallow grassy area of the swamp with Black-winged Stilts, another great record here as waders of any kind are rarely recorded in north-east Victoria. A small group Sharp-tailed Sandpipers are still also here as well as over 70 Red-kneed and Black-fronted Dotterels, the former just slightly more numerous. Also interesting to see some Cattle Egrets begin to colour up into breeding plumage.
Michael Ramsey

Painted Honeyeater, Swift Parrot Killawarra Forest
Painted Honeyeaters have returned in good numbers to Killawarra Forest with at least 8 recorded at 2 sites this morning. Some were only heard but I had good views of a few birds, especially of a pair, and a male singing from a dead tree. Two late staying Swift Parrots were also seen along Wallaby Hill Track. Other good sightings including a singing male Gilbert's Whistler, Musk, Little and Purple-crowned Lorikeets, first spring returns of a Pallid Cuckoo, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike and a late staying Flame Robin. The forest is looking and feeling fantastic at present with over 80 species recorded during the morning here.
Michael Ramsey

Fri 16 Sep Black Falcon Balderson Rd, via Gunbower
At 6.50am today we had an excellent sighting of a single black falcon sitting on a fence post along Balderson road. Approx 500 metres further along the track we sighted a little eagle. Later in the day we sighted a pair of spotted harriers outside the perimeter of Terrick Terrick National Park. Within the Park we sighted a painted button quail, a single brown quail, diamond firetails, hooded robins, and 3 separate hearings of the elusive Gilberts whistler but unable to sight positively. We were returning from an exciting experience of photographing a pair of grey falcons at Bowra and a pair of scarlet chested parrots at Gluepot. This evening we returned to Geelong in time to witness the presence of several Baillon's crakes at the WTP. Phew!
Hedley and Irena Earl

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Red-kneed Dotterel, Black-fronted Dotterel South Yarrawonga Wetland
Five Sharp-tailed Sandpiper were see in the shallow, grassy part of the swamp feeding in a small group. A big surprise, though the habitat seemed perfect. Waders are very rarely recorded in north-east Victoria. Also great to seen were approximately 30 Red-kneed Dotterel and about 15 Black-fronted Dotterel. This wetland is looking fantastic at the moment.
Michael Ramsey

Plumed Whistling-Duck Yarrawonga Sewage Ponds
Over 30 Plumed Whistling-Ducks are still present at the sewage ponds. They can be seen from the Benalla Rd roosting on the banks around the ponds. Numbers seem to be increasing at this site again.
Michael Ramsey

Australian Little Bittern, Latham's Snipe, Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater Karkarook Park
After an extensive search we (actually Dave did, with an incredible case of bittern-nose) finally found the Australian Little Bittern on the second pond to the north when standing in the south-west corner (if that makes sense...) It was a brief but very satisfactory view through the scope. A brilliant supporting cast consisted of a Latham's Snipe in flight as well as a possible Wood Sandpiper seen in flight only. There was also a single Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater that flew through with the abundant Little Wattlebirds that were also passing through en masse, 2 Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo, 3 Blue-billed Duck and a Brown Quail.
Steven Davidson - The Melbourne Birder

White-bellied Sea-eagle Hastings
A White-bellied Sea-eagle soaring above boat ramp area. Also 5 White-necked Herons flying west over Marine Parade.
Adam Dixon

Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo, Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater Royal Park, Parkville
I got a definite, though frustratingly brief, look at this bird in the casurina next to the treatment wetlands with a group of New Holland Honeyeaters before it promptly flew off. I heard it calling for another 10 minutes or so but didn't see it again. (I ran into Nicole Spillane afterwards, who evidently eventually sighted it as well.) Also saw a pair of Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo in the vegetation in the treatment wetlands. Great morning!
Rohan Long

Baillon's Crake, Australian Spotted Crake, Spotless Crake, Banded Stilt Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Still crakes galore at T-Section Lagoon! 6 Baillon's Crake, 4 Australian Spotted Crake and 1 Spotless Crake seen feeding happily in the open. Also still around 40 Banded Stilt at Paradise Rd
Dirk Tomsa

Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater Trin Warren Tamboore, Royal Park, Parkville
One Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater heard calling and then spotted in the Casuarina next to the Treatment Wetland. Thanks to Rohan Long for the tip off.
Nicole Spillane

Thu 15 Sep Red - necked Avocets Woodvale - Bendigo Mining Evaporation Ponds
At least 300-400 birds in two groups. Always a good spot for these but have never seen so many.
Murray Chambers & Alan Spalding

Chestnut-rumped Heathwren, Southern Emu-wren Canni Creek Flora Reserve
Notable sightings from today's visit included extended views of a pair of Chestnut-rumped Heathwrens, 3 Southern Emu-wrens and a White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike. Unfortunately no Hooded Robins were detected Our last individual or club ( EGBOC ) record at this site occurred some 5 years ago.
Len and Jacquie Axen

Eastern Barn Owl Lakes Entrance (adjacent to boardwalk)
A Barn Owl was observed being harassed by Little Ravens at 10am. Continuing the spate of daytime Barn Owl observations. Explanations for these recent daytime observations welcome.
Martin O'Brien

Banded Stilt, Red-necked avocet Lake Hindmarsh
Mixed group of 8 x Banded Stilt and 5 x Red-necked Avocet on edge of lake. Also seen, 1 x Caspian & 3 x Whiskered Tern, 22 x Pink-eared Duck & other water birds. Many bush birds also, Regent Parrots, Singing & Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater, Hooded Robin, Splendid & Variegated Fairy-wren and Eastern Barn Owl were some.
Arthur & Denise Carew

Painted Button-quail Mt Egbert
Painted Button-quail (1) On road at west of block. Stayed crouched for minutes before walking away.
Malcolm Cousland

Cattle Egrets Morning Star Estate vineyards - Mt Eliza
Cnr Nepean Hwy & Sunnyside Rd. A flock of approximately 60 Cattle Egrets enjoying the ambience of this location over the past week. Everyday the birds gather around a nearby dam before dispersing to feed among the vines. Obviously helping to curtail the pest population ready for the next vintage.
Keith Humphreys

Barbary Dove, white-necked heron Altona Coastal Park
1 dove was on the powerlines at the corner of Maddox Rd and Koroit Creek Road at about 10:30 this morning. Other interesting sightings: a white necked heron on the beach at Altona Coastal Park, ~100 red-necked avocets at Truganina (~35 in the wetlands and ~65 on Laverton Creek), two black-fronted dotterel right outside the hide at Truganina and Fairy Martins along Laverton Creek (at the train station end).
Michael Livingston

Blue-winged Parrot Ironbark Basin
Blue-winged Parrot (6) Feeding on flowering bushes near the end car park at Pt Addis
Angus Hartshorn

Brown Songlark Wilby
Brown Songlark (1) first spring return for the year along the Yarrawonga-Wilby Rd. A male bird seen on a fence post, about three weeks later than in the last 3 years when first returns were in the last week of August.
Michael Ramsey

Wed 14 Sep Turquoise Parrot, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, Speckled Warbler Chiltern-Mt. Pilot NP (Pilot Section)
Had a quick overnight visit camping down at the creek off Reedy Road on the western end of camp area. On one of the tracks leading down to Reedy Road from the north, I saw 2 Crested Shrike-tit and Yellow-tufted Honeyeater. At same site also saw 2 Turquoise Parrots and 1 White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike perched with good views of both species. Three more Turquoise Parrots were seen at our campsite the next morning (15th). Two Speckled Warblers were seen the morning of the 15th at the Woolshed Falls with other birds feeding on grass between the parking lot/toilets and start of historic walk.
Carla Jackett

Red-kneed Dotterel, Banded Stilt, waders Lismore district
300+ Curlew Sandpipers and 200+ Sharp Tailed Sandpipers in the Lismore Lakes District, Western Victoria along with 37 Red-kneed Dotterel. 500 + Banded Stilts also on Corangamite Lake.
Robert and Russell Hughes

Painted Button-quail Port Melbourne
A dead Painted Button-quail was found during a lunch-time stroll in Port Melbourne. The bird was found in a garden bed at the Bertieport Business Park on Bridge Street, where we presume it was killed after flying into a reflective window. The specimen has been collected under a Wildlife Act permit and will be offered to Museum Victoria.
Clare McCutcheon and Sally Koehler

Peregrine Falcon Bradmill factory Yarraville
Peregrine Falcon perched on highest part of factory. Was observed for 2 hours watching unsuspecting pigeons fly past.
Raoul Symons

Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo Northcote
Not the sort of bird you expect to find dead in your backyard (and not sure whether we should add it to backyard list?)
Tim, Rhys and James Dolby

Tue 13 Sep Barn Owl Bendigo
Barn owl pursed by several ravens and magpies across McIvor Road and Kennedy Street intersection into the skate park around 9.30am. It battled for several minutes against the aggressive attacks from the locals. I managed to get a couple of shots and short video on my iPhone taken from within my car as the owl tried to find safety in a nearby tree.
Adrian Martins

Black Shouldered Kite McIvor Reserve Yarraville
Single Black Shouldered Kite gliding above playground at 5pm. Was eventually chased off by magpie larks.
Raoul Symons

Australian Little Bittern, Lathams Snipe Karkarook Park
Immature Little Bittern still present in area previously reported. Initially seen flying to dense clump of reeds on pond in SW corner of reserve. Later emerged allowing only cryptic views and was not approachable. A single Lathams Snipe was observed roosting nearby.
Scott Baker, Simon Mustoe

Australasian Shoveler, Hoary-headed Grebe Upper Stony Creek Res (East), Durdidwarrah
Australasian Shoveler (2) A pair. Durdidwarrah swamps at northern end of Durdidwarrah Road (Ballan Road end). Not a remarkable observation, although there are few records of this species from the area. Also Hoary-headed Grebe, Australasian Grebe, Hardhead, Grey Teal, Dusky Moorhen, Eurasion Coot, Pacific Black Duck.
Chris Lindorff

Mon 12 Sep Australian Spotted Crake Geelong 10' Cell
Australian Spotted Crake (3) In drain East side of Avalon Beach Rd. Approx. 200mts North of Bridge at start of Foreshore Rd.
Colin Mulvogue

Banded Stilt Nhill (Kiata)
I juvenile/non-breeding Banded Stilt among app. 12-15 Black-winged Stilt in ephemeral wetland between Kiata and Little Desert. Also a Buff-banded Rail, 3 Black-tailed Native-hen, 2 Aust Spotted Crake, 2 Black-fronted and 2 Red-kneed Dotterel, Hardhead, Aust. Shoveler, Chestnut Teal, Grey Teal, Pacific Black Duck and 100+ Coot. Malleefowl seen both Sunday with Nhill Branch (80 species for day) and today near Kiata camp ground turn-off.
Arthur & Denise Carew

Baillon's Crake Western Treatment Plant, Werribee
Baillon's Crake (5) Watched 2 out in open feeding when flushed 1 from edge near Northern clump of Reeds , when I followed that bird saw another bird closeby , got pic's of both these birds while watching the other two feeding . another bird appeared between bank and the southern clump. One bird in particular continued feeding while I took heaps of pic's , only 4 meters away.
Colin Mulvogue

Sun 11 Sep Swift Parrot Woodend, Forest Street
3 Swifties briefly alighted in a large eucalypt in my back yard. They took off to the east when all the birds in the neighbourhood were spooked by a Whistling Kite.
Lawrie Conole

Banded Stilt, Baillon's Crake, Black-tailed Nativehen etc Western Treatment Plant
Not a bad day, considering the icy cold wind. Had at least 6 Baillon's at reedy Pond at T-Section Lagoon & 3 Australian Crakes. 1 Lewin's Rail flew across Point Wilson Rd at drain near where road leads into Western Lagoons. 1 Brolga seen at Point Wilson Saltmarsh. First Banded Stilts I've seen at Werribee for ages, at least 8 at Paradise Rd, mostly juvenile. Heaps of Red-necked Avocets everywhere. Red-kneed Dotterals have multiplied, lots arounf Borrow Pits, Conservation Pond area & Walsh's Lagoon. Heaps of Fairy & Tree Martins. Lots of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers. A good number of Whiskered Terns. 2 Blue-winged Parrots at the Borrow Pits. 2 Black-tailed Nativehens along bushy track east of Lake Borrie.
Kevin Bartram

Kelp Gull, Shy Albatross, Caspian Tern Pt Lonsdale Lighthouse
3 Kelp Gulls. 2 adult and 1 juvenile. Striking white appearance of adults, white tail and broader white trailing edge on upper wing. More white observed in folded wing. Overall smaler body shape, slimmer bill and smaller head shape, with lighter faster wingbeat than Pacific Gull. Juvenile - dull brown and same size and shape as adults. Also 12 Shy Albatross and 4 Caspian Terns.
Joanne van den Broek, Barry Lingham, Craig Morley

Black Falcon, Blue-winged Parrot, Baillon's Crake, Banded Stilt, Pallid Cuckoo Western Treatment Plant
Black falcon at Austin Road, 8 Blue-winged Parrots at 270S Conservation Pond, 7 Baillon's Crakes at T-Section Pond 4 and 11 Banded Stilts at Paradise Road (+2-300 at Avalon) and Pallid Cuckoo on Point Wilson Road. Plus 4 Banded Lapwings on Beach Road, many Red-kneed Dotterels & Whiskered Terns scattered about Plant and approx 100 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers in channel between 85W and coast.
John Barkla, Fred Smith and Alison Street

Sat 10 Sep Banded Stilt Paradise Rd ponds, Western Treatment Plant
Number now up to 9 individuals.
Richard Nowotny

White-necked Heron Field in Murtcaim Area, Western Treatment Plant
11 individuals in this one field.
Richard Nowotny

Cape Barren Goose Around farm dam north of NW corner of Serendip Sanctuary (cnr of Plains Rd & Flinders Ave, nr Lara)
A large flock of 25 individuals.
Richard Nowotny

Regent Honeyeater, Square-tailed Kite, Painted Honeyeater, Western Gerygone Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park
Two Regent Honeyeaters seen together at the Greenhill Road Dam, preening after a bath. Neither had bands.One Square-tailed Kite over the forest at the junction of Donchi Track and Franks Road.Western Gerygone seen and heard at southern end of Bullant Track.Several Painted Honeyeaters at northern end of Bullant Track.
Steve Clark

Fri 26 Aug Banded Lapwing Mallacoota
A late but significant report from Mallacoota via Bob Semmens recording the sighting of 3 Banded Lapwings near the ocean entrance. From known records this may only be the third observation since the late 1970s.
Bob Semmens per Len Axen

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